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Q2 Gold Demand: WGC Can’t Spell ‘Decoupling’

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What actually happened in the gold market during the second quarter of 2013? The One Bank launched one of its most savage assaults on bullion markets throughout the entire course of this 13-year bull market, causing all-time record demand for gold – while the market for its (fraudulent) paper-called-gold collapsed.

However (potential) gold investors wanting information on those events would have been hard-pressed to decipher what really happened in bullion markets from the fictionalized account of the World Paper Council for Q2. Despite observing itself that demand for paper-called-gold suffered the largest crash ever, while demand for real gold experienced its greatest spike ever; the WGC simply finds it impossible to spell the word d-e-c-o-u-p-l-i-n-g.

This should not be a surprise to regular readers, who now understand that the WGC is little more than a mouthpiece for the One Bank. So when it comes to describing the crimes of the bankers in bullion markets, the mantra is “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”

Some may attempt to argue that the report of the WGC does try to portray a (somewhat) bullish picture in the sector. It did report that demand for gold bars hit an all-time high. It did report that demand for minted coins hit an all-time. It did mention that global jewelry demand spiked to a five-year high.

But what choice does it have? It is (at least supposedly) the World “Gold” Council. And while it does its best to hide data on the gold market (only two years of supply/demand numbers exists for a commodity which has traded for thousands of years), at the very least it will always be forced to report current sales data.

What we had here was the World Paper Council deliberately understating the most-explosive quarter in the history of the world’s gold market. What did the WGC lead with in its deceptive account of this quarter? A fictionalized number which it calls “total demand” – which (as its tag-team partner, Kitco immediately reported) was “down 12% from the same period a year ago.”

In the most-explosive quarter for demand in the history of the gold market, we have the WGC beginning its pseudo-report talking about falling demand. Of course what it calls “total demand” is the demand for real gold minus the plummeting demand for the Banksters’ paper-called-gold.

However, there can no longer be any possible excuse in reporting demand for gold and demand for paper-called-gold as a single number, for two reasons. The most-obvious reason is the dichotomy: the decoupling we have seen in this market as demand for the One Bank’s paper-fraud products collapsed at the same moment that demand for gold hit an all-time high.

The second reason, while not as spectacular is no less imperative. The bullion banks (via the Corporate Media) have implicitly confessed that all of their own paper-called-gold is just paper.

When the Banksters attacked the gold market in Q2, driving down prices, demand exploded in India – still clinging to the mantle of “world’s largest gold market” (just ahead of China). Since India produces virtually no gold itself, this produced a gigantic gold deficit. How did the bankers and the Corporate Media insist (again and again) that they could “fix” this gold deficit? By selling Indians more of their own paper-called-gold.

And as I rebutted again and again in my own commentaries; as a simple proposition of arithmetic/logic the only way that selling “paper gold” could alleviate a “gold deficit” is if you are merely selling paper, and calling it gold. Fraud – now out in the open.


But all of this is totally invisible to the World Paper Council. Indeed, it allowed itself to be pimped-out by the One Bank, sending some of its own foot soldiers to India as sleazy “front men” to try to increase the success of these fraudsters in selling Indians paper-called-gold.

Thus when the WGC adds demand for gold, and demand for paper-called-gold together, and calls it total demand; it’s not comparing “apples and oranges.” It’s comparing apples with paper apples. In the former proposition we are dealing with two fruits; in the latter, a fruit and a poor imitation of a fruit. One does not report “total Rolex demand” by adding up demand for genuine Rolex watches plus all the millions of cheap knock-offs also sold around the world as “a Rolex.”

Yet this is precisely what the World Paper Council is now doing in headlining “global gold demand” with the fraudulent number it calls “total demand.” The global gold market has decoupled. It’s merely the One Bank, the Corporate Media, and the World “Gold” Council who are trying to pretend this didn’t happen.

Trying hard. Indeed, the bullion banks were forced to soak-up so much of their own fraudulent paper-called-gold, that they themselves are now officially “long gold” (in a typically perverse sort of way). This was forced upon them as the only alternative to the Decoupling reaching such a magnitude that it would have been absolutely impossible to wallpaper over it – even with the Corporate Media’s ‘industrial-strength’ propaganda.

What would have happened if the bullion banks had not stepped into this market (as buyers), a market where there were no buyers because of the panic caused by their own attacks on this market (and the relentless, gold-bashing propaganda which accompanied it)? Obviously the collapse in total holdings of paper-called-gold would have been far more spectacular.

But more important than that is it prevented a much larger decoupling in price between the gold market and the imitation-gold market. As it was, the discount at which the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) was trading reached its highest level ever, while (simultaneously) the “premiums” for real gold were soaring to their highest levels ever.

The combined effect was to produce a price-decoupling in bullion markets of approximately 20%. But how large would the price-differential have gotten if the Banksters had not stepped in, in such a large way that the world’s biggest Shorts are now “long gold”? Conceivably their paper-called-gold fraud products could have simply gone to zero.

With no buyers to soak-up the vast quantities of that shunned paper, what was merely a Decoupling could have easily become a full-fledged “run” on paper-called-gold – a stampede which fed upon itself until (when the dust settled) there was simply nothing left of the Banksters fraudulent “gold” empire.

We have more evidence of the complicity of the World Paper Council when it tries to characterize the events of the quarter. What did we see? Prices falling sharply while demand spiked to its highest level ever. There is no legitimate explanation for that event. As anyone with even a minimal understanding of markets grasps, demand drives prices.

What made this totally perverse outcome possible was the Flight Out Of Paper, as the Smart Money was fleeing the Banksters’ paper-called-gold market at precisely the same time they were also fleeing their Cyprus bank accounts…just weeks ahead of the Cyprus Steal. A remarkable set of coincidences.

How did the myopic WGC see this same world?

demand for gold investment products in Q2 conceals a less clear-cut picture: one of professional investors liquidating ETF’s while investors in Asian and Middle Eastern markets eagerly absorbed the gold coming onto the market in the form of bars and coins. This divergent picture highlights the unique balance in the gold market, which sees demand from one sector compensating for declines elsewhere. [emphasis mine]

Bravo! In describing the decoupling between the gold market and the paper-called-gold market as a “unique balance”; the World Paper Council has produced a perverse euphemism of which Machiavelli himself would have been proud. The problem is that this is not what happened in the real world.

Had the absurd “unique balance” to which the WGC refers actually existed, and a mere transfer taken place from West-to-East from “gold” (in paper-form) to “gold” in the form of coins of bars; there would have been no overall decline in inventories. Instead, as readers saw in the real world; the Comex paper-fraud market experienced its greatest collapse in gold inventories ever – with no commensurate “inventory” magically appearing in Asia.

What we saw was “professional investors” selling 12% more paper-called-gold than the real gold which was purchased in physical form (as reported by the WGC itself). Yet inventories of actual gold plummeted. As an empirical fact, most (if not all) of what those “professional investors” in the West were selling was just paper.

Of course with Western investors fleeing the fraudulent world of the One Bank’s paper-called-gold in Q2, while ordinary Asian citizens (i.e. non-investors) soaked-up more than a thousand tons of real gold (at fire-sale prices); this does certainly beg the question of who are the real “professionals”?

[Readers are encouraged to join me for my daily dialogue on bullion markets (and the events which shape those markets) on The Daily Grind]

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, August 16, 2013
Jeff Nielson: World Gold Council can't spell 'decoupling'

With its latest report on gold demand, the World Gold Council is trying to conceal the distinction between paper gold and real metal, Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada writes today. Gold demand can be said to have declined lately, Nielson notes, only if paper gold ownership is counted as the gold council counts it. But if only ownership of real metal is counted, demand is off the charts, he adds. That is, the world is figuring out what the World Gold Council can't admit: that paper gold is a fraud, a claim against metal that doesn't exist.

This rant by Jeff was posted on the Internet site yesterday...and I found it embedded in a GATA release. It's worth reading...

Thanks Ettienn!

I thought I had reduced the 'decibels' in my commentaries below "rant" level. But I suppose in ratcheting up the rhetoric a little recently that I have once more crossed the Boundary here... smilies/cheesy.gif
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, August 16, 2013
Excellent, Jeff: it's interesting that the MSM stories on this led with the headline "gold demand falls 12%". You had to read through to understand that the headline was bogus. Now you need to follow up on the Silver Institute, or the Silver (Pros)titute who always claim that "available" silver supply must include all bullion and coins held by stackers, which obviously skews any supply/demand analysis. While this is somewhat true on an existential level, you have to ask "at what price" will hoarded silver make it to the market.

Now you're getting into my "wheelhouse", Apberusdisvet: inventory-fraud in the silver market. I still don't know why more commentators in the sector haven't focused on this ridiculous sham.

If you buy an ounce of REAL silver from a REAL dealer, obviously inventories go DOWN by one ounce. But when you purchase an "ounce of silver" in ETF-form; the inventories go UP by one ounce.

This is SO ridiculous/perverse that the only thing more absurd than ATTEMPTING such a sham is the fact that most of the Sheep (and even some non-Sheep) can't see through it. Lol!!!
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, August 16, 2013
Excellent article. I believe it was Chris Powell at GATA who said the purpose of the World Gold Council was to prevent a real World Gold Council from forming. You moniker of World PAPER Council is very appropriate.

Thanks SilverThumb! Yes, when I focus my cross-hairs on the corrupt Senior Miners, and the even more-corrupt WGC, I usually find a "sympathetic ear" at GATA (lol). smilies/smiley.gif
written by ettienn, August 16, 2013
Great article Jeff.



Jeff Nielson: World Gold Council can't spell 'decoupling'

With its latest report on gold demand, the World Gold Council is trying to conceal the distinction between paper gold and real metal, Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada writes today. Gold demand can be said to have declined lately, Nielson notes, only if paper gold ownership is counted as the gold council counts it. But if only ownership of real metal is counted, demand is off the charts, he adds. That is, the world is figuring out what the World Gold Council can't admit: that paper gold is a fraud, a claim against metal that doesn't exist.

This rant by Jeff was posted on the Internet site yesterday...and I found it embedded in a GATA release. It's worth reading.

written by apberusdisvet, August 16, 2013
Excellent, Jeff: it's interesting that the MSM stories on this led with the headline "gold demand falls 12%". You had to read through to understand that the headline was bogus. Now you need to follow up on the Silver Institute, or the Silver (Pros)titute who always claim that "available" silver supply must include all bullion and coins held by stackers, which obviously skews any supply/demand analysis. While this is somewhat true on an existential level, you have to ask "at what price" will hoarded silver make it to the market.
written by Silverthumb, August 16, 2013
Excellent article. I believe it was Chris Powell at GATA who said the purpose of the World Gold Council was to prevent a real World Gold Council from forming. You moniker of World PAPER Council is very appropriate.

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