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SLV And Silver Manipulation

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JP Morgan is the largest silver short-seller in the history of the world. JP Morgan is the “custodian” for the largest “long” silver fund in the history of the world, making this one of the largest conflicts of interest in all of history.

If the unit-holders of the iShares Silver Trust (or “SLV”) make a small amount of profit on their holdings (per unit), JP Morgan suffers massive losses on its “short” position in the futures market – and then at least one hundred times that amount of additional losses on its unimaginably huge, leveraged, silver derivatives. We know this thanks to the loquacious banker, Jeffrey Christian, formerly of Goldman Sachs and now head of the CPM Group, one of two “consultancies” who are quasi-official record-keepers for the gold and silver markets. Obviously JP Morgan has a gigantic personal incentive to try to make sure that holders of SLV units make as little as possible on their investment.

This alone should disqualify JP Morgan from serving as “custodian” for all of the silver JP Morgan supposedly holds on behalf of those unit-holders. Amazingly, with JP Morgan claiming to be sitting on the two largest, single silver-holdings in all the world it has never been required to have both of those holdings audited/verified. Thus JP Morgan has been able to indulge in this blatant conflict of interest while so-called “regulators” actually help it to conceal its activities.

However, the absurdity of allowing the world’s largest “silver fox” to guard the world’s largest “silver henhouse” with absolutely no public scrutiny is only the beginning of this outrage. Those who follow the silver market will have noted an amazing “coincidence” in recent years since the creation of SLV: JP Morgan’s massive short position always closely mirrors the size of the total holdings of SLV.

This led me immediately to a rather obvious conclusion. Each time someone purchases a unit of SLV, JP Morgan uses the proceeds to acquire that one ounce of silver (as it is supposed to do). However, instead of that silver being used to “back” that unit of SLV (in JP Morgan’s role as “custodian”), JP Morgan increases its short position by one more ounce – and then uses the new silver to back its own short position (in JP Morgan’s role as “greedy banker”).

Note that as long as the supposed “regulator” of the silver market (the CFTC) never requires JP Morgan to demonstrate that it has enough silver to “back” both its own, massive short position and its own, massive custodian obligation, then there is nothing stopping JP Morgan from permanently/perpetually using the “long” investors of SLV to fund and “back” virtually its entire shorting operation in the Comex futures market.

Should an ordinary individual acquire the power of invisibility, and thus be able to monitor JP Morgan’s secret silver hoard inside its bullion vault, what they would undoubtedly see is an impressive mountain of silver. On 364 of the 365 days of the year, there would be a sign in front of that stack of bullion reading “JP Morgan’s short position”, while on that other day of the year (when SLV’s “auditor” shows up to supposedly verify that JP Morgan is honouring its duty as “custodian”) the sign in front of the bullion is changed to read “iShares Silver Trust”.

It is a neatly symmetrical scam, and one only made possible in the U.S.’s “world” of faux-regulators. However, one aspect of this sham always bothered me despite its wonderful symmetry. Knowing how Wall Street banksters love to leverage everything they touch by at least 30:1 (and in the case of silver derivatives by more than 100:1) it always seemed oddly conservative that JP Morgan’s SLV sham was leveraged by a mere 2:1. Enter (again) Jeffrey Christian.

It was Jeffrey Christian who helped to confirm the existence of gold manipulation in The Great Gold Debate between himself and GATA stalwart, Bill Murphy. Immediately after Christian claimed that he had “never seen” any evidence of gold manipulation in all of his years as a banker, he then proceeded to describe some of those acts of manipulation. One example Christian gave was how the bullion banks would (falsely) spread rumors that a particular European central bank was about to dump more gold onto the market, in order to “spook” the longs and depress the price.

When I heard that Murphy and Christian were going to reprise their roles in a second debate (at the current “Silver Summit”), this time with greater emphasis on the silver market, I couldn’t wait for what new revelations would slip past Christian’s lips. I wasn’t disappointed, as Christian was kind enough to supply the reasoning behind JP  Morgan’s mere 2:1 leveraging of SLV’s silver (i.e. 100% of the silver for JP Morgan, 0% of the silver for SLV unit-holders).

The explanation is found in one of the last remaining “weapons” which the banksters can use to manipulate the gold and silver markets: calling up their good friends who run the Comex (the CME Group) and “complaining” that margins need to be raised again in the gold and/or silver markets. Christian observed that when it comes to the impact of raising margin requirements there is an important distinction between whether the various players in this market have “backed” or “naked” positions:

“…increasing margins [with] a rising price is actually harder on the shorts unless they have physical silver against those positions.” [emphasis mine]

He further explained that “naked” players must post additional “collateral” each time margins are raised, while those whose position is “backed” by actual metal do not. Thus what Christian is telling us is that JP Morgan uses the silver which it claims to be holding on behalf of the unit-holders of SLV as a “shield” to protect itself from the impact of increases in margin requirements, while “long” traders in that market (who don’t personally have their own bullion vault) feel the full brunt of each and every increase.

Christian’s latest revelation provides an answer to a question which has obviously been burning in the minds of long investors especially in recent months: why do margin increases always seem to impact longs much more severely than the shorts – as demonstrated by the precipitous drops in price which occur with each and every margin increase?

Hopefully Christian’s explanation of this mystery will help ease the rattled nerves of the newer investors to this sector, especially since (as I’ve observed before) this is another one-shot weapon for the banksters (much like dumping their bullion). The CME Group can crush all of the leverage out of these markets (by moving margins steadily toward 100%) – and then have no means of controlling the market at all – or it must give back those margin increases through reversing margins lower.

When Jeffery Christian claimed that the “purpose” of raising margin requirements was purely to address “increasing volatility” in the gold/silver markets, Bill Murphy shrewdly observed that the silver market had seen its volatility plummet in recent weeks (as the price has been trapped in a narrow trading range) – and yet the CME Group had refused to lower silver-margins in response.

Note also what is implied in Christian’s remarks. The only way that increases in margin requirements could be “harder on the shorts” (as a matter of simple arithmetic) is if the positions of the shorts were much larger. The interesting aspect to that obvious observation was that Christian made his assertion immediately after claiming that there was not “undue concentration” in the size of silver short-positions (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary).

The Great Silver Debate is now history. While Bill Murphy had to once again contend with Jeffrey Christian’s tenuous relationship with “the truth”, I’m sure that he woke up today smiling. After all, with “enemies” like Jeffrey Christian, who needs “friends”?

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 25, 2011
Stew, I was thinking after the fact that I should have made this one a little longer, and included a few more "interesting aspects" of SLV - with the inventory farce being at the top of the list.

Yes, leverage the silver, double-count it and presto, "inventories" are supposedly increasing again, even though Eric Sprott had to WAIT to get the silver for his "silver trust" because the bars he bought (the only ones he could FIND) were freshly made.

iSilver, the "pendulum" has begun to swing back, and I genuinely believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement is the first step in this process.
written by iSilver, October 25, 2011
With 80% of the people on earth having hungry, this is a bloody, bloody shame. God has a nice surprise for this greedy monsters. Once the 'fun' is over they have to face the terrible truth: there will be no light for them to enter - only darkness where they will feel the pain of crimes they have done to others.
written by swsprime, October 25, 2011
Hi Jeff,

Want to see the smoking gun?

From 1990 for fourteen years World Silver stocks declined at an approximate rate of 125,000 oz minus a year. Then suddenly in 2005 it reversed at approximately 125,000 oz plus a year. That's a net annual reverse trend of 250,000 oz per year.

What changed?

1. Price increase triggered more mining? - no, It takes 5-7 years to open a new silver mine and the prices were heavily suppressed in the 5 - 7 years prior to 2005. Also most Silver production is a by-product of other metal mining activity, the quantity of Silver mined would not increase in these operations unless the price of the main metal mined increased incentivizing more mine production. This didn't happen.

2. More Scrap Silver produced? - no, Most silver is never recovered, being used in small individual quantities in each item manufactured, and the Silver price was depressed through this period dampening any other Silver recycling.

3. Reduced demand from investors? - oh no, demand increased.

OK, what have we got left? The only thing left is Paper Silver, but how could this paper be introduced into the market so suddenly with such a big impact?

Well what major precious metals investment vehicle was introduced around 2005?

Yep, SLV.

There's the smoking gun, there's the proof that SLV has introduced lots of paper into the market at the rate lets say of 250,000 oz per annum for the last 6 years and probably a huge lot more as investor demand has surged ahead of production and yet the World's 'stock' of silver has still apparently increased.

I don't think the SLV scam ends there, I think that the Bullion Banks regularly raid SLV, taking real physical as they did in the recent market price fall and replacing it later when the SLV surges up inserting more Silver Paper.

Golden Sextant suggested this funny business in ETF's in its' Arse Backwardisation article a year or so ago.

I'm sure when the true correction comes it will be huge, but until then the Bullion Banks will keep reaping market manipulation harvests using SLV as their milch cow.

Keep up the good work,

written by balz, October 25, 2011
There is something I don't understand: WHY.

WHY would JP Morgan short silver in the first place? Why would they try to hard to short silver?

Shouldn't they know that with all the money printing and with silver scarcity silver will only get higher?

So, again: WHY?
Tucson JJ
written by Tucson JJ, October 24, 2011
Nice job, Jeff... seems almost like a RICO case... so many complicit... the scum at CME, the co-conspirators at the CFTC (most), the corrupt AG Holder, the mega corrupt SEC... and on and on...

What a noise this all will make when it collapses... I fear the collusion will continue, these guys will all just change the rules in a MONSTER, overwhelming way and come out of it without a scratch... or am I becoming too negative??

See ya!
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 24, 2011
Yes Paxjds, this massive "crime syndicate" must always be viewed as the multi-headed "hydra" it has evolved into.

The BIS is the central money-launderer for the crime syndicate - along with being the "burier of secrets" for the banksters. Meanwhile, just as various Mafia "crime families" each have their particular areas of criminal expertise, the banksters engage in their serial plundering in a wide variety of means and venues.
written by paxjds, October 24, 2011
As a reminder to readers, JP Morgan is one of the initial founders of the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately held corporation owned by the Banks, They founded the Federal Reserve Banks around 1913.
To make matters worse for the people of the world, these banking founders of the Federal Reserve Bank, along with top Banksters from Europe formed the BIS (Bank of International Settlemnts) around 1928 or so headquartered in Switzerland. The BIC in its charter called out as one of its main purpose was to control the price of Gold, along with its chartered banks that own the BIS. And they all control the printing presses in various countries. The Swiss government even gives them diplomatic immunity and their employees do not have to pay taxes. Why does my mind think of Timothy Geitner everytime taxes are mentioned.
JP Morgan is obviously in charge of manipulating the Silver market. HSBC in charge of manipulating the Gold market. GLD is set up just like SLV
just different BIC sub bank handling the management chore for GLD.
The worlds largest Ponzi and casino scheme is run by the Bank of International Settlements. The Banksters, just like the Mafia, then have their next in command and part owners around the world that include: the JP Morgans, The Bank of New York, and quite a few top banks in Europe. Corrupted Politicians pass the laws that allow and perpetuate this worldwide corruption to continue. The sick Bastxxxs even think they are doing us a favor with the 'World Order' they bring us. Meanwhile, 99+% of the people of the planet remain enslaved by the Banksters.

written by tomccoy1, October 23, 2011
Interesting comment in the Murphy-Christian debate about Andrew MaGuire. Jeffrey Christian indicates that people in the bullion market do not know Andrew, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan. Jeffery Christian states "I question the fact that he (Maguire) probably never actually worked in the gold market, and he's an attention seeker. That is my view on that one."
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 23, 2011
Agreed Abperusdisvet.

What I liked about that exchange was how Christian said "Goldman Sachs claims they had never heard of Maguire. JP Morgan claims they never heard of Andrew Maguire. And I had never heard of Maguire."

And Christian was so SURE that this would convince people. LOL!

If Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Jeffrey Christian all insisted that the sky was blue, personally I would still want to look outside for myself...
written by apberusdisvet, October 23, 2011
Jeff: I watched the debate. Other than Christian's general obfuscation, the attack on Andrew Maguire was most telling; attack the messenger to deflect from the message. Pure marxist Saul Alinsky; from a member of the oligarchy no less.

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