Monday, July 14, 2014
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Silver: The Irresistible Force

Close followers of my work may have detected what seems to be a conundrum, if not an outright contradiction in my writing. Having been the first to write about our Hostage Markets of the last 3 ½ years; it was recently asserted (in my June 19th column on precious metals) that gold and silver are about to break-free of this crime paradigm. Call this “the irresistible force”.

On the other hand; my latest commentary for Sprott Money states categorically:

we now have an abundance of evidence to conclude that the One Bank will never (voluntarily) allow gold or silver prices to rise by any significant amount.

Given the relentless, absolute, choke-hold which the bankers have exerted over both the gold and silver markets for the last 40+ months; it is easy to visualize this obstacle to legitimate markets as the (proverbial) “immovable object”. This sets up the eternal, and equally proverbial question: which side will win when the Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object?

Let’s begin with a (simple) mathematical/theoretical answer to this question. The Immovable Object is a force of inertia (i.e. mass alone), and can thus be mathematically described as an object of infinite mass. Conversely, the Irresistible Force is a mathematical product.

Based upon kinetic energy; the Irresistible Force can be mathematically characterized as (infinite) mass X (infinite) velocity, or simply “infinity squared”. We now have a theoretical answer to our conundrum. Clearly infinity squared must prevail over (mere) infinity. The Irresistible Force trumps the Immovable Object.

The task of this commentary is thus to prove that reality will reflect this theory. The time-frame stipulated in The Daily Grind for this process to transpire was 12 – 24 months. While this may not seem imminent enough for impatient investors who have been (among) the victims of these Hostage Markets, “immovable objects” are not displaced overnight.

Here readers need to understand the specific dynamics involved: the (short-term) crime paradigm of the bankers, and the (long-term) fundamentals of these markets, which provide precious metals with sufficient economic “kinetic energy” to justify the title of Irresistible Force. It may seem absurd to describe the multi-decade manipulation of the silver market as a “short-term” phenomenon. Readers simply need to adopt a larger perspective.

The contest of the Irresistible Force meeting the Immovable Object epitomizes the phrase “eternal struggle”. Such ultimate clashes of great forces take many, many years to develop; many, many years to play out. The genesis of the current paradigm dates back over a century, and has been chronicled in great detail in Charles Savoie’s “The Silver Stealers”.

To understand the reason behind the One Bank’s obsession with absolute dominance over the gold and silver markets requires understanding the minds of the bankers, themselves.

Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

-          Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The ‘logic’ here is the logic of the criminal. Controlling a nation’s printing-press allows a corrupt Possessor of such power potentially unlimited wealth, and the power (via banking) to plunder the wealth of others. The relentless hollowing-out of (nearly) all the wealth of the Western world proves both the existence of this crime-strategy and its extreme effectiveness as a tool for financial crime.

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