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Hostage Markets: Are The Banksters The Real Hostages?

Gold Commentary

In our current paradigm of Hostage Markets in the precious metals sector, which has existed in this extreme form for three years now; appearances can be deceiving. By all appearances; it is the One Bank which is in complete-and-absolute control of our fraud-ridden markets, and precious metals investors who are the helpless hostages. But in effective terms, is that really the case?

In fact; it is the One Bank itself that we see with less and less latitude for action, which is a qualitative basis for the definition of a “hostage”. As we see prices “trapped” within an absurdly limited trading range, we begin to see that this paradigm of Hostage Markets is not a strategy of choice on the part of the One Bank – but rather a strategy of lack of choice.

Ever since the One Bank’s minions in our central banks squandered most of the West’s bullion, flooding bullion markets with ridiculously excessive quantities of bullion year after year, simply because they could do so; the final chapter in this game of bullion-manipulation has already been written. The “story” ends with either an (official) bullion-default, or an (unofficial) decoupling – between the banksters’s paper-fraud markets and the real/legitimate bullion market.

This is because even in its least-destructive manifestation, this permanent price-suppression in bullion markets has (inevitably) created a permanent, structural deficit in supply. Regular readers are fully familiar with the dynamics here, summed-up nicely in the title of a previous commentary: “shorting consumes, investing conserves.”

The supply/demand mechanics are simple, and the “chocolate bar” market makes a good hypothetical example. If we were to (under) price chocolate bars at 10 cents apiece, we know what would happen – and in a relatively short amount of time. Store shelves around the world would quickly be stripped bare, as people over-consumed this radically under-priced good.

Simultaneously, chocolate-bar manufacturers would stop making chocolate bars (and go bankrupt) because they couldn’t manage to ‘break even’ selling their product at such an artificially low price. There would be a “default” in the global chocolate-bar market, as buyers tried to buy more chocolate bars, but there was no more supply. This hypothetical example applies to any/all markets for physical goods, because the cost-of-production is significantly greater than zero.

It is long investment (in any such “physical” market) which pushes prices higher – in a healthy manner – until supply exceeds demand, at which point prices level off in equilibrium. But with the permanent price-perversion in our precious metals markets, such an equilibrium can never/will never be achieved; a permanent supply-deficit is the only, possible outcome.

This has reduced the One Bank’s overall strategy in bullion markets to a simple one: to delay losing the game as long as possible. Once we (correctly) identify the only, rational strategy here, it becomes equally easy to determine how successfully the One Bank is playing the game: the size of the supply-deficit. A small supply-deficit means the banksters are playing their game of price-manipulation well; a large supply-deficit means that these psychopaths are executing their strategy in a short-sighted, and ultimately suicidal manner.

Ever since the One Bank launched its first scorched-earth assault on bullion markets (one aspect of the contrived, Crash of ’08); there has been only one relatively short interval where the banksters have been playing their game of price-manipulation well, meaning that the supply-deficit was relatively small. This began in the latter half of 2010, after two, solid years of explosively higher prices.


Corporate Media Depicts Unemployed As Lepers

US Commentary

Regular readers are familiar with the plight of the massive numbers of unemployed in Western nations, in general, and in the United States, in particular. There are approximately 100 million unemployed people across the Western world, roughly half of those inside the United States. Worse still, over 90% of these people are permanently unemployed.

This is the worst unemployment ever experienced in the history of our societies. Proof comes in the numbers, the real numbers and (ironically) the best data available is U.S. data. There are 144 million people in the U.S. with jobs, out of a population of 317 million. That translates into 46% of Americans with jobs, and 54% without jobs – a working minority.

Of course not all Americans (or all people in any society) are employable. Some are too old, or too young, or otherwise physically/mentally unfit for employment. Fortunately we also have data on employable Americans, the “civilian participation rate”. The chart below shows how many employable Americans are actually working.

Currently, only a little over 63% of employable Americans have jobs, and that rate continues to fall like a rock, throughout the mythical “U.S. recovery”. Regular readers are also aware that the standard of living in the U.S. (and across the Western world) has fallen by more than 50% over the past 40 years. In real dollars; the workers of 2014 are paid Great Depression wages.

The Middle Class are now the Working Poor (those who still have jobs). Where a single wage-earner used to be able to support a family (comfortably); it now requires two wage-earners. This is why before our governments destroyed our economies we saw the civilian participation rate going rapidly higher in the U.S. (and throughout the West).

To get most of the Poor out of poverty in the United States, in 2014 (at Great Depression wages), the U.S. would require a civilian participation rate of at least 80%, and likely closer to 90%. There are about 230 million employable Americans, meaning there are 86 million employable Americans without jobs.

If we assume an ideal/necessary civilian participation of 80%, this translates into 40 million unemployed Americans who need/want jobs today. If we assume a rate of 90%, that means 63 million unemployed Americans who need jobs – and (as the chart above proves) that number increases every month.

If we assume there are 40 million unemployed Americans needing jobs, that translates into an unemployment rate of over 18%. If we assume 60 million unemployed, that puts the U.S. unemployment rate well above 25%. Yet the liars in the Corporate media, the U.S. government, and the Federal Reserve pretend that the U.S. “unemployment rate” is only 6.5%, that ‘only’ about 15 million Americans need jobs. Janet Yellen, the Fed’s new Chief Liar boasted last week about: “cumulative progress toward maximum employment”.


Fed Fraud and Hostage Markets

Silver Commentary

The descent into Wonderland continues. After five years of promising an Exit Strategy; in September of last year former Fed-head, B.S. Bernanke finally confessed that any “tapering” was impractical (if not impossible), as the U.S. economy was now a Ponzi-scheme which required ever increasing money-printing to avoid implosion, as clearly illustrated below.

Yet here we are in mid-March, and now we have new Fed-head Yellen telling us that the “tapering” (begun by B.S. Bernanke) is now smoothly proceeding on schedule. How is this possible? It’s not.

Here is what is really happening. First of all, there has been no “tapering”. All that has happened is that a Cheap Magician has reduced the quantity of money-printing in one program – the only one publicly disclosed. But he/she has increased the money-printing in the programs they refuse to disclose to the public, such as their fraudulent “0% loans” to Wall Street banks.

Why has the Fed fought all attempts at fully disclosing its money-printing, the primary function of any central bank? Because it is (literally) counterfeiting more and more of the worthless funny-money which it prints-up by the trillions. With the open hand he/she shows to the Sheep; the Cheap Magician announces a reduction in the money-printing. Meanwhile, in the closed hand which the Cheap Magician hides behind his/her back; the money-printing is increased by an even greater amount.

How can we know this? The chart above tells us so. There can be no “exit” or even “tapering” from an out-of-control exponential function that extreme. It is mathematically/economically impossible. The money-printing must increase (and at an accelerating rate) or the Ponzi-scheme (i.e. the U.S. economy) will implode. Those are the only, two possible outcomes.

However, because the Federal Reserve (and its mouthpieces in the Corporate media) continue to broadcast the lie of “tapering”, the Sheep believe that tapering is actually taking place. And so markets react, even our own fraud-tortured markets, ruled by the bankers’ Pied Piper trading algorithms.

These algorithms are only tools, tools programmed to respond to particular stimuli, in a particular way. Thus with U.S. interest rates permanently manipulated to an absurd/extreme low, any stimuli which dictate higher interest rates (such as less funny-money to use in buying Treasuries) cause the One Bank’s own trading algorithms to work against it…unless it can create even more extreme stimuli pushing in the opposite direction.


Corporations Hunt For New Slave Labour

International Commentary

In 2014; we now see the next chapter in the economic nightmare known as “globalization” unfolding before us. Regular readers will be familiar with the first chapter of globalization.

Western governments were told (by their Corporate masters) to erase all of their borders, but only for the benefit of the large corporations which are the “fronts” for Western Oligarchs. This allowed the Oligarchs to shut-down most of their high-wage factories in the Western world, and shift their operations to wherever they could find the cheapest slave-labour – and the most-compliant governments.

Indeed, in 2014 these Oligarchs are now so smug and confident of the success of their agenda that they have the audacity to divulge it publicly:

Obama Seeks Trade Deals Sought by Biggest U.S. Companies

That Bloomberg headline tells us two things. First it confirms the summary of their agenda, laid out in the preceding paragraph. Secondly, it makes it unequivocally clear who is the Puppet, and who is the Puppet-Master.

As we all know; the original destination-of-choice for these 21st century Slave Masters was China, and to a lesser extent, India. Here readers need to understand that there was a dual motive at work, not merely a quest for massive/easy corporate profits. The second, equally-important facet of this scheme was the global destruction of wages – beginning in the Western world.

This wasn’t simply desired by the Oligarchs (and the Oligarch-cabal known as “the One Bank”), it was necessary. The destruction of wages brought on by globalization (and the Greater Depression it triggered in the West) produced powerful deflationary pressures, to counter the hyperinflationary upward pressure produced from their insane/extreme money-printing.

Thus we see the dichotomy in the world economy of generally soaring prices for raw materials/commodities (reflecting the hyperinflationary money-printing) and flat or even falling prices for finished goods, produced by the slave-labour. The Liars in our governments then “calculate inflation” by deleting the soaring prices of commodities (notably food items) from their “basket of goods”, and only including the moderate prices of manufactured products. They then have the audacity to tell their (unemployed) Western victims, via the Corporate media, that “inflation is too low.”

Clearly inflation is not “too low” for the ¾ of a billion people in the Western world who have seen their standard of living collapse by more than 50%, thanks to the Oligarchs’ “globalization”. How far back can we date this scheme to destroy-wages-to-hide-inflation? Fortunately, the foot soldiers of the Oligarchs (who are generally not very bright) have a bad habit of blurting out their secrets.

In the gold market, we have the example of Jeffrey Christian. At the worst possible time/place (the middle of a CFTC hearing); Christian blurted out that the Bullion Banks’ paper-called-gold market was one hundred times larger than the actual market for (real) gold.

In other words; for every one ounce of gold which trades in global markets, the bankers have (fraudulently) created “100 ounces” of paper masquerading as gold. This operates as a massive price-suppression mechanism, in two ways. First, this ocean of paper dilutes actual gold investment by a factor of one hundred. Second,  by trading/holding vast quantities of this fantasy-paper between themselves; it allows the bankers to dictate (i.e. manipulate) prices. A very inconvenient Truth.


The West’s Debt-Bomb

International Commentary

In the news today; we saw the Corporate media engage in a typically Machiavellian attempt to present the West’s “debt problem”. It did this by first hiding the explosion of Western debt within the total growth of overall global debt.

The amount of debt globally has soared more than 40 percent to $100 trillion since the first signs of the financial crisis as governments borrowed to pull their economies out of recession…

This was followed by a convoluted presentation of “creative statistics” (i.e. gibberish numbers, which mean nothing), cobbled together to present the following message: things were pretty bad with Western governments back when the Crash of ’08 took place, but “we’re much better now, thanks.”

With the United States being the apex of this propaganda, the Corporate media (as usual) made particular effort to “explain” how much stronger the U.S. economy was now versus then. In other words, the picture in the U.S. was a particularly extreme perversion of reality.

Below, we see Step 1 in going from that media fantasy-world to the real world; our official numbers on GDP and debt for the Anglo banking “Axis of Evil”


Canada               $1.56T          $516B*                    $1.82T          $676B*

United States     $13.3T          $8.5T*                     $15.7T          $17.4T*

UK                      $2.44T          $500B*                    $2.44T          $1.28T*

(* - excludes state/provincial debts and other liabilities)

Because the numbers above for the U.S. and Canada require a considerable, additional amount of translation; let us first look at the UK numbers – where the picture is (somewhat) clear. No change in GDP between 2007 and 2014, while total debt exploded to more than 250% of its previous level. But even these numbers understate the horrific debt-bomb constructed by the UK government over the past seven years, as we’ll see when we examine the doctored numbers for Canada and the U.S.

Relative to the UK; things look pretty good in Canada, until one pokes their finger through that phony façade of health. The first point to note is that Stephen Harper and his Conservative government inherited the strongest economy in the Western world, with a high rate of growth, huge trade surplus, and the only budget surplus of any major Western economy. Thus it took considerable sabotage just to reverse all that positive momentum.

However, much of the improvements in  Canada’s debt picture at the federal level had come through reduced transfer payments to the provinces from the federal government. This made balancing the books difficult (for the provinces) when Canada’s economy was strong and healthy. Since Stephen Harper’s “reign of error” began in 2007 and destroyed this economy, it has become totally impossible.

Total provincial debt has exploded to approximately $550 billion for Canada’s provinces, taking total Canadian debt to over $1.2 trillion. This is nearly as large as the total (official) debt of the UK, which has a considerably larger economy, and almost doubles Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio.


IMF: Wealth Inequality Harms Economies

International Commentary

For the past three decades; we have been subjected to the mythology that when the Rich get richer “it’s good for the economy”. This mythology has been debunked in several of my own previous commentaries, most notably The Pareto Threshold.

In that piece; it was explained that wealth-inequality was not merely “harmful” to economies, but rather when it becomes too extreme it literally destroys economies. This is all just simple arithmetic/economics. Proof of this principle requires nothing more than simply visualizing an inverted “wealth pyramid” – where a small number of people at the top hold all the wealth, and the masses hold nothing.

Obviously such an economic phenomenon is the literal representation of “instability”, reflecting a hollowed-out economy which cannot possibly survive. Conversely, elementary economic theory (i.e. the “marginal propensity to consume”) proves that an economy must be healthier/more robust if most of the wealth is held by most of the people.

Now the International Monetary Fund, one of the central institutions of the Western banking empire, has come out and stated the obvious. Nations with higher wealth-inequality consistently exhibit poorer economic performance than nations with less inequality. We have had empirical proof of this for decades.

Year after year, decade after decade; the Scandinavian nations of northern Europe, with centralist governments and economic policies, consistently rank at the top of all international surveys of “quality of life”. Many in the mainstream media (and the Right-Wing media, in particular) mistakenly label these governments as being “socialist”. However this cannot possibly be true.

It is these same banking institutions and “right-wing think-tanks” which tell us all the time that socialism destroys economies. However, the centralist governments of Northern Europe also rank at the top of all international surveys on prosperity. The societies with the least wealth-inequality in the West are also its strongest economies.

While the “more capitalist” nations in the West (dominated by Western banking) all have debt-to-GDP ratios approaching 100% or worse; these Scandinavian nations have debt-to-GDP ratios of 25% or less. Surely the right-wingers at Fox “News” don’t want to assert that all of the best-managed (and most-prosperous) economies in the Western world are “socialist”?

Why is a commentator who generally specializes in “precious metals” even covering the subject of wealth-inequality? The glib answer would be that I first spotted this news at Kitco Gold. The more thoughtful answer is that it provides us with yet more illumination on our Lemming Economies.

Wealth inequality is bad for economies. Too much wealth-inequality is fatal for an economy. Wealth-inequality in (most) Western societies is at the worst extreme in history, and continues to get worse by the day. Conclusion: all these Lemming Economies will soon go “kaboom”, and so we hold gold/silver in anticipation of this collapse.

What makes analysis of wealth-inequality so productive is that it tells us why our economies are about to go “kaboom” (contrary to the daily mythology from the Corporate media). It also tells us how to prevent our economies from going  “kaboom” (assuming anyone in our Traitor Governments still care).


Are There Any Chumps Still Holding GLD?

Gold Commentary

In 2013; we saw a series of momentous and unprecedented events. It started in March with “the Cyprus Steal”, as the Western banking crime syndicate pushed our Puppet Governments to introduce (and rubber-stamp) a new form of financial crime – the “bail-in”.

This then triggered a series of unprecedented events in the gold market. First, the Cyprus Steal alerted big-money players in our markets that no holdings of any form of paper, financial asset  were safe, any longer. This caused the Smart Money to commence the largest exodus ever from the Banksters’ paper-called-gold market.

The biggest of the “bullion-ETF” fraud-funds, the infamous SPDR Gold Trust (or “GLD”) saw the greatest collapse, with total holdings of this dubious paper plunging by roughly 40% from its peak. This unprecedented collapse in ETF-holdings came despite reports that the Banksters themselves had bought millions of units of their own fraud-funds – forced to do so in order to stave-off the total collapse of the entire paper-called-gold market.

Naturally, with the One Bank’s fraud-funds collapsing at the same time that demand for real gold was skyrocketing around the world; this has created some awkward moments for the Corporate media propaganda machine. It responded as it usually does in such situations: by telling much bigger lies.

As global demand for real gold spiked to its highest level on record; the Liars in the Corporate Media were calling this “a bear market” for gold. It pretended that the massive sell-off of paper in the paper-called-gold market was actually a sell-off of “gold” – despite the fact that Comex inventory numbers proved there was no gold being sold in the New York fraud markets.

As even the drones of the mainstream media can comprehend; if gold-holders were selling their gold (on a net basis), then gold inventories would have (must have) gone up. In fact; Comex inventories collapsed last spring, and at the fastest pace on record. Ipso facto; with inventories falling rapidly, then people were buying gold (and selling paper)  – on a net basis – and in huge quantities.

[chart courtesy of]


The Matrix (2014 version)

US Commentary

Few noises emitted by the U.S. (and Western) mainstream media have been as shrill or as sustained as the endless accusations that “China is a currency-manipulator”. Every time the renminbi falls in value versus the dollar (and sometimes merely because it doesn’t rise); we hear the U.S.’s political puppets burst into a familiar chorus. China is (supposedly) deliberately manipulating the value of the renminbi lower (versus the dollar) in order to make its own exports cheaper – and thus steal U.S. jobs.

This, in turn, has led to endless saber-rattling by the same puppets, threatening to punish China with assorted economic sanctions . We’ve seen so many episodes of this farce that those who follow U.S. political theater closely should have that script memorized.

First, the moment the renminbi slides by any significant amount; we have Republican drones hurling accusations at China because – true or not – it makes them appear “strong” when it comes to “protecting U.S. jobs”. Then we have the Democrat drones chiming-in with their agreement. Because whether or not they actually believe what they are saying; if they don’t echo the accusations, they know they will be painted by Fox “News” and the rest of the lunatic-fringe on the Right as being soft on protecting U.S. jobs.

Yet, incredibly, the moment the calendar clicked-over from 2013 to 2014, we see a brand-new paradigm. As “the Matrix (2013 version)” becomes the Matrix (2014 version); suddenly the mainstream media has new propaganda priorities. In this new paradigm, where the Federal Reserve is pretending to begin its long-promised Exit Strategy; portraying China as “a currency manipulator” is against the interests of the Master of Ceremonies, the One Bank.

Here’s how the Matrix (2014 version) works. For four years we were told by this same mainstream media that U.S. bond and equity markets were being (literally) “pumped up” by the exponentially increasing money-printing of the Federal Reserve. This was nothing more than stating the obvious. If you pump air into a tire, it will inflate.

Now, however, with the Federal Reserve pretending to let the air out of the tire(s), it needs to sell two, new, huge lies. First it must convince the Sheep (and the brain-dead “experts”) that “tapering” is actually taking place. This is a challenge, because back in September, this same Federal Reserve (and same, media propaganda machine) acknowledged that it could not throttle-back its money-printing – at all – because merely talking about doing so was putting too much upward pressure on U.S. long-term interest rates.

So three months later, at the end of 2013; the One Bank made a second attempt to sell the lie that the Fed could “taper”, reducing the principal fuel of the Treasuries market Ponzi-scheme (and U.S. equities market bubbles), without those bubbles bursting. What changed as the One Bank launched a second version of the same propaganda campaign, timed to coincide with the New Year?

The One Bank created a distraction this time: the (supposed) “crisis with Emerging Market currencies”, and the plunge in the markets of those nations which was (supposedly) caused by the crash in those currencies. How did the One Bank prevent U.S. interest rates from spiking as it made its second attempt to sell the lie of “tapering”? It did so by sabotaging confidence in all the other markets of the world – with the exception of its few, remaining friends in the Corrupt West.


The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

US Commentary

Part I of this series laid out the three conclusions which would be established:

1) The U.S. economy is currently in the midst of a Greater Depression; the worst sustained economic collapse in the history of that nation.

2) Given this collapse; the U.S. does not have one of the world’s stronger economies, but rather it has the weakest economy of any/all major nations.

3) The downward spiral in this Greater Depression is, in fact, a terminal collapse. The final result of this economic devolution can only mean the transformation of the United States into essentially a “Third Word nation”.

The prequel to this provided part of the basis for the first conclusion. It began by showing how one could pretend that an economy which was actually shrinking rapidly was instead “growing” rapidly, by doing nothing more than falsifying one number: the rate of inflation.

This was followed by unequivocal evidence in the form of two pairs of charts. The first pair of charts showed how the U.S. government lies-with-numbers in the realm of employment. One chart, containing “adjusted” (i.e. falsified) data, showed the U.S. economy (supposedly) creating new jobs, month after month, year after year.

That first chart was/is the only data which the Corporate media ever shows to the general public. It was then followed by a second a chart, which the general public never sees. This second chart contains unadjusted data (i.e. data which cannot be falsified), which showed conclusively that the U.S. has been losing jobs, for virtually every month of the supposed recovery.

Similarly; the second pair of charts separated fact-from-fiction in the U.S. housing sector. While the propaganda machine attempts to peddle the myth that there is a “new housing boom” in the U.S.; the reality is that the housing depression which began back in 2007 continues, with (real) housing activity merely equaling the worst levels of any/all previous crashes in this sector.

This last installment will focus primarily on only two pieces of data. However, they are sufficiently persuasive to not only fully establish the first conclusion, but the second and third conclusions as well.

The first data concerns U.S. energy consumption. There are a number of unequivocal “truths” when it comes to economics, and the dynamics of our (modern) economies. One of these Truths is that growing economies require more energy. The source of such growth in demand is two-fold.

On the consumption side; any increase in consumption necessarily implies using more energy. First there is the energy used to produce the good or service; then there is the additional energy required for transportation – either transporting the customer to the good/service, or transporting the good/service to the customer. Thus even a rise in “on-line shopping” still implies using more energy.


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