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Brian Boutilier

Jeff N was chatting with silverun this am.  They raised some good points about a couple of silver companies.  Jeff also mentioned that I do the mining summaries.  That true, I have been doing them since we moved over to the beta site, in July of last year.  I 've done 70 or so.  

Doing the summaries is teaching me to be more objective.  I am getting used to looking over the business model, location and grades of properties, the financials, share structure and to some extent the corporate structure of these companies.  

Even beyond the business, before investing, I am trying to be more cognizant of th lifecycle of the mine(s), and am trying to improve the timing of my investments.  While I don't  do investments as a business, it has been a hobby for while.  

Chad, Jeff and I love to bat around the companies we are looking at, and we all benefit from the interaction.   We vary a great deal in term of investment style, even though we may like some of the same companies.

I will be happy to look over stock/companies you have and interest in.  I will either post you feedback/information, if not post a summary of the company on the website.   I find with many of the potential investments, the devil is in the details. 

I have attempted to do this in the group DUALLIES.  I began that on the old site, as a venue for interaction.  I started it to talk about dual listed stock on both the TSX and in other markets such as the AMEX or OTC/PK etc...  It has been overshadowed with the bulletin boards, and many ongoing discussions.  

I still don't see many discussion about investment style, vs just economics.  I would love to here what everyone thinks about the timing and weighting of their investments.  Boot

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Brian Boutilier
written by Brian Boutilier, September 10, 2010
One thing you may notice, I only put out skeletal facts. The summaries are a quick read into the background of each company, in a systematic way. A snapshot. There are hot links to the meat of the details, so if you want to really cone in, and get serious about the companies, you can. I encourage each reader to dig into the financials, and get a feel for the share structure, the debt burden, cash flow and expenses of any company you intent to invest in.
IMHO, Its not enough to being sitting on the rock, helpful, but not enough. Companies survive of cash, which means financing. What is the quality of the BOD, and who are they doing business with? I am most certainly steep on the learning curve on this. I have taken some body blows along the way. It was the BOD, and the financing that took down some of my larger positions, not the quality of the land, or the ore grades.
In short, I think this is better. I have no intention of doing all the sifting and digesting, then telling anyone what to think, or how to invest. I want no part of being responsible for your portfolio. I would however, love to start a conversation, and learn by doing. The mining summaries should be a means of helping each other understand each company a little better.
written by Chad McNamara, September 09, 2010
I do enjoy those conversations! Everyone may have a similar but yet so different approach/mentality behind the way that they look to make an investment and what to do with it after they have. Eg. Buy and hold, sell into strength during different cycles etc.

Batting around everyone's own idea's can lead to more idea's of your own or possibly even a hybird of a few.

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