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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part II

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In Part I, I explained and (for many) introduced readers to two of the major scam-vehicles which the Wall Street Oligarchs (and a few European brethren) unleashed upon the world – and in particular the nations of Europe. Interest rate swaps and credit default swaps (both forms of “derivatives”) have been used to inflict trillions of dollars in losses on their victims, with no end to this massive tally in sight.

As I watched Wall Street terrorists decimate the debt-markets (and thus the economies) of European nations one-by-one, I had assumed that such an unprecedented economic “attack” against these nations had been a goal unto itself. I was mistaken. Instead, what has recently become apparent is that such terrorist attacks on Europe were merely the means to an even greater end: to completely plunder all the wealth of these nations.

In furtherance of this objective, the banking crime syndicate (and the ultra-wealthy bond parasites whom they represent) have formulated a three-pronged scheme to drain every last drop of wealth from these economies (and nations):

1) Using these fraudulent bond debts to attach a legal claim on the large, national gold-hoards which these nations claim to still possess

2) Attaching “loss guarantees” to the bad-debts of the Euro debt-sinners

3) Ramming through a full economic integration of all these Euro-zone nations

I will address these economic “crimes against humanity” in order.

The same Western central banks (and bankers) who literally dumped thousands of tons of gold onto the global market over a two-decade period – claiming that they had no use for this “barbarous relic” – are now all singing a different tune. They have completely ceased their own gold sales, for one of two reasons: they have now decided to hoard all of their remaining gold, or their vaults are empty, and they simply have no more gold to “sell”.

Either interpretation of events is plausible. However, depending on which premise is correct, the decision by Western banking authorities to designate the national gold hoards of these nations as “collateral” for their (fraudulent) bond debts has two entirely different (and separate) motivations. If the gold still exists, then naming gold as collateral for debts which could never be repaid (and where default is imminent) is nothing less than the theft of these nations’ gold reserves.

Conversely, it is also highly plausible that there are no (remaining) hoards of gold hidden in bankster vaults (at least none which belongs to these governments). Why is there reason to suspect that the claims that these nations possess large gold reserves are more fantasy than fact? Because when Western banksters were dumping their thousands of tons of gold onto the market to crush the “life” out of that market, their primary method of “delivering” this gold onto the market was not outright “sales” of gold, but rather “leases”.

Here I must defer to the years of time and effort which the vigilant gang at GATA (the “Gold Anti-Trust Action” Committee) have devoted to monitoring the activities of these bankers. It has long been their suspicion that the “gold reserves” listed by many/most/all Western nations are complete fiction – as they do not account for the countless tons of “leased gold” which will never (and could never) be returned to these bank vaults. In other words, most of the “gold” held in these European vaults are not gold bars physically present in these vaults, but rather merely stacks of gold “IOU’s”.

Armed with this additional data, it must now be obvious what the other potential motive would be in attaching a legal claim on these (fictional) “gold reserves”. It would allow the cabal of Western bankers to “take possession” of gold (which does not exist), and then claim to be “holding” all of this gold in some vault even further removed from prying eyes.

Why would such a charade be necessary, or even useful? Because most of the Euro governments who claim to “hold” these gold reserves do not even store their own gold. Instead, these nations were persuaded to allow their gold to be stored at more “secure” locations – such as Fort Knox, home to the U.S.’s own “legendary” (mythical?) hoard of gold.

In fact, there is a very good reason to suspect that the vault at Fort Knox does not hold stacks of gold bars, but rather merely stacks of paper “IOU’s” – that reason being that the U.S. has absolutely refused to conduct any public audit of its supposed hoard of gold for more than 50 years. It is nothing less than “un-American” for the U.S. to continue to claim that it holds far more gold than any other nation on Earth, and not want to show-off that gold on regular occasions.

Indeed, the question-mark surrounding the Fort Knox gold is less of a “mystery” than a farce. Roughly one month ago, the U.S. Treasury Department’s “Inspector General”, Eric Thorson (the one individual personally responsible for verifying the claims of the Treasury Department) announced that any audit of Fort Knox would be “redundant”.

The obvious question to ask is: how could something which hasn’t been done for over 50 years be “redundant”? Mr. Thorson had a good answer for that: because he personally “believed” the gold was there. And with that statement, an entire new “realm” opens up in the world of accounting: the “faith-based audit”.

Forget about all of that time-consuming “counting”, and line-by-line “verification” of numbers. The accountant (or “Inspector”) in question simply signs an affidavit personally attesting to their unequivocal “belief” that the books are in order, and presto! – “audit” complete. It’s faster, more efficient, and (in the case of the U.S. government) completely above reproach, since (as we know) all U.S. government officials are both omniscient and scrupulously honest.

To be fair to “Inspector” Thorson, he had a very, very, very good reason for “believing” the U.S. government’s claims about its Fort Knox holdings – despite having never actually seen one of the gold bars personally. In its infinite wisdom, the U.S. government put a “seal” on the Fort Knox vault (just like with the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs). And since every time he has “checked” the seal is still there, Inspector Thorson “knows” that all of the Fort Knox gold must be there.

Apparently a “cunning plan” where someone in the U.S. government breaks the seal, removes the gold, and then makes a new seal (at some point in the last 50+ years) is simply too diabolically clever for Inspector Thorson to even contemplate. And so we have the “last word” from the Western banking cabal (and their “friends” in the U.S. government): all of the Western gold hoards “must” be intact, because they are believed to be intact. In much the same way, we can all “know” that Santa Claus exists – as long as old St. Nick remains “alive” in our hearts.

The bottom-line is that we are left with two competing theories regarding the efforts of the banksters to “seize” this purported gold as collateral. If the gold exists, then the banksters simply plan to steal all of it, in return for their fraudulent bond-debts, denominated in their own, worthless paper.

Conversely, if the gold does not exist, then each and every day there is a very real risk that these deadbeat governments would want to (or be forced to) sell some or all of that gold. Most certainly, anyone wanting to fork-over $10’s of billions for a stack of yellow bars would actually want to see those yellow bars – at least once. And since such “suspicious” buyers might also want to “test” the gold they are purchasing, attempting to flog a lot of gold-plated tungsten bars would also be a tactic prone to failure. Thus by “confiscating” all of this mythical gold, it can be safely “stored” where no one would ever need to see it again.

Before I move on to the next “prong of attack” against the nations of Europe, it’s important to pause to explicitly note why it would be so disastrous for Western governments (and Western banker Oligarchs) if it were discovered that the 20,000 tons of gold they claim to still possess was nothing but a gigantic lie.

To do this, I must first explain why the banksters were relentlessly dumping thousands of tons of gold in order to extremely suppress that market. In our monetary system, gold is “the canary in the coal mine”. When the price of an ounce of gold moved from under $300/oz to over $1500/oz in roughly a decade, it did not/does not mean that the gold we are buying today is “super-gold”, but is in fact the same substance we were buying for 20% of that price a decade ago. Obviously if it is not possible for the same ounce of gold to be more intrinsically valuable then the only other possibility is that the perceived value of the banksters’ worthless paper has declined by 80% in 10 years.

Note that the sickening collapse of the banksters’ fiat-paper has occurred despite the widespread belief that Western governments are “holding” roughly 20,000 tons of gold to (sort-of) “back” their mountains of fiat paper (and much larger mountains of debt) – in today’s prices that amounts to trillions of dollars. Should most (or all) of that “gold” be discovered not to exist, it would represent much more than merely the single largest conspiracy of fraud in the history of the world.

To begin with, it would mean that all of these near-bankrupt governments would be trillions of dollars poorer than previously believed. Secondly, the same Western fiat-currencies which were crumbling in value despite belief in the mythical gold-hoards of the West would now disintegrate at a much greater speed.

The mechanics are obvious: with actual, global stockpiles of gold much, much smaller than previously believed, overnight the price of gold would move to somewhere around $5,000/oz. About one second after that, the world’s oil-producers would decide that if gold was suddenly “worth” $5,000/oz (expressed in worthless banker-paper) then their oil would also be worth much more – with $500/barrel seeming to be a nice, round (plausible) figure.

In a matter of days, prices for everything would be spiraling out of control. However, as was noted with the rising price of gold, what these “price increases” would actually represent would be the even more-rapid collapse of Western fiat paper – and undoubtedly the beginning of a hyperinflationary spiral (i.e. banker-paper going to zero).

Having only examined the first avenue of this three-pronged economic assault on Europe, we can already see the enormous stakes in these acts of economic (serial) rape. It either represents defrauding the nations of Europe out of $trillions in gold (which rightfully belongs to the peoples of these nations, not their governments or central banks), or it is yet another desperation-tactic to temporary forestall the collapse of the banksters’ entire fiat-currency Ponzi scheme.

As readers will see in Part III, the other aspects of the banksters’ master-plan are equally diabolical and momentous, leading inexorably to a final objective: the economic enslavement of all the peoples of Europe.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, November 02, 2011
Thanks for the support Little Bearess.

No, sorry for the confusion. The other three parts to the series I filed under our "International Commentaries" section, while because this Part had a lot of "gold content" I put this section under our "Gold Commentaries".

Yes, we are happy to see links to our content spread around, and if you have the time we have an active Community on our forum and a lot of detailed discussions going on there about this and other subjects.
Little Bearess
written by Barbara, November 02, 2011
Jeff I just found your website today. Incredibly important articles! Was reading Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part II. Part III and Part I disappeared off the list. Did you take them down. And is there a part IV?
Also, just recently co-founded a local group "Alachua Transition Initiative" which has a page on Facebook. It's geared to help people understand what is going on and prepare themselves to change strategy on energy, transportation, food, money, etc. Do you allow up-links of your articles to FB?
Thank for

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