Rough week

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Well, this has been a tough week for me. Don't know about the rest of you but I didn't see this huge drop  in metals coming.

So much for my Oremex Silver. I've been totally trashed this week. Oremex is my pick for the contest, so it had better pick up somewhat when the contest actually starts.

Sorry, but just not feeling too good about anything I hold right now.  Hope some of you fared better than I did.

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written by Jacquie cosford, September 25, 2011
If OAG got the mineral rights sorted out for Tejamen it could easily beat 333%! smilies/grin.gif
I don't think we've seen bottom in gold yet though. But hoping it does it all in a day or 2.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 25, 2011
Lynx222, it was a rough week for EVERYONE!! smilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif

With the miners THIS cheap, this sets the stage for an even BIGGER run than last year.

As our reminder, last year's winner of our Miners Challenge clocked a gain of 333% over the six-month period - with several contenders not far behind.

So the "bad news" is where prices are sitting right now. The "good news" is knowing the REALISTIC potential of these companies - and where they could easily be 6 months from now...

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