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TOPIC: Great Panther Discussion
Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 278
Debsyl, I'm not quite sure what you're referring to here when you say "other disappointments."

Production was UP.
Recoveries IMPROVED.
Cash costs DECREASED.

What more can the Company do here? It doesn't control the price of silver. It had a minor hiccup in processing at Guanajauto -- in order to test the ore coming from San Ignacio. Meanwhile they've made equipment and scheduling improvements to keep the Company on track for its full-year production guidance.

There also appears to be a somewhat similar situation as with Endeavour where the Company is currently holding ore that it hasn't been paid for yet. While it wasn't a "great" quarter, there's every reason to expect much better Q3 numbers -- at the same time we're expecting the sector to turn higher.
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 167
Jeff, I underlined the items. Most are related to the reduced silver price.

I am not complaining, I understand they do not control the price of silver; however, some shareholders do not like to see any of these negatives and thus I wondered out loud if the SP would decline tomorrow.

I am long on this stock, so for me it is irrelevant
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 278
Debsyl I hope I didn't sound too "defensive" in my reply (lol).

What I probably should have added as a GENERAL observation is that as investors we need to stay focused much more on the PRODUCTION numbers than the revenue numbers. As we've discussed here and elsewhere, revenue numbers will bound around a LOT -- primarily because of the banksters' "work" with bullion prices (lol!).

Conversely, PRODUCTION is what these Companies have completely under their control. Thus when attempting to MEASURE how well management is executing, its production data which gives us a much clearer indication.

We want to see production rise steadily (and hopefully MORE than "steadily" - lol). We also want to see these companies continue to INCREASE their total resources (even as they are mining their ore), since this indicates a company which is still "growing", by INCREASING the life of the mine.

So if we see production-growth and resource-growth, ultimately the revenue numbers will look after themselves...assuming that production isn't a total MESS (lol!).
Jeff Nielson
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 238
To view charts hit link provided.


Great Panther Silver Updates Mineral Resources at Topia Mine

MarketwirePress Release: Great Panther Silver Limited –

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan 14, 2013) - GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (GPR.TO)(NYSE MKT:GPL) (the "Company") announces that Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. ("RPA") of Vancouver, B.C. has delivered an update to the ongoing mineral resource development at the Company''s 100% owned Topia Silver-Gold-Lead-Zinc Mine in Durango, Mexico. The 2012 Measured & Indicated ("M & I") Mineral Resources total 156,000 tonnes at 806g/t silver, 1.47g/t gold, 6.48% lead and 4.29% zinc (5.60 million silver equivalent ounces). In addition, RPA estimates 273,000 tonnes of 837g/t silver, 0.8g/t gold, 5.7% lead and 3.9% zinc (9.54 million silver equivalent ounces) in the Inferred category.

"The updated resource estimate at Topia reflects a more robust model and a better reconciliation with what has actually been mined," stated Robert Archer, CEO. "Although the total number of ounces is reduced from the last estimate in 2011, we have greater confidence in the current model and there is still a lot of drilling to be done in the future, whereby we are confident that we can add those ounces back in again."

The estimates were classified according to the CIM Definition Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves and, as such, are consistent with the requirements of NI43-101. The estimates replace those completed by RPA in 2011 for the Argentina and various other veins on the property. The breakdown for the 2012 RPA mineral resource estimates on the Topia property is given in Table 1 below. The estimate has decreased over that reported in 2011 (see Company news release March 7, 2011 and Tables 1 and 2), however a direct comparison of the present and past RPA mineral resources is not accurate due to differing metal prices and minimum Net Smelter Return ("NSR") values between the two dates. Nonetheless, the overall percentage decrease is shown in Table 3 below.

Aside from normal mine depletion, the decrease in mineral resources can be attributed to a combination of factors, some of which resulted in some pre-existing resource blocks being dropped out of the model. For example, 1) changing metal prices and less silver equivalent contribution from base metals, 2) increased costs and cut-off NSR, 3) increasing the mining dilution provision in the NSR calculation from 50 to 100%, 4) better reconciliation guiding metal capping, 5) a lowering of conversion factors for Inferred Mineral Resource estimations, and 6) fill-in drilling in the Argentina East block demonstrated insufficient continuity of mineralization, which resulted in a portion of Inferred Mineral Resources from this area being removed. This overall decrease has been partially countered by some excellent exploration successes at El Rosario, San Pablo, Oxi, Oxidada, and Higueras. The mineral resource estimates as reported herein are non-diluted.

The 2012 RPA mineral resource estimate provides updates for the following veins: Argentina (west, central, east, and footwall portions in the Argentina Mine), Santa Cruz, Don Benito (north, south, intermediate, and west veins in the 1522 and Crucero 9N Mines), Recompensa, Intermediate and Oliva (Recompensa and Rincon Mines), Cantarranas (Hormiguera Mine), San Jorge and San Miguel (San Miguel Mine), San Gregorio (San Gregorio, Mina 7, and Durangueno Mines), El Rosario, and La Prieta veins, plus new mineral resource estimates for the Oxidada, Oxi, Higueras, and San Pablo veins (all Durangueno Mine).

The effective date for the resource is June 30, 2012, with delays being caused by scheduling issues and challenges relating to the complexity of the multiple vein zones at Topia. The estimate was based on a minimum NSR value of US$170/tonne (corresponding to the H1 2012 mining, processing costs, and 50% of the general and administrative ("G&A") costs). This is applicable at Topia since the G&A costs are US$39/tonne. Operating costs for the Topia Mine veins, as of the effective date, were US$151/tonne ore mined and processed, and any additional resources to the mining plan would require no increase in G&A costs and reduced unit mining costs. The 2012 RPA mineral resource estimate assumed (1) actual concentrate transport, and smelter treatment and refining charges in effect through 2012; (2) RPA long term estimates of metal prices as of Q4, 2012 and typical plant recoveries for 2012 (see Table 1); and (3) minimum true width of 0.3 metres. Capping was individually applied to each of the veins making up the summary in Table 1.

While most of the current resource base came from Great Panther Silver''s diamond drilling and underground development, the resources estimated in certain veins (e.g. Argentina) on the property came largely from the verification of Peñoles'' sampling, on levels that are planned for access later in 2013 and are still intact. The majority of Great Panther Silver''s mining to date has come from new mine development on veins reported in these estimates. There is lesser production from other veins that are not included in this update and these may be estimated in future resource updates. The new total contained metal for the mineral resource categories is shown in Table 2 below.

Table 1. 2012 Summary Mineral Resource Update:
Topia Mineral Resources as of June 30, 2012
Class Tonnage
(t) Ag
(g/t) Au
(g/t) Pb
(%) Zn
Measured 60,400 801 1.65 6.73 5.20
Indicated 95,400 809 1.35 6.33 3.70

M & I 156,000 806 1.47 6.48 4.29

Inferred 273,000 837 0.8 5.7 3.9

Metal Prices (agreed GPR / RPA from Q4, 2012) 2012 Plant Recoveries
Au US$1,680/oz 61.3%
Ag US$28.00/oz 89.4%
Pb US$0.85/lb 92.4%
Zn US$0.85/lb 90.4%


Specific gravity used varies from vein to vein.
Totals may not agree due to Rounding.
Tonnages and grades in metric units.
Contained silver and gold in troy ounces.

Table 2. Contained metal (all veins):
Category Tonnes Ag oz Au oz Pb lb Zn lb Ag eq oz
M & I
Resources 156,000 4,040,000 7,350 22,300,000 14,700,000 5,600,000
Resources 273,000 6,580,000 7,170 34,300,000 23,500,000 9,540,000

Table 3. Percentage change 2012 over 2011:
Category RPA 2012
Ag eq oz RPA 2011
Ag eq oz Change
M & I Resources 5.60 million 7.44 million -24.7%
Inferred Resources 9.54 million 11.91 million -19.9%

Due to the steep topography and the nature of the narrow veins at Topia, surface drilling is typically widely spaced and is used as a guide for underground development by locating and confirming structural continuity and grade, while development by drifting, sampling and some underground drilling along the vein defines the measured and indicated mineral resources. Accordingly, the surface drilling is used to determine inferred resources.

Areas of interest for the summer 2013 Topia Mine surface drill program will be the Oliva vein (west portion) and, in the same area, the eastern portion of the Recompensa vein and several intermediate veins of interest noted in the 2010 program. Also more detailed drilling on the Higueras, San Pablo, and Oxidada veins, and along with strike extensions of the El Rosario vein will continue to better define the Topia Mine mineral resources.

Analysis of mine samples is completed on site, with check assays performed by SGS Minerals Services in the Company''s Guanajuato, Mexico laboratory. The Company''s QA/QC program includes the regular insertion of blanks, splits and standards into the sample shipments. Robert F. Brown, P. Eng. and Vice-President of Exploration for Great Panther Silver and its wholly owned Mexican subsidiary, Minera Mexicana El Rosario, S.A. de C.V., is designated as the Qualified Person for the Topia Mine Project under the meaning of NI 43-101, and has reviewed this news release.
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 238

There's a lot to take in on this (visually) for myself.

That said-

Metal Prices (agreed GPR / RPA from Q4, 2012) 2012 Plant Recoveries
Au US$1,680/oz 61.3%
Ag US$28.00/oz 89.4%
Pb US$0.85/lb 92.4%
Zn US$0.85/lb 90.4%

Au at 61.3% caught my attention, could you elaborate on the significance.

Thank You
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 278
Thanks again Earl.

I'll address the specific point you raised first. The first thing to understand is that (for geological reasons which are beyond me) that we frequently find ores bearing the silver-lead-zinc combination AND metallurgical techniques have gotten very efficient at extracting that trio of metals.

That said, to see the lead, zinc, and silver recovery-rates ALL around 90% is especially outstanding. Of course the Mexicans have had 400 years of "practice" to get things right at Topia. Lol!

Now to the gold. There are a couple of points here. First of all, in general, as the "flotation circuit" attempts to extract greater NUMBERS of metals from a single ore, the recovery-rates ALWAYS go down, and often go down quite rapidly.

The second point here is that knowing that's impossible to get near-perfect extraction rates out of all the metals, the idea is to seek to maximize the recovery-rates with the metals which produce the largest chunk of production revenues.

So in the case of Topia -- as (primarily) a silver-lead-zinc mine -- they want to maximize the recovery-rates of those three metals, and then simply do the best they can with the gold recovery-rates (without jeopardizing the other results).

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the main theme of this news release: an updated mineral resource at the Topia Mine.

When I was fortunate enough to be invited to a tour of Great Panther's Guanajuato Mine (before the birth of BBC), I had the chance to sit down and talk with Robert Archer himself -- as he's a very approachable gentleman.

He explained to me that in the case of operating mines that it wasn't often in the best interests of either the Company or shareholders to look to simply drill out the biggest resource possible.

The Guanajuato Mine is a great illustration of this point. There's every reason to believe (based on the geology and sheer size of the complex) that there are still 100's of millions of oz's of silver to be mined there. Yet the Company has NEVER had a large (official) mineral resource.

The reason is that most of the remaining silver is at the 400-meter level and deeper -- which the Company is only just beginning to mine. It would have been ENORMOUSLY expensive (and perhaps even impossible) to attempt to do enough blasting down there to even get ACCESS to most of the remaining silver -- and then the drilling itself is expensive.

Instead, with operating mines all that is necessary is to keep enough of a "reserve" (of proven resource) that the Company is always able to comfortably plan ahead for at least a 5-year horizon. Obviously having a large cushion is nicer -- but not essential.

In the case of Topia, the Company also is confident that there are many DECADES of mining to be done there, although admittedly Topia is quite a small operation. But the ore is high-grade, the recovery-rates (as we see) are excellent; and it's a very reliable source of operating capital for the Company over the long term.
Jeff Nielson
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Re: Great Panther Discussion 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 278
"Great Panther Silver Reports Improved Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2012 Production Results"

I've been a little lax in posting operating results with these miners lately, but I thought that Great Panther's full-year numbers merited some comment -- especially since the Company had a pretty rocky ride in 2012.

Note that despite some "bumps" along the way in production which resulted in a couple of quarters of weak results; the full-year numbers show (again) steadily increasing production.

This comes as GPR is busy working in a new property into its operations, so we have every reason to expect production growth to start accelerating -- if not this year then in 2014 for sure.

I wanted to highlight these numbers for two reasons. First to show that these Companies don't tend to move in a straight line when it comes to production. Numbers will grow steadily quarter after quarter, and then (for many reasons) we may see a "hiccup" for a quarter or two -- before growth resumes again.

The other point here is CREDIBILITY. Management assured concerned investors/shareholders that it was fully capable of "righting the ship" and getting production pointed in the right way again. Thus the NEXT time we see some question-marks in GPR's operations and we get some explanation/assurances from management, we will likely have MORE confidence in that future guidance...

Great Panther Silver Reports Improved Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2012 Production Results

Jan 16, 2013

Great Panther Silver Limited (TSX: GPR) (NYSE MKT:GPL) (the "Company") today reports fourth quarter ("Q4") and annual 2012 production at its two wholly-owned Mexican silver mining operations, Guanajuato and Topia.

2012 Highlights (Compared to 2011)

Metal production for the year increased by 8% over 2011 to 2,378,603 silver equivalent ounces ("Ag eq oz");

Silver production increased by 4% to 1,560,041 silver ounces ("Ag oz"); and

Gold production for the year increased by 36% over 2011 to 10,923 gold ounces ("Au oz").

Fourth Quarter Highlights (Compared to Fourth Quarter 2011)

Metal production increased by 23% to 672,690 Ag eq oz;

Silver production increased by 28% to 453,934 Ag oz; and

Ore processed increased by 30% to 67,659 tonnes

"We are pleased to report a strong fourth quarter to finish the year with several quarterly and annual production records at both operations," stated Robert Archer , CEO. "We have made, and continue to make, improvements and changes at both mines that we believe will continue to have a positive impact going forward. As we concentrate on improving efficiencies at the operations, our focus for 2013 is to reduce costs and prepare for the development and production of San Ignacio in 2014."

Consolidated Q4 and Fiscal 2012 Operations Summary Q4 2012 Q4 2011 Change FY 2012 FY 2011 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 67,659 52,170 30% 230,120 216,180 6%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 672,690 545,294 23% 2,378,603 2,200,013 8%
Silver ounce production 453,934 354,754 28% 1,560,041 1,495,371 4%
Gold ounce production 2,826 2,281 24% 10,923 8,015 36%
Lead production (lbs) 637,130 467,000 36% 2,120,825 2,073,600 2%
Zinc production (lbs) 983,250 721,500 36% 3,256,195 2,898,750 12%
Total underground development (m) 4,699 4,137 14% 17,472 16,521 6%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 10,005 6,122 63% 32,030 29,319 9%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2012 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

Guanajuato Mine Complex

For the fourth quarter, the Guanajuato operation processed 50,550 tonnes, up 26% compared to the same period in 2011, at ore grades of 206g/t silver ("Ag") and 1.80g/t gold ("Au"). Metal production included 298,750 Ag oz, a record, and 2,656 Au oz, or 458,092 Ag eq oz, which represented an increase of 25% over the same period in 2011, also a record. Plant metallurgical performance remained strong, with metal recoveries of 89.2% for silver and 90.9% for gold.
Guanajuato Q4 and Fiscal 2012 Operations Summary Q4 2012 Q4 2011 Change FY 2012 FY 2011 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 50,550 40,114 26% 174,022 169,213 3%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 458,092 366,286 25% 1,625,305 1,410,404 15%
Silver ounce production 298,750 237,572 26% 1,004,331 959,490 5%
Gold ounce production 2,656 2,145 24% 10,350 7,515 38%

Ag grade (g/t) 206 207 0% 199 199 0%
Au grade (g/t) 1.80 1.84 -2% 2.02 1.52 33%
Ag recovery (%) 89% 89% 0% 90% 89% 1%
Au recovery (%) 91% 90% 1% 92% 90% 2%
Total underground development (m) 1,780 1,419 25% 6,869 6,560 5%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 9,137 5,544 65% 29,254 26,546 10%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2012 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

For 2012, 174,022 tonnes were processed at Guanajuato at ore grades of 199g/t Ag and 2.02g/t Au. Metal production totaled 1,004,331 Ag oz, a 5% increase from 2011, and 10,350 Au oz, a 38% increase from 2011 and a record, or 1,625,305 Ag eq oz, a 15% increase from 2011, also a record. The high grade Cata development and stoping from the 510 metre level, plus the successful recovery of crown pillars at the 390 and 470 metre levels by long-hole mining methods have contributed significantly to the increase in production.

Plant metallurgical performance was excellent with record recoveries of 90.2% for silver and 91.5% for gold compared to 88.5% and 90.3% respectively in 2011. Concentrate quality was in-line with expectations at 10,284g/t Ag and 106g/t Au. During the year, improvements were made to the crushing section where a new double-deck screen was installed and, most importantly, to the flotation circuit where a regrind mill was installed to facilitate improved metal recoveries.

Topia Mine

For the fourth quarter, a record 17,109 tonnes were processed at Topia, up 42% compared to the same period in 2011, at ore grades of 319g/t Ag, 0.57g/t Au, 1.86% lead ("Pb") and 2.87% zinc ("Zn").

Metal production included 155,185 Ag oz, 171 Au oz, 637,130 Pb lbs, and 983,250 Zn lbs, or 214,598 Ag eq oz, which is 20% up over the same period in 2011, and also the best quarter of the year.

Plant metallurgical performance was satisfactory with metal recoveries of 88.4% for silver, 54.1% for gold, 91.0% for lead, and 90.7% for zinc.
Topia Q4 and Fiscal 2012 Operations Summary Q4 2012 Q4 2011 Change FY 2012 FY 2011 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 17,109 12,056 42% 56,098 46,967 19%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 214,598 179,008 20% 753,298 789,609 (5)%
Silver ounce production 155,185 117,182 32% 555,710 535,881 4%
Gold ounce production 171 136 26% 573 500 15%
Lead production (lbs) 637,130 467,000 36% 2,120,825 2,073,600 2%
Zinc production (lbs) 983,250 721,500 36% 3,256,195 2,898,750 12%

Ag grade (g/t) 319 345 (2)% 345 400 (12)%
Au grade (g/t) 0.57 0.44 24% 0.55 0.41 31%
Ag recovery (%) 88% 88% 0% 89% 89% 0%
Au recovery (%) 54% 79% (32)% 58% 80% (28)%
Total underground development (m) 2,919 2,718 7% 10,603 9,961 6%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 868 578 50% 2,776 2,773 0%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2012 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

For 2012, 56,098 tonnes were processed at Topia, up 19% from 2011, at ore grades of 345g/t Ag, 0.55g/t Au, 1.86% Pb and 2.91% Zn.

Metal production totaled 555,710 Ag oz, 573 Au oz, 2,120,825 Pb lbs, and 3,256,195 Zn lbs, or 753,298 Ag eq oz, a 5% decrease from 2011. Narrow veins and fractured rock formations were the reason for higher dilution and lower silver ore grades for the quarter and the year.

Plant metallurgical performance was satisfactory with metal recoveries of 89.4% for silver, 57.9% for gold, 92.3% for lead, and 90.6% for zinc.

San Ignacio Project

The San Ignacio Project ("San Ignacio") covers approximately four kilometres of strike length on the La Luz vein system, which is parallel to, and five kilometres west of the principal Veta Madre structure that hosts Great Panther Silver's Guanajuato Mine Complex.

Great Panther Silver began actively exploring the San Ignacio Project in 2010 and initiated a diamond drilling program in October of that year, discovering new silver-gold zones with the first drill hole. An updated NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource Estimate was released in May 2012 resulting in an Inferred Mineral Resource at San Ignacio of 6,894,000 Ag eq oz in 826,000 tonnes at 121g/t Ag and 2.28g/t Au.

A total of 29,789 metres of drilling have been completed to date on the project and recent drilling has extended mineralization beyond the limits of the current resource. Due to the proximity of San Ignacio to the Guanajuato Mine Complex (20 kilometres by road), any mineral extracted from it will be processed at the Company's Cata Plant .

In August 2012, the Company announced it had signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of a 100% interest in certain surface rights at San Ignacio. A total of 19.4 hectares has been purchased, allowing sufficient space for access to and construction of a portal for the development of a ramp, for waste dumps and for auxiliary infrastructure.

With the acquisition of the surface rights, the Company proceeded with the application for the permits required for the underground development, which it expects to be in place by the end of the first quarter of 2013. New portal and ramp construction is anticipated to begin early in the second quarter, first vein development should be extracted by the fourth quarter, and production is anticipated to begin to ramp up early in 2014.

El Horcon

On September 5, 2012, the Company completed the purchase of a 100% interest in the El Horcon Silver-Gold Project ("El Horcon") in Jalisco State, Mexico for total cash consideration of US$1.6 million. El Horcon covers 7,908 hectares in 17 contiguous mining concessions and is located 60 kilometres northwest of the Company's Guanajuato Mine Complex, allowing for the potential to become a satellite mine for the Company's Guanajuato operations. El Horcon is a past producing mine and the Company expects to commence a drill program in the first quarter of 2013 to delineate a resource.

During the fourth quarter of 2012, exploration activities included the re-sampling of historical underground workings, geological mapping and surface sampling of all veins and mineralized structures. In total 1,187 samples have been submitted for assay and 16 underground workings have been geologically mapped and sampled. The majority of the sampling corresponds to surface exposures of veins and mineralized structures. Geological mapping has outlined multiple vein zones along a northwest trend of five kilometres. The baseline studies for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, SEMARNAT ("Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales"), have been completed, along with the location of 24 drill sites, and the permit to drill at El Horcon has been submitted for approval.

A surface drill program is planned to commence in the first quarter of 2013. It will consist of 30 drill holes for a total of 3,000 metres. The program is laid out along an 800 metre length of the Diamantillo vein and will test the Diamantillo vein as well as various splays and nearby parallel structures and veins.


In general, the focus for 2013 is to improve and strengthen the operational efficiency of the existing operations and build the platform for more significant growth in 2014 and beyond.

As such, the Company estimates metal production in the range of 2.4 to 2.5 million silver equivalent ounces for fiscal 2013, while the goals for this year are to:

Increase cash flow from mine operations by cutting costs and improving operating efficiency;

Aggressively drive the development of San Ignacio with the view to production in 2014, to augment existing production at Guanajuato;

Commence the exploration drilling at El Horcon; and

Review other acquisition opportunities.


Great Panther Silver Limited is a profitable, primary silver mining and exploration company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange trading under the symbol GPR, and on the NYSE MKT trading under the symbol GPL. The Company's current activities are focused on the mining of precious metals from its two wholly-owned operating mines in Mexico, including the development stage San Ignacio Project. In addition, the Company is also pursuing acquisition opportunities throughout Latin America to add additional mines to its portfolio of properties. Great Panther's mission is to become a leading primary silver producer by acquiring, developing and profitably mining precious metals.

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and forward-looking information within the meaning of the Securities Act (Ontario) (together, "forward-looking statements"). Such forward-looking statements may include but are not limited to the Company's plans for production at its Guanajuato and Topia Mines in Mexico, exploring its other properties in Mexico, the overall economic potential of its properties, the availability of adequate financing and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements to be materially different. Such factors include, among others, risks and uncertainties relating to potential political risks involving the Company's operations in a foreign jurisdiction, uncertainty of production and cost estimates and the potential for unexpected costs and expenses, physical risks inherent in mining operations, currency fluctuations, fluctuations in the price of silver, gold and base metals, completion of economic evaluations, changes in project parameters as plans continue to be refined, the inability or failure to obtain adequate financing on a timely basis, and other risks and uncertainties, including those described in the Company's Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2011 and reports on Form 6-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at and Material Change Reports filed with the Canadian Securities Administrators and available at
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High-grade intercepts in new Great Panther results 2 Years ago Karma: 278
We don't spend as much time talking about the miners as we used to (and probably as they deserve); as it's simply difficult to "recommend" companies/investments to people when CURRENTLY the entire sector is being throttled by bankster manipulation.

This will end, and it must end -- and in the same way similar saturation-attacks on the mining industry have ended: with the share prices of these miners rocketing higher as they did early in 2009. In the meantime, it's important to at least discuss some of these results and developments with investors/potential investors -- so you don't FORGET the fundamentals here.

In the case of Great Panther, we have a somewhat unique situation (although there are other silver and gold miners with similar geological/production issues). On the one hand, there is every reason to believe that the Company is still sitting on lots and lots of silver -- in the yet-undeveloped LOWER levels at the world-famous Guanajuato mining complex.

Here mineralization remains "open at depth" for a considerable length of the 6 kilometers or so that this mining complex extends. At only (roughly) 400 meters down, this is still easily (and safely) accessible to modern mining techniques.

However, the geological nature of this ore is that it tends to occur in rather thin (but generally high-grade) veins which tend to meander through the rock. What this technical challenge means is that the ore must be mined CAREFULLY and PRECISELY -- in order to extract this high-grade ore without (inadvertently) processing some/any of the "waste" rock around it.

This means two things. On the one hand, it tends to mean that Great Panther will not (ever) achieve really high production rates at the Guanajuato complex (although there is unequivocally potential for a significant increase). But what does that imply?

That Great Panther will be mining silver for MANY DECADES to come at this huge complex. There is nothing controversial or grandiose for such a prediction -- when we are talking about a mining complex which has been producing silver for roughly 400 years.

While no one could/will predict ANOTHER 400 years of mine-life for this complex, there is a very good chance that Great Panther will be mining silver from this complex (at much, much higher prices) long after many (most?) of us are dead.

I point this out because it means an interesting choice (dilemma?) for investors: do you look for Companies who have high-production mine models, but where all the ore might be GONE in a decade (and sold at relatively low prices)?

OR, do people want to look for companies/projects with VERY long production horizons -- so that much/most of their silver will be sold AFTER prices finally rise to some relatively fair/legitimate level.

Obviously for older investors in their 60's/70's, you might not CARE if GPR is still mining silver 30 or 50 years from now. However, for younger investors; it might be a lot more appealing to buy into a miner which you can be pretty sure will still be producing silver when you're a Senior Citizen yourself...

[Disclosure: for newer readers I'm a long-time shareholder in this miner]

Great Panther Silver Intersects High Grade Silver-Gold Mineralization and Discovers Two New Zones at Guanajuato Mine Complex

Feb 05, 2013

GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR)(NYSE MKT: GPL) (or "the Company") is pleased to announce that underground drilling programs at the Company's wholly owned Guanajuato Mine Complex have been successful in intersecting high grade silver-gold mineralization in the historic Valenciana Mine area and discovering two new zones of silver-gold mineralization in the Guanajuatito Mine area.

The drilling at Valenciana included an intercept of 2,900g/t silver and 26.00g/t gold over 1.30 metres, while the two new discoveries at Guanajuatito are highlighted by intersections of 1,010g/t silver and 6.67g/t gold over 1.10 metres and 1,460g/t silver and 4.79/t gold over 1.15 metres. A brief update on drilling at the Cata and Rayas Mines, also within the Guanajuato Mine Complex, is provided below.

"These are significant results in that they demonstrate our ability to make new discoveries at Guanajuato while continuing to expand the size and extent of the known mineralized zones," stated Robert Archer , CEO of Great Panther Silver. "Furthermore, the Valenciana drilling indicates that there is still un-mined high grade silver-gold mineralization in this historic mine that is worthy of follow up."

Valenciana Mine

In the Valenciana Mine area, remnants of old stope walls and pillars intersected in drilling above the 390 metre level include 7.45 metres grading 275g/t silver and 2.47g/t gold in UGV12-039, 1.10 metres grading 299g/t silver and 3.66g/t gold in UGV12-050, and 1.30 metres grading 2,900g/t silver and 26.00g/t gold in UGV12-051.

Drilling below the 390 metre level has intersected new mineralization including 3.10 metres grading 624g/t silver and 4.59g/t gold in UGV12-012.

The pillars and hanging wall and footwall stope walls are being tested mainly from drill stations on a new footwall ramp connecting the 320 Cata level (southeast side of the Valenciana deposit) to the 245 Valenciana level (northwest side of the Valenciana deposit).

Drilling in 2013 will continue to test the old Valenciana Mine area that extends approximately 400 metres along strike and 280 metres on the dip (click here to view Valenciana longitudinal section).

Guanajuatito Mine

Drilling in the Guanajuatito area, in the northwest part of the Mine Complex, has intersected mineralization both to the northwest (GTTO NW), and to the southeast (GTTO SE) of the existing development, between the 100 and 245 metre levels. The GTTO NW zone is approximately 50 metres in strike length, 140 metres down the dip, and open to depth and upward. The GTTO SE zone is approximately 50 metres along strike, 70 metres down the dip, and open to depth.

Highlights of the drilling in the GTTO NW zone include 2.25 metres grading 380g/t silver and 1.28g/t gold in UGG12-057, and 1.10 metres grading 1,010g/t silver and 6.67g/t gold in UGG12-061 (within a wider interval grading 285g/t silver and 2.61g/t gold over 4.40 metres). Drilling in the GTTO SE zone was highlighted by an intercept of 1.15 metres grading 1,460g/t silver and 4.79/t gold in UGG12-070.

Current development in the Guanajuatito Mine is at the 245 metre level, and this has been connected to the old 245 metre level of the Valenciana Mine (click here to view Guanajuatito longitudinal section), which gives access to the northwest edge of the Valenciana silver-gold deposit. Initial mapping and sampling southeast of the GTTO SE zone, along the old 245 metre level, shows a similar style of structural control and mineralization such that other in-situ zones may be located towards Valenciana.

With the aforementioned footwall ramp at Valenciana connecting to the 320 metre level at Cata, ore from Guanajuatito can now be transported underground to the Cata shaft, thereby eliminating the need for truck hauling to surface and then on surface to the Cata mill. This underground haulage is faster, cheaper and reduces truck traffic through populated parts of the City of Guanajuato.

Highlights of Drilling from Valenciana and Guanajuatito Mine areas
Hole ID From To Metres True


(m) Ag

g/t Au

g/t Zone
UGV12-012 182.90 186.00 3.10 2.37 624 4.59 VM
UGV12-014 175.50 180.85 5.35 5.27 145 0.96 VM
UGV12-021 87.00 89.20 2.20 1.26 194 1.19 VM
UGV12-024 81.00 84.00 3.00 1.50 105 1.21 VM
UGV12-026 61.35 63.20 1.85 1.85 228 1.70 VM
UGV12-037 86.40 87.00 0.60 0.30 143 1.00 VM
UGV12-039 115.55 123.00 7.45 6.10 275 2.47 VM
UGV12-043 73.50 74.40 0.90 0.58 210 2.78 VM
UGV12-050 106.60 107.70 1.10 0.78 299 3.66 VM
UGV12-051 172.70 174.00 1.30 0.55 2,900 26.00 VM
UGG11-052 256.60 260.15 3.55 2.72 191 0.80 GTTO-FW
UGG11-054 223.85 225.80 1.95 1.60 466 1.47 NW-VM
UGG12-056 259.00 261.30 2.30 1.48 128 0.44 NW-VM
UGG12-057 222.90 225.15 2.25 1.84 380 1.28 NW-VM
UGG12-061 225.10 229.50 4.40 3.60 285 2.61 NW-VM
including 225.10 226.20 1.10 0.90 1,010 6.67 NW-VM
and 228.45 229.50 1.05 0.86 75 3.78 NW-VM
UGG12-062 227.30 228.40 1.10 0.84 153 0.33 NW-VM
UGG12-065 304.70 305.55 0.85 0.52 587 3.91 NW-VM
UGG12-069 229.20 231.00 1.80 1.69 145 0.57 SE-VM
UGG12-070 235.50 236.65 1.15 1.02 1,460 4.79 SE-VM
UGG12-081 269.30 270.90 1.60 1.07 172 0.47 NW-VM
UGG12-082 220.00 221.00 1.00 0.73 250 0.76 NW-VM
UGC12-043 85.40 88.25 2.85 2.18 318 0.40 VM
UGC12-043 93.05 95.15 2.10 1.61 303 0.00 VM

Cata Mine

At the Cata Mine, exploration drilling is ongoing following the Veta Madre and hanging wall zones to the northwest and to depth. Mine development has progressed down to the 520 metre level, with stoping on the 520 and 490 metre levels. A drill program started in the fourth quarter of 2012 has had positive results extending mineralization to the northwest between the 470 and 520 metre levels on the Veta Madre and Contact Vein, and nine associated structures. Highlights of the drilling in the Cata Mine include 2.85 metres grading 318g/t silver and 0.4g/t gold in UGC12-043.

In 2013, drilling will test the depth extent of this mineralization (click here to view Cata Mine, Veta Madre longitudinal section).

Rayas Mine

On the Santa Margarita Vein in the Rayas Mine, fill in drilling continues, as does ramping down past the 500 metre level. Mining is presently ongoing on the 454 and 475 metre levels. Further areas for exploration drilling along the Veta Madre at Rayas in 2013 will include San Cayetano, Los Pozos, San Telesforo, and Promontorio.

Robert F. Brown , P. Eng. and Vice President of Exploration for the Company is the Qualified Person for the Guanajuato Mine Complex, under the meaning of NI 43-101. A full QA/QC program is being followed including the regular insertion of splits, blanks, and standards into the core sampling sequence. Analysis of the drill core samples was conducted at the Guanajuato Mine on-site laboratory, independently operated by SGS.


Great Panther Silver Limited is a profitable, primary silver mining and exploration company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange trading under the symbol GPR, and on the NYSE MKT trading under the symbol GPL. The Company's current activities are focused on the mining of precious metals from its two wholly-owned operating mines in Mexico, including the development stage San Ignacio Project. In addition, the Company is also pursuing acquisition opportunities throughout Latin America to add additional mines to its portfolio of properties. Great Panther's mission is to become a leading primary silver producer by acquiring, developing and profitably mining precious metals.
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Re: High-grade intercepts in new Great Panther results 1 Year, 10 Months ago Karma: 278
I haven't been keeping up with the announcements with the miners very regularly these days, as it's just been too depressing (irrespective of whether operational results are good or bad); so I thought I would post the latest results on another long-time holding of mine which I continue to hang onto because it has profitable operations and a pretty good track-record in delivering production growth quarter after quarter...

Great Panther Silver Reports First Quarter 2013 Production

Apr 15, 2013

GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR) (NYSE MKT: GPL) (the "Company") today reports first quarter ("Q1") production at its two wholly-owned Mexican silver mining operations, Guanajuato and Topia.

First Quarter 2013 Highlights (Compared to First Quarter 2012)

Ore processed was up 36% to 69,540 tonnes;
Metal production increased 9% to 607,501 silver equivalent ounces ("Ag eq oz") (at a 60:1 silver:gold ratio);
Silver production rose 3% to 369,624 silver ounces ("Ag oz"); and
Gold production saw a 15% increase to 3,144 gold ounces ("Au oz").

"We are pleased that our operational results for Q1 were ahead of plan and we expect that the cost reduction and efficiency efforts we have initiated will begin to be realized in future quarters" stated Bob Archer , CEO. "Our focus for the remainder of 2013 will be on grade and cost controls at both operations, advancement of development at San Ignacio and pushing ahead with the drill program at El Horcon" added Mr. Archer.

Consolidated Q1 Operations Summary Q1 2013 Q1 2012 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 69,540 51,198 36%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 607,501 557,606 9%
Silver ounce production 369,624 359,526 3%
Gold ounce production 3,144 2,729 15%
Lead production (lbs) 631,373 445,334 42%
Zinc production (lbs) 989,416 687,842 44%
Total underground development (m) 4,123 4,543 (9)%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 7,540 7,167 5%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2013 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

Guanajuato Mine Complex

For the first quarter, the Guanajuato operation processed 52,545 tonnes, up 35% compared to the same period in 2012, at ore grades of 148g/t silver ("Ag") and 1.93g/t gold ("Au"). Metal production included 222,906 Ag oz, and 2,942 Au oz, or 399,417 Ag eq oz, which represented an increase of 1% over the same period in 2012. Plant metallurgical performance remained strong with metal recoveries of 89.2% for silver and 90.3% for gold.
Guanajuato Q1 Operations Summary Q1 2013 Q1 2012 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 52,545 38,794 35%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 399,417 396,192 1%
Silver ounce production 222,906 239,305 (7)%
Gold ounce production 2,942 2,615 13%

Ag grade (g/t) 148 213 (31)%
Au grade (g/t) 1.93 2.30 (16)%
Ag recovery (%) 89% 90% (1)%
Au recovery (%) 90% 91% (1)%
Total underground development (m) 1,867 1,940 (4)%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 7,134 6,010 19%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2013 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

The majority of the metal production during the quarter was from the lower levels of Cata and Santa Margarita . Silver grades were lower than anticipated across all zones but the most noticeable impact was from the lower than expected silver grades at the 525 metre level of Cata. Looking ahead, the focus at the Guanajuato operation will be on grade control as these lower grades will have a measureable impact on operating costs.

Development towards the 510 metre level continued along the Santa Margarita main ramp. Exploration drilling was carried out in parallel to identify the orientation of the mineralized structures.

Exploration drilling was carried out in Cata at the 525 metre level, aiming to accurately define the mineralized block through short boreholes between the 525 and 550 metre levels as the ramp is extended to depth.

During the quarter, improvements were made to the crushing section of the Cata processing plant by optimizing the double-deck screen installed in the fourth quarter. In addition, the installation of a HP300 Cone Crusher significantly improved the crushing capacity at the plant.

Topia Mine

For the first quarter, 16,995 tonnes were processed at Topia, up 37% compared to the same period in 2012, at ore grades of 300g/t Ag, 0.65g/t Au, 1.81% lead ("Pb") and 2.94% zinc ("Zn").

Metal production included 146,718 Ag oz, 202 Au oz, 631,373 Pb lbs, and 989,416 Zn lbs, or 208,084 Ag eq oz, which is up 29% over the same period in 2012.

Plant metallurgical performance was satisfactory with metal recoveries of 89.4% for silver, 56.6% for gold, 93.2% for lead, and 89.7% for zinc.
Topia Q1 Operations Summary Q1 2013 Q1 2012 Change
Ore processed (tonnes milled) 16,995 12,404 37%
Silver equivalent ounce production1 208,084 161,415 29%
Silver ounce production 146,718 120,221 22%
Gold ounce production 202 114 77%
Lead production (lbs) 631,373 445,334 42%
Zinc production (lbs) 989,416 687,842 44%

Ag grade (g/t) 300 326 (8)%
Au grade (g/t) 0.65 0.45 44%
Ag recovery (%) 89% 90% (2)%
Au recovery (%) 57% 64% (11)%
Total underground development (m) 2,256 2,603 (13)%
Underground diamond drilling (m) 406 668 (39)%
1 Silver equivalent ounces in 2013 were established using prices of US$28 per oz, US$1,680 per oz, US$0.85 per lb and US$0.85 per lb for silver, gold, lead & zinc, respectively, and applied to the recovered metal content of the concentrates that were produced by the two operations.

Metal production from Topia's main mines, the 1522 mine and Durangueño, experienced increasingly narrow vein formations which resulted in higher dilution and lower silver grades for the quarter. Management is conducting a mine by mine review of the 14 Topia mines to determine where to best concentrate its mining efforts.

San Ignacio Project

During the first quarter the Company received the explosives permit and began the rehabilitation of the San Ignacio surface infrastructure (offices, electrical installations, etc.) to prepare for the commencement of mining development activities.

It is expected that the Land Use permit and the Environmental Impact Assessment approvals will be received in the third quarter.

El Horcon

At El Horcon the baseline studies for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, SEMARNAT ("Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales") has been completed and the permit to drill at El Horcon was received on April 9, 2013.

A surface drill program is planned to commence immediately (mid-April 2013). It will consist of 30 drill holes for a total of 3,000 metres. The program is laid out along an 800 metre length of the Diamantillo vein and will test the Diamantillo vein as well as various splays and nearby parallel structures and veins.


The focus for 2013 is to improve and strengthen the operational efficiency of the existing operations and expand the platform for more significant growth in 2014 and beyond.

The Company confirms its estimate of metal production in the range of 2.4 to 2.5 million silver equivalent ounces for 2013, while the goals for this year are to:

Increase cash flow from mine operations by cutting costs and improving operating efficiency;
Aggressively drive the development of San Ignacio with the view to production in 2014, to augment existing production at Guanajuato;
Commence the exploration drilling at El Horcon; and
Review acquisition opportunities.


Great Panther Silver Limited is a profitable, primary silver mining and exploration company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange trading under the symbol GPR, and on the NYSE MKT trading under the symbol GPL. The Company's current activities are focused on the mining of precious metals from its two wholly-owned operating mines in Mexico, Topia and Guanajuato, the development stage San Ignacio Project as well as the exploration project El Horcon. The Company is also pursuing additional mining opportunities within Latin America, with the goal of adding to its portfolio of mineral properties. Great Panther's mission is to become a leading primary silver producer by acquiring, developing and profitably mining precious metals.
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GPR reports RECORD production - Q3, 2013 1 Year, 4 Months ago Karma: 278
Regular readers know that we've been rather negligent in discussing the miners in recent months, and for obvious reasons. With the Scorched Earth tactics of the One Bank in this sector; those holding these companies are 'hurting' badly, while (understandably) most potential investors on the sidelines are fearful to enter this (grossly undervalued) market.

However, when I see one of these miners (and a long-time personal holding) report stunning results like this; I had to make some time to talk about it. In this case, we have Great Panther Silver reporting a huge leap in production in Q3 of this year, not just in terms of year-over-year comparisons -- but even the quarter-over-quarter jump in numbers.

Total production in Q3 2013 (silver-equivalent oz's) hit an all-time record of 789,000 oz's. For newer investors not sure what is meant by "silver equivalent"; it's including all other metals production ( in order to produce one number), and thus converting this other metals production to "silver-equivalent ounces" (through current metals prices).

GPR's actual silver production in Q3 2013 also hit an all-time record: 460,000 oz's. Projected over a full year, this would put the Company at roughly 3.15 million oz's (silver-equivalent), and 1.84 million ounces of silver.

These numbers represented a 33% increase in silver-equivalent ounces (year-over-year), and a 24% increase in silver production (year-over-year). I'm really surprised that the Company's news release didn't also report quarter-over-quarter comparisons (versus Q2 of this year) because this is where the news really gets stunning.

Versus just last quarter; total silver-equivalent ounces are up 16% and total silver production is up 16%. And total production in Q2 was also an all-time record, until today's results were announced. And proving they didn't just "get lucky" hitting some higher grade ore; total tonnages of ore processed also rose 32% in Q3, to nearly 77,000 tons of rock -- numbers which project over a full year to over 300,000 tons of ore.

Best of all, with its San Ignacio operations about to add to overall production (in a substantial way); even better numbers are coming in 2014. Clearly the Company is hitting on all cylinders right now with its operations; it's just (literally) a crime that our (manipulated) markets result in the Company (and other miners) getting cheated in both the revenues for its silver, and its stock price.

But these miners are proven survivors, and to give newer readers some perspective (and to remind older readers); things have greatly improved since the last time the Company went through some "tough times" -- i.e. during the Crash of '08. Yet while the artificually created Depression in this sector in 2013 is arguably now worse than that of '08; GPR's share price sits at more than four times its low of that previous trough.

From a long term perspective; clearly the "lows" of this Company (and many other producing miners) are well above their previous, artificial troughs. And new "highs" will once again come -- one way or the other. If metals prices continue to be suppressed, there will be official bullion-default (or Decoupling); and then the price paid for (real) metal will rise -- in spite of any attempts at suppression.

The world needs silver.

Of course, if the Banksters simply relent on their metals price-suppression; the share prices of these Companies will also shoot higher (as occurred in 2009) -- irrespective of any attempts at suppression. As regular readers have heard me remark once or twice in the past (lol); "all roads lead to higher prices" -- both metals prices and share prices.

Congrats to the Company for the excellent results!

Here are the links for the results for both Q3 and Q2:

Great Panther Silver Achieves Several Production Records in Third Quarter 2013

GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR)(NYSE MKT: GPL) (the "Company") today reports third quarter ("Q3") production results at its two wholly-owned Mexican silver mining operations, Guanajuato and Topia.

Third Quarter 2013 Operations Highlights (Compared to Third Quarter 2012)

Ore processed was up 32% to 76,898 tonnes, the highest quarterly throughput the Company has achieved;
Metal production increased 33% to a record of 789,250 silver equivalent ounces ("Ag eq oz"), at a 60:1 silver:gold ratio;
Silver production rose 24% to a record 459,924 silver ounces ("Ag oz");
A new high for quarterly gold production was achieved, at 4,695 gold ounces ("Au oz"), a 56% increase; and,
Environmental Impact Assessment Permit received (subsequent to quarter end) for San Ignacio.

"We are pleased to report new records for total metal production and for each of our two mines for the third quarter of 2013, in addition to record production for silver and gold," stated Robert Archer , President and CEO. "With year-to-date production totaling 2,076,963 silver equivalent ounces, we expect to exceed our production guidance for the year. Our continued focus on grade control and operational efficiencies is having a meaningful, positive impact on production volumes while reducing unit costs. In light of lower metal prices, the Company has concentrated on reducing site costs and improving operating efficiencies, and has also focused capital expenditure and development programs on those with the greatest return on investment."

"The Rayas Shaft rehabilitation at the Guanajuato Mine Complex is almost complete and the shaft is expected to resume operations in October. This will reduce transportation times of personnel to their work places and further improve operational efficiencies. Subsequent to the end of the quarter we received the final permit required for the development of our San Ignacio mine. Production from San Ignacio will commence in early 2014 and is expected to have a significant and positive impact on the Guanajuato operations."...

Great Panther Silver Reports Second Quarter 2013 Production

GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR)(NYSE MKT: GPL) (the "Company") today reports second quarter ("Q2") production at its two wholly-owned Mexican silver mining operations, Guanajuato and Topia.

Second Quarter 2013 Operations Highlights (Compared to Second Quarter 2012)

Ore processed was up 28% to 67,569 tonnes;
Metal production increased 22% to a record 680,212 silver equivalent ounces ("Ag eq oz"), at a 60:1 silver:gold ratio;
Silver production rose 6% to 396,730 silver ounces ("Ag oz");
Gold production increased 70% to a record 3,994 gold ounces ("Au oz"); and
Land Use Permit for San Ignacio was received.

"We are pleased to report both record total metal production and gold production for the second quarter," stated Robert Archer , President and CEO. "Both Guanajuato and Topia rebounded from low grades in the first quarter of 2013 as a result of our ongoing focus on grade control. As we continue to concentrate on improving efficiencies at the operations, the current emphasis is on site cost reductions and maintaining strong grade control, in light of lower metal prices. Non-essential budget items have been cut, some capital expenditures have been cut or deferred, and corporate overheads have been lowered in order to conserve cash and maintain our favorable working capital position. Directors and senior management have participated in these cuts through voluntary salary deferrals. Overall, these cuts will result in lower administrative, exploration and corporate development expenditures in the second half."

"Following the addition of a new Vice President, Operations and Vice President, Safety, Health & Environment in the first quarter, we welcome two new mine-site Safety Superintendents in Q2. Our safety record has improved through the quarter, the Rayas Shaft rehabilitation is nearing completion and we are proceeding with improvements to the tailings dams at Guanajuato and Topia. Preparations for the ramp development at San Ignacio are on track, pending the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment."...
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