Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
Norbull wrote:
Really sorry to see this thread come to an end Jeff.
However, I have to say that whilst I enjoyed the emailed versions of the commentary, and could find the thread via the email link, I always struggled to find 'The Daily Grind' on the BBC site. Even a site search does not bring it up. It needed a tab or link on the top of the home page.

Point noted Norbull. Yes, the "display" for this column was less-than-optimal.

That said; there are (were) in fact three ways to find The Daily Grind. The easiest way is the column of "Recent Forum Posts" on the lower left side of the homepage. It can also be found (relatively easily) by clicking on "Bulletin Boards" (on the toolbar at the top of the page), and entering the Forum menu. Finally; I frequently linked to it directly in my commentaries.

And (given the "bookmark" function) it shouldn't be too difficult for those who find/found this thread once to find it again...

Understandably, it is/was somewhat frustrating for readers tuning-in to a column where they are being told day after day that "nothing will ever change" in this insane/artificial paradigm until first (large numbers of) people understand what the real problems are, and then we make BIG changes in our totally corrupt societies.

Obviously that's not my fault. However (as it turns out) one of the most-difficult "messages" to communicate to readers is "don't shoot the Messenger".

01:57 PM
2 days ago
It would have been more convenient if this news item would have come out before I published my latest commentary on how India "evaded the One Bank's gold embargo". Instead, however, it has come out right after I wrote this commentary -- and thus can only be used to verify the contents of that commentary (in hindsight).

How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

Two points to add to what is written below: the estimate that Indian gold-smuggling increased by (only) 700% last year is based upon the number of gold SEIZURES by Indian customs officials. However, given that we appear to have witnessed systemic/deliberate "corruption" (in terms of India's government allowing smuggled gold into the country); one must assume that this report of a 700% increase in gold-smuggling is just a tip-of-the-iceberg number.

The other point to note is that this smuggling was continuing to accelerate all the way through June of this year -- even after India's government had already begun relaxing import restrictions. This indicates how much pent-up APPETITE for gold had built-up in India, even though the gold-embargo only lasted half a year.

Gold smuggling surged seven-fold in India during 2013-'14: CBEC

According to the information provided by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) to the Ministry of Finance, gold smuggling has witnessed unprecedented surge during 2013-’14.

As per data, Indian Customs Department detected 2,419 incidents of gold seizures during the fiscal 2013-‘14. The value of seized gold during the period totaled Rs 678 crores. The seizure of smuggled gold has multiplied nearly seven times when compared with Rs 94 crores worth gold seized in 919 cases during the previous fiscal...
10:31 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's August 14th, and (after more than 700 daily editions) this is the final edition of The Daily Grind. Given this, let me explain (a final time) what we are seeing every day in these Hostage Markets.

Any quasi-legitimate commentator in this sector will acknowledge that silver is ridiculously under-priced, but none of these other commentators truly understand the implications of what they are saying when they make that statement. How can this be shown/proven? With nothing other than the daily chart for silver:

What does it mean when we say silver is "ridiculously under-priced"? It means that any/every (legitimate) chart of the silver market must have a very, very large scale, to reflect where the price of silver could be/should be (were this 'market' ever allowed to move freely).

Instead, at Basher Central, and throughout the Corporate media (and the entire Wonderland Matrix) all you ever see are these pretend charts -- with a ludicrously compressed scale. But before I get to the implications of this, and the chart which we should be looking at every day; let me briefly comment on the remarkably regular, jagged line we see in this chart.

Very simply no human trading could ever produce such a rapid-but-regular zig-zag pattern such as this. We are looking at a 'market' where the trading is literally operated solely by a "machine" (i.e. a computerized trading algorithm). Any human trading in these markets is totally drowned-out by that Machine. It is further proof of the Master Trading Program, and Hostage Markets; all inside the Wonderland Matrix.

But note the anomaly here. What we clearly see (precisely during the hours where the New York market opens/closes) is that the Machine is being turned off (the jagged pattern magically disappears -- instantaneously). Why? Because the price of gold has been edging higher, and (as I've explained several times recently) the banksters are suppressing silver much more strongly than gold at the moment -- thus they need to manually manipulate the price of silver.

The Machine moves the two markets in lock-step. With the price of gold edging higher at the moment, the Machine has to be turned off, in order to prevent silver from moving higher with it. When the Criminals in New York go home, the "switch" is flicked, and the Machine is turned back on again.

Note what else we observe in the pattern above. The INSTANT that the machine is turned off each morning, the price of silver surges higher -- until the One Bank is able to strong-arm the price back down again (manually). This is further proof of how much upward pressure there is on this market, AND further proof that any legitimate chart of silver would have to have a gigantically increased scale.

This brings us back to the truly significant point here. If we were to assign even a quasi-rational price for silver today (given that Western currencies are literally worthless), a starting point would be to add a "zero" to the end -- i.e. $200/oz. Thus for any chart on the silver market to be MATHEMATICALLY LEGITIMATE (at all), it would have to be scaled so that the top of the chart went to (at least) $200/oz.

This would require that any existing chart of the silver market (in the entire world) be scaled larger by a factor of at least 100, because no existing chart today is scaled in a mathematically/statistically legitimate manner. Rather, the people who create these charts have continued to scale them smaller, and smaller, and smaller (each year of this Hostage Market), not understanding that by doing so they eliminated any graphical/mathematical legitimacy in that chart -- and (instead) turned it into a propaganda tool.

To be more precise; the current chart we're looking at from Basher Central would have to be scaled larger by a factor of at least 300 to make it statistically legitimate. In other words, Kitco's pretend-chart of the silver market simply magnifies the "trading noise" (generated by the Machine) by a factor of 300 (by squishing down the silver chart to 0.3% of its actual size).

This creates the illusion that the price of silver actually "moves", when (in statistical terms) it has been absolutely frozen for many, many months. The only time the silver market has actually "moved" at all in statistical terms (in more than 3 years) has been when the banksters have marched it lower, in another one of their criminal operations.

If we were to look at a real chart of silver for the last 3+ years; what we would see is a series of TOTALLY FLAT horizontal lines, connected by perfectly straight (downward) diagonal lines. All it would take to prove to any person who had never looked at a silver chart before that we have "hostage markets" would be to look at a legitimate chart of this "market" (i.e. crime scene). And then if one to were to focus some ultra-powerful magnifying glass on any segment of one of the flat lines (magnifying it at least 300 times), we would see the chart above.

A totally flat line, day after day, month after month, and (now) year after year. Thus if we ever saw a real chart of the silver market -- and this series of absolutely flat lines -- all the other "analysts" in this sector would also be able to figure out that we have Hostage Markets, and permanently end their delusion that this is a "market".

Put another way, all it takes to fool the other commentators in this sector is for the Liars to squish-down the silver chart to less than 1% of its actual size, thus magnifying the trading "noise" generated by the machine by a factor of (in this case) 300, and feigning "movement" in this pseudo-market. You won't read this anywhere else because, plainly and simply, other commentators (and even the people who create these charts) do not know what they are looking at when they see this chart each day.

I had hoped that producing a daily column on the precious metals sector which is totally unique, and (in my opinion) superior to what can be found elsewhere would (eventually) generate a loyal following. I was wrong.
Aug 14
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday August 13th, and (as promised) I'm going to present my second approach to debunking this silver-fix farce -- this time in a piece for Sprott Money.

‘The Silver Fix’ and The Iceberg Strategy

As I began to explain previously; I've used two distinctly different approaches to analysis in order to make (roughly) the same point in these commentaries. The first, BBC-version (as previously mentioned) was analysis-by-analogy: comparing geopolitical "false-flag" operations to corporate/financial false-flag charades (such as this).

Conversely in this piece my approach is analysis-by-metaphor. Rather than comparing this silver-fix charade to a concept with which most readers are already familiar (the "false-flag attack"); I invented a (simple) metaphor to use, to accomplish the same purpose -- the iceberg.

Note that in using significantly different approaches in analysis that (inevitably) the two commentaries also present this charade from slightly different perspectives. The first (BBC) piece focuses on the fact that we're dealing with a form of self-exposure/persecution intended to simulate a "purging" of corruption.

In this newer piece (using the "iceberg" metaphor); the commentary still revolves around pretending to "purge corruption" in the silver market, but in this piece the focus is on the fact that the charade involves only showing us A TINY PORTION of the overall crime/fraud being committed.

It would be impossible to present both approaches in a single commentary. And, also, readers may have differing opinions about which approach is more effective. Using (abstract) metaphors is a very inoffensive way of making an analytical point -- as I did previously, discussing (hypothetically) the "chocolate bar market" as a metaphor for illustrating the effects of silver manipulation.

Silver: Shorting Consumes, Investing Conserves

Conversely, with the BBC-version (which used analysis-by-analogy); analogies can be much more-provocative -- as readers have seen with many previous commentaries which engaged in a similar approach. In this case; the analogy not only serves to convey information about the silver fix, but about the analogy itself (since the mainstream media produces such despicable lies on this subject).

Did readers find this approach effective? Distracting? Or were feelings about this approach simply ambivalent? Do you prefer analysis-by-metaphor instead, because of the lesser potential for controversy/confrontation regarding some of the ugly truths in the Wonderland Matrix?

Feedback is the primary means by which writers improve the quality of their work. So unless readers/Members here feel like I've already achieved perfection with my own writing (lol!); how about letting me know about what you liked, and (even more important) what you didn't like here???

Aug 13
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Global FIncial System: On Life Support in the forums.
Thanks DayOwl, but I'm afraid I can't endorse this one myself.

There are two problems here. The first (which really drives me crazy) is writers like this who use euphemistic gobbledy-dook as much of their terminology. Let me provide just two examples.

At the beginning he talks about the "danger"(?) of "positive feedback loops" in the financial system. He's talking about (sort of) how the One Bank has so severely skewed the global economy with its various frauds, manipulations, and the actions of its puppet-politicians that it is rapidly blood-sucking the whole, global economy dry.

Yet, when he uses euphemisms like "positive feedback loops", first of all using the word "positive" suggests something which is BENIGN -- when (supposedly) he's describing a gigantic financial cancer. Then we have an even more abominable euphemism which he uses later: "NIRP" (Negative Interest Rate Policy). And all he says about this is that Savers would have to pay in order to "save" their money in any financial institution.

This is open, economic RAPE -- and all we get from this guy is another euphemism. I would strongly suggest that this is another piece of Disinformation, as it fits the pattern: down-play the severity of the ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE which has been created (and at no point does he indicate the desperation/hopelessness of the current crisis). Secondly, he disguises much of the worst aspects of this rape-paradigm with euphemisms.

Obviously people here know that I construct my own labels/terminology in my writing (since people have been conditioned to 'think' via labels). But compare the sorts of labels I use in my own writing:

"Hostage Markets"
"the Wonderland Matrix"
"the One Bank"

Where my labels/terminology is clearly differentiated from that in this clip is that my labels are descriptive, in two ways. They describe the nature of the label as closely as possible, and they indicate they severity of the problem as well:

"one bank"
"hostage markets"

It's always possible that some of these commentators are simply poor communicators. However, what obviously attracted you to the clip in the first place is that the speaker seems to have a fluent understanding of what is currently going on -- suggesting a relatively high level of intelligence. In turn, this suggests he is more likely a Jim Rickards-style Disinformation Artist, rather than someone wanting to get the truth, but simply using clumsy, non-communicative labels to convey his message.

I would suggest (as with Rickards) that the only people listening to this who would actually KNOW what he was talking about were the already Aware. Show me one portion of this clip that would/could rouse one of the Sheep from their propaganda-comas.

This is how these Disinformation Artists operate: they placate the Aware (by seeming to sound like "one of Us"), while with respect to the Sheep they do nothing but baffle-with-bullshit.

You're not going to wake-up any of the Sheep tossing terminology at them like "positive feedback loops" and "NIRP". They will have absolutely no idea what the speaker is referring to. But even a Sheep can understand what is (directly) implied by "the One Bank" (a gigantic, financial monopoly). Even a Sheep can understand what is implied by "Hostage Markets" -- market which have been totally corrupted.

I refuse to believe that other commentators such as this are incapable of communicating in PLAIN ENGLISH. That leaves only two possibilities: because of his pompous sense of self-importance he uses terminology intended to only be partially-understood (in order to make himself seem more like a savant); or he's deliberately using such terminology (as a Disinformation Artist) in order to confuse/placate the Sheep.
Aug 13

Any readers/Members who have not yet viewed these clips needs to do so -- or you will never fully understand the Peak Oil "equation".

Aug 13
Regular readers have heard me assert in commentaries (on several occasions) that the massive, permanent, structural, and deliberate unemployment in just the U.S. exceeded 50 MILLION people, and that (by extrapolation) total unemployment across the West "exceeded 100 million".

Lies, Inflation, and the Minimum Wage
The Truth About Western (Un)Employment

Some readers may have assumed that those numbers represented hyperbole/exaggeration -- since they were so much larger than any numbers produced by any other writer/analyst. It turns out that I was being conservative.

Straight from the mouth of the Chief Prostitute of the IMF (Christine LaGarde), we now hear that Western unemployment is "at least 200 million." Thanks to Andy Sloan for the link to the clip below!

Understand that these numbers are much, much, much larger than the CUMULATIVE totals for unemployment fed to us by our lying Traitor Governments. They only acknowledge about 1/4 of that total.

I just started listening to this clip (this revelation came in the first 3 minutes - lol), and with Christine LaGarde we are obviously dealing with a set of "loose lips" roughly on par with those of the blunder-prone Jeffrey Christian (one of the One Bank's male prostitutes).

Jeffrey Christian's 100:1 Blunder
The Great Debate, Part II: Christian Confesses
The Great Debate, Part III: 'Loose-lips' Does it Again

...thus this clip (which is one hour long, in its entirety) should provide me with enough "material" for at least one commentary -- and possibly several.

Note that LaGarde also spends a lot of time spreading half-truths about what are the (future) intentions of the One Bank. Thus almost certainly alert listeners will be able to pick out several more instances where LaGarde "said too much" (for anyone paying close attention).

These Disinformation artists (people like Jeffrey Christian, LaGarde, and Jim Rickards) all suffer from one, common defect: they think that they are much smarter than they actually are. Thus people such as these tend to always "say too much" -- giving analysts like myself an abundance of ammunition/evidence for my own work.

Aug 12
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money in the forums.
And (after much ado) here is my second version/commentary covering the silly farce surrounding "abolishing" the London silver-fix. As promised; this is a very different analysis than in my BBC-version on the same subject:

‘The Silver Fix’ and The Iceberg Strategy

As all regular readers now know, we do not have markets. What the bankers and drones of the Corporate media call “markets” are now just totally rigged casinos. These crooked casinos manipulate all of our real-world markets, all of the time via a single, computerized trading algorithm.

This Master Trading Program is so overwhelmingly massive and dominant in its size and scope that it produces more than 100 phony/illegal trades per second – in just the commodity markets of the CME, according to evidence submitted in a new, class-action law suit. It is this electronic mechanism for totally controlling our markets which has created what we now know as Hostage Markets, and has made all other forms of market-manipulation obsolete and irrelevant...
Aug 12
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Tuesday August 12th. I'm hoping that my second piece on the abolition of the London silver-fix will be available tomorrow. In the meantime; we have a wonderful item in the news available for discussion today: a report out of the Malaysian media that Malaysia is now openly accusing the West of having shot-down its airliner (and murdered all of the passengers).

What makes this such a wonderful item for discussion is that it comes to us immediately after an extensive discussion here of "false-flag events" (in various forms), because what we have here is yet another permutation of the "false-flag" strategy: stage an act of aggression against a totally innocent third party (Malaysia) -- and then blame your "enemy" for it (in this case, Russia).

There are numerous further observations to be made, staring with the level of barbarity. We now have confirmation of what most here probably suspected all along. The West (most likely under U.S. direction) shot-down the airliner of a nation not even remotely connected with the "conflict" in Ukraine, and murdered all of its passengers SOLELY so it could then manufacture (false) propaganda to use against Russia.

Let me repeat: the West (i.e. the One Bank) has just engaged in the cold-blooded murder of more than 200 totally innocent people, just to provide fodder for another one of their lies to demonize Russia, in connection with the Ukraine. Yet (as we have seen) Russia is also a totally innocent party here.

Murdering the innocent people of an innocent nation, so they could manufacture (more) lies to use in a vicious campaign of political/economic persecution -- against another innocent nation.
Of course murdering the innocent passengers of airliners in order to manufacture false propaganda is nothing new to the U.S. -- as we saw with "9/11".

What we see -- yet again -- is that there is no form of evil to which these fascist regimes will not stoop, and FALSE-FLAG tactics are involved in most of these acts of evil. For any readers who still found it 'hard to swallow' when I made the obvious observation that all of the "rocket attacks" against Israel were just more false-flag tactics, think again -- now that we have Malaysia PUBLICLY ACCUSING the West of yet another false-flag atrocity.

Many months ago; I made the observation that the One Bank (and its puppet-governments) had become "comic-book Villains", meaning that the only place we have ever (previously) seen "evil" of this magnitude and this intensity is in the writing of comic-books. I was going to include "James Bond" movies for comparison as well, except that "SPECTRE" was just a group of Boy Scouts in comparison to the evil of the One Bank -- and their "mega-crimes" appear so tiny in comparison to the acts of evil of the One Bank.

"Truth is stranger than fiction", so the saying goes. Well, when it comes to the One Bank and its (endless) comic-book atrocities, we have roughly a tie. So, for any readers who want to speculate on how "low" (how evil) the One Bank will stoop in committing its next false-flag atrocity, try reading some comic-books for some "ideas"...

P.S. Note the details below:

...the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a jet that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.
It wasn't enough for these totally evil fascists to simply ensure that the airliner was brought down. They wanted to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that every passenger on board was murdered -- in order to maximize the BODY COUNT for their lies against Russia.

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

A Thursday article in the New Straits Times, Malaysia's flagship English-language newspaper, charged the US- and European-backed Ukrainian regime in Kiev with shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 in east Ukraine last month. Given the tightly controlled character of the Malaysian media, it appears that the accusation that Kiev shot down MH17 has the imprimatur of the Malaysian state.

The US and European media have buried this remarkable report, which refutes the wave of allegations planted by the CIA in international media claiming that Russian president Vladimir Putin was responsible for the destruction of MH17, without presenting any evidence to back up this charge.

The New Straits Times article, titled "US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft," lays out evidence that Ukrainian fighter aircraft attacked the jetliner with first a missile, then with bursts of 30-millimeter machine gun fire from both sides of MH17. The Russian army has already presented detailed radar and satellite data showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet tailing MH17 shortly before the jetliner crashed. The Kiev regime denied that its fighters were airborne in the area, however.

The New Straits Times article began, "Intelligence analysts in the United States have already concluded that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it. This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a jet that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth."...
Aug 12
The only surprise here is that the Malaysian media has the courage/integrity to "go public" with this. Obviously the Malaysian media didn't get this idea on their own -- it had to come from the Malaysian government.

There was never any motive for Russia (or so-called "rebels") to shoot-down the plane in the first place. Conversely (as we have seen) there was an ENORMOUS motive for the West to shoot-down the plane itself (and murder all the passengers) -- and then BLAME RUSSIA. Thus, what we see here is simply a different permutation of "the false-flag attack". Stage an act of violence/aggression; blame someone else for your own crime(s).

Given my own, extensive discussion of "false-flag" events recently, the timing of this revelation is perfect. I say to readers once again: EVERY TIME the propaganda machine "reports" some new act of violence/aggression, simply IGNORE anything/everything said by the Corporate media about "who was responsible" -- because the reliability of such assertions is near ZERO.

Instead, think for yourselves. Ask yourself the same question every time one of these acts of violence/aggression is reported: who BENEFITS THE MOST from the violence/aggression (and thus has the best motive)? Find the best motive, and you will almost always find your guilty party.

Here, Russia never had any motive, and the West has/had a giant motive. Now that the 'dust' has begun to settle, we see the real Victim here (Malaysia) blaming the real guilty parties -- the fascist Western bloc.

These puppet-governments of the One Bank have descended into such overt evil, and totally abandoned any standards of decency/civilization, so it's now a safe bet to ASSUME that most of the atrocities (actually) committed around the world were/are either directly or indirectly perpetrated by the Western bloc.

We are serfs/citizens in the most Evil Empire to have ever existed on this planet.

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

A Thursday article in the New Straits Times, Malaysia's flagship English-language newspaper, charged the US- and European-backed Ukrainian regime in Kiev with shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 in east Ukraine last month. Given the tightly controlled character of the Malaysian media, it appears that the accusation that Kiev shot down MH17 has the imprimatur of the Malaysian state.

The US and European media have buried this remarkable report, which refutes the wave of allegations planted by the CIA in international media claiming that Russian president Vladimir Putin was responsible for the destruction of MH17, without presenting any evidence to back up this charge.

The New Straits Times article, titled "US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft," lays out evidence that Ukrainian fighter aircraft attacked the jetliner with first a missile, then with bursts of 30-millimeter machine gun fire from both sides of MH17. The Russian army has already presented detailed radar and satellite data showing a Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet tailing MH17 shortly before the jetliner crashed. The Kiev regime denied that its fighters were airborne in the area, however.

The New Straits Times article began, "Intelligence analysts in the United States have already concluded that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it. This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a jet that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth."...
Aug 12
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
P.S. As indicated last week; I'm very eager to get some READER FEEDBACK on these two pieces (with their dramatically different approaches). However, there are two ways in which interested readers can provide such feedback.

You can either simply rate/analyze/critique the two pieces one at a time, or you can wait to see both -- and then compare/contrast them. Either approach would be appreciated.

Aug 11
Jeff Nielson created a new topic OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
One of the most REPULSIVE aspects of the Western propaganda machine is how it has CONDITIONED the members of our societies to be ultra-judgmental toward the peoples/societies of other nations -- especially African and/or Muslim nations/cultures.

We are programmed, without exception, ever, to view our own societies as more advanced, more enlightened, and simply "more civilized". Conversely, African/Muslim cultures are depicted (almost without exception) as being primitive, brutal, barbaric, and often simply crazy. Conversely (especially in the U.S.) the Sheep are programmed to IGNORE any primitive/brutal/barbaric behavior in our own societies -- unless it's for the purpose of demonizing a particular minority group.

Thus this post is a (badly needed) "reality check" -- a very, very disturbing reality check. Indeed, the two items I'm posting below (one American, one Canadian; one current, one 20 years old) are so disturbing that I'm literally feeling sick to my stomach merely contemplating the contents.

In the first news item; a U.S. couple called the police to come "investigate a foul smell" in their home, and the police found the ROTTING CORPSE of their young son -- who had been dead for four days. Another of their children was so close to death that (as of this time) she's in a coma.

These 'parents' have (had) five children, the eldest of which is at least 10 years old. Ponder these points as you read through the news items below (if you dare).

1) The parents themselves are so emotionally/mentally disturbed that they called the police to come to "investigate" a child killed by their own, serial neglect/torture.

2) They are so emotionally/mentally disturbed that they were UNAWARE that one of their own children had died four days ago. Didn't they get "suspicious" even once, when one of their five children failed to show-up at meals, day after day???

3) And what of that society? Five tortured/abused children (with the oldest at least 10 years old) and NO ONE NOTICED??????? The neighbours didn't notice (or didn't care)? The children's teachers didn't notice (or didn't care)?

How could that possibly be? I would suggest that the only way that five children could be serially tortured for at least 10 years is because "they didn't stand out". In other words; there were so many other maltreated children in what MUST BE a poverty-srtricken neighbourhood that these five victims didn't "stand out" enough to be noticed...before it was too late.

And lest any members of our Canadian audience think to themselves "this could never happen here", IT DID -- twenty years ago, in my own home province of British Columbia. The victim's name was Matthew Veudreuil, and the monster was his mother, Verna.

Verna Veudreuil was a severely emotionally/mentally disturbed, drug-abusing prostitute, and in any compassionate, civilized society, she herself would have been in some sort of institutionalized care -- the way our societies used to be, only 40 years ago.

Instead, she was on 'the street', got pregnant (while 'turning tricks' and abusing drugs), and became a "single mother" -- with full (and only partially supervised) custody of a child for which she could never, ever have possibly cared for properly. But in OUR societies she was deemed "a fit mother" (how low is that "bar"?).

From before the age of three; Matthew demonstrated CLASSIC SIGNS of child abuse. How did our society "investigate"? The "social worker" assigned to ensure to Matthew's safety asked Verna why "Matthew was acting so strangely".

The mentally-disturbed, drug-abusing prostitute blamed Matthew, whining about how he was "a very difficult child". Case closed.

Matthew eventually succumbed to his serial-torture at the age of six. Officially the cause of death was death by asphyxiation. At the time of death he weighed 36 pounds.

Think that these are just one-in-a-million aberrations? Try looking up "Münchausen's syndrome by proxy". This is where a "caregiver" (almost always a mother) tortures her own children in order to garner sympathy and attention for herself. How did I discover this ghastly dirty-little-secret, which is never discussed in our sanitized, Corporate media?

Ironically; I was watching an episode of the U.S. program "Cold Case Files". What "cold case" episode led to this horrific revelation? A mother who was a REGISTERED NURSE had murdered one of her children (after nearly killing him several times hadn't gotten her enough attention), and turned her daughter into a vegetable.

The cause-of-death for the son was "caffeine overdose", as a massive (and well past lethal) level of CAFFEINE PILLS was found in the boy's stomach. The cause-of-death (at the time) was ruled "accidental" -- despite the boy's previous near-death experiences, and the mother's status as a registered nurse -- and it took roughly SEVEN YEARS before anyone in law enforcement "got suspicious".

In short; think about this the next time you read some piece of Western propaganda, where (allegedly) some Muslim or African individual(s) has engaged in some "horrible act". One thing we never read about in this endless "news" about alleged "atrocities" are these people engaging in the serial torture of their own children.

This particular form of deviant behavior is unique to the "civilized" cultures of the West.

P.S. The HEAVILY SANITIZED version of Matthew Veudreil's murder (i.e. the "official inquiry") is included solely for the purpose of corroborating many of the facts above.

Pennsylvania mother smells foul odor, finds son died 4 days earlier

A mother, alerted by a foul odor, found out her son died four days earlier in their Pennsylvania home, and on Monday an autopsy was under way and the boy's father remained jailed in the case.

The 8-year-old boy, Jarrod Tutko, Jr., was among five children in the family who suffer from medical or developmental problems, according to the Harrisburg Patriot-News website.

He was being cared for by his father in an upper bedroom of the Harrisburg home while his mother, Kimberly Tutko, tended to his 10-year-old sister, who is comatose, on another floor, according to the Patriot-News website.

The mother had not seen the boy, who was prone to smear feces on himself, in four years out of fear she would carry an infection back to his sister, the news site reported...

Matthew's Story
Aug 11
...almost forget to add one more quote, Seigman asserting that Israel has already stolen 98% of the Palestinian homeland.

The Genocide progresses.

Aug 11
"...refugee again"

The Western propaganda machine rarely "puts a human face" on the war-crimes and atrocities being committed by Israel against the Palestinians -- so I certainly wasn't going to let this piece slip by.

Did bombing the home out from under this 85-year-old Palestinian three times really "make Israel safer from terrorists"??? Nope, but it did help to keep Israel "on schedule" with respect to its GENOCIDE of the Palestinian people.

Presumably, if you're a Palestinian living in Gaza, and your home hasn't been destroyed by Israeli bombs at least once, that makes you "lucky". But it's a different sort of "luck" than the Israelis have -- where the 10's of THOUSANDS of (supposed) "rocket attacks" against Israel never, ever hit anything.

I'm sure that Palestinians would give anything to have a little of that sort of "luck" themselves.

Bombed three times, 85-year-old Palestinian is refugee again

Palestinian Ibrahim Mohammad al-Toum, 85, sleeps on the floor on a thin mattress in a Gaza schoolroom, displaced for the third time in six years.

A farmer of oranges and lemons, his house in northern Gaza City has been bombed in each of the three Israeli-Palestinian conflicts since 2008. He has no idea why he has been singled out in this way.

"Why did they do it? Why? It is unfair, unfair! I am a peaceful man!" he said, sitting on the mattress in the schoolroom, surrounded by members of his extended family...
Aug 11
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Race-riots in New Orleans in the forums.
Another racially-motivated(?) killing by U.S. police, more riots-in-the-streets and looting. Just another typical day in the good, ole USA...

Riot erupts following St. Louis area shooting
Aug 11
Jeff Nielson created a new topic NATO predicts "Russian invasion" of Ukraine in the forums.
As I urge readers to do regularly on their own; I've "translated" another piece of the Corporate media's propaganda -- once again targeting Russia as the new faux "enemy". If NATO "predicts" that Russia will invade Ukraine, what does this mean?

It means that either the West's fascist nations plan on doing something so outrageous/extreme that it will PROVOKE a move by the Russian military (more war-crimes on the way?); or, the Fascists simply plan on CLAIMING that Russia has "invaded Ukraine" -- even without any military action by Russia.

Clearly the One Bank's political lackeys are emboldened by how the mindless Sheep have been heedlessly slurping-back the West's LIES about Ukraine -- without the slightest sign of "indigestion". And what happens any/every time we see the Sheep behaving in this manner? The lies get much, much bigger...

NATO sees 'high probability' of Russian invasion as Ukraine troops close on Donetsk

NATO said on Monday there was a "high probability" that Russia could launch an invasion of Ukraine, where the government said its troops have been closing in on Donetsk, the main city held by pro-Russian rebels.

Kiev said it was in the "final stages" of recapturing Donetsk, by far the biggest city under the control of the pro-Russian rebels. The battle for the city could be a decisive turning point in a conflict which has caused the biggest confrontation between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

An industrial metropolis with a pre-war population of nearly 1 million, the main rebel-held redoubt rocked to the crash of shells and gunfire over the weekend and heavy guns boomed through the night into Monday from the outskirts of the city...
Aug 11
Finally, at roughly the 41:00 mark, Seigman starts to describe the official policy of the MAJORITY of Israel's current government: preventing (always/forever) the Palestinians from ever having any state of their own.

This is precisely the "slow-genocide" I have spoken of frequently in the past. Trapped forever (by military force) inside Israeli gulags, while the Israeli government systematically starves-out (or murders) the population.

The official policy of the majority of Israel's current government is Palestinian genocide.
Aug 10
Sean from SGT Report pointed me towards this important interview from "Democracy Now"...

Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, Calls Assault on Gaza: “A Slaughter of Innocents”

(Thanks Sean!)

Why is this an "important interview"?

Henry Seigman is a former executive director of the American Jewish Congress, and is considered "a leading voice of Jewry" in the United States. Fortunately, unlike myself (and Sean) he doesn't have to worry about being labeled "anti-Semitic" for his harsh criticism of Israel.

Why else is this important? Simply go through it and pick out quotes, starting from the one cited by Democracy Now: that Israel's (latest) Gaza invasion is "a slaughter of innocents".

Then there was this very, very interesting quote on the so-called "rocket attacks" from (supposedly) "Palestinian terrorists":

"The rocket attacks NEVER SEEM TO LAND ANYWHERE..."

Seigman refers to this as "luck" (lol!) -- yes, TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES. That's an awful lot of "luck".

How many more rocket-attacks-to-nowhere will it take for someone like Seigman to call this Israeli charade what it is: simply SERIAL false-flag attacks by the Israeli government? 100,000? 1,000,000? When do the endless/infinite "misses" of these rocket attacks cease to be "luck"...???

Note that Democracy Now also quotes Israeli terrorist: Benjamin Netanyahu -- pompously (and hypocritically) claiming that "the difference" between Israeli and Palestinians is that "in our society there is no place for such Murderers".

Note the (implied) very narrow definition of "murder", when carried out by an Israeli. When the Mossad engages in another one of its endless "assassinations", that is not "murder". When these Israeli terrorists launch one of their Predator Drones (into a one of the world's most densely-populated civilian populations) and a dozen or two dozen (acknowledged) "innocent civilians" are killed.

And when these Israeli war-criminals repeatedly, deliberately bomb UN Humanitarian Shelters -- on purpose, because all the locations are clearly identified -- that is not "murder" either. In fact, it seems that no matter how an Israeli kills a Palestinian that it is NEVER "murder".

It sure makes things much easier when it comes to pretending to be "the Good Guys".

Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents"

Given his background, what American Jewish leader Henry Siegman has to say about Israel’s founding in 1948 through the current assault on Gaza may surprise you. From 1978 to 1994, Siegman served as executive director of the American Jewish Congress, long described as one of the nation’s "big three" Jewish organizations along with the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League. Born in Germany three years before the Nazis came to power in 1933, Siegman’s family eventually moved to the United States. His father was a leader of the European Zionist movement that pushed for the creation of a Jewish state. In New York, Siegman studied the religion and was ordained as an Orthodox rabbi by Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, later becoming head of the Synagogue Council of America. After his time at the American Jewish Congress, Siegman became a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He now serves as president of the U.S./Middle East Project. In the first of our two-part interview, Siegman discusses the assault on Gaza, the myths surrounding Israel’s founding in 1948, and his own background as a German-Jewish refugee who fled Nazi occupation to later become a leading American Jewish voice and now vocal critic of Israel’s policies in the Occupied Territories...
Aug 10
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Civil war in Libya intensifies in the forums.
Readers of this thread will certainly recall the coup perpetrated in Libya, supposedly by so-called "Rebels". The reality was that the Gaddafi regime was overthrown (as usual), and their method was endless ILLEGAL carpet-bombing missions, which slaughtered Gaddafi's forces by the thousands, while Western bombers simply flew above the carnage -- unscathed.

When Western bombs had obliterated the Gaddafi regime (and killed Gaddafi himself), the puppet "Rebels" took power -- who had already pledged their allegiance to Western Bankers. This was demonstrated when these Rebels announced they had formed a "central bank", even though they had no government of any kind, and absolutely NO CONTROL over Libya's monetary system.

However, it was only HOURS after that Rebel proclamation that Western bombing-missions began, after weeks of the West's Fascists pretending they were "reluctant to intervene". And when the Puppet-Rebels assumed control; the Libyan people got an immediate "history lesson", best expressed by The Who's Pete Townsend:

Meet the New Boss,
Same as the Old Boss.

Which was followed by the concurrent revelation (and title of that "Who" classic):

Won't get fooled again.

So now "rival factions" are attempting to topple Libya's new puppet-government, and (as usual) at least one of those "factions" will simply be a different, new, Western, puppet-group -- as Libya's current Puppets get a lesson in "loyalty" (lol) from their Puppet Masters.

All that can be said for certain at the moment in this chaotic, bloody morass (clouded by the propaganda of the Corporate media) is that the Libyan people are much, much worse off than when the West began its campaign to overthrow the Gaddafi regime.

P.S. The OTHER conclusion we can likely safely make is that the nearly 100 TONNES of gold formerly held by Libya's government (on behalf of its people) is long gone...

Heavy shelling resumes in Libyan capital Tripoli

Heavy shelling resumed in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Sunday after three days of relative calm following more than a month of street fighting between rival armed factions battling for control of the city's airport.

The North African OPEC oil producer is facing the worst violence since the 2011 war that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, with more than 200 people killed. Many Western embassies and international companies have evacuated staff members.

Southern Tripoli was covered by black plumes of smoke, with artillery and rockets hitting areas around the international airport, where two rival brigades of ex-rebels have established front lines.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the new exchanges. But the health ministry said it cannot reach hospitals because of power failures and gasoline shortages in Tripoli...
Aug 10
DayOwl wrote:
It would appear that Big Pharma is another Ponzi scheme. Despite outsized profits, they are chasing larger and larger profits, which would seem to point to structural insolvency, no matter how good the numbers look. Instead of being satisfied with business numbered in hundreds of billion$, they must pursue ever-greater distribution of drugs, and thus, profits. To be sure, greed plays its part. But, the increasing insanity of introducing more and more dangerous illnesses in order to push "cures" indicates intense desperation.

I think we can demonstrate the confluence of a collapsing financial system, unprecedented greed, and the out-of-control behaviors of elites who believe there are no longer any restrictions on their predations.

This too, shall pass. But it's going to be one heck of a bumpy ride.

P.S. Got going on my own rant so much (lol), I forgot what I was originally going to say in my reply. Yes, I fully agree with you about the "signs of desperation" of Big Pharma -- and it's largely a function of their own (previous) evil/immorality.

Having already flogged so many dangerous, not-properly-tested (and often unnecessary) drugs on Western populations -- and Americans, in particular -- just like the Big Banks, they're finding that their "legal liabilities" are rapidly eating into profit margins.

What's the only thing you see increasing in the ads on U.S. cable-TV as fast as the ads "promoting" Big Pharma's killer-drugs? The ads from the LAWYERS -- urging Victims of these drugs to contact them, and line-up for the next class-action feeding-frenzy.

Given how obviously evil Big Pharma is, and how well-connected; I don't think there's any doubt it's one of the One Bank's tentacles. And just with its favorite 'pets' (the Big Banks) to most-likely "cause of death" for these fraud-factories is "death by litigation".

First there was "Alien vs. Predator", now there's "Banker vs. Lawyer" (i.e. parasite versus parasite).

Aug 08
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Friday August 8th, and due to "circumstances beyond my control", neither of my upcoming commentaries on "the silver fix" are published yet -- and thus ready for discussion. Nonetheless, I do have a topic in mind for today's edition of The Grind, and it also revolves around the silver market.

Ironically, today's discussion centers on the current price of silver, despite the fact that regular readers of this column hear (generally at least once a week) how "these phony, paper prices are totally irrelevant" (lol). So why talk about the "irrelevant" price of silver today?

Because while it is irrelevant to us (and to anyone with any close connection with the real world), it is highly relevant to the Banksters themselves, and all of (the captive minds of) the Sheep inside the Wonderland Matrix. Inside the Wonderland Matrix, what is currently happening with the price of silver is highly relevant to the dwellers of that fantasy-world.

Yet again, this ties into a statistical concept which I first began discussing at the beginning at the year (when it first surfaced as an issue): "the Golden Cross". I won't bother explaining what it is (in statistical terms) yet again, rather, I'll simply show readers -- with the 1-year chart from Basher Central.

A "Golden Cross" (in this case, in the silver market) occurs when the red and blue line "cross" above the green line. We saw it at the beginning of February (before the One Bank immediately attacked the silver market, and pushed prices lower), and we saw it began recently -- before the One Bank (again) attacked the silver market, and (again) drove the price lower.

Why is the One Bank obsessed about some technical "statistic", which it knows better than anyone has no meaning whatsoever (because no T/A is valid in crooked markets)? Because in the mythology of the Wonderland Matrix; "T/A" is still of extreme importance -- even though its wrong more than ever before (lol!).

As I've pointed out before; the Golden Cross is of especial importance (to the Sheep of the Wonderland Matrix) because it is the ultimate statistical indicator of a switch from a (supposed) "bear market" to a "bull market". And when it occurs at what is (obviously) a long-term "bottom" in a market -- as we see now in the silver market -- it is ALWAYS the precursor to a strong rally.

Thus (simply) if we do see the Golden Cross, but then don't see the "strong rally" which it always produces in these circumstances, we will have yet more proof of Hostage Markets. Why does that even matter (lol), given all the different ways in which I have already demonstrated (proven?) this?

Because this form of proof is something which even the Sheep can/could/will understand, because it is part of the mythology of the Wonderland Matrix, itself. A Golden Cross (at the bottom of any market) ALWAYS produces a strong rally. If it doesn't, then the market itself must be 'broken' (i.e. corrupt).

And so we see this silly game. The ONLY way in which the One Bank can prevent a Golden Cross from occurring in the silver market is to steadily/relentlessly pull the price towards zero.

Conversely, as I have explained to readers in many previous commentaries on the "fundamentals" of the silver market (back when we still thought such things were of importance - lol); every dollar lower that the price of silver goes significantly worsens the massive supply-deficit. In other words, it speeds-up the timeline to "D-Day" in the silver market (some form of formal default), or at least Decoupling.

So (yet again) the crooked, short-sighted Banksters have maneuvered themselves into a corner. Their two choices are:

1) Expose their own phony "market"(s) for the massive fraud that it is (by allowing the Golden Cross, but now allowing a rally).


2) Significantly accelerate the timeline to Default/Decoupling.

Note one other point of interest here, further demonstrating how much importance the One Bank places upon the present game it's playing. As we've seen; the gold market has "rallied" slightly this week, while the silver market has (very deliberately) continued to be held down below the $20/oz level.

As everyone (here) also knows; the One Bank manipulates all of our markets, all of the time (simultaneously) with its Master Trading Program, as evidenced by the class-action suit against the CME. However, the one downside with using this Master Program to manipulate all markets is that it moves (most of) these markets TOGETHER, in lock-step.

Thus when we see the gold market go up (a little) but the silver market stay down; this can only by accomplished through the Banksters 'manually' engaging in some other form of hands-on manipulation to specifically target the silver market -- and hold the price down. This takes time (which the Banksters would rather spend counting their money) and effort (which the Banksters would rather not "spend", at all).

The only time they like to engage in such "hands on" operations these days is when there is some particularly fast/easy PROFIT to be made. But there's no money to be made from simply spending extra time/effort to hold the price of silver flat. The bankers can only scam the markets when prices move (either higher or lower).

They don't like "working" for nothing. But they also know better than to defy their Masters -- especially with all the Banksters "choosing" to taking high-dives from tall buildings these days...

Aug 08
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Israel, U.S. back to more bombs, war-crimes in the forums.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Or, simply:

Some things never change.

Choose whichever cliche you fancy, but both are highly applicable when it comes to the two most belligerent members of the Axis of Evil -- Israel and the U.S. -- dropping bombs on the heads of their "Enemies" (and, very frequently, the wives and children of those "Enemies"). That's how they create their "Enemies", in the first place.

So, once again, Israel is back to lobbing bombs at the millions of Palestinian civilians trapped in Israel's Gaza Gulag. The permanent, and near-total (military) "blockade" which Israel has instituted around Gaza comprises the longest ongoing "crime against humanity" in the last century (of human cruelty).

But simply starving-out the Palestinian population is too slow of a "slow genocide" to suit the Israeli government. So, every few years, they manufacture a pretext to formally go to war against the CIVILIAN POPULATION of Gaza.

There is no "army" amongst the Palestinians. Israel's so-called "Enemy" (and supposed target of all its bombs) is Hamas, a shadowy, lightly-armed militia group. And the pretext for Israel's latest war-crimes (and the nearly 2,000 Palestinians slaughtered so far) is that Hamas is "firing more rockets" at Israel -- rockets which rarely hit anything, and almost never hurt anyone.

Two thousand Palestinians slaughtered as "retaliation" for rockets being fired into empty desert. If, indeed, it is even Hamas which is launching these so-called rocket attacks, all it proves is that Hamas is employed by Israel -- as Israel is the EXCLUSIVE BENEFICIARY of the so-called "rocket attacks".

They provide "cover" as Israel bombs UN civilian, humanitarian shelters again and again -- while the utterly corrupt-and-shameless Western bloc totally ignores the latest, mounting war-crimes. Meanwhile, instead of the U.S. (Israel's puppet) "condemning" the latest atrocities by that regime; the U.S. (and Nobel "Peace Prize" winner Barack Obama) have once again pulled out their own bombs, and began committing more war-crimes of their own, in Iraq.

Barack the Ultimate Terrorist has the audacity to call these latest war-crimes "a humanitarian mission" and claimed the goal is "to protect civilians" -- as he drops bombs on their heads. Yes, it's impossible for ISIS to harm the members of this civilian population if they're killed by U.S. "humanitarian missions" first.

While engaging in a little "hot-tub therapy" this week after a work-out, I over-heard one of the Sheep talking about Israel's latest atrocities.

"It was terrible what's going on in Palestine," she began. And after her fellow-Sheep acknowledged that he "didn't pay attention to the news" (at all), she continued -- in order to 'enlighten' him.

"They [the Israelis and the Palestinians] are fighting each other again," she said, "They're always fighting."

That's what the brainwashed Sheep of the West call this: "a fight". In my 50+ years on this planet; I've only ever seen one "fight" which resembled Israel's serial-slaughters of Palestinians. It was a (rather famous) "short" film, titled "Bambi vs. Godzilla", and (several decades ago) it sometimes appeared before features, in movie theaters.

The "film" is only about 1 minute long. It begins showing the 'ever-belligerent' Bambi standing alone, in an idyllic meadow. Then the foot of Godzilla enters the picture, with a large splat. End of film.

That is what the "fighting" is all about, between Israel's war-machine (armed with every nasty piece of ultra-advanced military hardware in the U.S. arsenal) and the Palestinian civilian population.

The world's second-worst Bully over the past 100 years is claiming (once again) that it is "retaliating" for the "provocations" of Bambi...

Naturally these latest atrocities are being presented (according to Western propaganda) at Basher Central, as Kitco has been a long-time, loyal cheerleader of the Axis of Evil's war-crimes.

Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes In Response To Rockets

Gaza militants renewed rocket fire on Israel, after a three-day cease-fire expired on Friday and negotiations in Cairo on a new border deal for blockaded Gaza hit a deadlock.

The Israeli military said at least 17 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza after the temporary truce expired at 8 a.m. (0500 GMT). Two rockets were intercepted over the city ofAshkelon, while the others hit open areas, the military said.

There was no immediate counter strike by the Israeli military and it was not immediately clear if the renewed fire from Gaza will derail indirect, Egyptian-brokered negotiations between Israel and Hamas on a long-term truce. Both sides are under intense international pressure to reach a deal.

As part of such an arrangement, Israel wants to see Hamas disarmed or prevented from re-arming, while Hamasdemands Gaza's borders be opened. No progress was reported in all-night talks that ended before dawn Friday.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said that while his group did not agree to an extension of the truce, it was willing to continue the talks...

Obama Authorizes Renewed Airstrikes In Iraq

President Barack Obama authorized U.S. airstrikes in northern Iraq on Thursday night, warning they would be launched if needed to defend Americans from advancing Islamic militants and protect civilians under siege. His announcement threatened a renewal of U.S. military involvement in the country's long sectarian war.

In a televised late-night statement from the White House, Obama said American military planes already had carried out airdrops of humanitarian aid to tens of thousands of Iraqi religious minorities surrounded by militants and desperately in need of food and water.

"Today America is coming to help," he declared...
Aug 08
2 weeks ago
Here's another link/excerpt from Rory of the SGT Report Gang. I'm sure most (if not all) here have heard about the "severe ebola outbreak" which is -- this time -- starting to lay waste to entire nations, in a way not previously seen since the "AIDS epidemic" swept through that continent (and continues to create horrific carnage).

With the "AIDS epidemic" itself having already (conveniently) been transformed into a MASSIVE money-generator for Big Pharma (in the form of lifetime "drug therapy" for its victims); we now have TWO questions/issues which present themselves when these PLAGUES erupt.

1) Is this some barbaric form of "population control" by the Tyrants?
2) Is this 'merely' an equally-barbaric way to generate "more customers" for Big Pharma -- which (almost certainly) is itself another one of the One Bank's tentacles.

Put another way; if YOU "controlled 40% of the global economy", wouldn't you make sure that part of that "40%" was the (legal) Drug Industry -- as our pill-pusher societies endeavour to make us all ADDICTS of one-or-more drugs???

Follow the Money - Ebola, Crisis of Opportunity

We have all been watching the unfolding story of ebola and how it is creating concern on a global scale. What if it were merely an attempt to push a new drug to generate millions of dollars for the global elite and the medical industrial complex? What if I told you 122,000 people died from measles in 2012 without so much as a whimper from either the alternative media or the mainstream media?

A few days ago one of the people that I work with ask me what was going on with ebola, as he knows that I operate The Daily Coin and am a daily contributor at SGT Report. When I explained that we were following, at that time, the latest story of ebola coming to America he stopped me and gave me the governments typical, tyrannical game-plan – problem, reaction, solution. Let’s look at the ebola “pandemic” from a different perspective.

The cost of measles injections, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is ranges from $19.91 for 10 individual doses to $103.16 for 10 individual doses...
Aug 07
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Thursday August 7th, and with no new commentaries with which to dazzle-and-amaze the Daily Grind audience (lol!), I'll back an another tried-and-true tactic: "highlighting" (i.e. pasting) material from elsewhere on the Forum.

However, when I engage in such 'borrowing' I like to think that there is "a method to my madness", and I certainly have a purpose in mind today. As regular readers/Members know; I've tried to encourage more participation here on the Forum, in various ways, while attempting to not "sound like a nag".

Previous attempts have primarily focused upon the benefits to my own work, especially in terms of how that participation "inspires" (directly or indirectly) a great number of my own commentaries. That approach has not been particularly successful (lol), so today I'm trying a different angle: how your own posting helps YOU.

This falls under the heading of one of my own favorite doctrines: "enlightened self-interest". If you want to get what you want in life (and you're an "honest broker"), show people how they benefit by COOPERATING with what you propose.

History has shown us that through slavery, brutality and coercion, humanity can "build Pyramids" (not to mention war-machines of obscene size/power). However, through enlightened self-interest we can change the world (for the better). We ALL benefit when we cooperate, the trick is in making such benefits apparent to others.

Today, I have an example to show the audience of The Grind (the best way of communicating any concept). There are two aspects to the excerpt I'm posting (below) from an earlier post today.

First of all, there are thoughts/ideas which people will not have seen previously on the Forum (or my commentaries), and which (at least in my opinion) are of particular importance. The other point to note in this excerpt is that it comes from the fifth post in this thread -- after several Member replies.

Had the monologue not become a dialogue; readers would have never been introduced to a new concept (and label), "Maximum Sheep" (lol):

Previously, in talking about "history" as a large whole, I've described what is essentially only one half of the equation. Again and again, I've pointed out that the "cycles of history" are nothing but the Ultra Wealthy stealing so much that they cause total economic collapse, there is a "reset" of some sort (usually revolution) -- and then they start stealing all over again.

The flip-side to this equation is the role of the PEOPLE. In the days of Revolution; the mantra of the people is straight out of the mouth of Pete Townsend (of "The Who"):

Won't get fooled AGAIN.
It is at these times that the "great figures" of History utter their immortal words, which end up as "Notable Quotes" here on the Forum. It's not necessarily true that these were the first individuals to express these words-of-wisdom -- they were just the first to articulate those thoughts when people were prepared to listen.

So those words of warning/vigilance were REMEMBERED...for a time. With revolution (and vigilance) comes honest government -- and with honest government comes real "prosperity" (i.e. prosperity for all of the people). And then (always) the people get soft, lazy, and complacent. They stop paying attention, and become Sheep. They trust their "leaders" (lol!), because for as long as they are capable of remembering (and none of them bother to learn History) they have never had a reason not to trust those Leaders.

That's when the Ultra Wealthy really begin to ramp-up their stealing -- always.

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

That's where we are today: at Maximum Sheep. Maximum Sheep = maximum stealing. The people (now serfs) need to be trained all over again to become CITIZENS, and take responsibility for their own societies, and the world around them. They need to learn to start paying attention again.

Limiting Executive Compensation: the Swiss Example

That's yet another very significant benefit of Member participation here on the Forum. For all of the casual readers here (who form the majority); such participation shows them people who ARE "paying attention". And remember the mantra which I preach regularly (since it applies to all of us): monkey see, monkey do.

While the internet has given Them (i.e. the One Bank) the opportunity to spy on us, and herd us (with propaganda) to an extent never before seen, it has also given us the capacity to congregate, and share thoughts INSTANTLY -- with anyone else on the planet. This is such a powerful tool for turning Sheep back into Citizens that I urge people not to allow it to atrophy here on this Forum, due to lack of participation.

Ultimately the posting you do is more important (on a post-for-post basis) than the posting that I do, because it's your posting which turns "monologues" into "dialogues" -- and we all learn much better and much faster (myself included) through dialogues rather than monologues.

It is through cooperation (the cooperation which is generated from real "communities") that our species came to totally dominate this entire planet. It is primarily through tyranny that this "domination" has devolved into the raping-and-pillaging of our planet -- the only planet we have to live one.

We need to cooperate not only to make our own lives better (collectively), but even more importantly we need to cooperate to stop the Tyrants from (literally) destroying everything. It is from this imperative that some of the strongest/most-powerful warnings of History have originated:

Divide and conquer.
United we stand; divided we fall.

Then we have what is (at this point) History's ultimate warning about the failure to cooperate (and stand together) -- the haunting words of Pastor Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

"They" are already "coming". They have already come for "the Terrorists". Once They afix that label to someone they cease to be "a person" -- i.e. they lose ALL of their "human rights". And, every day (according to Them); more and more of us are "becoming Terrorists". Here we see the difference between the Third Reich and the Fourth Reich.

With the Third Reich; Hitler isolated (and then persecuted) one group of his enemies after another -- separately. With the Fourth Reich; the strategy of the One Bank is simply to create one ever-expanding (and totally meaningless) label -- "terrorist" -- and then to (gradually) simply "re-define" the term "terrorist" until it includes all of their Enemies (and of us who will not serve the Fascists, or simply exist as their passive slaves).

At that point; the words of warning of Martin Niemöller will be revealed in their full horror, because there will be no one left to "save" any of us.

Aug 07
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Canada has a trade-surplus in June !! in the forums.
grammerkat wrote:
The sad thing is, too many people just don't want to believe any of it, and they are content to keep their heads in the sand. I mentioned something about the mortgage securities and MERS mess to some friends just last night, and one of them said that they just didn't think it was worth worrying about because it hasn't made any difference in their lives. Talk about head in the sand! They were unwilling to accept that they ARE being affected, and when it hits them hard I doubt if they will remember I tried to tell them. Sad and frustrating and even more so when it comes from your own family members.

Grammerkat, this is part of the 'trap' of an affluent society: complacency. Previously, in talking about "history" as a large whole, I've previously described what is essentially only one half of the equation.

Again and again, I've pointed out that the "cycles of history" are nothing but the Ultra Wealthy stealing so much that they cause total economic collapse, there is a "reset" of some sort (usually revolution) -- and then they start stealing all over again.

The flip-side to this equation is the role of the PEOPLE. In the days of Revolution; the mantra of the people is straight out of the mouth of Pete Townsend (of "The Who"):

Won't get fooled AGAIN.

It is at these times that the "great figures" of History utter their immortal words, which end up as "Notable Quotes" here on the Forum. It's not necessarily true that these were the first individuals to express these words-of-wisdom -- they were just the first to articulate those thoughts when people were prepared to listen.

And so those words of warning were REMEMBERED...for a time. With revolution (and vigilance) comes honest government -- and prosperity. And then (always) the people get soft, lazy, and complacent. They stop paying attention, and become Sheep. They trust their "leaders" (lol!), because for as long as they are capable of remembering (and none of them bother to learn History) they have never had a reason not to trust those Leaders.

That's when the Ultra Wealthy really begin to ramp-up their stealing -- always.

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

That's where we are today: at Maximum Sheep. Maximum Sheep = maximum stealing. The people (now serfs) need to be trained all over again to become CITIZENS, and take responsibility for their own societies, and the world around them. They need to learn to start paying attention again.

That's yet another very significant benefit of Member participation here on the Forum. For all of the casual readers here (who form the majority); such participation shows them people who ARE "paying attention". And remember the mantra which I preach regularly (since it applies to all of us): monkey see, monkey do.

While the internet has given Them (i.e. the One Bank) the opportunity to spy on us, and herd us (with propaganda) to an extent never before seen, it has also given us the capacity to congregate, and share thoughts INSTANTLY -- with anyone else on the planet. This is such a powerful tool for turning Sheep back into Citizens that I urge people not to allow it to atrophy here on this Forum, due to lack of participation.

Ultimately the posting you do is more important (on a post-for-post basis) than the posting that I do, because it's your posting which turns "monologues" into "dialogues" -- and we all learn much better and much faster (myself included) through dialogues rather than monologues.

Aug 07
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday August 6th, and most of my time/thought/effort today has gone into the topic for my newest commentary -- actually two of them. However, in this case I'm not referring to a "two-part series". Rather, what I'm doing is covering a particular topic (in this case, the "silver fix") with both a "BBC commentary" and a "Sprott Money" commentary.

Why am I doing this, and why am I previewing rather than reviewing these pieces, as is standard practice?

First of all; the reason for doing two pieces is quite simply that I had come up with two distinctly different approaches toward covering the same topic. Both tell essentially the same "story", but in dramatically different methods/styles. Hence my decision to "preview" these pieces. I won't say more about them at this point, as I don't want to influence your own opinions by adding any slant of my own.

What I really need from the BBC Community is feedback. Thus I'm trying to "plant the seed" (before anyone reads these pieces) to get readers/Members to read through these upcoming pieces not as only the audience, but rather as if you were (also) my Editors.

Which piece did you like the most (or, alternately, hate the least)? Why? What should I have added? What should I have changed? What should I have simply deleted (lol)?

When a writer writes (and then publishes) a particular piece, and sends it out into cyberspace, it's a "journey" not unlike when a blind person heads outside for a walk. While the blind person may have a general idea of what to expect (i.e. how a particular commentary will be received); to a large extent it's a "feeling out" process -- because the blind person does not have the certainty of knowledge about his environment provided by sight.

What mitigates this "blindness" for writers is feedback. In the case of the BBC Community; you're like my "companion dogs". While it may not be the most-flattering analogy (lol), it does convey your importance in the overall process. Put another way; if readers/Members are unhappy in one way or another about the "direction" in which this site has gone over the past couple of years -- in terms of content and/or tone -- it's all your fault.

Reader/Member feedback has dropped-off considerably over that time, even though readership has stayed roughly constant. Thus for the first time in the history of BBC, I've been "flying blind" in terms of tone/content.

Some comments are still (directly) received for commentaries. But they're generally favorable, and generally from the same handful of people. While any/all praise or support is appreciated, it's not especially helpful in terms of the constant goal of this site (and any writer): getting better.

So let me know what you think. For those among the (now) Silent Majority who are tempted to speak-out more often, but get frustrated/annoyed by my tendency to debate, rebut or simply reply to pretty much every Member post, here's your chance (one and all) to have the Last Word (lol).

I'm looking for feedback, meaning there are no "wrong answers", and all I'll be doing is listening/observing...

Aug 06


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