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Announcing the Great Panther Silver “Miners Challenge”

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It is with great pleasure that Bullion Bulls Canada announces the official commencement of our second, annual miners’ contest: the 2011-12 Great Panther Silver Miners Challenge.

We were already anticipating a bigger-and-better contest second time around, as the growing size of our audience and their growing interest in these mining companies suggests that the competition will be even fiercer this time. However, what has made us doubly excited about this year’s contest is that it is being sponsored by last year’s winner: Great Panther Silver – and they have brought some of their very own silver with them to offer as contest prizes.

In last year’s contest (which was generously sponsored by, Great Panther soared to victory with a percentage gain of 333% over the six-month period of the contest – beating out several other worthy contenders, all of them other silver miners. With Great Panther’s share price having retreated from its previous high (like many other silver miners), I suspect that part of the Company’s motivation in sponsoring this year’s contest is its belief that it can defend its “crown”. However, there are obviously many other silver miners ready-and-willing to try to dethrone our champion.

Unlike last year, we should certainly expect some of the gold-mining companies to also contend for this title. With gold’s impressive move higher over the past few weeks (while many of the miners were getting little “traction” in markets), this would appear to set up many of these gold miners for their own, spectacular runs this contest season.

Contest Rules:

The 2011-12 Great Panther Silver Miners Challenge will run from October 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012. All contest entries must therefore be received prior to midnight, September 30th.

The contest is open to any/all registered members of our site (registration is free), subject to the following exclusions. No employees/officers of Bullion Bulls Canada are eligible to participate in this contest, nor are their families, or anyone directly affiliated with one of our advertising sponsors.

The winner of the contest is the contestant who picks the (North American-listed) precious metals mining company who achieves the highest percentage gain over the six-month contest period. Should any miner “cease to exist” as a result of some “take-over” or related activity, the miner will be deemed to have finished the contest at the share price recorded at the end of its last day of trading. Should any miner entered in the contest engage in a share “split” or consolidation during the contest period, such an event will be deemed to have occurred immediately prior to the commencement of the contest – so that the share price remains legitimately comparable to its original price level. Should two miners both entered into the contest engage in a merger, the company which retains its name after the combination shall be deemed the “surviving entity” (for contest purposes), while the company which was absorbed will be considered to have been taken over.

Contest Prizes:

1st prize – 20 ounces of silver

2nd prize – 10 ounces of silver

3rd prize – 5 ounces of silver


Halfway-winner – 5 ounces of silver





The precise composition of the prizes (with illustrations) will be provided when we announce our final list of contestants and the contest officially commences at the beginning of October. No contestant is eligible to win more than one prize, and all prizes will be awarded after the expiration of the contest on March 31, 2012.

Registered members to our site can enter simply by sending an e-mail or “personal message” which clearly identifies both the name of the miner and the username of the contest entrant to either Chad ( or myself ( results will be posted regularly on our forum, while we will publish several contest updates on our “front page” over the course of the contest period.

Best of luck to all of our contest entrants, and may the best miner win !!


Picks so far:

Contestant Name Company Name

CLINT009    Lion One Metals        9/2/2011                                                               
JJ9    Trelawney Mining and Exploration        9/2/2011                                                               
BAER3    Aurcana Corp        9/2/2011                                                               
MATHNERD    Wildcat Silver        9/2/2011                                                               
MERTIS    Great Panther Silver        9/2/2011                                                               
SCOBES9999    Silver Predator Corp        9/2/2011                                                               
EARL    Colossus Minerals        9/2/2011                                                               
RED911    Gryphon Gold Corp        9/2/2011                                                               
Pitbul13    Premium Exploration        9/2/2011                                                               
KaeJennifer    Endeavour Silver        9/2/2011                                                               
Dan Grajczyk    LexamVG Gold Inc         9/3/2011                                                               
TONY_BBC    Silver Standard Resources        9/5/2011                                                               
Norbull    Galantas Gold        9/3/2011                                                               
Vanfan    Mega Precious Metals        9/3/2011                                                               
Bullionaire    Rubicon Minerals        9/3/2011                                                               
Roark    Silvercorp Metals        9/3/2011                                                               
Tusconjj    Tara Minerals        9/3/2011                                                               
RyanB11    First Majestic Silver        9/3/2011                                                               
Agsilverspoon    Coral Gold Resources        9/3/2011                                                               
SILVER MAN    American Bonanza Gold Corp        9/3/2011                                                               
TERENCE    Canadian Zinc        9/3/2011                                                               
JBOSS    Nova Gold        9/3/2011                                                               
SAILORTONY    Silver Quest Resources        9/3/2011                                                               
MANTAN    CURRIE ROSE RESOURCES        9/3/2011                                                               
GOLDENERA    B2Gold Corp        9/3/2011                                                               
BUZZARD    Lara Exploration        9/4/2011                                                               
FISD    Golden Goliath Resources        9/4/2011                                                               
Beowulfarms    Midway Gold Corp        9/4/2011                                                               
Dgierl    Conquest Resources        9/5/2011                                                               
LYNX222    Oremex Resources Inc        9/5/2011                                                               
Chilbear    Scorpio Mining        9/5/2011                                                               
Ragandbone    Brigus Gold Corp        9/6/2011                                                               
Jeroen    Arian Silver        9/6/2011                                                               
Salcedo    Polar Star Mining        9/6/2011                                                               
BringtheGold    South American Silver        9/6/2011                                                               
Kimmysan    Orko Silver        9/6/2011                                                               
MetalsMiner    Kaminak Gold        9/6/2011                                                               
Investorquest    Silver Crest Mines        9/7/2011                                                               
Scone    Sunridge Gold        9/7/2011                                                               
BagOfGold    Xtierra Inc         9/7/2011                                                               
ore collector    CMC Metals Ltd.        9/7/2011                                                               
Debsyl     Lakeshore Gold        9/7/2011                                                               
Sockeyesalmon    Ecometals Ltd        9/8/2011                                                               
L2020    Golden Predator        9/8/2011                                                               
Metalman    Perseus Mining Ltd        9/8/2011                                                               
coach247    Sandstorm Gold        9/8/2011                                                               
Willie    Sunshine Silver Mines Corp        9/8/2011                                                               
Boardwalk     Cream Minerals        9/8/2011                                                               
Whowells    Mansfield Minerals        9/8/2011

Navderek    Claude Resources        9/8/2011
BigDad06    Tanzanian Royalty        9/9/2011
Pioneerurban    Rye Patch Gold        9/10/2011
Zephyrztxc    Golden Minerals        9/10/2011
500ounces    Minera Andes        9/10/2011    Esperanza Resources        9/10/2011

jschmitt    Trade Winds Ventures        9/10/2011                                                               
Dingo    Silver Grail Resources        9/11/2011                                                               
Tiziana    Garibaldi Resources        9/11/2011                                                               
Kaare Bursell    Yamana Gold        9/11/2011                                                               
abdel    Fortuna Silver Mines        9/12/2011                                                               
Tulsa529    Avino Silver and Gold Mines        9/13/2011                                                               
Player 19    US Silver Corp        9/14/2011                                                               
Spartan    Vista Gold Corp        9/14/2011                                                               
Paxjds    Liberty Star        9/15/2011                                                               
Jgfergus    Spanish Mountain Gold        9/16/2011                                                               
theOutlaw    Argentex Mining        9/16/2011                                                               
thebebster    Silvermex Resources Inc.        9/16/2011

Audi    St Andrew Goldfields        9/16/2011                                                               
aleksj    Boxxer Gold        9/16/2011                                                               
Jonintaipei    Belo Sun Mining        9/17/2011                                                               
Blacknite4    Gold Bullion Development        9/17/2011                                                               
Mike97    Golden Hope Mines        9/17/2011                                                               
Chuckheyhey    Berkerville Gold Mines        9/18/2011                                                               
Some_math_guy    Tahoe Resources        9/19/2011                                                               
Desert Irish    FDG Mining        9/19/2011                                                               
Woodbridge    Huldra Silver        9/20/2011

Comments (16)Add Comment
written by Chad McNamara, September 26, 2011
I didn't see any emails for that username and miner but regardless.

You will be added.


P.S I went to added you and you were already on the list, so Jeff must have had you covered smilies/tongue.gif
written by Alan Hudgins, September 26, 2011
Hi Can't seem to reach thru e-mail so can you please put me down for Sunward Resources Ticker SWD Thanks
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 19, 2011
Please: everyone take the time to read the rules:

First the contest asks contestants to pick THE "(North American-listed) precious metals mining company". At no point was it ever implied or suggested that anyone could pick more than one company.

With over 6 BILLION people and only about 200 potential miners, obviously ONE PER PERSON.

Secondly, the contest clearly specifies entering by "e-mail or personal message". Nowhere does it indicate that simply writing a comment is a means of entering the contest.

written by Bill Johoson, September 19, 2011
harmony would be an alternative Newmont mining pogrizz
written by Bill Johoson, September 19, 2011
does anyone have an opinion on which bullion maker givers one hte most valur for their money?
written by Bill Johoson, September 19, 2011
great panthers silver miners is my pick
written by Bill Johoson, September 19, 2011
i have no website at this time, i am a small time investor that, with the help of this website will eventually grow into a large one and please put me down for the sandstorm contest. It is my understanding that i can enter as many time as i want during sept as long as it is only once a day, so if this is true I will be doing it
written by Chad McNamara, September 16, 2011
As well, US Silver corp is already taken, It's not reflected on the list yet, but it was emailed to us two days ago.

Please send us an alternative pick.

Thank you,
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 15, 2011
Please do not use the "comment" space here for your entries. The problem is we have no TIME record of your comment. So if two people picked the same company, the same day, we wouldm't know who was first.

Please use either a "personal message" (via the control panel, upper right), or by e-mail (addresses above).

Thank you for your cooperation! smilies/smiley.gif
written by Adam F. Szczotka, September 15, 2011
Please put me down for US Silver (USA.TSX)
Thanks in advance.

written by abdelhay, September 12, 2011
put me down for Fortuna silver mines (

written by Patricia, September 10, 2011
Hello there, could you please put me down for Esperanza Resource Corp for the contest? Thanks, Pat
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 10, 2011
Attention all contestants:

Could you all please register via "personal message" or e-mail (as per the contest instructions). The reason for this is that this way we also get a log of the TIME that contestants register.

So if two contestants both chose the same miner on the same day, this allows us to know who was first.

Thanks for your cooperation!
written by Timothy Martin, September 09, 2011
Please put me on the list for Rye Patch Gold. Ticker: RPMGF.PK

Thank you
written by Kyle, September 09, 2011
Hi Jeff! Please put me down for Tanzanian Royalty (TRX)! Thanks!

written by mike, September 07, 2011
put me down for Sandstorm Gold for the contest: SSL

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