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The BIS: the bankers' money-launderer

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If the Mafia were ever to find a genie-in-a-bottle, and thus obtain the mandatory “three wishes”, there could be considerable debate over how it would choose to expend two of those wishes. However, it is an absolute certainty that one of the wishes would be used to invent a perfect “money-launderer” - an entity who could “launder” infinite amounts of their ill-gotten gains, with absolute secrecy and discretion.

The cabal of Western bankers has no need to rely upon the fortunes of chance to provide them with their own, perfect money-launderer, however. They already have the Bank for International Settlements (or “BIS”). In this respect, I am indebted to a regular reader who supplied me with a wonderful piece which thoroughly reviews the creation of, and the Charter for this most-odious of institutions.

Here I must confess to being derelict in my own education about the banksters. I was aware that the BIS was the “central bank of central banks”, but had no idea what that really signified. Thanks to an illuminating article on a web-site called “The August Review”, I now do understand the role of the BIS – and will pass along what I have learned to our own audience.

The BIS was created in 1930. Naturally, it was located in Switzerland, the nexus for all secret banking on the planet. Though it was officially created by “authorized agents” of the governments of France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Italy and Japan (along with the acquiescence of the Swiss government); as the article clearly demonstrates, this was primarily an American creation – and institution. Along with the six governments above who helped form and finance the BIS, there were three other “Charter” members: all private bankers, and all American.

Indeed, the planning and scheming that gave birth to the BIS was the product of three individuals, two American bankers, and a German. Of interest, the two American bankers had been appointed (in 1924), to an international committee responsible for getting “reparations payments back on track.” This referred to German war-reparations from World War I – which were mandated in the infamous Treaty of Versailles.

The punitive provisions of this “agreement” (which was essentially forced upon Germany) are widely credited with leading to the collapse of the German economy during the Weimar Republic, the hyperinflation which resulted from that collapse, along with the rise of the Nazi Party, and Adolph Hitler. Thus, by 1924, these banker-friendly governments were eager to get the money flowing again – in an atmosphere of extreme political tension, where the German government had already begun “cheating” on the terms of the Treaty.

It is necessary to understand the political/military/economic context of the times to fully appreciate the original purpose of the Bank for International Settlements, and the “needs” (of the bankers) which it was intended to satisfy. Essentially, the BIS was a vehicle designed to keep the money flowing between nations (and the banker-profits), irrespective of trivial details such as politics, wars, national allegiances, and the laws of nations.

In this respect, I will reproduce two, key “Articles” of the BIS' Charter, which were also contained in the “August Review” piece:


Article 2: inviolability

  1. The buildings or parts of buildings and surrounding land which, whoever may be the owner thereof, are used for the purposes of the Bank shall be inviolable. No agent of the Swiss public authorities may enter therein without the express consent of the Bank. Only the President, the General Manager of the Bank, or the duly authorized representative shall be competent to waive such inviolability.

  2. The archives of the Bank, and, in general, all documents and any data media belonging to the Bank or in its possession, shall be inviolable at all times and in all places.

  3. The Bank shall exercise supervision of and police power over its premises [emphasis mine]

Article 4: immunity from jurisdiction and execution

  1. The Bank shall enjoy immunity from criminal and administrative jurisdiction, [emphasis mine] save to the extent that such immunity is formally waived in individual cases by the President, the General Manager of the Bank, or their duly authorized representative.

  2. The assets of the Bank may be subject to measures of compulsory execution for enforcing monetary claims. On the other hand, all deposits entrusted to the Bank, all claims against the Bank and the shares issued buy the Bank shall, without the prior agreement of the Bank, be immune from seizure or the other measures of compulsory execution and sequestration, particularly of attachment within the meaning of Swiss law.


Let me put my education to use, and simplify this 'legalese': the Bank for International Settlements can do anything, to anyone, at any time; with absolute immunity to all of the laws of Switzerland, and (by necessary implication) the laws of all other nations.

The only, tiny exception to the Bank's complete immunity from all laws is with respect to “enforcing monetary claims”. In other words, if the Bank owes someone money, it can be forced to pay. This one, grudging exception to their absolute immunity is a necessity for all banks – even a totally lawless institution such as the BIS. It must convince its “clients” that their money is safe, and the only way to demonstrate this is to provide for the forcible return of monies owed by the Bank.

Only two people on Earth (both senior officials of the BIS) can waive any aspect of this absolute immunity. No one on Earth (outside of BIS officials) can even enter the premises without the express permission of one of those two individuals.

Nothing short of militarily occupying the Bank (and violating centuries of “Swiss neutrality”) could compel its actions, or obtain any of the data and records on its premises. Indeed, if the Mafia ever did obtain three wishes, it would use a wish to become the Bank for International Settlements – and forgo the other two wishes, as it would already have everything it could ever want.

Placing the creation of the BIS into its historical context, it was brought into existence to ensure that the bankers could continue to maintain their own profitability (through secret transactions, if necessary) irrespective of political or military developments - or economic developments, such as trade-embargoes.

Thus, as German Treaty-violations escalated, and resulted in political, military, and economic sanctions against Germany, the BIS allowed bankers (and their clients) to continue to do business with Germany – irrespective of whether any of this “business” was legal. As the Nazi Party came to power, and Germany began to overtly rebuild its war-machine (in flagrant violation of the Treaty), it was the BIS which allowed Western arms-makers to continue to ship arms to Nazi Germany – facilitating Hitler's rampage across Europe, and World War II.

In this respect, somewhere along the way, the arms money-laundering for which the BIS was created changed from being merely illegal to clearly treasonous. It has been widely rumored that Western armament manufacturers continued to supply Hitler's war-machine long after World War II officially began. As we can see from the Articles of the BIS (and the amoral acquiescence of the Swiss government), such acts of treason would have been effortless – and without risk – thanks to the Bank.

Given the “heritage” of the BIS, its status of being above all other laws on our planet, and the absolute cloak of secrecy which conceals all its actions, its possible transgressions since World War II are only limited by the extent of our own imaginations. Certainly, an institution which allowed itself to be used as a tool by Hitler is not constrained by any inherent “morality” of its own.

This would be an opportune time to point out that BIS officials are a part of the “club” of bankers who have expressly confirmed that the gold market is manipulated (visit GATA's web-site for further details), and endorsed such manipulation as a desirable activity. Despite being the primary beneficiary of suppression of the price of gold, the U.S. government has always denied any official involvement in the manipulation of the gold market.

Government officials smugly point to the lack of any paper-trail as “proof” that the United States is not directly involved in gold-manipulation. However, as we understand the role of the BIS, and the capabilities of the BIS, we now understand that such denials are meaningless. Any time the U.S. government desired to launch an “attack” on the gold market (through dumping gold), it could simply go to the BIS money-launderers, and engage in such manipulation with complete anonymity (and impunity).

Given the total veil of secrecy surrounding the BIS, and the refusal of the U.S. government to allow anyone to even see its supposed “hoard” of gold bullion (purported to exceed 8,000 tons) in more than 50 years, it doesn't take a great deal of imagination to “put two and two together”.

Shortly after the Crash of '08, an official from the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (part of their enforcement division) publicly accused Wall Street banks of “laundering” vast amounts of money from Mexican and South American drug-cartels – to “help” them get through their liquidity-crisis.

At the time that accusation was made, three questions popped into my mind, none of which was answered – until now. First, how did the UN know so quickly that Wall Street had ramped-up its laundering of drug-money? Second, how did Wall Street manage to increase its “business” with the drug cartels so rapidly (I presume you can't contact a drug-cartel simply by doing a “Google search”)? Lastly, why did the announcement draw such an apathetic response, from the entire global community? Surely someone was shocked/outraged about Wall Street “laundering” vast amounts of drug-money, while the U.S. incarcerates vast numbers of its own citizens each year – as part of its farcical “War on Drugs”?

When you've got a free weekend to spare, “Google” phrases such as “UN accuses U.S. of laundering drug-money” or “Wall Street accused of laundering drug-money”. Judging from the endless list of search-results, apparently the only people who weren't aware of the fact that drug-cartels had been long-term “clients” of Wall Street were ordinary chumps such as myself. And now we know how Wall Street engages in this particular aspect of its illegal dealings: via the BIS.

In short, referring to the Bank for International Settlements as merely “the central bank of central banks” provides far too little credit (and attention) to this entity which is the banksters' vehicle for any and every illegal act which they can dream-up in their greedy, little minds. It is the ultimate money-laundering entity – and the envy of all (other) “organized crime” on our planet.


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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, June 06, 2010
Lol, Breezer. What 'saves' me is that our site isn't big enough (yet) to make people squirm (except for perhaps Jeffrey Christian)...and obviously I was one of the LAST to figure out that laundering drug-money has been a profitable business for Wall Street for a LONG time.
written by breezer1, June 06, 2010
i am only guessing jeff but do you employ the services of a car starter and food sampler?
terrific article. thanks jeff.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, June 06, 2010
Paxjds, I actually rank the bankers' cabal as being even more evil than history's other tyrants. As warped as their ambitions were, at least they desired something 'positive' for their nations.

In the case of the banksters, they are a totally parasitic entity, which exist merely to suck the wealth out of anything and everything around them. And unlike parasites, the better 'fed' they get, the more voracious their appetites.

It's hard to envision a more purely malevolent class of 'human beings' (using the term loosely).
written by david sites, June 06, 2010
Great Revelation Jeff and putting pieces of history together. My thoughts:

This trumped up war in Afganistan is really about the flow of the poppies and their profits. Banksters and politicians need the Federal Reserve and Central Banks to launder the money all thru BIS when applicable or needed. People are dying all over who gets the drug money profits. Street drug dealers are periodically busted and imprisoned to make it look like progress is being made, but its not. Gov./Banksters dont want it cleaned up.

The "organized crime" also goes to the Federal Reserve Banks, Central Banks, and their major member banks like JPM and HSBC who are involved in the Bullion Price Fixing that Government Agents perpetually are incapable of busting. This is so because the politicians in the major countries are in the "pockets" of the Banksters. Recent vote a month or so in US Senate passed a bill to not audit the Federal reserve by over 60%. The Organized crime link is obvious to this old country boy, but oblivious to to all American and European Law enforcement agencies. What a joke! most whom are in jail are people who are horning in on the Banksters ill-legit business's.
The BIS sits at he top of the pyramid and all Bow to the new King George.

The Great New World Order is a bunch of thieves and banksters that think they are above the Law, even though they make the law thru payoffs. They are the super wealthy from the past: Morgan, Rockerfellers, Ford, Carnige, and their decendants. No doubt Gates and others more recently have joined in the fray. This New World Order needs to be stopped as it is no different then Hitler, Stalin, Musselini, and ToJO. In fact, it appears to be a mixture of all the above with Unchecked Capitalism thrown in for the top 1%.

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