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A ‘Cash-Less Society’ = Bullion Confiscation

Gold Commentary

As the corrupt regimes of the West move slowly but inexorably toward “banning cash”; it’s very important that bullion-holders understand the full implications of the latest, fascist moves by these regimes. Simply, “banning cash” = bullion confiscation.

If the Zombie-serfs of Western nations are no longer allowed to hold any of our debauched paper ‘money’, they certainly won’t be allowed to hold real money – i.e. gold or silver. However, even here there may be a means of escape, for those who plan for this (inevitable?) eventuality.

Note that when the U.S. government engaged in its last wave of bullion confiscation (stealing the gold of Americans in 1933, and the silver of Americans in 1934); there was an exception to that mass-looting of all real money in the United States: “collectibles”. Gold and silver items with numismatic value were exempted from this mass bullion-theft.

Now here is the interesting point, as Western governments move toward “banning cash”. Currently, both the Canadian and U.S. Mints produce both real money (i.e. legal tender gold and silver coins) and “collectible” coins: limited edition series’, which are generally also legal tender (real money).

Obviously if there is any “ban on cash” then these Mints would stop producing any money, and if they continued to mint any coins at all; they would all be collectibles. The more significant point (for bullion-holders) is that these Mints would either discontinue the production of their regular, minted coins; or, they would continue to produce them as collectibles.

If the Mints continue producing these coins, but call them “collectibles” instead of money, then obviously all of the same coins they produced prior to the ban-on-cash would also morph from being “money” into “collectibles”. However, if the Mints simply stopped all production of those coins altogether; these coins would then become a “limited series” (albeit a large one), and thus also collectibles.

In other words; for bullion coin-holders there would seem to be no way for our corrupt governments to “ban cash” (and thus also target our bullion) without turning any/all minted coins into “collectibles”, which would almost certainly be exempt from any bullion-confiscation event. Why? Because the very-wealthy like to collect numismatic coins.

In our Reverse-Robin Hood societies, where these corrupt governments relentlessly steal from the poor (and remnants of the Middle Class) to give to the rich; these traitorous regimes are not allowed to pass laws which target the wealth of the wealthy – in any form. Thus, just as in the Dirty Thirties (the last bullion confiscation); we can very likely expect any new/future confiscations of bullion to also exempt “collectibles”.

Note how the One Bank is getting these puppet governments to ‘tighten the screws’ on the Little People (i.e. anyone not very rich). We’re now moving from (corrupt-and-fraudulent) “0% interest rates” to “negative interest rates” (the open theft of wealth). This alone provides an enormous incentive to pull all our wealth out of these fraud-factories.

Then we have the larger/faster form of “bank robbery” (i.e. robbery by banks): the “bail-in”. The term itself is nothing but a euphemism for the “illegal and unjustifiable seizure of wealth” (in the form of paper assets). With these two enormous incentives to take all our wealth out of these banks (before the banks can steal it); we can now put the “ban on cash” into proper perspective.


How Your Bank Account WILL Disappear

International Commentary

A little less than three years ago; a commentary was published which drew considerable attention: How Your Bank Account Could Disappear. The subject matter behind that piece was the institutionalized financial crime being committed at that time based upon the totally incomprehensible crime-euphemism “rehypothecation”.

The supposed justification, and precedent being established with this financial crime was to enable financial institutions to “convert” (i.e. steal) any financial assets in their possession, in order to cover their own (large) financial losses – losses generally arising from the reckless gambling in our “markets” which is now endemic amongst all such institutions.

In the case of rehypothecation; the legal justification for the crime was contractual in nature: account-holders who (unwittingly) entered into accounts where (in the legal, fine print) the institution holding these accounts was allowed to steal their assets, after it suffered financial losses in transactions to which these account-holders were not connected in any way.

As was noted in the original commentary; it would have required nothing more than the insertion of such “fine print” into the bankers’ contracts for their bank deposits to have (technically) allowed this banking crime syndicate to begin stealing peoples’ bank accounts, to indemnify it from any/all financial losses.

As it turned out; rehypothecation did not end up being a vehicle for the mass-theft of bank deposits, or any other financial assets, but this was only because these banksters had already turned their thoughts to even larger schemes for institutionalized, financial theft. Rehypothecation was ultimately a clumsy tool for mass, financial theft. It required one crime (i.e. “rehypothecation”) for each, supposed “financial loss” which the bank in question was claiming to have suffered.

The One Bank was looking for some much more efficient means of mass-confiscation of paper assets. With rehypothecation; the corrupt, kangaroo courts of the U.S. judicial system had already rubber-stamped the proposition that it was acceptable for financial institutions to steal any/all financial assets to cover their own losses, merely because they controlled those financial assets. What the One Bank wanted was a form of financial crime which offered all of the stealing potential of “rehypothecation”, but was systemic in nature, rather than requiring the bankers to steal on a loss-by-loss basis. Enter the “bail in”.

Once again; the banksters were/are endeavouring to cover-up their naked stealing of financial assets with an utterly meaningless euphemism. However, in the case of “the bail in”; the One Bank is simply combining two forms of its previous frauds: the abominable “rehypothecation”, and the banksters’ legendary/infamous “bail-outs”.

The inherent fraud of rehypothecation is obvious. However, the same, inherent fraud behind all of the endless (phony/absurd) “bail-outs” may be less obvious to readers. The Crash of ’08 provided the ultimate example of such fraud, and thus provides the best means of explaining/demonstrating it.

Let us put aside, for the moment, that all of the “losses” which the Big Banks claimed (in pseudo panic) were about to destroy them in 2008, were illusory and imaginary. With all of these Big Banks under the control of a single puppet-master (the One Bank), and with all these “losses” owed between its various tentacles; these supposed financial losses were never anything but a financial sham – of unprecedented proportions. However, even if we assumed that all of these faux “losses” actually existed; the bail-outs which our corrupt governments rubber-stamped following that manufactured “crash” were fundamentally fraudulent at a far more basic level.


India’s Gold Market Becoming ‘Westernized’ (Fraudulent)?

Gold Commentary

The latest salvo of the One Bank’s “gold war” has (once again) been directed at the mammoth gold market of India, repository of the world’s most-substantial (remaining) stockpile of gold. By now, regular readers are familiar with the increasing efforts of this banking crime syndicate to attempt to dampen (or simply block) global demand for gold, as it seeks to ward-off formal default in the corrupted “gold markets” of the West.

China’s enormous (and rapidly growing) gold market is off-limits to the economic terrorism perpetrated by the One Bank, because of its enormous war-chest of U.S. dollar instruments. Should these Western bankers seek to destabilize (or simply destroy) China’s economy – as they tried (and failed) to do with Russia – China’s “nuclear option” would be to flood global markets with these dollar assets, exposing the worthlessness of the dollar, in equivocal terms.

Understand how precarious the dollar Ponzi-scheme has become. When some entity (presumably Russia) dumped large quantities of U.S. Treasuries onto global markets in early 2014, the best that the One Bank (and its puppet governments) could do in ‘laundering’ that worthless, unwanted paper was to dump most of it onto the balance sheet of tiny Belgium.

What we were supposed to believe is that over a mere three-month period, Belgium’s government spent the equivalent of 30% of its total, annual GDP buying $141.2 billion worth of this Ponzi-paper. In other words, for three months Belgium (supposedly) devoted the entire GDP of its nation solely to ‘buying’ the debts of a bankrupt government.

That was an attack on the fraudulent, U.S. dollar-based, Western monetary system involving sums in the mere $100’s of billions. China’s holdings of Treasuries and actual dollars are well in excess of $1 trillion. Even the One Bank’s psychopathic henchmen are unwilling to pick a fight with the Big Dog. So the One Bank has been targeting its (gold) malice at the other, Asian giant in the world of gold: India.

This is, in fact, the third concerted effort by these banksters to attack the gold market of India. The first effort centered on defrauding Indians out of their wealth, Western-style, by getting the Indian population to buy the banker’s fraudulent, paper-called-gold “products”, instead of real gold.

The One Bank even trotted-out its stooges from the World Gold Council to tell the people of India that they thought that paper-called-gold was the best thing in the whole world. These WGC suit-stuffers (supposedly representing the world’s gold miners) couldn’t understand why anyone would want to own (and hold) heavy, glittering metal, when they could buy “banker gold” instead: neat stacks of paper certificates.

What these Wile-E.-Coyotes-in-suits failed to factor into their calculations, however, was that more than ¾ of India’s primarily rural population doesn’t even have access to banking services, let alone financial markets. Needless to say; the One Bank’s first attack on India’s gold market was a dismal failure.

Having failed in their attempted use of trickery-and-deceit; in its second attempt, the One Bank resorted to a brute-force attack to attempt to block the access of India’s population to any more of the world’s gold. Through a massive attack on India’s currency (similar to the bankers’ recent attack on the Russian ruble); the One Bank blackmailed India’s government into imposing a near-total embargo on gold imports.

Once again; the One Bank and its pack of financial thugs miscalculated. What did Indians do when they were denied access to gold through official, legal channels? They did two things, in fact. They began buying lots more silver (record quantities, in fact), and they began smuggling large quantities of gold into the country – much of it from the banksters’ own backyard (Switzerland).


The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar ‘0% Interest’ Scam

International Commentary

A “0% loan” is a prima facie act of fraud. As a matter of simple arithmetic/logic; in order for any loan to constitute a bona fide transaction, a meaningful (positive) rate of interest must be attached to that debt. Furthermore, readers have previously been presented with the compelling computer model of a trio of Swiss academics, along with large volumes of empirical and anecdotal evidence that all of the Big Banks across the West (and through most of the world) are controlled by a single, corporate entity – previously dubbed the One Bank.

What has not been previously articulated to readers, however, are the implications of having a single, banking monopoly which is the recipient of all our governments’ 0% interest and near-zero interest lending. Indeed, it is this ultra-extreme example of a single, financial behemoth receiving unimaginably large sums of these sham ‘loans’ which best illustrates the inherent fraud of such transactions.

We begin with the fact that any “0% interest loan” which does not have a fixed repayment date attached to it is not a loan, at all. It is a gift. If some financial entity “loaned” you a sum of money at 0% interest, and did not attach a specific repayment date to the (supposed) loan; would you ever repay it? Obviously if some financial entity chose to give us free use of a sum of money, for an indefinite period of time, we would be foolish not to take advantage of such charity.

The problem in a regime of “0% lending”, where all of the major financial institutions are controlled by a single Puppet Master, is that these sham 0% loans are “the gift that keeps on giving”. A simple numerical example will illustrate the horror of this legitimized, institutionalized, financial fraud.

Let us suppose that the One Bank was comprised of only ten Big Banks. Furthermore, let us assume that we were still back in the good, old days of “fractional-reserve banking”, where banking entities were ‘only’ allowed to leverage their lending at a ratio of 10:1. Now we add “0% loans”.

What happens if these ten Big Banks take the “0% loans” they get from the Federal Reserve, and then utilize the magic of fractional-reserve banking to lend to each other, at 0% interest? Each dollar of 0%-lending could be lent, back-and-forth between these financial entities a total of one hundred times, also at “0% interest”, and thus also for free. In other words, each free dollar given to these Big Banks (and thus the One Bank) by the Fed becomes $100 free dollars amongst this crime syndicate as a whole.

Here it must be noted that even if the original “loans” from the Federal Reserve (or Canadian/European central banks were merely “short-term loans”, and were repaid in full that all of the private loans between these Big Banks could remain open-ended, and thus free-and-clear “money”, forever. Even in our hypothetical example; repaying the original loan would only eat-up 1% of all this free money.

Hopefully at this point, the horror of this financial fraud is beginning to sink in, so let’s gradually move from this hypothetical example of systemic financial fraud via “0% loans” and “fractional-reserve banking” into the real world of systemic, financial fraud. The first reality of note is that the Federal Reserve has been cranking-out its funny-money at a rate of roughly $1 trillion per year, via its “quantitative easing”, and other (supposed) “emergency programs”.


The Real ‘Safe Haven’

Gold Commentary

In watching the Corporate media depict the U.S. dollar, and even its (bubble) equity markets as “safe havens”; it became clear that this was an opportune time to define the term “safe haven”. This is best accomplished by first showing what are not safe havens: the dubious dollar, along with the U.S.'s fraudulent and ridiculously overvalued equity markets.

Note the redundancy of the term. The word “haven” is defined as a sanctuary, and place of protection, by itself. Thus a “safe haven” directly implies ultimate safety: the safest-of-safe places for our wealth.

Let’s begin by looking at the Corporate media’s first suggestion of a safe haven: the Mighty Dollar. Here we start with the dollar’s past. Since the Federal Reserve was put in charge of “protecting the dollar” (just over 100 years ago); it is officially documented that the dollar has lost over 98% of its value. In a single (long) lifetime; this “safe haven” would/will and has lost nearly all of its value. But those were the “good, old days” for the Mighty Dollar.

In the more-recent past; in the 44 years since Paul Volcker assassinated the gold standard (and thus the U.S. dollar lost all of its gold backing) it has lost more than ¾ of its value. But those were still the Good, Old Days, when we compare that with the dollar’s present and its future. Here we begin with a chart which is now burned into the minds of readers:

Note the flat part of the chart. This symbolizes all the decades the Mighty Dollar was going-to-zero at the rate of merely once in a lifetime. Then B.S. Bernanke got busy with the “Helicopter Drop” that he promised the world back when he was nothing but a lowly and obscure university professor, his “quantitative easing”: conjuring worthless paper, by the trillions, out of thin air.

While the endemic currency-manipulation of the banking cartel has been able to prevent a second collapse-to-zero for the dollar (so far); that was before the world became firmly aligned behind a transition to a new reserve currency: China’s renminbi. What is the value of a currency after most of the world stops using it? What is the value of Monopoly “money”?


More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm

US Commentary

Why is the assertion that “all markets are manipulated” generally greeted with scorn and derision? Because while manipulating any particular, single market is a relatively straightforward matter – using “tools” for financial crime honed through centuries of practice -- rigging markets collectively has always been viewed as an endeavour infinitely more difficult than herding cats.

Markets diverge. It’s what they do. While overall economic fundamentals affect all markets, and all sectors; these fundamentals affect markets/sectors/companies unevenly. Coupled with that; every individual sector/market has its own, unique collection of economic fundamentals – almost entirely independent of the general fundamentals of the economy.

This absolute absence of homogeneity means that in (legitimate) markets we will always see most sectors (and individual companies) moving not only with varying degrees of magnitude, but frequently in opposite directions. This is what must happen in any/all legitimate markets, on most days. It is only at times where the general fundamentals are extreme (i.e. extremely bad or extremely good) where we will ever see markets exhibit herd-movement patterns.

What do we see in the Western-dominated markets of the 21st century? We see this herd movement not just occasionally, but virtually every hour of every trading day, something which is absolutely impossible. Suddenly our herd of cats is behaving – every hour of every day – like rats following a Pied Piper. Obviously when we see a herd of cats behaving like rats following a Pied Piper, this directly and necessarily implies the existence of a Pied Piper.

Enter so-called “high-frequency trading” (HFT): the Pied Piper. The disinformation which both the general public and the puppet-regulators have been fed is that this market-rigging apparatus is supposedly aimed at nothing other than bringing greater “speed and efficiency” to our markets. The reality is that this was never more than a minor consideration, and the One Bank’s “HFT” innovations were always aimed at totally-and-completely manipulating markets: its virtual Pied Piper.

This is very similar, in kind, to the lies fed to us by the bankers when they wanted to introduce “short selling” into our markets. It would induce “better price-discovery” in markets, and thus “make markets more efficient”; they told us. The reality is that (until the One Bank perfected its Pied Piper trading algorithm) massive, manipulative short-selling was the bankers’ most-important and most-often used weapon for distorting (and thus rigging) markets.

These two, campaigns of lies, used to “justify” two of the banksters’ most formidable weapons for market manipulation have several factors in common:

1)  Both can/would only have a benign impact on markets if used in extreme moderation.

2)  Both have obvious manipulative potential.

3)  Neither have any legal/statutory limits as to the quantity of such trading which infests our markets.

4) Neither are subject to any meaningful degree of oversight by our blind/deaf/dumb “regulators”.

To call this a “recipe for disaster” is the ultimate of understatements. This is not merely allowing “the fox into the henhouse”. It’s allowing an unlimited/infinite number of foxes to enter the henhouse – all with unsupervised access. It is recklessness to an extreme which directly and necessarily implies corruption. No one can be this “blind”.


Invest in Food

Canadian Commentary

At first glance, the title to this commentary seems facile, especially to those readers in higher income brackets. The reality, however, is that “investing in food” is a risk-free means of generating an annual return on one’s investment that would likely exceed the return one could earn on almost any other investment – despite the fact that nearly all other asset classes carry significant risks.

Indeed, with many asset classes currently at extreme “bubble” levels in their valuations (notably stocks, bonds, and real estate), the term “risk” is gross understatement. Putting any new money into any such assets (or simply keeping one’s wealth exposed to these sectors) is nothing less than financial suicide. In comparison to financial suicide; the opportunity for a risk-free return on one’s investing today obviously merits further scrutiny.

It is in this environment of extreme financial risk and perpetually spiraling food prices where we consider the proposition of food as an investment asset class. We begin by looking at the “fundamentals” of this market/investment class. And what we see (from this perspective) is extremely encouraging: food prices consistently soaring by roughly 20% per year, and significantly more for some categories of food (notably meat products).

With soaring food costs being a serious drain on the budgets of most families, our challenge is to find some way of turning this financial drain into a means of preserving/protecting our wealth: by investing in food. Regardless of one’s economic bracket; this is an investment opportunity which can be pursued by all of us.

Even those living in small apartments almost certainly have at least one closet whose space can be ‘sacrificed’ in order to capitalize on this risk-free opportunity. For those with more expansive residences; perhaps they have an entire room (rooms?) which can be devoted to “food investment”.

The proposition behind investing in food is simple. With all of us being food-consumers; we would greatly benefit by being able to pay “today’s prices” for particular food products, rather than the inflated prices of next month, six months from now, a year from now, etc. The longer we were/are able to continue paying today’s price, the greater the future savings.

It is this “future savings” which represents the risk-free return on our investment. At that point; the total, potential return on our investment is the product of four factors:

1)  The total amount of space available for food storage (along with the types/categories of food one is capable of storing).

2)  The total “shelf life” of particular categories of food products.

3)  The annual “food inflation” rate.

4)  Our own monthly/annual food consumption.

With the majority of people now living in multi-unit housing of some sort, where the total living space is relatively modest; the first factor may be the greatest limitation on the potential return from this investment. For those (more fortunate) individuals able to devote entire rooms (or perhaps a garage) to such investing; the earning/savings potential will be significantly greater.

There is also the issue of what specific types of food products one is capable of storing. Obviously “non-perishable goods” is the general category of food product which immediately comes to mind. However, for those individuals ready/willing/able to devote freezer-space to their food investing, suddenly the opportunity for savings and earnings is considerably expanded.


U.S. Begs Russia to Remain in ‘SWIFT’; the One Bank Fails Again

International Commentary

Does it get any funnier than this? Well, arguably, we’ve already seen an even funnier episode from these financial “Wile E. Coyotes”. But let’s begin with a look at the most recent “botched operation” by the psychopaths of the One Bank.

To any readers with even a moderate comprehension of global events; it has been completely obvious that the Western financial crime syndicate which rules over us (the One Bank) has targeted Russia for (at least) economic destruction – and perhaps political destruction, as well. It has commenced this campaign by unleashing its most-ferocious attack dog on Russia: the United States (aka “the Fourth Reich”).

The political/economic terrorism against Russia began with the coup in Ukraine, which was fully and completely orchestrated by U.S. Neo-Cons (most unelected), who actually “run” the U.S. government. This was immediately followed by a two-pronged strategy, directed squarely against Russia itself.

One-half of the campaign was an enormous, steaming mound of anti-Russia propaganda, continuously defecated by the West’s corporate media monopoly. This absurd, nonsensical propaganda relentlessly attempts to “blame Russia” for anything-and-everything even remotely connected to the West’s cannibalization of the Ukraine, and often simply fabricates “acts of Russian aggression”. This has continued even as these fascists have ordered their Ukraine Thugs to perpetrate ever more-aggressive and barbaric acts, primarily against the large, ethnic Russian population within their own nation.

The other half of this campaign was massive, overt economic terrorism against Russia, in virtually any-and-every form which could be dreamed-up by the One Bank’s army of (financial) psychopaths. They first launched an all-out attack on the Russian ruble. They then deliberately/ruthlessly manipulated oil prices to ½ their previous level, because Russia is the world’s largest energy exporter.

They also had the U.S. pressure the West’s other Lackey Governments to adopt round after round of ever more-punitive “economic sanctions” against Russia, “punishing it” for supposed misdeeds which were nothing more than the fabrications of its own propaganda. Then, as the supposed coup de grace; they had ordered that Russia be expelled from “SWIFT”.

For those readers not familiar with yet another one of the One Bank’s “tools” for financial oppression/control; SWIFT is the Western created/controlled electronic system for managing most large, commercial transactions between nations. Living in the 21st century’s electronic/computerized era; this financial crime syndicate assumed that Russia could not survive (economically) without access to this system.

The psychopaths miscalculated, badly, in almost every respect of this operation. But before summarizing this chain-of-blunders by this pack of Wile E. Coyotes; let’s review what was at least an equally botched “operation”: the economic terrorism and economic blackmail which they perpetrated against the government (and people) of India.

Regular readers are already familiar with this episode, so this summary will be as brief as possible.


Legal Tender Coins Shed Clues On Bullion Racket, Part II

Silver Commentary

Part I of this series provided what (for some) is a revelation: the absurd, $5 face-value on our legal tender, minted silver coins is not some totally arbitrary anomaly. Rather, it was a part of the strategy of the One Bank to pretend that its fraudulent paper currencies were not (and are not) losing value at a catastrophic rate.

The banksters did this in a multi-pronged approach. They selected the approximate price for silver which existed at the time that Paul Volcker assassinated the gold standard, and used that number ($5) as their nominal face-value for our coins. Then they attempted to freeze-forever the market price for silver at that $5-level. It was never a viable long-term strategy; but being psychopaths, that didn’t stop the banksters from pursuing it.

While our mystery is solved with respect to our silver coins; what about our gold coins? Here we can be unequivocal: the face-value on our legal tender gold coins is entirely arbitrary – in absolute terms. At no time since Volcker assassinated the gold standard has the price for gold been lower than $200/oz, and for most of that time it was above $300/oz, many multiples of the ridiculous $50 face-value.

Those playing Devil’s Advocate could argue that the reason our coins currently have a $50 face-value in both Canada and the U.S. was because Canada originally chose that face-value when it began minting Gold Maples in 1979. The rebuttal to that line of reasoning is simple: when has the United States ever considered itself bound by any “standards” set by another nation(s)?

The One Bank has consciously chosen to have the U.S. act as a “rogue regime” in virtually every sphere of international relations. It regularly initiates unilateral acts of war, and while it regularly signs various treaties with other nations (i.e. trade pacts and arms-limitation agreements), it finds it impossible to abide by the terms of these international agreements for any length of time.

Clearly if the U.S. government (meaning the One Bank) would have preferred a different, arbitrary face-value for its own minted coins, it would have chosen that number – and then pressured Canada’s government/mint to accede to the American “standard”. We must therefore conclude that the nominal $50 face-value on these minted gold coins was a deliberate choice, and not merely some ‘accident of history’.

With the $50 face-value having absolutely no significance in absolute terms, we must look for relevance in relative terms, i.e. in relation to the nominal face-value of our silver coins. It is here where we gain further insight, in the form of the price ratio, 10:1.

Historically, over literally thousands of years, the gold/silver price ratio remained relatively constant, near 15:1. This price ratio is a natural reflection of the supply ratio of the two metals (within the Earth’s crust), 17:1. Yet we are told via the propaganda of the Corporate media that the “normal” price ratio for silver to gold is supposedly in the range of 50:1 to 70:1 – the perverted extremes which are/were the direct product of the One Bank’s serial suppression of the price of silver.

Even as the physical (supply) ratio between these two metals has steadily narrowed due to the destruction of silver stockpiles; the Corporate media has maintained this ludicrous fiction regarding the price ratio. Yet here we get a rare glimpse into the actual thinking of these banksters regarding the pricing of these metals.


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