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The Poor Are Better Off Poor: Bloomberg

US Commentary

The realm of precious metals is a broad and diverse one. Indeed, for those who heed the propaganda of the mainstream media; nearly anything can “cause” the prices of gold and silver to go higher or lower (usually lower).

For investors inside the sector; an important facet of precious metals is economic justice. In societies with “honest money”, not only are workers able to keep their daily wage (rather than have it relentlessly clawed away from them by banker “inflation”) but that wage tends to rise steadily with time – reflecting increasing overall prosperity.

Conversely, the One Bank’s dishonest world of fiat, paper currencies is an entirely opposite regime. Here workers see their wages directly stolen from them at an ever-increasing rate via the Banksters theft-by-currency dilution. The chart below illustrates this serial theft.

According to the Corporate Media and our lying governments; we live in a “low inflation” world (while a “food inflation crisis” ravages the planet). Believe that lie, and we get the blue line; pretending that wages have remained roughly flat over the past 40 years. Move to the Real World, however, and we see an entirely different reality (the green line).

In the Real World; ever-increasing money-printing causes ever-increasing currency dilution (i.e. inflation). And when we discount wages with realistic inflation numbers to express wages in “real dollars”; we see the average wage of the U.S. worker plummeting by more than 50% -- all the way to Great Depression levels (and still falling). The Middle Class have become the Working Poor.

But that still isn’t good enough for the One Bank and its minions in the Corporate Media. Not only do they want to see these slave-wages continue falling lower and lower; they want to hear the Slaves say they like it this way. Hence the September 4th lecture to the Little People from Bloomberg, (maliciously) released right after Labour Day.

The cynical title of this attack on all workers was Can We Pay A Minimum Wage Which Makes Everyone Rich? This sort of straw-man analysis is typical of these Corporate elitists as they “explain” why the Rich should (always) get richer and richer, and the Poor (i.e. everyone else) should (always) get poorer and poorer.


The New Gold Myth

Gold Commentary

Actions have consequences. In the market for any physical good (i.e. a commodity), though the laws of supply and demand can be warped, and their corrective dynamics delayed – through brute-force manipulation – they can never be permanently resisted.

For this reason, the Banksters themselves know they are fighting a losing battle with respect to the price-suppression of gold (and silver). They can delay the rise in their prices to fair market value (even to the point of keeping them permanently undervalued), but they cannot eliminate the relentless upward pressure which, one way or another, must result in higher prices.

An important part of permanently keeping prices below any rational valuation is to keep market participants ignorant of the actual fundamentals which are producing this upward pressure. In the jargon of the mainstream propaganda machine; this is known as Controlling The Message. If you cannot prevent market participants from forming the view that “bullion prices should be higher”; ensure that this belief is based upon the wrong reasons.

With respect to precious metals (and nearly every class of “hard asset” except real estate); these assets are ridiculously undervalued for one absolutely predominant reason: the insane over-printing (and relentless currency-dilution) of our fiat paper currencies. The simple fact that all assets are priced/denominated in this paper is, alone, strongly suggestive that this will be the dominant variable in market pricing for any asset.

What elevates this money-printing from merely one of the drivers of precious metals markets to the absolute driver of bullion prices – and the prices of all hard assets – is the sheer magnitude of this money-printing insanity. At the risk of boring regular readers; nothing communicates this point like a picture:

A vertical line. U.S. money-printing going straight up, which in the realm of mathematics can only be expressed one way: infinite money-printing (i.e. infinite currency-dilution). “Infinity” as a multiplier, renders all other variables mathematically irrelevant. The money-printing is going straight up, so hard asset prices should be going straight up with it. All other analysis is mere distraction.

This point was illustrated in a recent commentary, Three Reasons Why The USD Is Already Worthless. There is not merely a single basis for asserting the U.S. dollar is worthless, today. Rather, there are three separate, concrete, fundamental reasons for concluding that the USD should already be priced at zero/near-zero. Naturally infinite money-printing is (and must be) the strongest of those three bases.


Bloomberg: Smashing The Big Banks -- For Profit

US Commentary

Four hundred years of economic theory (and economic History) tell us that oligopolies (in any form) are totally parasitic behemoths, which should never be allowed to exist in any legitimate economy. Thus as the (only) Messenger broadcasting the need to whittle-down the corporate monstrosities in the financial sector back within the realm of sanity, my messages have previously been framed in such basic, theoretical terms.

Incidentally, these arguments have observed that (contrary to Corporate Media mythology) these gigantic financial institutions are not even efficient. They have long since passed any economies-of-scale where “bigger is better.” Instead, these Big Banks now exhibit all of the characteristics of clumsiness, inertia, and general inefficiency which all of the Small Government zealots point to – in insisting that “Big Government” needs to be shrunk.

Smashing the Big Banks” does not have to be justified on mere grounds of morality or economic theory alone. It can also be successfully argued that these behemoths need to be scaled-down on grounds of pure economic efficiency. Thus even if all these Big Banks weren’t (in reality) mere cogs of a single Banking Monopoly; there are multiple, sound arguments for dismantling these parasitic predators – and zero arguments justifying their continued existence.

Indeed, Bloomberg itself now reports that “breaking up JPMorgan” would currently produce an instant profit of 30% -- on the asset-value of the components alone – and then its increased profitability as it (once again) operated as a collection of (separate) more-efficient pieces would kick-in:

JPMorgan Chase and Co. (JPM), the biggest U.S. bank by assets, would be worth 30 percent more if broken into its four business segments.

Of course why stop there? Those “four business segments” were each already too big themselves. Why not smash JPM into ten or twelve roughly equal parts – and make this profit/efficiency orgy even greater? The fact that any/all initiatives to splinter these Big Banks produces (cumulative) immediate reductions in overall systemic risk is just icing on the cake.

In writing previously that “too big to fail = too big to exist”; my arguments were always framed in terms of the insanity of creating a financial system which is nothing but a permanently ticking time-bomb. Additionally, the entire mantra of “too big to fail” is nothing but a (very) thin veil for financial extortion:

Give us all your money, or we’ll blow up the economy.”

Clearly in a world which places “profit” ahead of morality and sanity, my smash-the-Big-Banks initiative would generate much greater traction if framed in more appealing terms: a chance for everyone to make (a lot of) money. The alternative paradigms facing us are an illustration of stark simplicity:

1) Continue with our “too big to fail” model, where these financial behemoths are so bloated and inefficient that the only way they can even manage to stay alive is through endless/infinite infusions of Corporate Welfare from our governments (and now us) – which (as a mathematical certainty) is guaranteed to “kill the Host” (i.e. our economies);

2) Break up these Big Banks into (much) smaller, (much) more efficient pieces. Then they will no longer require their $trillions per year in Corporate Welfare – because the competent entities will be profitable, while the incompetent entities will be allowed to wither-and-die, cut off from their too-big-to-fail teat.

That’s called “capitalism”, and once upon a time we practiced something remotely resembling it in our economies: free markets; competition. What a concept!


Western Real Estate Bubbles Exposed

International Commentary

It is understandable if many readers choose to view the current financial nightmare concocted by Western bankers as an “economic Hell”, however it would be only a moderately appropriate metaphor. To truly capture the quality and severity of the economic conditions confronting the average person requires adjusting that metaphor to the notion of Twin Hells.

There are clearly two prongs which have been crafted by the banking cabal (via our Puppet Governments) which they use to skewer their victims, what has been described in previous commentaries as simply the Rape of Savers. The “high inflation” caused by wildly excessive money-printing (most-particularly in the U.S.) is obviously one of those Hells.

This theft-by-currency-dilution is as obvious as it is appalling. Currently the One Bank’s “Wall Street division” receives approximately 10% of U.S. GDP each year in literally “free money” - printed by the Federal Reserve and then handed to the Wall Street banks. These Big Banks are then allowed to “leverage” this free money (legally) by up to 30:1 (and illegally even further).

This “leverage” is accomplished by these fraud-factories effectively being allowed to all “print” their own money. Now do the math: 10% (of GDP) X 30 = 300% of GDP (every year). Can anyone see a problem here? In the perverse fantasy-world known as the “U.S. CPI” (and now virtually duplicated by other corrupt Western governments), we’re told that inflation is very low – even “too low”. Meanwhile, back in reality a “food inflation crisis” already ravages the Planet Earth.

Hyperinflation is being delayed through the One Bank simply building a much bigger time-bomb. Most of the mountain of free money handed to it by the U.S. central bank (and the European Central Bank, and the Bank of England, and the Bank of Canada) is used for its own gambling in its private casino: the derivatives market – and is thus (somewhat) sequestered from the so-called “real economy”.

With the Derivatives Bubble already somewhere in excess of twenty times the entire global economy in size; the “fuse” on the Banksters’ hyperinflation time-bomb has already burned critically low. But that’s only one prong.

The other prong, while less overtly malicious is just as insidiously destructive: 0% (and near-zero) interest rates. High inflation by itself is merely an “assault” on savers. In legitimate economies, high inflation is always accompanied by high interest rates; allowing Savers some capacity to fight-off this assault.

But with the One Bank’s fraudulent 0% and near-zero interest rates across the Western world, instantly assault becomes “rape”. With no cushion of interest (on savings) to deflect the savage assault on our wealth via high inflation, theft-by-currency-dilution is maximized – to a level never before seen in human civilization.

With nowhere for the Rape Victims (i.e. savers) to hide, they are forced to run. And where do the Sheep always/inevitably run first, when the “shearing” from high inflation becomes too painful to bear? Real estate.

Any sustained episode of high inflation is guaranteed to eventually manifest itself into a real estate bubble, for reasons previously mentioned. However, with our Twin Hells producing this serial Rape of Savers; the flight into real estate markets becomes a panicked stampede. And what was a mere “shearing” eventually becomes a slaughter.


China’s Golden Feast On Western Folly

Gold Commentary

Low prices lead to high prices.

The (latest) two-year price-suppression campaign from the banking cabal targeting the precious metals sector provides a text-book illustration of this economic principle. When you cripple the supply-chain, stimulate demand to record levels, and decimate inventories; much, much higher prices are the only possible result – higher than if there had been no price-suppression in the first place.

This is an inevitable fact of arithmetic. The inventory-destruction which must accompany all price-suppression can only be repaired through (simultaneously) stimulating supply and restricting demand. And the only possible mechanism to accomplish this is higher-than-equilibrium prices. However, this marks only the beginning of the causality-chain set in motion by any/all campaigns of price-manipulation.

Actions have consequences. It is with particular respect to the actions of malevolent Actors that the Law of Unintended Consequences is most-likely to rear its head. In other words, benign actions tend to produce benign consequences (intended or otherwise). It’s only when one intends evil that those Unintended Consequences can be virtually certain to bite one in the ass.

The minions of the One Bank are Poster Boys for this truism. And the precious metals sector provides us with an abundance of empirical examples; with many of those “empirical examples” translating directly into good fortune for China.

When China saw clearly that the Western-based financial system was doomed and heading for a crash – and that it was the best candidate to establish a new, economic order – it immediately made acquiring a massive, national gold reserve an obsessive priority. How have the price-suppression machinations of the Bullion Banks meshed with this national obsession?

The Banksters have been doing everything in their power to make sure that all the bullion that China’s government has been accumulating has cost it the absolute minimum amount of wealth. You’re welcome. But that only begins the largesse of the One Bank toward China, when it comes to “stocking” China (and much of the Eastern world) with bullion.

With the thousands of tons of bullion China has vacuumed-up costing it so little; it finds it still has huge amounts of capital left over – capital with which it has decided to start accumulating gold miners, future supply to the global gold market. Here again the Banksters have gone out of their way to accommodate China’s ambitions.

A little context is in order. Producers of any commodity provide natural leverage with respect to the commodity they produce. This is not some “economic theory”; it is arithmetic, and is explained in simple, unequivocal terms in a previous commentary. Thus in any bull market, commodity-producers will automatically “outperform” the commodity they produce, in terms of the potential for price-appreciation.

As a result of this tautology, rising share prices for commodity-producers are seen as a “bullish indicator” for the sector as a whole. Thus with the psychopath bankers having their own obsession (bullion price-suppression), attacking the miners to sabotage this bullish indicator – through various legal and illegal operations – has been a constant tactic of these market Thugs.

Indeed, it is here (more than anywhere else) where the Banksters demonstrate their psychopathic tendencies. The share prices of the miners haven’t merely been suppressed to an equal degree with bullion itself; rather, the mantra has been simple: Scorched Earth.

What we have seen over the past two years is nothing less than precious metals mining genocide. CEO’s of these companies would regularly report “record profits” while watching their share prices plunge straight down. In a sector in the midst of a 13-year bull market, the miners have experienced two, severe Depressions in just five years.


U.S. Prepares To Detonate Market Bubbles

US Commentary

The Machiavellian mainstream media was at it again today. The Game has become so old now that it has become stale and repetitive. The media prints their phony reassurances about one aspect or another of our Crime Syndicate economies, and we know the actual truth is virtually opposite.

They write that the U.S. economy is in a “strengthening recovery”, and we know it’s in a worsening Depression. The Corporate Media claims that inflation is “too low”, meanwhile in the Real World a “food-inflation crisis” threatens the well-being of billions.

The propaganda machine spouts (again and again) that gold is now “in a bear market”, and in the Real World we see demand spiking to all-time highs, as the bull market reaches a new, fevered pitch.  The mainstream media assures us that there is nothing to worry about at LME metals warehouses other than a few “shipping irregularities”, and we discover that crooked Banksters are up-their-eyeballs in gangster racketeering.

In a recent commentary, it was noted that the Corporate Media was claiming that the Canadian government was now diligently endeavouring to “cool the housing market.” As was then explained; not only had Stephen Harper’s government systematically, deliberately duplicated the catastrophic U.S. housing bubble, but now his government had just slammed that bubble with a financial sledge-hammer.

Clearly, one of the primary functions of the mainstream media today is nothing more than an absurd, endless reprise of the role of Officer Barbrady from “South Park”:

Move along people. There’s nothing to see here…

And as with the ‘reliable’ Officer Barbrady; every time we see the Corporate Media come up with a new version of this inane message, we know that we need to pay especially close attention. So what is “Officer Barbrady” telling us not to worry about today? U.S. bubbles – because Barack Obama (and the Federal Reserve) are vigilantly standing guard against such a possibility.

What is happening in the Real World? The Demolition Squad is being assembled, because it’s “bubble-blowing time” again.

Déjà vu. The year was 2007. The same Corporate Media had just assured us (yet again) that according to the same Fed Chairman, the U.S. had a “Goldilocks economy”, where U.S. markets and house prices would just keep going up, and up, and up forever.

B.S. Bernanke himself was vigilantly standing guard to make sure nothing derailed that Goldilocks economy. Of course by that time the U.S. housing bubble had already burst, and within months the wheels had fallen off the economy as a whole.

Flash ahead to 2013, and the U.S.S. Titanic has a new Skipper (Barack Obama), but the same First Mate (Bernanke) – again (supposedly) constantly on the look-out for icebergs. Is there any reason for this Plucky Crew to be worried?

How about $1 trillion per year of totally gratuitous money-printing (i.e. “QE”), which has produced the now-familiar chart below? Does anything about this chart suggest “bubble”?


Q2 Gold Demand: WGC Can’t Spell ‘Decoupling’

Gold Commentary

What actually happened in the gold market during the second quarter of 2013? The One Bank launched one of its most savage assaults on bullion markets throughout the entire course of this 13-year bull market, causing all-time record demand for gold – while the market for its (fraudulent) paper-called-gold collapsed.

However (potential) gold investors wanting information on those events would have been hard-pressed to decipher what really happened in bullion markets from the fictionalized account of the World Paper Council for Q2. Despite observing itself that demand for paper-called-gold suffered the largest crash ever, while demand for real gold experienced its greatest spike ever; the WGC simply finds it impossible to spell the word d-e-c-o-u-p-l-i-n-g.

This should not be a surprise to regular readers, who now understand that the WGC is little more than a mouthpiece for the One Bank. So when it comes to describing the crimes of the bankers in bullion markets, the mantra is “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Some may attempt to argue that the report of the WGC does try to portray a (somewhat) bullish picture in the sector. It did report that demand for gold bars hit an all-time high. It did report that demand for minted coins hit an all-time. It did mention that global jewelry demand spiked to a five-year high.

But what choice does it have? It is (at least supposedly) the World “Gold” Council. And while it does its best to hide data on the gold market (only two years of supply/demand numbers exists for a commodity which has traded for thousands of years), at the very least it will always be forced to report current sales data.

What we had here was the World Paper Council deliberately understating the most-explosive quarter in the history of the world’s gold market. What did the WGC lead with in its deceptive account of this quarter? A fictionalized number which it calls “total demand” – which (as its tag-team partner, Kitco immediately reported) was “down 12% from the same period a year ago.”

In the most-explosive quarter for demand in the history of the gold market, we have the WGC beginning its pseudo-report talking about falling demand. Of course what it calls “total demand” is the demand for real gold minus the plummeting demand for the Banksters’ paper-called-gold.

However, there can no longer be any possible excuse in reporting demand for gold and demand for paper-called-gold as a single number, for two reasons. The most-obvious reason is the dichotomy: the decoupling we have seen in this market as demand for the One Bank’s paper-fraud products collapsed at the same moment that demand for gold hit an all-time high.

The second reason, while not as spectacular is no less imperative. The bullion banks (via the Corporate Media) have implicitly confessed that all of their own paper-called-gold is just paper.

When the Banksters attacked the gold market in Q2, driving down prices, demand exploded in India – still clinging to the mantle of “world’s largest gold market” (just ahead of China). Since India produces virtually no gold itself, this produced a gigantic gold deficit. How did the bankers and the Corporate Media insist (again and again) that they could “fix” this gold deficit? By selling Indians more of their own paper-called-gold.

And as I rebutted again and again in my own commentaries; as a simple proposition of arithmetic/logic the only way that selling “paper gold” could alleviate a “gold deficit” is if you are merely selling paper, and calling it gold. Fraud – now out in the open.


Canadian Government Blows-Up Housing Bubble

Canadian Commentary

Stephen Harper’s Ultimate Crime is almost complete.

His campaign to destroy Canada’s economy began with his relentless, meticulous efforts to duplicate the disastrous U.S. housing bubble in Canada (along with piling up years of record deficits). We can be absolutely certain of Harper’s criminal intent here because he chose to duplicate the U.S. housing bubble in Canada after that market had already collapsed in an orgy of fraud-and-foreclosure.

But creating a bubble he intended to blow-up was only Harper’s first step in this malevolent plan. Step Two was preparing for after he blew-up his own bubble. Canada is the first – and only – Western nation to write “bail-in” provisions into its own, current budget.

For those readers, who were snoozing during the Cyprus Steal (and the details revealed about that crime in its aftermath); let me refresh your memories. The governments of Europe (under the control/direction of the One Bank) staged a carefully-planned “bank robbery” in Cyprus.

Of course it wasn’t the bank which was robbed. It was the bank which was doing the robbing (with the assistance of the Cyprus government), and the innocent depositors who were “held up” – after all the Big Money had been quietly warned to move their wealth out of Cyprus banks.

Immediately after this bank-robbery, we had the Corporate Media, the banking cabal, and the Traitor Politicians all proclaim that “a precedent had been set”; and they all immediately went about setting up their own “bail-in” frameworks, so they could rob their own populations. Some Western nations have done this surreptitiously, but not Stephen Harper.

Not only did Harper plant “bail-in” rules right into Canada’s most-recent budget, he explicitly stated that these rules were “based on” the template written by the One Bank itself, via one of its mouthpiece organizations, the (cynically titled) “Financial Stability Board”. Regular readers are familiar with my analysis of that policy-paper (No Paper Is Safe From A Bail-In: FSB):

6.5 As a last resort…some countries may decide to have a power to…recover any losses incurred by the state from unsecured creditors or, if necessary, the financial system more widely. [emphasis mine]

That’s right. The bail-in rules Stephen Harper planted into Canada’s Budget allow the government to steal any kind of paper out of any kind of account, from any part of the Canadian financial system. As I said at the beginning, “Ultimate Crime.”

So first Stephen Harper created Canada’s housing bubble. Then he (preemptively) put in place rules allowing the bankrupted banks to steal anything-and-everything from the Canadian financial system (i.e. ordinary Canadians).

All that remained for Harper to complete his crime was to detonate the bubble he created. The Corporate Media informs us that Stephen Harper has now done this as well. How? To understand this requires briefly backtracking, in order to explain to readers who didn’t read my original commentary how the Canadian Housing Bubble was manufactured.

The centerpiece to Harper’s plot was/is the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The CMHC is an exact clone of the U.S.’s notorious fraud-factory, “Fannie Mae”. It provides virtually unlimited funding for the Big Banks to write-up fraudulent mortgages.


U.S. Government Prepares Mass Pension-Rape

US Commentary

How has the bankrupt United States of America kept its entire (paper) house-of-cards from crumbling all around it? Two words: fraudulent accounting.

As many readers know, following the Crash of ’08 U.S. Big Banks were hopelessly bankrupt. They were leveraged well in excess of (the legal) 30:1, with the vast majority of that leverage tied directly to the (fraud-saturated) U.S. housing market – and house prices.

The effect of this leverage was that (as a matter of arithmetic) only a 3% decline in U.S. house prices would render all these banks insolvent (3% X 30). In fact the U.S. housing market plummeted lower by roughly ten times that amount (in just its first down-leg). The mere $15+ trillion in hand-outs/loans/guarantees from the Bush regime was only a band-aid which would keep these fraud-factories afloat for a few months, barring other equally extreme action. And so Mark-to-Fantasy accounting was born.

Beginning in February 2009, U.S. Big Banks weren’t required to account for their assets (or liabilities) at “market value” (i.e. what people were willing to pay for them in the real world). Instead, the Banksters were allowed to do their accounting on the basis of what they thought their own assets should be worth.

Suddenly, the same corporations which had just all been bankrupted ten times over were able to pass a “stress test.” Of course that Cinderella Stress Test proved nothing about the solvency of U.S. banks. However simply being instantly able to cobble-together a façade of solvency did illustrate the magnitude of the fraud in this Mark-to-Fantasy accounting.

But for decades prior to this the U.S. federal government had already been engaging in its own Mark-to-Fantasy accounting. Unlike U.S. corporations, which are (accept for the Big Banks) still required by law to acknowledge all debts and liabilities in their accounting; the federal government only acknowledges the liabilities it wants to acknowledge – the small ones.

The remainder of these obligations are simply shoved to the side, and permanently ignored by all of the U.S.’s elected representatives, of both parties. But other people do keep track of these “unfunded liabilities”. A former Reagan economic advisor, and now economics professor estimated this mountain of Unfunded Obligations at more than $200 trillion.

The U.S. government has $15+ trillion of “official debt”, and $200+ trillion of ignored liabilities. Now that is “creative accounting”!

U.S. state and local governments were so impressed by the federal government’s financial gymnastics that (one by one) they began copying these accounting practices themselves, and creating their own mountains of Unfunded Liabilities.

How big are these state/local mountains of hidden-and-ignored liabilities? No one really knows. As CNBC tells us:

Thanks to a patchwork of accounting practices and rosy investment assumptions, it’s not even clear just how big a financial hole many states and cities have dug for themselves.

But it looks like we’re all about to find out. How? The U.S. federal government has just created new “standards” for the financial accounting of state/local governments – but (of course) not for itself:

That may soon change, thanks to a new set of government accounting standards that could serve as a nasty wake-up call to states and cities relying on rosy scenarios and head-in-the-sand accounting.

Why has the U.S. government suddenly targeted only one segment of its accounting-fraud economy for “clean up”? We can be certain that the motive was not “financial accountability.” How so?

The federal government is the accounting template upon which all the accounting-fraud of state/local governments is based. Yet it is only forcing the Imitators of this fraud to clean up their act, and not the Originator – itself. Thus clearly the motive here is a purely sadistic one.


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