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Time For Europe’s Bond-Burning Party

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In 1948, with Europe a smoldering and financial ruin, the United States bankrolled the “Marshall Plan” – a comprehensive “reconstruction” plan for Europe. The program was an unequivocal success. After the four-year plan had run its term, the economies of Europe had surpassed their pre-war economic output, and it was the beginning of the greatest economic boom in European history.

In 2011 Europe is once again in financial ruins, however this time the cause is not a war, nor even some form of natural catastrophe. Rather, the architects of this destruction were multinational bankers and the shadowy bond-parasites lurking behind them, holders of $10’s of trillions in sovereign debts. Their tools were fraud and deceit, and their original victims were the corrupt and/or weak-willed “leaders” of Europe who were ensnared by the banksters’ “revolutionary” new ways for these governments to (supposedly) finance their growing debts.

Now the victims of these arch-villains are virtually all the peoples of Europe – either facing their own, imminent bankruptcy, or being strong-armed into squandering their wealth through utterly futile “bail-outs”. I have already chronicled in a multi-part series this mass “economic rape”.

The bail-outs are obviously and inevitably futile, because the moment another infusion of loaned money is advanced to one of the debt-sinners, Wall Street’s economic terrorists quickly claw-back every penny of it – by driving up the interest rates on that nation’s debt through their fraudulent manipulation of the credit default swaps market.

A year and a half ago, I suggested it was time for “benign default” in Europe. What I meant by that term was interest forgiveness – since it is the interest on these debts which is bankrupting all of these nations, not the “principal” itself. Bond-holders would be made whole (since they would recover their principal), while the debtor nations would be rendered solvent.

That was then and this is now. A lot has changed over the past eighteen months. Wall Street’s economic terrorism now literally threatens to lay waste to the economies of most of Europe’s population. Interest rates on Greek debt have been pushed up to more than ten times the interest which the United States pays on its debts – despite the fact that the U.S. is at least as insolvent as Greece.

Meanwhile, the economies of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and even France are now also at risk. Put another way, every time (over the past two years) that the U.S. propaganda machine has “mused” that a particular European nation might be about to have a “debt crisis” credit default rates have magically begun to spike higher (in the rigged casino which Wall Street calls “the derivatives market”) – which directly leads to higher interest rates on that nation’s debt. Et voila! A “debt crisis” becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

As a matter of simple arithmetic (and compound interest) any nation with a large debt can be rendered “insolvent” if their interest rates are forced (manipulated) high enough. Now France is the latest “target of speculation” by major U.S. media sites.

Consequently, we are long past the time for a “benign default” for Europe. I offer instead “the Nielson Plan”: nothing but “scorched Earth” – or should I say scorched bonds? A new, economic Golden Age can be ushered in for Europe, and all it requires is to put a torch to some of the bankers’ paper.

Here’s a question for all the “math whizzes” among readers. If Greece burns all its bonds, how much money will it cost the Greek government (and the Greek people) if the Wall Street terrorists push-up interest rates on 10-year Greek bonds from the already usurious 20+% to 50% or 75% or 100%? Congratulations to all of you who answered “zero”.

That’s right, burn the bonds and the “terrorist threat” is over. And it wouldn’t even be necessary for anyone to drop bombs on the head of anyone else. Hmmm, if Barack Obama can win a Nobel Peace Prize for the bomb-dropping, maybe I should submit my name (and the “Nielson Plan”) to the Nobel Prize committee?

At this point it would have been nice to simply wrap-up this commentary (and then just wait for my Nobel Peace Prize to roll in). Unfortunately I can already hear the deafening cacophony of the ‘Chicken Littles’ (i.e. the friends of the bankers).

Europe can’t default on any of their bond debts, because all these bonds are spread out among nearly every major bank in Europe. If European nations defaulted on these bonds, virtually all of these banks would be wiped out.”

Yes. Quite right. While it isn’t as just (and as satisfying) as wiping-out all of the Wall Street fraud factories which were directly responsible for this scenario, it would exterminate all of their brethren. For performing such an enormous “public service” for Europe, I should probably get “knighted” – or get some sort of title (“Baron of Bond-justice” perhaps?). For the enormous financial relief of having all of those massive leeches detached from the various treasuries of Europe, that should be enough to earn me a Nobel Prize for Economics (as a book-end for my Peace Prize).

Sadly, the Chicken Littles haven’t yet winded themselves, and they seem to be becoming a little more sly.

These nations can’t default on their debts or they won’t be allowed to borrow any more money. And with the large deficits these nations have, this would crush their economies.”

Let’s start by reminding the Chicken Littles why these nations have “large deficits”: because of all the interest they pay each year to the bond-parasites. Currently, somewhere over half of every dollar of revenue taken in by the Greek government now goes directly to the bond-parasites as interest – nothing less than permanent, absolute, debt-slavery.

Burn the bonds and those interest payments magically disappear – and so does the Greek “deficit”. Here’s another question for the math whizzes: how much money does the Greek government need to borrow when it’s now running a surplus? Right again with “zero”!

In fact, burn the bonds and (thanks to “austerity”) virtually all of the Euro “debt-sinners” will now be in surplus. Terrorism over. Debts gone. People free.

Annoyingly, the Chicken Littles aren’t finished yet. In fact they are now trying to sound seductive, which is perhaps even more grotesque than their previous screeching.

They can’t default on their bonds. Some of that debt is held by pensioners, public institutions, and other innocent, domestic holders of these bonds. Even if you wanted to punish the banks and the billionaires, you can’t do so without targeting innocent victims.


Very possibly, once we subtracted the usurious interest payments which these European governments would no longer be making after their bond-burning party, many/most/all of the “innocent victims” could be immediately indemnified by their own governments. If that wasn’t possible, then for all the innocent domestic victims they could be issued new, “domestic” bonds by their government (billionaires and bankers need not apply).

These would be bonds which would not be transferable or made available to any non-domestic holders. Consequently, while Wall Street could still play their devious games with their fraudulent credit default swaps, the individual Euro governments could simply ignore any further attempts at this economic terrorism – since their new debt market would be a closed system, immune to credit default swaps (and Wall Street terrorism).

It is long past the time for half-measures for Europe. As I have warned previously, the latest and most-evil “proposal” by the bankers (and the bond-parasites for whom they front) is for a “Euro bond”: one bond to immediately enslave all of Europe. Should the “Euro bond” ever become a reality, then the Wall Street terrorists could simultaneously do to all of Europe what they are now doing to Greece (and Ireland, and Portugal, and Spain, and Italy) – for there would be only one credit default swap market to manipulate.

With Wall Street’s economic terrorism now an “existential threat” to Europe (certainly in financial terms), it is time for nothing less than a European bond-burning party: where the slaves free themselves from their shackles. The bankers and bond-parasites would have no one to blame but themselves.

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written by Davd, October 17, 2011
This isn't just about the con in Europe, it's about the western con. It's 2 excellent articles.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Daveyboy, I thought that Manchuze's link from Professor Tarpley was about as good as it gets, but I haven't seen "Con of the Decade".

Was it a movie? If not, do you have a link for it?
written by Davd, October 17, 2011
I don't mean to detract from your own article on this matter but have you seen "con of the decade" it's the most succinct, understandable explanation which pieces together what has happened and how. It's what I use as a reference/recommendation when explaining to others what is being perpetrated.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Yes, Manchuze. It is utterly APPALLING seeing the European governments meekly SUBMIT to this economic rape.

It is equally appalling that there aren't MANY more voices speaking out against these outrages - as the evidence is abundant and incontrovertible.
written by dick roman, October 17, 2011
Jeff, Both you and Webster Tarpley are on the right track and I think your articles complement each other.
I think the EU although late in the game needs to set up some defense mechanisms such as limiting sovereign bonds to the EU market only as you suggest: "These would be bonds which would not be transferable or made available to any non-domestic holders." Also they need to set up their own credit rating agencies as China has done. Other than that I like your 'Bond Burning' solution or going 'Iceland' on the fraudsters.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 12, 2011
Manchuze, thank you for an excellent link!

Tarpley's theory on the REAL "goal" of the bankers here is obviously much more advanced and insightful than my own, and given the impeccable logic displayed in his writing I find it highly persuasive.

However, even MORE this begs the question: how/why could Euro politicians allow their economies to be BLATANTLY raped in this manner?

My own views had been that the Anglos and the Europeans were at least SOMEWHAT in partnership. But Tarpley's position directly implies that they are TOTALLY adversarial. So HOW can these cowardly, traitor-governments "just lie there and take it"????

Undoubtedly Tarpley's extremely deep and compelling commentary on this subject will become a "source" for some of my future work. It's very encouraging to me that given that Tarpley clearly has more understanding/expertise in this area than myself how many of my own positions mirror what he has written.

Now I know that I'm on the right track! smilies/wink.gif
written by dick roman, October 12, 2011

Another excellent article in your 'Economic Rape of Europe' series. It's not easy to find other articles on this subject with a similar perspective. Too much of the financial and mainstream media is singing one song about the failure of the PIIGS economies and the ultimate failure of Europe and the Euro which of course would ensure the survival of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. But I think Webster Tarpley does an excellent job in the following article coming to similar conclusions as you have:
It has a historical perspective on the Euro and is definitely worth reading while reinforcing many of your insights.
Any word on the Milan prosecution against the 3 banks?
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 18, 2011
Thanks for the support Daveyboy.

There's one reason I can't accept a "benign" motive for the Euro bond: the credit default swap market. As long as that market exists in anything close to its present form, it remains a "nuclear" threat to Europe with a "Euro bond" in place.

It is also a market which is FRAUDULENT by its very nature. This is SUPPOSED to be pseudo-insurance on the national debts of nations - not crooked bankers BETTING on who will default first in their own private casino. There is no valid reason for its existence.

It never "reduced risk" (its supposed function), rather it has now INCREASED risk to the point where the "probability of default" for Greece is now estimated at 98%. And the REASON that probability is so high is 100% due to the manipulation of credit default swaps.

Show me someone advocating a Euro bond AND the dissolution of the credit default swap market, and THEN you would have a much better chance of persuading me. As it stands, the Euro bond looks like a device to merely make the plundering even EASIER.
written by Davd, September 18, 2011
Jeff my thanks to you for being straight down the line. I have read a number of your posts and you seem to be one of the very few people who is just calling it with integrity. There are so many people in this country though Jeff (UK) who just don't get it. They can't seem to link the explosion in sovereign debt with bankers toxic bull crap.

Consequently numerous people are calling for our own throats to be slit. Although I do disagree with you, or perhaps question one thing. The euro bond essentially requires the political dissolution of sovereignty. Therefore if the euro fails, then this whole world government model fails with it does it not?

Is it not therefore possible that we are seeing 2 factions fighting it out for global control? That in fact the euro bond will be the "saving grace" and a model for how the european community can operate?
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 16, 2011
Yes Bobbby, the fear-mongering has been cranked-up to the max. And there's two reasons.

First the banksters and bond-parasites REALLY want their "Euro bond" - and automatic debt-slavery for ALL of Europe.

Second, Ben "No more QE!" Bernanke is just about to announce more "QE", and so AMERICANS also need to be suitably frightened to meekly allow yet ANOTHER nail in the "hyperinflation coffin".

And thanks for pointing out what a "financial straitjacket" the Wall Street Ponzi-schemes have turned into. The problem when you SCAM millions of people is that you create millions of "rights holders" when you're FORCED to try to clean up the mess.
written by robert berg, September 16, 2011
Good one, Jeff.
In fact, the banksters are so frantic to keep the collapsing European Union alive, that yesterday the Polish Finance Minister said the dissolution of the EU could lead to war!
Talk about trying to scare people back into line.
Anybody hear anything about Iceland any more?
They decided NOT to pay back the Eurp governments that repaid their depositors & what happened?
Think the banksters want that news to circulate?
A Greek default is 100% certain.
What do you think will then go through the minds of the other enslaved nations?
Thats why the EU will ship truckloads of money to maintain the illusion that countries are paying up.
Similarly, here in the US a well backed proposal to allow underwater homeowners to refinance at 4% has today been rejected by the White House.
The mortgage bondholders won't get the 6% or 7% they signed up for anymore.
They will get their money back & have to reinvest at lower rates.
Can you believe this shit?
Ruin entire families, economies, nations, and societies just so you can book bigger profits.
Where do I sign up for the Neilson plan?
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, September 15, 2011
DayOwl, on this particular subject I'm going to "save up" some of my ranting for the commentaries! smilies/cheesy.gifsmilies/cheesy.gif

Greece is already "past the point of no return" with its own economy, and most of the other PIIGS are close behind. So I'll devote some of my strongest rhetoric to simply WAKING PEOPLE UP.

How can the governments of Europe simply IGNORE what is being deliberately perpetrated against them...?
written by Becky Shelton, September 15, 2011
The newer bankster arguments against sovereign default sound a lot like the arguments against "taxing the rich" here in the US. (Rant Room subject!)

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