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The Great Debate, Part III: 'Loose-lips' Does it Again

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In Part I, we heard Jeffrey Christian declare “in all of my years of involvement in the gold market, I have never seen any evidence of any efforts to manipulate or suppress the price of gold”. Along with that, I pointed out that Christian did his best to undermine GATA's Bill Murphy – through a steady stream of insulting rhetoric and condescending lectures (contravening the “rules” of the debate).

In Part II, we listened to Christian talk about all the 'good' manipulation of the gold market which he had personally observed – which he vehemently attempted to distinguish from the 'bad' manipulation which he claimed was alleged by GATA. I also added some information which Christian left out: the reasons why the U.S. government and its bankers were engaging in their 'good' manipulation: to help the U.S. government cheat on its finances, and allow it to fund the immoral Vietnam War.

If Christian had stopped at this point, he could have still emerged from the debate with some semblance of his credibility remaining. His categorical denial that any gold manipulation had ever taken place could have been construed by apologists as a 'slip of the tongue': that what Christian meant was only that he had never encountered any 'bad' manipulation.

However, one thing Christian demonstrated consistently throughout the debate was his own arrogance. He divided his time in the debate almost equally in boasting about his own prowess and integrity and denigrating Bill Murphy and GATA. As with most extremely arrogant individuals, Christian is prone to overconfidence – and thus he simply 'over-played his hand'.

When conversation turned to the issue of the UK dumping more than half of its gold onto the market at the all-time low price for gold (in real dollars), Christian should have just walked away from the subject. He could have simply said that Gordon Brown had made a blunder, and that he didn't know what Brown was thinking at the time, or simply offered no explanation at all.

But “Loose-lips” couldn't restrain himself. He launched into his own myth about the great, UK gold-dump: he insisted that the UK government had not been trying to crash the price of gold by dumping this huge quantity of gold onto the market in open auctions, but rather had been trying to “protect” the gold market. In insisting upon pursuing this utterly absurd fabrication, Christian managed to contradict himself several more times.

First of all, it was Christian himself who previously said in the debate that these operations in currency markets worked best “if people don't know what you're doing”. Thus, if the UK wanted to “protect” the gold market and maximize the price it got from its own gold, it would have conducted the gold-sale discreetly – and not through public auctions, announced well in advance.

There is a second way of demonstrating that Christian was engaging in deliberate deceit, independent of his own self-contradiction. As we have seen over the last two years, the anti-gold cabal has been announcing and re-announcing the same sale of gold by the IMF – by coincidence, a quantity of gold that originally was almost identical in size to what was dumped onto the market by the UK.

The IMF sale has been “announced” on at least a half-dozen occasions: four times before the sale was even approved, and two more times since. After observing that this propaganda had no (negative) effect on the gold market (because participants believed that central banks would privately soak-up every ounce of that gold), the IMF changed its tactics. It refused to sell the second half of the gold privately. Indeed, Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management has publicly stated that he tried to buy the IMF gold, but was rejected as a bidder (without reason). It has also been rumored that China's government tried to buy that gold as well.

Instead, the IMF recently announced it “might” sell the rest of the gold in public auctions. In other words, even today – with gold demand being at its most bullish level in decades (now that central banks have become net buyers), the anti-gold cabal considers merely announcing a gold auction to be an act which would/should harm the gold market.

If merely announcing a potential auction of gold today is something which can damage sentiment in the gold market, then what does that say about Gordon Brown's motive? In announcing and then carrying out an auction of twice as much gold, when bearish sentiment was already at an all-time high, and the price was already at an all-time low, this was an action clearly intended to sabotage the gold market – not “protect” it.

But Christian wasn't finished with his “explanation”. To attempt to support his fiction that the UK was “protecting” the gold market, when it suddenly dumped half of its national holdings, he decided to start talking about his friends at the bullion banks. The reason that the UK needed to “protect” the gold market, said Christian, was that the bullion banks were continuously spreading rumors that various European central banks were about to dump gold onto the market – in order to manipulate the price of gold lower.

That's right. The same “Loose-lips” Christian who said at the beginning of the debate that he had never encountered “any manipulation”, and then later claimed that only 'good' manipulation existed, volunteered his own anecdote on bad manipulation: the relentless efforts of the bullion-banks to illegitimately move the price of gold lower by spreading false rumors.

What makes Christian's spontaneous confession truly pathetic is that it didn't even support his own argument. If (supposedly) the UK government was trying to discourage the bullion-banks from spreading false rumors about gold-dumping, then announcing a huge auction of gold wouldn't hurt or discourage the bullion-banks, but rather it would encourage them to engage in this tactic to an even greater degree. “Look!” shrieked the bullion-banker, “The UK is dumping half its gold in a panic. I wonder who will be next...”

As a third means of repudiating Christian's argument, we can refer to what the Western central banks did do to restore some order to the gold market: they began their “gold sales agreements”. These sales agreements were vastly different from the UK's large, public auction of its gold. While the agreements provided a collective quota for all European central banks, it did not provide any details (in advance) on which central banks would be selling gold, how much they would sell, or when they would sell it – the antithesis of the UK's gold-dump.

At this point, I must digress to address a couple of points, lest some readers suspect me of engaging in Christian-like hypocrisy. First, having regularly included Western central bankers as being part of “the anti-gold cabal”, there are probably some readers who believe that my comments about the gold sales agreements by those central banks contradict my own position.

Knowing this issue would come up, in between writing Parts I and II, I took the time to write a commentary which focused upon this subject. Specifically, I pointed out how the banking cabal desperately needed the new supplies of gold provided by the gold miners. Thus, the central banks sales agreements had nothing to do with “protecting the gold market” and everything to do with keeping a necessary “tool” of the bankers (the gold miners) in some semblance of health. Without that stabilizing influence of the sales agreements, they couldn't trust their psychopathic minions at the bullion banks not to destroy the miners, completely – with their habitual manipulations of this market (see “Goldman Sachs and Gold”).

The other point which some readers might perceive as an inconsistency is how I have rejected much of Christian's posturing during the debate as being intentional fabrications, while I accepted his voluntary description of the bullion-banks' precious metals manipulation as fact. This is based on a well-established principle of both law and logic: that “admissions against one's interests” are always given a greater weight as evidence. Thus, when Christian took the time to describe the 'bad' manipulations of the bullion-banks – the very act which he had accused GATA of fabricating, again and again – that was the one statement Christian made in the entire debate which would carry the greatest credibility.

On a number of occasions, I have alluded to the complete absence of integrity demonstrated by Christian over the course of the debate. Nowhere was that clearer than in two exchanges which took place between he and Bill Murphy.

Referring to Christian's testimony at the recent CFTC hearings, Murphy paraphrased Christian by saying that Christian had said the bullion banks responded to “a rising price” by increasing their short positions. In actual fact, what a clip of that episode seems to indicate is that Christian had said that the bullion banks responded to rising sales volumes by increasing the size of their short positions.

Since rising sales volumes (for any commodity) imply higher prices, while Murphy was not completely accurate with his quoting of Christian, it was clearly a case of accidentally substituting one similar fact with another. In other words, it didn't distort Christian's position in any way when Murphy used the words “rising prices” instead of “rising sales volumes”. In both cases this would be seen as a bullish development for the market, and in both cases, increasing the short positions of the bullion banks would be seen as an attempt to suppress the price of bullion – since the general mantra in the market is “the trend is your friend”.

Clearly, this would be evident to Christian, as well. However, seeking to gain advantage, Christian lashed out, “you are lying!” Not only was this personal attack in direct violation of the explicit “rules” for the debate set out by Puplava, but it is an accusation which couldn't possibly be justified by the context.

A lie requires two ingredients: a factual inaccuracy and an attempt to deceive. As I already demonstrated, there was absolutely no indication of any attempt to deceive by Bill Murphy. He simply “misspoke”. Ironically, on the very same clip, the first thing we hear out of Christian's mouth was “I misspoke.” The difference being that no one accused Christian of “lying” at the CFTC hearings (despite how implausible his own “explanation” sounded – even to CFTC chairman Gary Gensler).

While Christian was accusing Bill Murphy and GATA of attempting to deceive, or exaggerate, or simply “lie” over and over, it was only Christian who demonstrated those failings during the course of the debate. Indeed, Murphy remained remarkably composed, given Christian's under-handed tactics.

Rather than attempting to engage in grandiose “explanations” like Christian, where the truth was seen as merely an “unnecessary accessory”, Murphy calmly stated that “GATA stood by its record.” He said that he felt GATA had made its case on precious metals manipulation – even without the recent “help” it had gotten, first from Andrew Maguire, and now from “Loose-lips” Christian. He said that the continued rise in the price of gold would provide all the “vindication” which GATA required, and challenged Christian to admit “he was wrong” about manipulation, should the price of gold continue to rise.

True to form, Christian pulled the old “Jon Nadler” routine. “I won't do that,” he replied, “Because I'm a gold bull, too" (just like Kitco's Mr. Nadler). Knowing that he had caught Christian with another one of his “loose interpretations” of the truth, Murphy countered that Christian was on the record as being bearish about the price of bullion.

Not true,” denied Christian. He said that he recently wrote that the price of gold could go “as high as” around $1320/oz over the next few weeks (less than $100/oz above where it was on the day of the debate). Thinking that he might be able to eke-out a 7.5% swing-trade doesn't sound like any “gold bull” I've ever heard of. But Bill Murphy had a much more compelling response: pointing out that only a few weeks earlier (at the “Silver Summit”) Christian had gone on the record as calling for the price of gold to average $941/oz for the next decade.

Even in the face of that absurdity, Christian refused to back down. He still maintained that he was a “gold bull” - holding his bullion with the expectation that he would lose more than 20% on his investment over the course of the next ten years. Presumably, Christian isn't planning on getting rich based upon his investing acumen.

Speaking of “absurdity”, I can't complete my review of “The Great Gold Debate”, without zeroing-in on a couple more memorable moments with which Christian provided us. First, he trotted-out a thinly disguised version of the old “barbarous relic” yarn – a fiction that even the central bankers no longer maintain, now that they have reverted to being net-buyers of gold.

All of us gold bulls are suffering from “gold-centricity”, warned Christian. Because of this form of insanity, we're under the delusion that “gold is important”. In “reality” assured Christian, “bankers think little about gold,” and gold had become “a back-water in the global financial community.” (Notice how cleverly Christian substituted the words “back-water” for “barbarous relic”.)

Let's take a moment to analyze this Christian revelation – in light of what he had been saying elsewhere in the debate. We know (from Christian) that the bankers thought about gold a lot during the 1960's, because not only were they manipulating the market on a regular basis, but they considered those manipulations to be of such great importance that they were 'entitled' to conceal their actions – to maximize the effectiveness of their manipulations.

We can assume that the bankers thought about gold a lot during the Seventies – when it rocketed to its all-time (real-dollar) high. We know the bankers were thinking about gold a lot during the 1990's. Not only were the bankers deeply involved with enslaving the gold-miners, to gain access to yet more bullion to dump onto the market, but the bullion-bankers had become so voracious (according to Christian) in their gold-manipulations that the central banks had to rein them in, through devising their “sales agreements”. We can assume that they were thinking about gold a lot during the last decade, as they watched it quadruple in price (and then bought more gold – on a net basis - than any other time in 50 years).

In the real world, the only decade in the last 50 years where the bankers might have had the luxury of ignoring the gold market was during the 1980's. And the only reason they could afford to dismiss it from their concerns for that one period of time was that this was at the point in time when they still possessed their greatest hoards of bullion – which made keeping their choke-hold on the market relatively effortless.

Christian also treated us to an attempt to “explain” his famous “100:1” remark at the CFTC hearings. Given that former Bank of America CEO, Ken Lewis had to come up with three totally different versions of the Merrill Lynch acquisition – before he found a version he liked – I think we can classify Christian's efforts at “clarification” as “a work in progress”.

In Version #2, Christian now tells us that all of us malicious gold-bugs willfully misinterpreted his remarks when we quoted him. When he was talking about “the gold market being a hundred times bigger” than the actual amount of “physical metal” (at the end of his testimony), he wasn't talking about “leverage”, he was talking about sales volumes. The total “traffic” in gold each year amounted to 100 times the amount of actual metal, he now claims.

There is one slight problem with Version #2. In the last several minutes of his CFTC testimony, when he was engaged in the discussion which led up to the “100:1” reference, he never mentions the flows in the gold market – even once. He talks about leasing. He talks about hedging. He talks about shorting. He talks about everything except the total flows in the gold market. Stay tuned for Version #3...

Listening to the private “reviews” of a few other people on this debate, including some who simply got fed-up with Christian's tactics, and stopped listening, it's a shame that Jim Puplava didn't become much more proactive in restraining Christian, when he methodically set out to poison the atmosphere. As a result, a lot of gold (and silver) bulls missed-out on what were yet more stunning revelations by Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group.

We now have two “whistle-blowers” about precious metals manipulation. We have Andrew Maguire, who so far has been unable to present his own evidence in official, public testimony. And we have Jeffrey Christian, who keeps blowing his own “whistle” again and again – even though he's trying not to.

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written by fu.rieger, May 24, 2010
Jeff Christian: "... cheats and whores like Gata."

Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 23, 2010
Yes, Alpha, good point.

In SOME respects, we have no way of knowing whether Christian was/is engaging in intentional deceit, or whether he's simply 'drinking his own Kool-aid'.

Hopefully, in at least ONE respect I was able to establish (through the efforts of GATA's Bill Murphy) that Christian was engaging in DELIBERATE deceit with respect to his denials of even the existence of gold-manipulation.

In other words, I think it's important that we realize that Christian is a true "villain" in his own right, rather than merely a "stooge" of others. His own biographical boasting seems to make that unequivocal.
written by Terry Lys, May 23, 2010
The great unknown is whether the god of knowledge (GOK), JC, can see the forest for the trees. Yes, GOK has strung out quite a list of credentials but does it necessarily mean anything. He says the central banks have little interest in gold. It could be true. They could have more interest in forest, pulp and paper companies to secure an endless supply of paper for their printing machines. The rest is taken care of digitally to satisfy the voracious fractional reserve system. The bottom line is why bother backing currency with gold when it can be backed by virtually nothing? The central banks advised by GOK have it all figured out. And GOK cut his teeth at Goldman Sachs, the corporate paragon of morality which uses quants to manufacture doomed investment products which in turn it bets against thereby fleecing the very hand that feeds it. It essentially writes its own ticket -- the next best thing to being able to print its own money. Goldman Sachs and the Fed are joined at the hip and as intertwined as a helix. But nature has a way of running its course. In the meantime, the parasitic thrill of disconnecting from reality must be indescribable.
written by david sites, May 23, 2010
By the way, the BIC members do not have to pay income taxes. Perhaps that is why Timothy Geithner was not paying his taxes either, he no doubt was bought and paid for by the same banksters.
written by david sites, May 23, 2010
The Bullion Banks, Central Banks including the Federal Reserve, and some other banks like JP Morgan OWN the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland. The BIS cannot be audited, never has to show its book, has diplomatic immunity, can carry diplomatic pouches, and on and on.
In the BIS charter under quote "Day to to Day Operations:
1. buying and selling gold coins or bullion for its own account OR for the account of Central Banks.
2. Holding Gold for its own account under reserve in Central Banks.
3. accepting the supervision of gold for the account of Central Banks.
4. making advances to or borrowing from Central banks against Gold, bills of exchange, and other short term obligations of prime liquidity or other approved securities." END of Quote.
The price fixing of Gold, the Ponzi scheme in precious metals and fiat currencies is all controled by the super wealthy who are above the law. Bernake's stance in Congressional hearing in refusing to answer questions and open the books; he thinks he is immune as the FED is part owner of the IBS in Switzerland. Gold can flow from other banks, the Fed, and IBC if and when it is ever needed. The shell game is worldwide.
Expect nothing out of Gary Gensler at the CTFC as the US Gobernment is owned by the International Bank of Settlements. So the price fixing in the markets is government/banking controlled to take money from the masses. They are even trying to get you to sell your gold so they can possess the gold, and back the next New Currency Ponzi scheme that they are planning. They know that paper currency is worthless and that physical Gold is where real Wealth lies. That is why the first four points in their Day To Day operations all have to do with GOLD.
If Gold was really and obsolete relic as the Banksters PR wants the public to believe, than why even have it in the First 4 points of there Day to Day Operations.
OBVIOUSLY Day to Day, the most important thing to the Central Banksters, Federal Reserve, and the IBS is to control the price of gold, secure more gold, and have a shell game going on how much gold and where it is game going.
So all you free market believers out there, get real. The Banksters have fixed the stock markets including Gold, and bought off most of the governments of the world from Europe, England, Canada, USA, and Japan.

To those readers from the USA, the Recent vote in the Senate to totally audit the FEDERAL RESERVE that went down to defeat with some 60+ Senators defeating the bill confirms it all. The Banksters Control the Government. King GEORGE(FEDERAL RESERVE) IS BACK AND ABOVE THE Law. The Banksters Own the majority of the Senate and most the House. Obama could not have been elected without them. I never read Uncle Tom's Cabin, but I think that means Obama was bought and paid for by the same Banksters.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 23, 2010
Dylan, more good observations.

However, as I said in the previous comment, I have no doubt that these people are accumulating gold, but (as Adrian Douglas would concur) the manipulations taking place today (to suppress gold) are first and foremost to prop-up their paper empires - since most of their wealth and ALL of their power comes from their paper.

The billions in profits they could make on their gold won't compensate them for the trillions they will lose on their paper.

So "yes" these people are quietly accumulating gold, but "no" the scamming taking place today is NOT primarily aimed at some massive, gold swindle.
written by Dylan Jones, May 22, 2010
Maybe I am seeing too many circles within circles.
I got the idea though, from none other than Adrian Douglas himself, on Jake Townes website.

One response to Turk from Adrian Douglas:

"It got me thinking as to whether the heist they have pulled is bigger than we think. The BIS as we know, and as mentioned in this memo, is the organization that allows for cooperation behind the scenes of the Central banks. We know they went private to prevent any need for public disclosure seeding the opportunity for Reg Howe's lawsuit. We have plenty of evidence that Central Bank gold holdings have been depleted. We keep saying that the gold is "gone". But what do we mean by "the gold is gone"?

"Gold is not like crude oil, expensive wine, even silver it does not get consumed. It has not "gone"; it has changed ownership. The Central Banks leased out gold to the bullion banks. Now who did the the bullion banks sell the gold to? We know that the bullion banks can't get the gold back. If the central banks ask for the gold back the bullion banks can declare bankruptcy or settle in cash. How convenient! The Central bank gold has gone into someone else's hands that are unknown and the loss will eventually be written off.

"We know that Central Banks are owned or controlled by some of the richest families and/or entities in the world. Is it possible that these "bankers" can benefit from a fiat ponzi scheme while it can be maintained AND still end up with the gold in which case they can benefit from a return to a gold standard and when the gold standard eventually gets abused and abandoned in the future they will play the whole fiat game over again? It would certainly require cooperation between central banks to pull off such a heist.

"It would be great to have the whole world sitting in a room and ask those who own more than 10 million ozs of gold to raise their hands!

"The crime may be more than manipulating the price of gold to "defend the US dollar" and concealing the evidence from the public. The Cartel may well have aided and abetted embezzlement of the citizens' gold of the Western world. And who ever has it, they bought it perfectly legally from the bullion banks with fiat currency.

"This seems to make sense because Central bankers and the "elitists" (Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Morgans, Mellons, Carnegies, Vanderbilts etc etc) are not stupid. They must know gold is real money. They can study monetary history too. The fiat money game in this context is a decoy for the theft of sovereign gold.

"It is not without precedent, the great inflationist, John Law, was arrested escaping with a coach loaded with gold and silver!" (source Murphy letter)

Then from GATA Board member Catherine Austin Fitts:

"My hypothesis since 2001 is that the NWO is shifting assets out of sovereign governments and shifting liabilities back in. The goal is to reengineer global governance into the hands of private banks and corporations in a manner that dramatically centralizes control. This is why the creation of a genetically controlled seed and food supply, etc.

"To achieve such centralization requires the centralization of the gold and silver stores. Whoever has the gold has the most powerful financial asset. So if you want a new centralized currency, you need a monopoly on gold and silver. I think part of the end game is to shift back to something involving some kind of gold standard."

"If you use fiat currency to acquire ownership and control of all the real assets on the planet, then you need a gold standard to make sure you keep them. So, it would not surprise me to see G8 and GATA start to move into alignment, strange as it may sound." (source Murphy letter)

I am no expert, I've been playing catch up for the past two years relying on excellent and honest writers such as yourself, but isn't it the case that the nominal value of all that paper will be transferred to the relatively tiny amount of gold and silver in the world? It would still be a duty for us gold bugs to cut their scam short however.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 22, 2010
Dylan, some very interesting observations.

Yes, it is highly probable that the bankers, themselves, are quietly and steadily accumulating REAL bullion. As the creators of all that fraudulent paper, they know better than anyone what has value, and what doesn't.

However, I think it is a "stretch" to give them credit for a scam-within-a-scam: i.e. setting up the market for a huge "squeeze" where they will reap a windfall. That scenario is simply not plausible - given that the bullion banks are facing countless $billions (or $trillions) in losses when their bullion scams ultimately blow-up.

No, their "fight" against the gold bull is wholly legitimate - as their ENTIRE paper empire is at risk...and all the gold in the world is only a drop in the bucket, compared to the nominal value of all that paper.
written by Dylan Jones, May 22, 2010
For most of us mere mortals, the question really boils down to this.

Do the bullion banks have the metal on hand to meet the demand should a run occur?

Given that JC (the worlds flawmost authority on the precious metals market) still openly admits to the fractional reserve nature of bullion banking as a given, 10 – 1 at least, with the reserves consisting of purcashed bullion or a forward purchase commitment (paper promise?), isn’t it so that this is in fact a FRACTIONAL FRACTIONAL RESERVE SYSTEM (no typo), in which everyone could be caught with their trousers down once the herd starts panicking and the reserves that a bullion bank relies upon turn out to also be of a fractional reserve nature? Infinite regression?
And so the 100:1 claim may in fact be correct when we get down to brass tacks?

In the great depression this was the problem was it not?
These things don’t really happen these days with the fiat money system because the banks can be bailed out with infinite amounts, but investors who want their metals in possession from bullion banks won’t be amused when their hedge against toilet paper turns out to be more of the same!
Loved his quote about FRB being the basis of modern society, says it all! Unbridled expansion, followed by busts engineered into the system to facilitate wealth transfer from outsiders to insiders, that sounds like the story of history to me!

Which leads me on to the next point, a few of us have considered the possibilty that this whole affair has been orchestrated by the people behind the central and bullion banks in order to deliberately crash the paper metals markets so that the inner circle (as it were) who own the most bullion after squirreling it away over the years at bargain basement prices, can reap legendary profits.
This would explain the curious incidents, whistle blowers, official air time given to GATA, cameras not working, slips of the tongue, hit and run incidents which all seem to be DRAWING ATTENTION to this matter rather than suppressing it.

Are these private cabals not the very same as the mysterious counterparties? The ultimate benefactors of the Credit Default Swap scam?

He who makes (and breaks) the rules, owns the gold – the real golden rule
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 22, 2010
Nice sleuthing, SWS!

Yes, I know what you mean about the "small man's complex". Although to be fair, my brother-in-law is on the short side, but is a 'prince' in every respect. He's merely driven to be a very hard worker.

Thanks for helping me confirm the excessive arrogance of Christian. I can't recall ANYONE (other than himself) refer to Christian as "the world's foremost authority on the precious metals market."
written by S Wilcox-Sollof, May 22, 2010
Because I'm not an official commentator on the Gold Market, I have the freedom to roam where ever my fancy takes me, so I decided the thing I really wanted to know was how tall is Jeffrey Christian?

I know this sounds frivolous and maybe it is, but it is my observation that many of the world's biggest ****holes have been men of small physical stature, such as Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin.

So I decided to google 'Jeffrey Christian' with the added words 'height' or 'tall'.

Amongst the flotsam and jetsam that comes with these searches the first few returns I got told me about a Florida Sex Offender, and a height 8 inches, width 5.5 inches, that couldn’t be Jeffrey could it?

The next few returns told me about the Prince of Darkness and Anti Christ of the New World, piercing with tattoos. Hmmm, Even I don't believe that about Mr. Christian.

So I modified my search to 'Jeffrey Christian profile' and discovered immediately that Jeffrey Christian used to be a Journalist - I didn't know that, did you?

The next thing I learned was that the Resource Intelligence Blog called our Jeffrey 'The world's foremost authority on the markets for Precious Metals'.

Who told them that? Probably a Journalist, (or an ex-journalist now self-publicist.)

Well I still didn't know our Jeff's height, so I persisted in my search.

The next thing I found was the Missouri School of Journalism Alumni Web Page which had an interview with Jeffrey Christian, their renowned scholar!

Here is the beginning of the interview:

"What do you do in your current job?"

"I am the largest shareholder and Managing Director of CPM Group. I created the company when I negotiated a leveraged buy-out of what was then the Commodities Research Group within the Goldman, Sachs Investment Research Department. We spun off to be independent, for a variety of reasons. I run the company, with a relatively small but extremely effective and widely respected staff. We produce research reports on precious metals and commodities markets. I am considered the world's foremost authority on the precious metals markets. I also am considered one of the top experts on commodities derivatives markets, hedging and investment strategies in options, and other aspects of commodities markets. I write six major reports per year for publication, 12 monthly reports, several minor weekly reports and special reports on client-specific projects. I give about 12 speeches per year, worldwide, travel extensively and spend most of my day on the telephone."

Yawn.........OK that confirms it, we now know who told the so-called blog, Resources Intelligence(my italics) that our Jeffrey was the worlds leading whatever he said.

Actually, the most interesting part of that interview was the last sentence.

He must get pretty uncomfortable sitting on that telephone, but them again if he really is that small? Who knows?

Well that’s all I’ve got so far, I will continue my research until I discover Jeffrey’s true stature!
written by Frans, May 21, 2010
what a black swan.
Jim Puplava did not do a deserving job for the gold bull, he did wrote rogue wave.
Jeffrey Christian declare “in all of my years of involvement in the gold market, I have never seen any evidence of any efforts to manipulate or suppress the price of gold”.
This we all know is a false statement.

what a joke.
Good manipulation vs. Bad manipulation vs no manipulation. If there is, its good for the manipulator and bad for the rest of us, there is no other way about it. or there is no management(Fed n Bull ion Banker), therefore we are going to keep it a secret, it worked best.

ha ha,
what goes around comes around.
Just create a rumor about Central Banks selling gold, and the price will go down. but it came back to UK selling their gold for bottom dollar. Its not golden but its certainly Brown, let's say Golden Brown Buttom. Sarry wrong spelling.
What a bargain for Gold Bull!

what in the gold bull should do?
the ratio must not be use. (100:1)
never come close in weight, annual gold produced is now less than 2500 tonnes, but the paper market volume in paper US$ is with so many zeros never actually come close. We believe in real gold. Paper is paper and gold is gold.

i want my oz.
That is WHY the price is meaningless.
The official gold price per oz is less than US$50.
We hear only the seller and not the BUYER.

Christian Moto
All we can say goes. there is no no suppression and we are all gold bulls. Tungsten is gold bar and sorry I miss poke. Yes, I am a gold bull, since 950 is higher than 50.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 21, 2010
Yes, Paxjds, I know the type, personally also. One thing you have to remember is that we're able to review his inconsistencies in hindsight. I'm sure his various stories seemed much more credible to himself, at the time. But this is how the 'truth-challenged' trip themselves up. They invent so many stories that they simply can't all be logically reconciled.
written by david sites, May 21, 2010
Christian reminds me of my brother, a pathological narcissist who keeps reinventing himself and his stories. He does not lie very well but lies often enough that he then starts believing his own lies and cover ups. Not only was Christian part of the Bankster Higher archy team(gold manipulation) as he so well bragged, but he is cerebral narcisstic enough to think that listerners are actually believing him. Reinventing reality reminds me of Nixon and Clinton, and now Christian.

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