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Friday, November 21, 2014
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Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part IV

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In the first three installments of this series I documented how U.S. economic terrorism had been unleashed on Euro-zone debt-markets, driving up their interest rates – and thus their deficits – exponentially. I then explained how the bankers and bond parasites had exploited this increased indebtedness to attach legal claims against the national gold-hoards which these Euro-zone economies purportedly possess. Lastly, I pointed out how the “loss guarantees” being imposed on these debts (starting with Greece) represented nothing less than perpetual debt-slavery.

In this final installment I will discuss the last “nail in the coffin” for individual Euro states, and their populations. The ultimate goal of these ruling Oligarchs is nothing less than the full, economic integration of Europe. Not only would this bind every European citizen to the debts of all the individual Euro states, but once full economic integration had been achieved then Europe’s wealth could be plundered as a single entity – much more efficient than their current nation-by-nation looting.

Naturally, this is not something which would be “welcomed” or even tolerated by most Europeans. First of all, national identities remain strong within these countries, and there is no desire for any greater degree of integration. Secondly, the economic atrocities inflicted upon us by Western bankers over the past three years have greatly exacerbated the regional economic disparities within Europe. Simply, the Northern “have’s” are adamantly opposed to what they see as the “subsidization” of the Southern “have not’s”.

Conversely, the banker-terrorists and bond Oligarchs are equally determined to impose a single, economic entity on all of the peoples of Europe. This became utterly imperative in the minds of these economic fascists in order to eliminate “the Iceland option”.

Knowledgeable readers will be aware that Iceland was initially a very eager “pawn” for the Western multinational banksters at the beginning of this millennium. However, after the Crash of ’08 exposed these banksters as the international crime syndicate we now know them to be, Iceland severed its ties with these thugs-in-suits – renouncing the fraudulent debts which the banksters sought to impose on the people of Iceland through loss guarantees.

At that point, the new mantra of these Oligarchs became “no more Icelands”. In part, this has been achieved by tightening their economic choke-hold on individual Euro zone economies – thus gaining added leverage on their weak, incompetent, and traitorous governments. The Oligarchs realized that they had been arrogant and sloppy in their handling of Iceland – never dreaming that the government of that tiny nation would be courageous enough to “call their bluff” and simply walk away from all of that fraudulent debt. They now seek to permanently eliminate the economic sovereignty of Euro states, ensuring that no other European nation can escape from the fascist debt-slavery these Oligarchs seek to impose.

The obvious question is: how can this be achieved? With most Europeans firmly opposed to any greater integration, and increasingly suspicious of the motives and actions of their own governments, it is highly unlikely that any of the current governments in Europe have the “political capital” to muscle-through such a plan.

As with most of the machinations of these villains, it is a multi-stage strategy. The first stage is nearing completion: taking several Euro-zone economies as close as possible to the brink of total economic collapse – without triggering outright bankruptcy/debt-default. The banksters realized that this had been part of their mistake with Iceland. At the time that they sought to impose their massive “loss guarantees” on Iceland (which would allow them to permanently blood-suck that economy), Iceland’s underlying economy was still reasonably prosperous/stable. Thus it was able to absorb the economic “shock” of walking away from the banksters’ debts – and the “penalty” of being shut out of international debt markets.

With Greece’s economy now in total ruin and Ireland, Portugal and likely Spain soon to follow, the banksters want to make these economies so ridiculously over-leveraged with debt, and debt-dependent that “walking away” would result in maximum economic devastation. At this point, there’s no reason to believe that they will fail to do to the other three “PIGS” what they have now accomplished with Greece.

The next stage of the plan has already been “launched”, in the sense that the strategy is being openly discussed (in order to create the right “climate” for the final stage). More and more bankers and Euro Zone officials are now proclaiming that a “Euro bond” represents the Final Solution for the “Euro debt crisis”.

In this respect, it is extremely ironic how the word “bond” has two entirely different definitions. On the one hand it can represent a “pledge”. On the other hand, it equally represents a rope or chain used to restrain us. By now, it is hopefully apparent to readers that a “Euro bond” would entirely fall under the latter definition.

The idea itself is that Europe, as a whole, would issue a majority of its debt in these generic “Euro bonds” which would be backed collectively, by all of the economies of Europe. This would effectively blunt much of Wall Street’s current “terrorist attacks” in the individual debt-markets on these nations, since such terrorism is perpetrated via the individual “credit default swap” markets of the various sovereign Euro-zone economies – thus driving up their interest rates.

A “Euro bond” would be tied to the European Central Bank interest rate, and issued at only a tiny fraction of the interest rates being inflicted upon individual European economies by Wall Street. Thus the “carrot” being dangled before the eyes of the Euro debt-sinners is that if they opt for a “Euro bond” it would dramatically reduce their borrowing costs – nearly making these economies solvent.

The banksters and bond Oligarchs are also hoping this will be extremely attractive to the more-solvent economies of Northern Europe, who are currently being called upon to bankroll all of the “bail-outs” for the debt-sinners of the South. Thus they will bombard the citizens of these northern European nations with propaganda assuring them that once a Euro bond is a reality that the Southern debt-sinners will cease to mooch any more “loans” from them.

Of course, as with any/every supposedly “benign” action by the banksters and bond Oligarchs, this supposed Final Solution is merely an illusion. Obviously, about two seconds after the first “Euro bond” was issued, Wall Street would wave its magic wand, and instantly a “credit default swap market” would be created for Euro bonds as well – within its private, totally unregulated derivatives “casino”. Instantly Wall Street would be able to drive-up interest rates on the Euro bonds exactly as it is currently doing to these nations individually.

All that creating a Euro bond would accomplish is it would allow Wall Street to simultaneously blood-suck all of Europe with a single terrorist attack. To construct a simple analogy, you live in a house where “terrorists” are planting a bomb outside your front door every day. Instead of putting a stop to the terrorism, you simply move to the house next door – and naively believe that the terrorist attacks will stop. Except in this case it would be like several terrorist-victims all moving into the same house, and believing themselves now to be safe, when all they have done is make things even easier for the terrorists.

Putting aside the fact that a Euro bond will worsen the debt-slavery of Europe rather than “fix it”, we can be absolutely certain that the corporate propaganda machine will hail the Euro bond as nothing less than “the road to economic Utopia”. In fact, that is precisely how the banksters described the derivatives market itself, when they first constructed their terrorist “machinery”.

Derivatives would magically and permanently lower the borrowing costs for everyone, and simultaneously lower the “financial risks” for everyone, and (totally incidentally) generate $trillions in profits for Western multinational banks. It was nothing less than the economic equivalent of a “perpetual motion machine”, except much less plausible. In fact the only part of that equation which has proved valid are the $trillions in bankster profits.

Sadly, it will almost certainly be an even easier “sell” with the Euro bond, since the Disciples of Friedman are well aware that the mass-fear which their economic carnage in Europe has generated will make their victims even more pliant and open to suggestion then back when Europe enjoyed relative prosperity and security. In fact, the banksters are absolutely counting upon the appeal of the Euro bond – since it is virtually their only “lever” to obtain their final objective: the full, economic integration of Europe.

It is the French who have fired the first salvo here, on behalf of the banksters and bond parasites. An “anonymous spokesman” for France’s President Sarkozy was quoted by Bloomberg as asserting that it would not be possible to create a Euro bond “without closer integration of Europe’s fiscal and budgetary regimes”.

For over a year, we have seen the EU essentially dictating terms to the Greek government in return for doing nothing but piling additional billions in debts atop the people of Greece. There has been no actual “help” provided to Greece at all. Clearly, if the EU is already able to impose its economic will on individual nations (once they have been sufficiently “softened up”), then the only way to create any “closer integration” of these economies is simply to take away the “rubber stamp” currently held by individual governments – the last remaining vestige of economic sovereignty.

As the Euro debt-sinners continue to be squeezed in Wall Street’s economic vise, we will see a relentless propaganda campaign in the months ahead. One branch of the propaganda will sanctify the creation of a “Euro bond”, while the other half will “lament” that this Final Solution will only be available to the people of Europe if they cede the last residue of their sovereignty.

Living on this side of the Atlantic, it’s impossible for me to make even an educated guess at the final outcome of this campaign to impose perpetual economic slavery on Europe. The fact that Europe’s various governments have not already exposed and renounced Wall Street’s economic terrorism (via credit default swaps) indicates that all of these Euro governments have been totally bought-off through many years of massive bankster campaign-bribes.

Indeed, all of these servile governments have shown themselves fully willing to impose suicidal “Friedman austerity” on their own people, and to heap infinite trillions in new debts onto the shoulders of their children and grandchildren. At the same time, they have devotedly served their masters in refusing to force the bond parasites to accept even a penny of “debt forgiveness” out of all their tens of trillions in fraudulent debts.

When I published my first commentary early in 2009 on this “21st century neo-feudalism”, I assumed that it would begin with the U.S. itself. With the U.S. economy already much more insolvent than Europe, and with Americans much more thoroughly brainwashed, I expected the Oligarchs to begin with “the low-hanging fruit”.

The more cosmopolitan cultures of Europe, and their “central” location in the world in economic and geographic terms has tended to generate a broader level of individual awareness than the couch-potato societies of North America. This makes Europe a much more difficult objective. However, it is now obvious that their “plan” (perhaps altered after their failure with Iceland) is to enslave Europe first.

The logical inference here is that the Oligarchs fear that if they completed their plundering of the U.S. economy and the economic enslavement of the American people first that such an obvious example would make enslaving the less-pliant serfs of Europe that much more difficult. After more than a year and a half of concerted terrorist attacks on European debt-markets, Europeans are now deemed “ripe” to be the first (Western) victims of Friedman’s economic fascism.

Should the Oligarchs be successful in their European campaign, then the apathetic sheep of North America meekly await their own “fleecing”.

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