Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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Germany the scapegoat for Anglo-American propagandists

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Germany the scapegoat for Anglo-American propagandists
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For months, I have been reading ill-considered diatribes from U.S. and U.K. media outlets (i.e. the propaganda machine) condemning German economic policy because it isn't reckless enough.

Naturally, the propagandists don't use those words. Instead, they criticize Angela Merkel and the German government for being too timid, and not a “team player”. But the reality is evident the moment they get into specifics with their criticisms.

They want lower taxes, more spending, and more “quantitative easing” - a term which is nothing but a euphemism for expanding the money-supply at an insane rate. To those who live in the real world, it is precisely those problems which caused the current economic crisis – along with the insatiable greed of bankers and non-existent oversight and regulation of the U.S. financial crime syndicate.

To all these “back-seat drivers” of German economic policy, I have one question: name one problem (of any kind) where the solution is to increase the activities which caused the problem in the first place?

If such a world existed, the obese could become thin by gorging themselves on cheesecake, thieves could rehabilitate themselves by doing more stealing, and compulsive liars could “repent” by telling even more fibs. In the case of the last two examples, engaging in more lying and stealing is exactly what U.K. And U.S. propagandists are “prescribing”to survive this crisis.

The “stealing” is accomplished through reckless spending initiatives, where 90% of the money somehow always ends up being funneled into the vaults of the banksters, while the massive deficits which fund this plundering of wealth can ultimately only be paid for by increasing tax revenues (i.e. stealing from taxpayers).

The “lying” refers to the lies of omission of the propagandists in mentioning what caused these problems in the first place, combined with the lies of commission in misleading the people about the consequences of such utterly irresponsible and intellectually bankrupt “solutions”- from the very offenders who created this crisis.

Perhaps the worst example of such trash is found in a piece of nonsense published by The Telegraph yesterday (“Europe in deepest recession since War, as Germany suffers”), which in unintended irony, described German economic policy as “bankrupt”. Indeed, it is the desire of the German government to avoid bankruptcy (or other, equally terrible outcomes) which compels the German government to reject the reckless (and temporary) band-aids advocated by the economic charlatans in the U.S. and U.K.

The magnitude of this Anglo-American sham becomes even more obvious when we consider the explicit goals of the economic policies of the U.S. and U.K. governments. They are seeking to preserve the wealth and power-base of the greedy, evil bankers whose reckless greed made them utterly oblivious to the level of their own folly. In addition, they wish to re-inflate the asset “bubbles” which the banskters used to carry out their reckless gambling in financial markets. What exactly is being fixed?

To simplify this complete dichotomy between rhetoric and rationality still further, lets consider the massive, debt problems which brought us to this precipice as being the problems of individuals, rather than governments.

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