Thursday, April 24, 2014
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The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part I

As indicated in my most-recent commentary; we are very likely already in a Post-Default World in the gold market. Specifically, at some time (likely several years ago) the bankers’ paper “gold market” experienced technical default, where current and immediate claims on existing gold inventories significantly exceeded those inventories.

Actual (versus “official”) inventories of gold in the bankers’ metals warehouses today are now a large, negative number – in the many millions of ounces. Official (and visible) default in the gold market has only been averted by a cornucopia of fraud, primarily “fractional-reserve banking” in the gold market, i.e. through “selling” each ounce of actual gold possessed by the banking cabal to numerous chump-owners.

The magnitude of this ‘fractional-reserve’ fraud is something about which we can only speculate, but we do have parameters. With respect to their own fraudulent, debauched paper currencies; the Western banking crime syndicate is allowed to leverage their paper by a ratio of roughly 33:1. We also know (in this era of mark-to-fantasy “accounting”) that these Big Bank tentacles have (at least) two sets of books.

Furthermore, we know that these career criminals have no respect for any laws; having already been “fined” or “investigated” for any and every form of financial crime capable of being devised within the human mind. The notion that these banksters adhere to mere rules on leverage limits and “reserve” requirements is quaint, and utterly naïve.

In the realm of “bullion trading” (i.e. gold and silver fraud); we also have the testimony of (ex?) Goldman Sachs Stooge, Jeffrey Christian to guide us. It was “100-to-1” Christian who first blurted out (at a CFTC hearing) that the various forms of paper-fraud committed by the bankers in the gold market exceeded the actual amount of gold being traded by a dollar value of 100:1.

In the silver market; we have various reasons for believing that the crisis faced by the banksters in terms of evaporating inventories (and stockpiles) is even more severe/desperate than in the gold market, and thus the level of fraud is likely at least as high, if not higher. The starting point in such suspicions is a now-infamous chart on (supposed) “silver inventories” which the One Bank probably wishes its minions had never created.

The sickening plunge in silver inventories between 1990 and 2005 (where inventories collapsed by 90%) meant that we were already at a crisis-point in the silver market nearly a decade ago, whereas it’s only in the last year or two where anecdotal evidence (and the bankers’ own actions) seem to indicate a crisis in gold inventories – yet actual “default” in the gold market likely occurred several years before this.

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