Monday, April 27, 2015
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Guest Commentary - Darryl R. Schoon

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The king to the banker did say
Tis I who ride you this day
This day it is true the banker did say
But tomorrow tis I who ride you

News of Goldman’s Sachs’ triumph arrived when Reuter’s newswire reported on June
22, 2009: “Goldman Sachs on pace for record bonuses”. At a time when the US is
struggling with the greatest financial crisis since the 1930s, Goldman Sachs has
triumphantly weathered the crisis. That should be no surprise for Goldman Sachs created
the crisis in the first place.

As capitalism collapses, its very foundation—the centuries old alliance between private
bankers and public government—is feeling the pressure; and without the direct and
indirect aid of billions of dollars in public dollars, the private bankers at Goldman Sachs
would now be facing record layoffs instead of a record year of profits and bonuses.



Under the two-party system that characterizes present-day democracies, the conservatives
represent private interests and the liberals the public interest. In truth, however, the public
interest is often served by private interests just as private interests are also often served
by the public interest.


Balance between the two polarities is necessary for a well-functioning society, a balance
that does not presently exist. Today, both political parties are so corrupted by money and
power that in most countries the “democratic process” is singularly ineffective in solving
problems that confront them.

Because of the vast amounts of money available, Washington DC is especially ineffective
and corrupt. In the US, the democratic process is but a smokescreen for powerful
governing elites to use the blood, sweat and taxes of Americans to further their own
selfish ends.

Americans no more own America than the chickens on the Kentucky Colonel’s farm own
the farm on which they are slaughtered.

Governing elites have controlled the Republican and Democratic parties for decades. No
matter what party is in power, the same power brokers operate behind the scene to pass
and deny legislation in accordance with their, not the nation’s, best interests.

This is not to suggest that the democratic process should be abandoned or that areturn to
monarchy should be considered or that a more dictatorial form of democracy—which is
now evolving—is the answer.

The unfortunate inability of the many to defend themselves against the predacious
behavior of the few is a reoccurring theme throughout human history; and, the dangerous
ability of the few to mobilize the many on their behalf should also be recognized.

History is not an accident. It is a perfect reflection of humanity. Until humanity changes,
history will not.

Today, each political polarity has been manipulated by those in power to see the other as
the enemy while the enemy of both, the governing elites—escape detection. Divide and
conquer has been the tried and true measure of manipulating the democratic process into
a mutually self-destructive process controlled by the elites.




The political icons of the right and left, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and now Barack
Obama, have been deftly used by Wall Street elites to divert the attention of Americans
away from what would eventually destroy what was recently the most powerful economy
and freest nation in the world.

Whether the US tilts to the right or left matters little to those who control its actual
direction. However, those in the lower classes cheer loudly whenever the rightward tilt of
the ship corrects towards the left just as those in the upper classes give a loud cheer when
a rightward tilt is achieved. This is true irrespective of what direction the US is headed
In the end, however, all will drown when the US sinks into the seas into which it has been
directed. The real control of the elites over the US government began in 1913 with the
creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, an institution that legitimized the issuance of the
bankers’ debt-based paper money in America.

Since this money was printed by the Fed and made freely available to politicians to
indebt the nation, those who controlled the money supply controlled the nation; and the
bankers at the Fed have increasingly exerted more control over the US economy and
America ever since.

Changing whoever heads the Fed will not solve America’s problems--eliminating the Fed



The crisis was the coup de grâce: Given virtually free rein over the economy, these same
insiders first wrecked the financial world, then cunningly granted themselves nearly
unlimited emergency powers to clean up their own mess…a colossal power grab that
threatens to turn the federal government into a kind of giant Enron — a huge,
impenetrable black box filled with self-dealing insiders whose scheme is the securing of
individual profits at the expense of an ocean of unwitting involuntary shareholders,
previously known as taxpayers.

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