Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Carney leaves with printing press full-throttle
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TOPIC: Carney leaves with printing press full-throttle
Carney leaves with printing press full-throttle 2 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 280
One of the tough things with trying to keep up with posting -- and events themselves -- is that the more success I have (at any particular time) in reaching the BBC audience (and even peers); the more time I then spend discussing what's been going on with various people (and doing interviews).

So as a result of a few well-received AND the recent conference I find myself running far behind in keeping up with either mail or events.

Got this SEVERAL days ago from Fgwalmsley, and with my other post today about the less-than-glorious departure of Mark Carney from the Bank of Canada I figure I better make sure I got to this as well (from ZeroHedge):

Mark Carney Leaves Canada With 'Stealth QE' Rising At Fastest Pace Since 2009

ZeroHedge does a very good job in ILLUSTRATING their point (literally). First a couple of numbers:

(1) "BoC has grown its balance sheet by over 21% YoY - the most since 2009."
(2) "The quantity of Canadian government bonds on the BoC's balance sheet has grown at a remarkable 46% YoY"

This comes while Carney (with his near-zero interest rates) has been LECTURING Canadians non-stop about "taking on too much debt".

And here is one of the two tell-tale charts in the Zero Hedge piece:

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The Bank of England is hauling the sorry ass of this Goldman Sachs Stooge across the Atlantic -- so he can do exactly the same thing there: saying one thing; doing the exact opposite. All part of that famous "Goldman Sachs training."

:angry: :angry:

Mark Carney Leaves Canada With 'Stealth QE' Rising At Fastest Pace Since 2009

As Mark Carney steps aside from his role at the Bank of Canada to undertake all manner of easy money in the UK, we thought a reflection on the 'stealth' QE that he has been engaged with, very much under the radar, in the US' neighbor-to-the-north was worthwhile. It seems quietly and with little aplomb, Carney's BoC has grown its balance sheet by over 21% YoY - the most since 2009...
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