Tuesday, May 05, 2015
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Bloomberg writes about high inflation/no inflation
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TOPIC: Bloomberg writes about high inflation/no inflation
Bloomberg writes about high inflation/no inflation 3 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 279
As I regularly point out to readers, an inherent aspect of being a "compulsive liar" (i.e. a propagandist) is that you will INEVITABLY end up contradicting yourself.

It is a simple reality of language/logic that it we lie REGULARLY, those accumulations of lies will begin to contradict EACH OTHER. This is why all compulsive liars self-destruct, the only issue is when.

In this case, we have Bloomberg publishing ON THE SAME DAY that U.S. consumer confidence fell "because of soaring gas prices", while (supposedly) the U.S. dollar weakened because there is "no inflation".

Note that along with this blatant contradiction that this propaganda doesn't remotely MAKE SENSE. Recall that inflation IS a currency losing value. So to suggest that a currency could LOSE VALUE due to low inflation is like someone saying that they got COLD when they were outside yesterday because the temparature was TOO HIGH...

"Dollar Weakens as Inflation Data Back Fed Stance"


"U.S. Stocks Little Changed After Consumer Confidence Data"

Jeff Nielson
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