Thursday, April 02, 2015
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The Real ‘Safe Haven’

In watching the Corporate media depict the U.S. dollar, and even its (bubble) equity markets as “safe havens”; it became clear that this was an opportune time to define the term “safe haven”. This is best accomplished by first showing what are not safe havens: the dubious dollar, along with the U.S.'s fraudulent and ridiculously overvalued equity markets.

Note the redundancy of the term. The word “haven” is defined as a sanctuary, and place of protection, by itself. Thus a “safe haven” directly implies ultimate safety: the safest-of-safe places for our wealth.

Let’s begin by looking at the Corporate media’s first suggestion of a safe haven: the Mighty Dollar. Here we start with the dollar’s past. Since the Federal Reserve was put in charge of “protecting the dollar” (just over 100 years ago); it is officially documented that the dollar has lost over 98% of its value. In a single (long) lifetime; this “safe haven” would/will and has lost nearly all of its value. But those were the “good, old days” for the Mighty Dollar.

In the more-recent past; in the 44 years since Paul Volcker assassinated the gold standard (and thus the U.S. dollar lost all of its gold backing) it has lost more than ¾ of its value. But those were still the Good, Old Days, when we compare that with the dollar’s present and its future. Here we begin with a chart which is now burned into the minds of readers:

Note the flat part of the chart. This symbolizes all the decades the Mighty Dollar was going-to-zero at the rate of merely once in a lifetime. Then B.S. Bernanke got busy with the “Helicopter Drop” that he promised the world back when he was nothing but a lowly and obscure university professor, his “quantitative easing”: conjuring worthless paper, by the trillions, out of thin air.

While the endemic currency-manipulation of the banking cartel has been able to prevent a second collapse-to-zero for the dollar (so far); that was before the world became firmly aligned behind a transition to a new reserve currency: China’s renminbi. What is the value of a currency after most of the world stops using it? What is the value of Monopoly “money”?

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