Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Mark Carney "seeks escape velocity..." (lol)
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TOPIC: Mark Carney "seeks escape velocity..." (lol)
Mark Carney "seeks escape velocity..." (lol) 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 279
I've said it before and I'll say it again: the writers at Bloomberg -- and especially the headline writers -- missed-out on great careers as comedy-writers. Check out the special-of-the-day:

Carney Seeks ‘Escape Velocity’ as Head of Bank of England

Of course the reason why we get this endless stream of comedic nonsense from Bloomberg (and the other propaganda outlets) is that in their efforts to TORTURE the English language with their spin, double-talk, and outright lies; they are continually leaving themselves open to being the butt of jokes.

What was Bloomberg trying to say with this propaganda headline?

...he will address lawmakers on Feb. 7 in London, days after declaring central banks aren’t “maxed out” on what they can do to drive their economies.

What's interesting here is that B.S. Bernanke has already gotten in front of a microphone and acknowledged there is "nothing new" left for these Crooks to inflict upon us.

With interest rates, already as low as they can go, and nothing "new" on the horizon; what does the (former) Loonie Assassin mean when he says he and his central bank cronies "aren't maxed-out"?

Money-printing, money-printing, and more money-printing.

So what it gets down to is the Bank of England went outside their own country, offering some absurdly-inflated six-figure salary, just to bring in Goldman Sachs Stooge Mark Carney; so that he could turn up the dial on the BoE's printing press from "super high" to "white-hot".

Yup, obviously there was no one inside the UK capable of performing such a complicated task...

Note we get a GLIMPSE of the Truth at the very end of this Bloomberg article:

Timing is everything with jobs, and he may be very lucky,” she said. “If he comes at a good moment, where he can be a new man telling a slightly new story and people are in the mood to believe him, that will help have good expectational effects.”

Of course this is what we see with ALL fraud-artists running serial-cons: when one of your pitch-men has lost credibility, you need to bring in a "fresh face", telling a slightly different version of the same lie(s), in order for the scam to get fresh legs."

Carney Seeks ‘Escape Velocity’ as Head of Bank of England


Mark Carney’s quest for “escape velocity” takes off in the U.K. this week.

Poised to be the first foreigner to run the Bank of England since its founding in 1694, he will address lawmakers on Feb. 7 in London, days after declaring central banks aren’t “maxed out” on what they can do to drive their economies. At the same time, the central bank’s Monetary Policy Committee will be meeting on the other side of the capital, and Carney’s future colleagues probably won’t add to their quantitative-easing program as inflation ties their hands.

The challenge for Carney, 47, and a new class of central bankers worldwide is resistance to their talk of monetary activism by officials and investors who say further stimulus may do more harm than good. Carney’s U.K. arrival in July could mark an early test case for how far policy makers can spur growth when support for action such as bond-buying is faltering and doubt surrounds other unconventional tools.

“Expectations for him are through the roof, but he’s absolutely got the right approach,” said David Blanchflower, a former Bank of England policy maker who now teaches at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. “The question is how he’s going to convince other people...”
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