Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Adrian Douglas of GATA Audio Interview

 [note: we have split the interview into four parts, but there is also a link (below) to view or download the whole interview]

In our desire to bring our audience as much quality “content” as possible, Bullion Bulls Canada plans to start providing our members and guests with interviews of people who we feel can provide a valuable perspective – either on precious metals directly, or the markets which impact them.

We were pleased to be able to recently publish a written interview with respected silver analyst Ted Butler. Today, we are equally pleased to release our first audio interview – with none other than Adrian Douglas of GATA. He has recently become a “household name” to precious metals investors through helping to first publicize the revelations of metals-trader, “whistle-blower” Andrew Maguire, and then appearing with Mr. Maguire in the legendary “King World News” interview.

We don't repeat any of that material in this interview. Instead, we look at some of the repercussions of recent revelations, including those from Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group, at the recent CFTC hearings. We also give Mr. Douglas the chance to provide viewers with many of his other interesting perspectives on the precious metals sector – taken from some of his recent and older work.

We hope that our audience finds this interview as enjoyable and informative as it was for us in getting a chance to talk with Adrian Douglas. And we hope that we can find a guest for our next interview who is as interesting and educational for our members and guests.



 About Adrian Douglas:

Adrian Douglas, Publisher of Market Force Analysis. Adrian graduated in 1980
from Cambridge University, England, in Natural Sciences. He worked for 20
years in the oil and gas industry where he reached senior management
positions in marketing and sales.

During his time in the oil and gas industry he developed a deep interest in
the study of enterprise pricing and commercial markets. This led to his
interest in the market pricing mechanisms of financial assets. As a result
he developed a unique algorithm and methodology for analyzing financial
futures markets and in particular for identifying appropriate entry and exit
points. The technique has been named "Market Force Analysis" and two patents
have been filed on his techniques. He runs the subscription website service
for investors of the same name (www.MarketForceAnalysis.com). Adrian has a
particular interest in the Precious Metals markets and also serves on the
Board of Directors of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA).
"Adrian Douglas: All that is paper does not glitter"


Download the audio interview here: Click here to download (40Megs)

(To download the file Right click on the link and "Save as..")

Alternate download link if the one above is acting slow or unavailable at the moment : http://www.mediafire.com/file/mbdd4bw3ojm/BBC Interviews Adrian Douglas of GATA.mp3

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The Rest of the Interview via YouTube





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written by paxjds, August 31, 2010
Lucille, the Banksters(some call bankers) get to borrow money from the Federal Government at say .5% interest. Then the banksters buy treasury notes from the government and the government pays them 2.5 to 3% interest. The Banksters then make 2.5% on the deal. If they borrow a trillion dollars, the Banksters get a cool 25 Billion dollars free each year if my math is correct, all paid by the taxpayer(you and Me) or paid in the future by our children and grand children. Now thats a neet Ponzi scheme the Banksters and politicians are pulling on the American Public. I've had my hands out for the past 2 years, but Uncle Sam(US Government) does not want to lend me a billion or two so I can get in on the Ponzi scheme also. If they would just lend me a billion a year, I could make 25 million a year buy buying government bonds. It just is not fair and should be outlawed. Obama and his friends are doing this "for we the wealthy bankers", and "not for we the people".
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, August 31, 2010
Lucille, this is the biggest "crime" of all. The big-banks have been allowed to hoard all of the money (and debt) that has been created.

Ordinary people are being DELIBERATELY sacrificed, solely to keep inflation as low as possible - for the very wealthy people holding all the "money".
written by ValenzuelaLUCILLE, August 31, 2010
People deserve good life time and business loans or short term loan would make it better. Because freedom depends on money.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 26, 2010
Thanks for the comment, Paxjds - and some good advice!
written by paxjds, April 26, 2010
Great Interview, both ways. Informative and to the point. I will listen a second time. Clearly. one must take physical possession of gold and silver, or be damned well positive that it is in an allocated account. I am so distrustfull of the Basnksters(and rightfully so)that I am 90% possession and 10% allocated(Roth IRA) with CEF. All listerners and readers are encouraged to advise people, especially your friends, to do the same. The upcoming collapse of fiat currencies in the next 1-10 years max only leaves Precious Metals for maximum safety for investors. Because of the unprecedented worldwide massive printing of fiat currencies that is currently taking place, very few safe havens exist. The depression and high interest that goes with the fiat collapse clearly leaves Precious Metals at the top of your family's Higherarchy of Needs.

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