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Interview with Charles Savoie

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In the relatively short number of years in which I have been researching and writing about the silver market, I have benefited greatly from the work (and the wisdom) of a number of “pioneers” to the precious metals sector. With respect to silver in particular, the two people who have done the most to educate me, and shape my views on the silver market are Ted Butler and Charles Savoie. Thus it is with great pleasure that I present this written interview with Charles Savoie.

Charles is a private researcher/historian who has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in compiling a vast body of research which he has titled “The Silver Stealers”. His chronology originally dealt primarily with events taking place in the 19th and early-20th century. However, he has since updated and expanded upon that initial chronology to include further events (and the individuals behind those events) right up to the present day. He links a relatively small but extremely powerful group of individuals (and often their descendants) together through two common “threads”: their propensity for actions which were extremely detrimental to the silver market and/or the holders of silver; and their membership in a little-known organization which they have called “The Pilgrims”.


1) What was it which first drew your attention to this particular era and the events which were taking place at that time? Was it your interest in the silver market, or is it your studies of this period which led you to become so bullish toward the silver market?

I did a multi-part series called “Britain Against Silver,” tallying over 324,000 words, which ran at Silver Investor site, beginning in August 2007.  I researched England’s activities globally against silver, using as reference resources The Times, London; the New York Times; Commercial & Financial Chronicle; Mining Congress Journal; China Weekly Review and many others.

I’ve been bullish toward the silver market since spring 1965, when as a boy of almost 11 years age I saw the first horrific debased cupronickel coins at a local laundromat.  These coins were commingled with the traditional 90% silver coins.  I implored my elder sibling who had charge of the excursion to secure as many silver coins as possible but was over-ruled.

I realized a major shift was taking place towards a cheapened currency medium, and that sensible persons would immediately hoard as many silver coins as they could afford.

2) What motivated you to undertake “The Silver Stealers”?

Apart from precious metals research, I knew something of The Pilgrims organization beginning with reading “Richard Nixon, The Man Behind The Mask,” 1971, by Gary Allen, Western Islands Publishers, Boston.  On page 223 Allen was speaking of one of Nixon’s mentors and financial angels, Elmer Holmes Bobst of Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Company and stated---“Bobst is listed as a member of the highly secret Pilgrim Society, which is even closer to the inner circle of the conspiracy than the CFR.”

That one statement started a fire in my thoughts that never stopped.  I had to find out all accessible details of this organization which I possibly could.  I spent hundreds of multi-hour sessions reading lengthy Who’s Who volumes, this was way before digital version existed.  I compiled lists of members.  I eventually realized that only 7 to 12% of members listed in Who’s Who volumes, identified themselves as members; knowing it would have no meaning to casual readers.

3) As succinctly as possible, who are “The Pilgrims”?

It’s a two branch organization, the London branch founded in 1902, the New York City branch in 1903.  It constituted the organization dreamed about by South African diamond operator Cecil Rhodes in his vision of “a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world.”

The organization is sponsored by the British Crown and drew into itself heirs of fortunes from the centuries old worldwide British Empire and the prominent North American “robber barons” of the 19th century---Rockefellers; Mellons; DuPonts; Astors; Vanderbilts and many others.  Both branches feature roughly 700 unidentified persons each---diplomats, ambassadors, admirals, generals, chairmen of mega-banks and large corporations, corporate and banking directors, trustees of major universities, foundations, research institutions and organizations of every description---and high U.S. and U.K. government officials, and some highly placed Canadians.

Members of the organization constitute the leadership of better known globalist groups.  Big “rich lists” put out by Fortune and Forbes are very likely misdirections, with persons who should be on those lists not there, and others intentionally ranked far down, with a bare fraction of their wealth visible.

4) Does this organization have any explicit theme or objective?

They speak about “promoting Anglo-American good fellowship” which itself can be accomplished totally outside the halls of state, yet they also speak of “the special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K.  Inescapably my conclusion early on was and has not changed, that they exist to re-take North America for the Crown; to use the United Nations as a base for World Government, under the Crown.

I have no speculation as to whether the Rothschilds tell the Crown what to do, or vice versa; the President and Secretary of State are always “honorary” members, and our ambassador to Britain; yet not one known textbook on government or political science mentions this fact!

5) How do individuals gain entry into the Pilgrims?

My deduction is by hereditary and marriage situations and men who can influence events at a high level are invited---key Ambassadors, generals, admirals, high government officials, Wall Street attorneys, corporation chairmen, megabank execs, managers of “think-tanks,” and large non-managerial shareholders.

6) Why is it that so few people have heard of this group (in comparison to other quasi “secret societies”), and what evidence do you have to document its existence?

There can only be one conclusion.  They stand “atop the pyramid” to use mystical parlance.  They form the management of many other globalist groups.  Their secrecy cannot be compromised due to a list leaking out; but several have leaked, and this facilitates penetration of the wall of silence.  Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those members who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims in 2003---

“…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society and kept the world on the right track.”

Documentation of their existence is profuse enough; read The Silver Stealers.  Enter on Google images “Pilgrims Society” or click on Those with hundreds of hours of free time may care to start reviewing dozens of old Who’s Who volumes.  However, I have already done this and concentrated the data.

7) Could you provide the motive or incentive which would explain the antipathy which the Pilgrims have had towards silver?

If an organization were conceived to “gradually absorb the wealth of the world” and existed to effect “the seizure of the wealth necessary” (American Review of Reviews, May 1902, especially pages 556-559) it follows they would have to destabilize historic money systems based on silver and gold, and supplant sound money with bogus currencies based on debt.

Silver represents monetary wealth outside their immediate control; they prefer investors to get into scams such as Iraqi dinars, or anything else unsound, in order to impoverish them.  Poor folks are easier to control than those of means.  Few economics texts even mention silver currency; they are content to have the public view silver merely as jewelry---preferably purchased from either of the two jewelry concerns currently members of the Silver Users Association!

8) What would you consider to be the first “major” initiative which the Pilgrims undertook in order to control or simply damage the silver market?

Based on their founding year of 1902, the following---in British India, it would be the continuation of the closure of the mints to free coinage of silver rupees; in America, it would be the Panic of 1907, managed mainly by the Morgan interests to scare the public as a tactic to lobby for a central bank, which we hadn’t had since 1836!

Ancestors of members, and some of those who were charter members, were very active against silver well before 1902, in the U.S. and the British influence over China and their control over India.

9) Many people, including myself (until recently) believe what we have read in our history books: that “The Great Depression” was caused by the crash of the U.S. stock market in 1929. However, your own research has produced a much different cause-and-effect account of this economic episode. Could you briefly summarize those events?

Interests in Britain have worked for centuries to move the world towards a synthetic currency system.  There is no better way to exploit nations than with debt based fiat “money.”  On August 4, 1926, the Report of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance was submitted to Lord Irwin, British Viceroy of India.

The report urged demonetization of silver and featured other perverse recommendations.  Viceroy Irwin then ordered the melting of Indian silver rupees to the extent of hundreds of millions of ounces.  After conversion to bullion, the metal was dumped on world markets in terrific quantities. [emphasis mine]

The artificial oversupply caused the price of silver to start skidding.  It reached an all time historical low of 24.5 cents per ounce by February 1931, down drastically from $1.34 in 1919.  The purchasing power of India, China and the entire Far East failed, resulting in U.S., English and European industries idling many millions of employees.  That was the sole cause of the Great Depression!

The Crown (or the Rothschilds) was forcing the world off silver money systems.  This in turn led to the second World War, an event which had been planned for over a generation.  The War yielded outcomes in keeping with the wishes of the elite.  The purpose of the market crash in October 1929 was to shear back the wealth of the non-aligned rich.

The elite had advance warning as to Federal Reserve policies which intentionally caused the October '29 crash.  But it did not cause mass unemployment.  The loss of exports to the Far East was the cause.  They couldn’t pay because England depressed the value of their silver money!

10) Many people are aware that the U.S. government essentially “confiscated” the gold of its citizens in 1933. Very few people know that in 1934 the U.S. government then proceeded to engage in silver confiscation as well. Could you identify that legislative act by the U.S. government for our readers, and a quick description of the pretext for this action?

The Silver Purchase Act of June 1934 helped provide Roosevelt with a “basis” for nationalizing silver, which he did with Executive Order 6814 on August 9, 1934, pursuant to which frightened Americans surrendered some 113,031,000 ounces to the Treasury Department.

The Act specified that the nation should seek to hold silver as part of its monetary base to the extent of up to one third of the value of the gold.  Of course, such superb monetary Presidents as Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and John Tyler would have never signed such an act, nor issued such an order, because they had unmatched comprehension of the fact that to serve as money, precious metals must be entirely free to circulate among the populace.  Jackson stated his wish to completely abolish paper “money.”

After paying 50.01 cents per ounce to intimidated citizens, the world price moved up 40%!  The Silver Purchase Act also had the effect of derailing China off its centuries old silver system as of November 3, 1935.  Even after that capitulation, the Treasury Department sucked 565,855,000 silver ounces out of China (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, March 23, 1940, page 1859).  These and other attacks on silver led to the second World War and the falling of China to Communism.

11) Would you care to speculate as to why this episode has essentially been erased from our history books?

In the 1870’s, Standard Oil Company was supplying editorials to over 300 newspapers to sway public opinion.  The elite knew many generations past they could not maintain control without control over information.

That’s why Senator Jay Rockefeller wants the President to have emergency powers to shut down the Internet.  There are an excessive number of non-censored sites in their view.  The Money Power bought up publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, or in many cases founded them.  It funded scholarships, fellowships, professorial positions, and economics departments at hundreds of universities.  Information unfavorable to their operations has been blacked out from day one.

12) Are you concerned about the possibility of silver confiscation today, and in what form do you hold silver personally?

Absolutely I’m concerned; that’s why I created “The Silver Stealers” documentary; also in June 2009 I released at Silver Investor, “Precious Metals Confiscation---Facts And Prospects,” a 312 page presentation straight from the pages of the Commercial & Financial Chronicle, the New York Times and various other public record sources.

These items could receive much wider distribution if certain groups purporting to be out for our best interests would care to do so; they have not.  The same elements back of Franklin Roosevelt still today hold the White House in a tight grip, and sabers are rattling more loudly against Iran.  During wartime the President has vast emergency powers.  All they have to say is “we have no silver stockpile, hoarders can’t be allowed to hold the nation hostage in wartime crisis” and the Executive Order is signed dispossessing us of our best means of protection against currency inflation the same interests use to make us poor!

I own mining shares in a top tier company and several juniors plus hard stuff---100 ounce bars being the largest; 50’s, 10’s, 5’s, 2 ounce, one ounce, half ounce, and 90% coins.  I acquired no numismatic coins except semi-scarce dates in nice condition when I could get them for the same rate as the commonest strikes.  I recognize the flexibility of holding silver in the smallest units---dimes.  My emphasis is on silver over gold as the price ratio is so wrong against silver.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, November 13, 2011
Thanks for the feedback Apberusdisvet! I agree that there is a LOT more to cover, but we didn't want to "overwhelm" readers to whom most or all of this material is new.

Yes, there are very few "institutions" within this sector that can be trusted. With gold the World Gold Council is essentially a large-cap miners organization that is MUCH too friendly with the bankers - and the Silver Institute is more or less a carbon-copy on the silver side.

Add in the quasi-official "record keepers" for the sector (GFMS and the CPM Group), and we certainly cannot trust everything we are told with respect to supply and demand. Indeed, especially with silver we have to wonder if we can believe ANY of what we're told concerning supply and demand...
written by Andy Bergeron, November 13, 2011
Jeff: this interview with Charles was great but way too short. Saw your interview on SGT; great stuff. Slightly OT, but there are many who point to a silver shortage; those at Sprott et al. According to Brother John, we can no longer trust the Silver Institute since they have Barrick and CME on the board. There should be a list somewhere of the largest silver industrial users whether for electronics (ie Samsung), Solar, or in the medical field. Although the US military may be the biggest user in weapons/systems, I doubt we would get a straight answer. Someone should establish contact with 30-40 users on a regular basis to examine their ease or difficulty of obtaining silver for their production needs. Any thoughts?
written by Joanne, November 12, 2011
There are very few global patriots of the people. Mr Savoie walks with Mr. S. Price and Dr. Ron Paul in our eyes.

Thank You
Earl & Mertis
Brian Boutilier
written by Brian Boutilier, November 11, 2011
Wow, well done Jeff! A thanks to Mr Savoie for the interview.

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