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Stephen Harper’s Cyprus Blueprint For Canada

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Until now, the “bail-in” (i.e. the Cyprus Steal) has been presented to us in the following manner by politicians, bankers, and the Corporate Media. It is a least-worst option for dealing with a financial emergency, and is being conducted in a fair and legitimate manner.

As previous commentaries have exposed, this is all lies. It is not a “least-worst” option, but rather the most-extreme desperation measure imaginable. It is the only form of stealing which our Crime Syndicate governments haven’t already attempted to perpetrate against their own populations: direct confiscation of assets.

This was not a “financial emergency.” It was a choreographed looting of the Cyprus financial system, plotted at least 18 months in advance. Furthermore, the chronology clearly indicates that the Western banking cabal had already engaged in a secret agreement with the Cyprus government to ultimately approve this theft – and the initial proposal (and first vote) was simply an absurdly transparent sham.

There is nothing “fair” or “legitimate” about this repugnant concept. This is why the propaganda machine invented a euphemism for it which is utter gibberish. “Bail-in” is nonsensical English, used to hide a vulgar act of theft which is completely indefensible.

Ultimately the Thieves themselves even concede that what they are really perpetrating is a form of “taxation.” Yet this “taxation” is entirely ad hoc, and arbitrary; with the initial group of Victims involved (bank depositors) being asset-holders who put their savings in these banks for one (and only one) reason: because the banks and our governments themselves assured depositors again and again and again that their savings were “absolutely safe.”

Obviously if our governments (and banks) are going to arbitrarily choose to betray a particular group of individuals in society with a “surprise” theft of their assets, the one group of individuals who should be last on the list are those people whom the banksters and politicians themselves assured were absolutely safe. There could be no more egregious knife-in-the-back.

However, what if this betrayal is much, much worse? What if the “bail-in” – the bankers’ new form of organized crime – was not merely a desperation measure to ward-off inadvertent bankruptcy? What if the banking cabal and our Traitor Governments were intentionally creating “insolvency” in our financial system in order to manufacture a pretext to engage in this illegal looting?

This brings us to Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Conservative Party. Stephen Harper is a consummate Thief. He’s stolen his own job not once, but twice.

He stole his job as Prime Minister originally by promising Canadian voters that (unlike the Liberals) he would never “touch” (i.e. tax) their “income trusts” –  into which Canadians had funneled $10’s of billions of their wealth.  However it had already become obvious this massive tax-loophole was destroying the entire, national tax base; and was not economically viable. The moment Harper got into power, he flip-flopped and abolished that tax-exemption.

He stole his job a second time when the Opposition Parties were about to unite to vote the Harper regime out of office. Stephen Harper illegally suspended Parliament, and then the Conservative Party and Big Business launched a massive propaganda campaign while Canada’s Parliament was illegally suspended; labeling the plan to vote the Harper regime out of office as “undemocratic.” The Opposition Parties backed off on their threat, and then Stephen Harper ended his illegal suspension of Parliament.

When Stephen Harper came to power, however, he had more on his mind than just breaking promises: he had an Agenda. A part of that agenda was to duplicate – as exactly as possible – the massive housing-bubble of the United States; the largest asset-bubble in history, which was followed by the largest “bail-out” package in economic history.


For interested readers, this plot has been described in detail in a previous commentary. For the purpose of this commentary; it’s not essential to know how Stephen Harper manufactured the Canadian housing-bubble (with the enthusiastic assistance of former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney). It’s only essential to note the dates involved. Stephen Harper began constructing the Canadian housing-bubble after the U.S. bubble had already burst.

There can only be one thing worse than engaging in suicidally-reckless economic policy. This is to engage in suicidally-reckless economic policy after that policy has been exposed as such.  The reason this is much, much worse should be obvious to all readers.

The bankers and politicians (of both parties) who manufactured the U.S. housing-bubble have at least “plausible deniability” on their side: they can pretend the U.S. housing-bubble was an “accident.” Stephen Harper has no such cover available to him. The dates involved make this clear that the Canadian housing-bubble is a premeditated betrayal of the entire Canadian population.

There are two, major distinctions between the U.S. and Canadian bubbles, apart from (perhaps) a difference in the level of premeditation. First and foremost, it was impossible for Stephen Harper to match the saturation-level of fraud which has permeated every nook-and-cranny of the U.S. housing sector – from rampant land-title fraud to (institutionalized) Liar’s Loans to literal “fraud factories”: companies being formed solely to custom-produce forged/fraudulent documents for the Wall Street banksters.

The other very important difference is that when the Wall Street crime syndicate and the Republican regime looted approximately $15 trillion from the U.S. financial system in direct hand-outs, (so-called) “0% loans”, infinite “loss guarantees”, and near-infinite tax-breaks there were no “bail-in” rules in place. Directly stealing from peoples’ accounts to indemnify their gambling-losses was merely a “wonderful fantasy” for U.S. banksters (at that time).

With Stephen Harper’s housing-bubble poised to burst – whenever Canada’s banksters choose to detonate it – the question becomes: how large will the subsequent looting be, with Canada’s “bail-in” rules officially carved in stone?

Most of Wall Street’s looting following the Crash of ’08 was of necessity restricted to the 0% loans, loss-guarantees, and tax-breaks. With the entire U.S. economy collapsing (as appears to be happening in Canada); there was only a limited amount which could be stolen from the public Treasury. When Canada’s housing-bubble is detonated there will be no such limitations.

As was spelled-out in my most-recent commentary; the Canadian Budget (and the Financial Stability Board “policy paper” it is based upon) opens up the possibility of not merely stealing bank deposits, but any/every asset in the financial system: bonds, pensions, and equities as well. “Trust funds”? The term has been rendered archaic.

Even if we weren’t dealing with intentional insolvency, and premeditated betrayal; we have already long since crossed the threshold into insanity with respect to another nonsensical euphemism constructed by the Corporate Media: “too big to fail.” The banks are “too big to fail” but the People (collectively) are not?

What if the banksters now tell us that the only way to “save them” (but again only temporarily) is for every family to sacrifice their first-born males? When do we say “enough is enough” with this criminal insanity? Congratulations Doctor, the operation was a success…but the Patient died. And now Stephen Harper and the bankers are going to “operate” on Canada.

In 2008, the same Traitor Governments told us they were “fixing the banks”; with the largest public looting of our economies in history. In 2013, we’re being told that they are still “fixing the banks” – except now this requires exponentially more looting.

It is now crystal-clear when our governments will be finished “fixing the banks”, at which point these bankrupt shells and our insolvent economies will be allowed to default on their gigantic debts: after every last penny of wealth belonging to the Little People has been cleaned out of the Western financial system.


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written by David Gierl, April 15, 2013

From my experience, working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, I found that "Official" studies, such as the one you are asking about, tend to come out with the answer the management, who hired them, had desired. Many times I overheard a manager telling a consultant to ignore some important facts that would change the outcome that was desired. They also help the consultant to word things in a way that skews the results by hiding other relevant interpretations of data.

Luckily for the citizens of Pennsylvania, one of the consultant groups was caught making a cash payoff in one of the computer rooms and people were fired and retired. At least one of the managers landed a job at one of the offending consulting companies.

Didn't Price Waterhouse take over the Coopers firm when they were caught lying and hiding data on some of their audits? The Coopers company then lost their certification to perform these audits of financial statements and went bankrupt. Please straighten me out if I got this wrong, but I'm fairly certain that was the case.

Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 11, 2013
Thanks Jeff, but questions abound e.g.:
1. What are some of the flaws in the BMO/PricewaterhouseCoopers/et al analyses?
2. Why were the daylights redacted out of government-supplied documentation?

Regarding #1, I don't even have to look at the "studies" you cite to note the flaw, because it's made ALL THE TIME by the pretend-analysts out there: "static analysis". Looking at something TODAY, and saying that because there is no disaster "today" that things will ALWAYS be all right.

This is the entire basis of Keynesian economics: "static analysis" which IGNORES change over time.

All you have to do is engage in ANY sort of dynamic analysis of the massive/rapid shift of corporate capital INSIDE that shelter to see it was unsustainable. And those "analysts" simply IGNORED the damage being caused by changing the way they did business just to take advantage of a tax-loophole.

As for #2, that's much easier to explain. When the Conservatives had ALREADY done so much PREVIOUS lying about income-trusts; they needed to hack-out at least SOME of the inconsistencies when they flip-flopped. smilies/wink.gif
written by Joel, April 11, 2013
Thanks Jeff, but questions abound e.g.:
1. What are some of the flaws in the BMO/PricewaterhouseCoopers/et al analyses?
2. Why were the daylights redacted out of government-supplied documentation?
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 11, 2013 you subscribe to the Harper/Flaherty tax leakage camouflage?

Jaegar, it's understandable when dealing with Compulsive Liars to assume that EVERYTHING they say is another lie. However, what people must understand is that when Compulsive Liars back themselves into a corner (which USUALLY happens right AFTER they flip-flop); they are often forced to allow some TRUTH to slip out.

Canada's entire corporate sector was flowing inside that tax-loophole. But it wasn't ONLY the destruction of the tax-base that was involved. ALL tax-loopholes PERVERT economies; the larger the loop-hole, the greater the level of "perversion."

Income trusts were causing Canadian corporations to DO all sorts of stupid/inefficient things in their day-to-day operations -- solely to "save money on taxes". This is just like INDIVIDUALS do all sorts of stupid things to avoid paying taxes -- like sitting on their paper-profits to avoid "capital gains tax."

How SMART is that AFTER the paper-profits disappear on a pull-back???

As someone with four years of economics AND two years of corporate tax-law under his belt; trust me on this. Income-trusts were a SEVERELY flawed concept (from an economic standpoint); and if that tax-exemption had not been abolished it would have ALREADY destroyed Canada's economy -- in conjunction with Harper's other sabotage.
written by Joel, April 11, 2013 you subscribe to the Harper/Flaherty tax leakage camouflage?
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 11, 2013
Good article, Jeff, except for the income trust comment. Check out

Have another look above Jaegar. I cited that link in my article. smilies/wink.gif
written by Joel, April 11, 2013
written by Joel, April 11, 2013
Good article, Jeff, except for the income trust comment. Check out

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