Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Bloomberg double-talk (lol!) on sagging UK economy
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TOPIC: Bloomberg double-talk (lol!) on sagging UK economy
Bloomberg double-talk (lol!) on sagging UK economy 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 279
Ladies and gentlemen, it's "Fantasy Friday" here in the world of business news. I was going to start my discussion today with the U.S. (fantasy) jobs report, but then I saw this Bloomberg headline and laughed out loud:

Carney Wait Prompts BOE Inertia Danger in Slump Battle: Economy

...to clarify, I laughed out loud after reading the first paragraph of the fairy-tale, so that I understood what in Hell the headline actually meant (lol). According to Bloomberg, the entire UK economy is teetering simply because Loonie Assassin (and Goldman Sachs Stooge) Mark Carney "is on the slow-boat from Ottawa" en route to taking over as head (and chief currency-assassin) at the Bank of England.

So because Carney might choose to have interest rates a 1/4 point lower or higher, or because he might want to print another 100 billion "pounds" more (or less) than the current Chief Assassin, Mervyn King; supposedly the whole UK economy is now floundering in this monetary "inertia".

Back in the real world, banksters only DESTROY economies. So, in fact, what Bloomberg is actually saying is that at the moment (and for the next few months) the Bank of England can do no additional harm to the UK's economy (or its people). Yet despite this respite from the relentless monetary pillaging of near-zero interest rates and ultra-accelerated money-printing; the UK economy is threatening to "have a triple-dip recession".

To then translate that (lol), the "recession" (or rather depression) which has never ended in the UK (or the U.S., or Canada) is now going to be officially declared for the 3rd time -- meaning that the UK economy is plummeting lower at such a rapid rate that the government no longer believes it can plausibly pretend that it's still growing.

Now, for readers who wish to indulge in their own Fantasy Friday festivities; read below as Bloomberg tortures logic, the facts, and (most of all) the English language...

Carney Wait Prompts BOE Inertia Danger in Slump Battle: Economy


Bank of England officials will probably discuss the threat of a triple-dip recession today and prepare to sit on their hands as a looming change of governor overshadows the remainder of Mervyn King’s term.

With five months before Mark Carney takes over, the Monetary Policy Committee is awaiting results of its credit- boosting program after halting bond purchases and signaling no further interest-rate cuts for now. That backdrop will color today’s “pre-MPC” briefings in London as policy makers discuss new forecasts before their Feb. 7 decision.

“There is that element of ‘wait-and-see’ about things, and that’s not particularly to the advantage of the economic situation,” said Neil Mackinnon, global macro strategist at VTB Capital in London and a former U.K. Treasury official. “It becomes an excuse to wait until the new governor is in place. There is always the danger of policy paralysis...”
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