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The Bogus Bullion-ETF's

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The precious metals market has been rocked by the twin bombshells of Andrew Maguire's emergence as a “whistle-blower”, along with Jeffery Christian's stunning admission that the bullion-banks had leveraged their dwindling bullion by an insane 100:1. While there are numerous repercussions to these revelations, perhaps nowhere does this news have more of an impact than with the bankster-frauds known by the symbols “GLD” and SLV”.

Regular readers are familiar with my strident criticisms of these paper-bullion funds. There are numerous bases for challenging their legitimacy, but the place I usually start is to point out that the same bullion-banks who are the supposed “custodians” for all this “bullion” also have gigantic short-positions which (by remarkable coincidence) are very similar in size to the total (alleged) holdings of GLD and SLV.

While defenders of these fraud-funds point to “audits” which suppose “prove” that these funds are properly backed, as I have pointed out before, those audits are nothing but a bad joke. There are two problems. First, while the ETF “bullion” may be audited, the short positions of the bullion-banks are never audited. Thus, all that has ever been demonstrated by these audits is that the bullion banks may hold enough bullion to cover either the short positions or the “custodian” agreements.

As I have maintained, time and time again, it is naivete of the highest order to believe that if the banksters were given the choice of honouring their custodian agreements with the bullion-ETF's or “covering” their own short positions that the banksters would choose to prop-up the bullion-ETF's. If you don't believe me, ask the clients of Morgan Stanley: who sued that fraud-factory after discovering that when they instructed Morgan Stanley to purchase bullion for their accounts that it only pretended to do so.

However, even though Morgan Stanley only “bought” pretend-bullion for those accounts, this didn't stop it from charging its customers real “storage” fees. To believe that the same banksters who cheat their own clients without thinking twice would protect the anonymous third-parties holding GLD and SLV is merely wishful thinking.

Secondly, as regular readers know, every bar of SLV “silver” is counted as part of official, global inventories. In fact, roughly 2/3 of total silver inventories are the supposed bullion-holdings of SLV. What this means is that even if there was any, real silver in SLV that every ounce of that silver has a “for sale” sticker on it. This means that even if SLV conducted an “audit” every day, that such an audit would only be valid for a millisecond: the time it takes for someone to place a “buy” order for every ounce of bullion supposedly held by SLV.

Returning to the custodian agreements, when I alleged that the bullion-ETF's were nothing but empty frauds, because the banksters had never demonstrated that they had more than half the gold needed to cover their massive obligations, keep in mind what that implies. If the bullion-banks had merely leveraged their bullion by 2:1, that alone could make GLD and SLV totally worthless.

In fact, thanks to Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group (the same people who count SLV's silver as part of official inventories), we now know that the banksters' bullion is leveraged 100:1 – fifty times the amount of leverage required to render GLD and SLV worthless. While GLD and SLV holders may have been willing to gamble on the generosity of bankers when their leverage was only suspected of being 2:1 (a bad bet, at the best of times), that world doesn't exist. In the world of 100:1 bullion-leverage, it isn't even rational to hope that there is any bullion backing these funds.

If the banksters had truly, fully-backed GLD and SLV, then (as a matter of arithmetic) that would mean that the remainder of their bullion positions would have to be leveraged that much more – to somewhere around 150:1. This proposition becomes all the more ludicrous when we review some of my other criticisms of these fraud-funds.

To begin with, there are the absurdly low storage-fees which the bullion-banks charge GLD and SLV to “store” its bullion. We know what the fair-market value of such storage is, through the management fees charged by the minority of legitimate bullion-ETF's: who actually hold and store bullion directly for their unit-holders. It's many times the near-zero fees charged to GLD and SLV.

Thus, apart from all the other reasons to doubt the legitimacy of these funds, those dreamers who still believe in their legitimacy must also believe that the banksters are subsidizing these unit-holders – purely out of the goodness of their hearts. I'll give readers a moment to recover from their laughter, because this scenario gets much more ludicrous.

It's not just that the banksters would be subsidizing GLD and SLV unit-holders. These bullion-banks, the holders of the most-concentrated “short” positions in the history of commodities trading would be subsidizing the entry of millions of “longs” into the precious metals market – directly jeopardizing their massive, short positions.

It would be foolish merely to believe that the bullion-banks would subsidize GLD and SLV unit-holders, under any circumstances. However, to suggest that these banksters would subsidize the entry of millions of longs, while the banksters are sitting with gigantic short positions (leveraged 100:1) is truly the definition of idiocy. In other words, far from these custodian agreements representing the first choice for the banksters to deploy their totally inadequate amounts of bullion, those custodian agreements would be the last place the bankers would choose to start honouring their leveraged commitments.

Apart from the bankers not caring about the millions of (mostly) small investors holding these fraud-funds, a glance at the prospectus for any of these banker-backed “bullion-ETF's” reveals that the fund-managers could hold all sorts of different paper instruments – and pretend that they represent “bullion”.

When Jeffrey Christian blurted-out some of the most intimate secrets of the bullion-banks, during his blunder-filled testimony, among those “secrets” he touched upon was the enormous amount of bullion which is “leased”: either leased by the central banks to the bullion-banks, or leased by the bullion-banks to other “customers”.

Who are those other customers? Christian identified some of them as “electronics manufacturers” and “jewelers” - consumers of gold. This is an integral component of the banksters' multi-decade bullion-fraud. Precious metals researchers who have attempted to sift-through the fraudulent “paper trails” of the banksters claim that much of (if not most of) the bullion which is claimed to be “held” by Western central banks are nothing but “IOU's” for the countless tons of gold they have “leased” to the bullion-banks.

While undoubtedly those bullion-banks have used-up much of that “leased” gold in covering their short positions over the years (and thus that bullion is gone-for-good), there is at least some possibility that a portion of that gold might be recovered by central banks. Obviously, this is not the case with gold (and silver) that has been “leased” to electronics manufacturers or jewelers. All their gold has been consumed in their own manufacturing, and then sold (in tiny amounts) to countless third-parties.

This is bullion which the bullion-banks know will be gone forever, the moment they execute these “lease” agreements – yet the “bullion” remains on their books as both an “asset” and as real metal. Obviously, these so-called “lease agreements” are thus fraudulent, on their very surface. They are “final sales” which have been fraudulently portrayed as “loans”.

The banksters' motivation for engaging in such frauds is obvious, while the willingness of end-users to participate in such frauds is not as immediately apparent. Presumably, the electronics manufacturers and jewelers are given a “choice” by the bullion-banks: they can buy gold and silver (at a higher price), or enter into “long-term lease agreements” for the metal – at a significant discount. Both parties know the transactions are shams, but the bullion-banks get to pretend to hold much more gold and silver than actually exists, while the end-users get to increase their profit margins.

Thus, while much of the banksters' 100:1 leverage is achieved through the inherently reckless leverage built into the derivatives market, another significant component of this bullion-fraud is the multitude of “lease agreement” Ponzi-schemes. One form of those Ponzi-schemes is that the central bank “leases” bullion to the bullion-bank, then the bullion-bank “leases” that bullion to a 3rd party, and then that holder “leases” the gold to a fourth party, and so on...The same ounce of gold or silver ends up being listed as an “asset” (and real “bullion”) on multiple balance sheets.

However, scamming in that manner, is cumbersome – as you need to continually add new “links to the chain” in order to expand “leverage” in an ever more-fraudulent manner. It's much easier for the central banks and the bullion-banks just to “lease” the same ounces of gold and silver over and over and over.

Since the bullion-banks have been allowed (for decades) to engage in institutionalized fraud in their bullion “accounting” (i.e. pretending that a “leased” bar of bullion is the same thing as actually holding a bar of bullion), there is nothing stopping them from “leasing” the same bar of bullion to a hundred different customers.

In my previous critiques of the GLD and SLV frauds, my only “smoking gun” was the fraud perpetrated in silver inventories (by counting privately-held ETF-silver as part of global inventories), along with a great deal of circumstantial evidence, along with a liberal amount of common sense. However, following Jeffrey Christian's and Andrew Maguire's revelations about the bullion market (and the bullion-banks), that evidence is now literally a hundred times stronger.

We know the banksters have cheated “bullion” holders around the world by selling the same ounce of bullion to them a hundred times. We know that the banksters have made bullion-fraud a way of life. And these same banksters are the people whom the holders of GLD and SLV must implicitly trust – or else their investment is nothing but another steaming, mound of banker-fraud.



As I have stressed in numerous, previous commentaries, as legitimate investment vehicles, the bullion-ETF's like GLD and SLV make no sense at all. We are supposed to believe that, on a whim, the massively-short, massively over-leveraged bullion-banks decided to funnel all of their dwindling supplies of bullion into “funds” where the storage fees are so low that they are essentially subsidizing the entry of millions of “long” investors into the sector – exponentially increasing both their leverage, and the “pressure” on their massively over-leveraged positions.

Conversely, as a premeditated, deliberate fraud (at least in the eyes of the bullion-banks), GLD and SLV make perfect sense. These fraud-funds vacuumed-up $10's of billions of investor dollars which would have otherwise totally depleted their hoards of bullion. Instead of surging demand destroying the bullion-banks, they merely ratcheted-up their leverage another ten or twenty times – and 'sold' additional, vast amounts of their worthless paper.

Indeed, this is nothing more than a variation of the oldest of all banker-scams: taking the wealth of 'the little people', and handing them nothing in return but worthless scraps of paper with the words “gold” or “silver” written on them. If there is any “surprise” or “mystery” here, it's not the banksters would roll-out this old scam, yet one more time. It's that there are still millions of rational adults who, despite the recent revelations, continue to entrust vast amounts of their precious wealth to these obvious shams.

I also cannot avoid mentioning the majority of commentators, both inside and outside this sector, who continue to present these funds to investors as legitimate investments – with no warnings or caveats – despite the obvious nature of these shams. I ask readers to make note of those “analysts” who continue to tout these shams, so that you don't allow yourself to be misinformed by such irresponsible sources in the future.

Not only is “the Emperor wearing no clothes”, but these bullion-bank “tailors” have clothed a hundred naked Emperor's in their “finery”. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a hundred times, shame on me!


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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, June 14, 2010
Econbizer, there ARE legitimate "bullion-ETF's", but you have to do your home-work. Read the prospectus and find out what the ETF (really) holds, and even more importantly, find out about how it STORES its "bullion".

Any ETF which has a "custodian agreement" with a bullion-bank is toxic! A few legitimate funds store their own bullion, or in the case of Sprott's PHYS, they store it with the Royal Canadian Mint.

Personally, I would prefer to hold my own bullion, and only have to worry about personal storage issues, rather than relying upon a fund.
written by econ, June 14, 2010
Hi Jeff, thank you for providing this valuable piece of information to the small investors out there like myself. If what you say about the GDX and SLV, which are supposed to be the best 'bullion backed' instruments in the market, what other gold/ silver/ precious metal instruments are really 'pure bullion backed' out there?

written by david sites, April 16, 2010
Today the SEC is going after Goldman as an example. There are hundreds who should be jailed till eternity ends, including the banksters of GLD/SLV. But
just like the crash around 2002, only a few went to jail. The government makes it look like it cleans up the mess, but then back to the Same old corruption from Banksters, wall street thugs, Congress, Sleeping Gobernment agencies, and a News Media that just attends cocktail parties and competing with Narcissist to see who looks prettiest in the Mirror. As I recall in 2002, we had companies cooking there books, being helped by accounting firms(perhaps the same one who last year came up with "Mark to Whatever Keeps you out of Bankrupcy"), brockerage firms being their Marketing Arms in driving prices up, insider selling to reap the profits, etc, THEN CRASH. Government prosecuted and fined a few, then all well and lets get back to scaming the world for $$$$$$$. So Jeff, in between your 70 year cycle, we have the new scam every 10 years that almost takes the nations economy down. The more I write this response, the more WE NEED TO GER RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 16, 2010
Paxjds, what I find both persuasive and alarming is the high correlation between EXTREME schisms in wealth-distribution and "Depressions".

I was re-reading a John Williams essay on "hyperinflationart depression", and he made a point of drawing attention to that too. It seems what happens is that every 70 years or so, the banksters manage to steal so much wealth, collectively, from the 'little people' that these hollowed-out economies collapse.

In fact, as a graph from a previous article points out ("The Plundering of America"), wealth-distribution in the U.S. hasn't been (almost) this extreme since 1929. The "signals" don't get any plainer than that.
written by david sites, April 16, 2010
These same banksters GLD & SLV are technically bankrupt with their trillion dollar bailout money and fictious accounting of Mark to Whatever I want to show a profit in lieu of Forced Bankrupcy. These same banksters are some of the gang leaders who have the World right now on the edge of prolonged Depression with their crooked CDO's and other XYZ Ponzi scams. Banksters & Wall street thugs is to good of a name for them. They are sticking up the planet and they need to be put away in prison for life, preferably on anothe planet. That we are even talking about these crooked GLD/SLV dealings when they need to be shut down and jailed, makes my blood boil. Is the Fed giving them so much electonic dollars, that they are also buying there freedom. If you or I would have done these things, you know we would be in Jail.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 16, 2010
Hi Mark.

The critical factor is that there can't be any "counterparty risk" - meaning that ideally these funds hold all their own bullion. At the very least, you must steer clear of any funds which have "custodian agreements" with bullion-banks - since we know that bullion is extremely leveraged.

If you're not going to hold your own bullion, then you have to "do your homework" and make sure you are familiar with WHAT the fund holds, and HOW it holds it.
written by Mark Squires, April 15, 2010
So Jeff... Whats your take on SIVR & SGOL??? Any safer? Its supposed to be physical
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 15, 2010
Great news, SailorTony!

As I mentioned in a previous commentary (http://www.bullionbullscanada....Itemid=131), because the banksters are playing the game (through the CPM Group) of ADDING ETF holdings to inventories, then they MUST shrink those inventories every time there are redemptions.

Thus, any significant "run" on those funds MUST cause a HUGE "squeeze" on those same, bogus, "official" inventories!
written by Claude, April 15, 2010
It looks like your message is getting across.

Jason Hamlin of GoldStockBull reports:

"There are signs that an increasing number of hedge funds and individual investors are demanding delivery of physical silver as the dangers of unallocated paper promises become more widely understood. So far this month, 453 silver contracts have been delivered on the Comex or 2.3 million ounces. There is a similar story with the ETF SLV in which nearly 15 million ounces of silver have been withdrawn since late February."

See the whole story at:


Ed Steer of Casey Research confirms today:

"... but the SLV had another whopping amount of silver taken out of it. This time it was an eye-watering 3,431,792 troy ounces. That's two full days of world silver production! Since February 26th... 14.4 million ounces of silver have been withdrawn from SLV by the 'authorized participants' because silver in quantity is not available anywhere else."

Keep on the good work, may be the sqeeze will work!
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 15, 2010
Editor's Note: I was really pressed for time when I wrote this piece this morning, due to another appointment. So for those who read this one "hot off the presses" I encourage you to go back for a second read, as I added significant new content on the final "edit". Thanks.

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