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Bringing Bullion-Buying To The 21st Century

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As the 20th century drew to a close, gold was regarded as a “barbarous relic”, while most of the world’s silver had literally disappeared from the face of the Earth. With the dawn of the 21st century, all that suddenly changed.

Now gold and silver are highly in demand, at least across Asia and among the tiny pockets of investors in Europe and North America who have rediscovered the world’s oldest and truest “safe havens”. Even the world’s central banks, the creators of all of our fiat currencies have suddenly become net-buyers of gold – and net-sellers of their own, paper currencies.

Yet while the climate for gold and silver had changed at the beginning of a new century, and the markets were rapidly changing as well, little had changed for the average retail investor. Options for purchasing gold and silver were limited. Premiums were high, and “convenience” was not considered a necessary part of doing business.

One bullion company is now seeking to change that: SGB sought to distinguish itself from its competitors initially in two ways: through a greater emphasis on customer service, and more effective use of 21st century technology. With respect to the first commitment, SilverGoldBull offers far more (and far more convenient) payment options than any of its major on-line competitors in Canada.

The major drawback with purchasing bullion on line is shipping (and the necessary insurance which is required with those orders), as shipping bullion means mailing relatively heavy parcels to its customers. SilverGoldBull has sought to “simplify” things here for its bullion clients: orders over $5,000 are now shipped for free (including insurance), or as SGB likes to say “the price you see is the price you pay.”

With respect to making better use of technology, SGB has enhanced its service/speed/convenience through:

1) Eliminating lag-times in shipping

2) Expedited on-line check-out process

3) A new website featuring:

a) A more user-friendly format with greater ease of navigation

b) Clearer labeling/icons for product identification

c) Improved bullion charts to guide buyers

However, SilverGoldBull was not satisfied in merely relying upon its greater commitment to customer service, and more effective use of new technologies. It has also sought to become THE low-cost bullion retailer.

SGB now believes it has realized that goal. Through diligently forging better relationships in its supply-chain, SilverGoldBull’s newest supplier has direct access to government Mints, allowing SGB to significantly reduce its own retail price structure, and claim the title of “low-cost retailer” (in a recent price comparison):

[all prices in CAD]

All this has been accomplished in the three, short years since was first formed in 2009: a precious metals company formed by precious metals investors. However, rather than seeing itself as having reached a pinnacle, SGB instead views itself as just beginning to reach its potential.

It’s next target? Bringing its low-cost price structure to the huge U.S. market. In seeking to penetrate this market, once again SilverGoldBull is looking to distinguish itself from its competitors. As it begins to service the United States, SGB is highlighting the fact that U.S. clients will not be required to register their purchases within the United States – while still enabling its American customers to avoid any customs/border hassles.

Just as SilverGoldBull has established a unique niche for itself in the Canadian retail bullion market, so too SGB has similar plans for the U.S. As it seeks to fine-tune its business model for the U.S. market, all that SGB’s Bobby Belandis would say at present about its service to the U.S. is “in the near future it is going to get significantly better”.

Given what SilverGoldBull has already accomplished in three years, that would seem to be a promise which SGB’s clients can bank on – regardless of on which side of the 49th parallel that they dwell. In bringing bullion-buying to the 21st century, SilverGoldBull has ultimately presented its bullion clients with a very simple equation: greater efficiency, low-cost pricing, and a superior commitment to customer service. And it all adds up to a very different way for people to buy their gold and silver.


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Brian Boutilier
written by Brian Boutilier, February 21, 2012
Sure nice to have a paypal option, vs having to get a bank draft. I would think the variety of payment options alone would be a compelling reason to look over SilverGold Bulls.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, February 21, 2012
No Earl, the shipping issues have been resolved. SGB is really excited about the chance to break into the large U.S. market, especially with their new price structure.

So when they told us about BOTH of these developments we found that "newsworthy" - even if they ARE one of our sponsors.

written by Tim, February 21, 2012

Very nice update of a sponsor and supporter of the BBC.

Will shipping to Florida be any problem for them?

I noted there Eagles aren't a dollar more than Maples.


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