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Empty Trucks Symbolize Clueless Canadian Government

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The economic policy of Canada’s current, Conservative government can be summed-up succinctly, spraying around vast sums of money in an aimless manner and racking up huge deficits – while idly sitting back and waiting for the U.S. economy to recover.

It simply boggles the mind to contemplate the various degrees of this idiocy. Consider this: cargo trucks busily stream back and forth across the U.S. border. Full trucks from the U.S. head north, while empty trucks from Canada head south.

Our Prime Minister – the self-described “economist” – has staked Canada’s entire economic future on a U.S. economic recovery. And as anyone who has not been brainwashed by the U.S. propaganda-machine realizes there is no “U.S. economic recovery”. Making this situation much, much worse, the Conservatives have shown they are willing to engage in any and every form of self-sabotage of their own nation – merely to try to salvage a dying trade relationship.

To subsidize the “cargo” of the empty trucks heading south, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney (yet another Goldman Sachs Stooge) has been doing everything possible to destroy Canada’s currency with his near-0% interest rates and anti-Loonie rhetoric – so that the “cargo” in these empty trucks will be more affordable for Americans.

As regular readers understand, under the best of circumstances destroying one’s currency to (attempt to) stimulate trade is a losing equation, where the loss in the average standard of living (which is automatically caused by this declining purchasing-power) always outweighs any minimal improvement in foreign trade. However, to engage in this form of self-sabotage in order to subsidize the shipment of nothing represents criminal stupidity.

At the same time, Canadians just heard that our traitorous Prime Minister is eagerly trying to throw away Canadian sovereignty – by negotiating a “perimeter security deal”, where the U.S. would permanently dictate to Canadians any and all domestic policies, simply by the U.S. classifying it as a “matter of security”.

As Canadians read about the American animosity to invasive airport body-scanners, and even more invasive pat-downs every time they want to fly somewhere, all that Stephen Harper could think to himself is “I want to do this to Canadians, too.”

And what is the supposed “justification” for this massive give-away of sovereignty? To quote the Globe&Mail, it is “a deal designed to ensure the vital trade flow between Canada and its largest trading partner is not choked-off by the aggressive U.S. security bureaucracy.” That’s right, our Prime Minister is throwing away our sovereignty so that the empty trucks heading south can reach their U.S. destinations sooner, load-up with American-made goods – and then cross the Canadian border more quickly. We’re throwing away our sovereignty to help to promote the U.S. trade surplus with Canada.

That’s not a misprint. Canada, which has perennially enjoyed a multi-billion dollar trade surplus with the U.S. has lost that entire surplus (despite sabotaging its own currency), and is now pointlessly throwing away our independence in a move that primarily benefits U.S. exports to Canada.

Quite obviously, with the U.S. now benefiting the most from our two-way (one-way?) trade, if anything it is the U.S. which should be showing some flexibility with respect to its fascist security regime. It is equally obvious that this “perimeter security deal” has nothing to do with improving the Canadian economy.

Instead, it is nothing less than a “backdoor” approach to attempt to create a “North American Union” in a piecemeal, step-by-step fashion. This follows two years of failed, secret negotiations by the Harper government to attempt to form a “North American Union”. This was a treasonous betrayal, where Harper undertook those negotiations without any approval from Parliament, and without any consultation (at all) with the Canadian people.

It is both ironic and despicably hypocritical that in the last election Stephen Harper repeatedly criticized the leader of the opposition Liberal Party (Michael Ignatieff) for not being “Canadian enough” – while he secretly has been doing everything in his power to end the existence of Canada as a sovereign nation.

Worse still, Harper’s fanatical obsession with getting even closer to the U.S. has caused him to totally ignore the massive economic boom in Asia and other developing economies. In the more than four years that his Party has held power, Harper the Economist has done nothing to improve our trading relationship with Asian nations.

If it weren’t for the fact that Asian nations are desperate for many Canadian natural resources (most notably oil), we would be selling nothing into these huge markets. In fact, under Harper’s “leadership”, shipments to the U.S. have sunk to their lowest level since 1982 while the percentage of Canadians employed in manufacturing (a mere 10%) has sunk to its lowest level in history (since we began keeping these records in 1976).

Meanwhile, it was only three weeks ago, that the Harper government set yet another all-time record for Canada’s largest current account deficit, after this same government had shattered the record of the Mulroney regime in creating the largest deficits in Canadian history. After four years of one devastating economic failure after another, still all that this ‘one-trick pony’ can ever think about is getting closer to the U.S.

Liberal Transport critic John McCallum expressed surprise. He was surprised that the Harper government would be negotiating to throw-away Canadian sovereignty without “informing Canadians or discussing it with Parliament.” He expressed additional surprise that Harper (the economist) would continue to be completely obsessed with two-way trade with the U.S., when everyone else in the world already knows that the future of global economic growth (and trade) lies with Asia.

It’s extremely obvious what Stephen Harper would do if he had a shred of integrity. He would resign, after four years of the worst economic management in Canadian history – and move to the U.S., where he can live out his dream of becoming an American.

Canadians don’t want a merger with the U.S. in any form – and certainly not in the sleazy, “backdoor” (and entirely undemocratic) manner pursued by Harper. More importantly, Canadians cannot afford one more minute of the gross economic incompetence of this “economist”.

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written by mostlymichael, December 21, 2010
The CBC is just another government BS generator. They distract the people with ridiculous garbage, send us the bill and brainwash the dumb.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, December 18, 2010
Yes, Micjer. I've reported on that military pact previously. The "enemy" which our governments are ACTUALLY preparing to fight is their own people.
written by Donald Davison, December 17, 2010
Add this to the already treasonist act that was reported...
Canada, U.S. quietly sign mutual military aid pact Either nation could send troops across each other's borders during emergency.

I don't remember being able to voice an opinion on that either.
written by David Gierl, December 16, 2010
I truly hope Canadians do not form this union you are talking about. I really enjoy getting away from the US occasionally and visiting a place that does not have the crime and stupid attitudes many Americans seem to have. I'd love to move there but my wife won't as it's just too cold there in winter. smilies/wink.gif
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, December 15, 2010
Mathnerd, I wised-up to Harper's "act" early on in his tenure as Prime Minister, when he was interviewed while attending a big hockey game: and described himself to the interviewer as a "hockey historian".

Lol - I'm guessing that Canada probably has about 20 million "hockey historians", and likely the same number who are Harper's equal as "economists".
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, December 15, 2010
Yes, Breezer, the Canadian media is little different from the U.S. when it comes to the media conveying the corporate "message". The CBC is well-meaning, but naive.

And, yes, the Canadian people are just as detached from reality as Americans - fortunately our "reality" isn't (yet) as desperate.

Merry Christmas to yourself!
written by Travis Lucy, December 15, 2010
The reason I like Harper's reminders that he's an economist is that he's (figuratively) freely putting his neck into a noose.
written by Travis Lucy, December 15, 2010
I actually like Harper's frequent reminders that he's an economist.

If we elected a dog to be prime minister - don't scoff, recently one was nominated to be an MP and got several votes - and the dog's administration completely flopped not many people would say so what. The dog knew nothing about economics and other similar things.

Harper, though...
Either he's incompetent or he's a traitor. I don't know which is more dangerous to Canada's economic health.

And Jeff - you're probably right in calling him a traitor.
written by breezer1, December 15, 2010
harper is a traitor. tell this to any ordinary canadian and they will avoid you and tell everyone that you are ' nuts '. the main stream media here in canada is as corrupted as venezuela or cuba. the aging population here also ignores the threat of assimilation since they have to be more concerned with the brand of cat food they will be eating shortly when they retire.
i see in the news that goldman's boy at their central bank in ottawa has scolded the ordinary citizen for carrying too much debt and that they should prepare for higher rates. kinda like a wolf telling a sheep that if they had stayed on the diet and exercised more they might have escaped becoming the wolf's supper.
also , there is no comfort knowing that there are many americans finding themselves on the same menu. we can only hope that ron paul doesn't have a hot tub.
great article jeff. have a great Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

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