Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Jeff Nielson created a new topic China's "belt and road" initiative in the forums.
I saw an interesting article on Sinclair's site today, which discussed the current global interplay surrounding China's new AIIB -- it's alternative to the Western World Bank/IMF. That article was worth reading on its own, although personally when I see something which treats Western governments as being sovereign/independent I have some difficulty with such a characterization.

However, within the analysis the writer mentioned China's "belt and road" policy, a term with which I was previously unfamiliar. At that point I started Googling, and that led me to the piece below, which describes/explains this important mantra of China's government.

To begin with; the reference to "road" is historical in origin. It refers to what is known as "the Silk Road". That term refers to how East/West trade (particularly with China) has brought considerable innovations (and thus benefits) to both sides, historically.

The word "belt" refers to how China plans to enhance this "New Silk Road" in the 21st century: through creating an ECONOMIC BELT OF INFRASTRUCTURE:

In September 2013, when speaking at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, Xi spoke of the creation of a “New Silk Road Economic Belt” that would run from China through Central Asia.[3] Zheng’s maritime business is coming home to roost.

“To forge closer economic ties, deepen cooperation and expand development in the Euro-Asia region, we should take an innovative approach and jointly build an ‘economic belt’ along the silk road.” Xi saw this as a “great undertaking” that would benefit “all countries along the route”. Invariably, however, the context is overwhelmingly based on a development rationale: trade is good and infrastructure should be established for that end.

The economic belt, as Xi terms it, features such concrete manifestations as high-speed rail lines, highways, bridges, and Internet connectivity. These, in turn, will be complemented by port development that is already seeing a presence in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.

Thus we see China's new vision for the global community: (Chinese) leadership based upon the concept of mutual benefit -- i.e. "enlightened self-interest", one of my own, favorite means of forging relationships. This is in stark contrast with the U.S. paradigm of global domination, by a single Bully, who always demanded that things be done his way.

Conversely, as was noted in the original article on the AIIB; China is going out of its way to consult with (and include) other nations as it plans the development of these Eastern organizations/entities which are going to replace the hopelessly corrupt and soon-to-be-obsolete Western institutions.

In the U.S. (One Bank) geopolitical/economic paradigm, nations were kept on-board and cooperative using "the stick", and now China is offering these nations of a glimpse of a world-order where (apparently) "the carrot" will be used instead. It's a wonderful illustration of the concept of enlightened self-interest -- and thus totally beyond the comprehension of the banksters (and their lackeys).

China’s “New Silk Road”. “One Belt and One Road”: Strategic Eurasia Land and Sea Transport Corridors


“The One Belt and One Road initiative is a long-term macroscopic program of strategic development for the entire State.”
- Zhao Xijun, Deputy Dean of School of Finance, Renmin University, Global Times, Dec 28, 2014

The Chinese flag hangs in fraternal union with Serbia as one crosses the Zemun-Borča bridge, completed last month, and now named Pupinov most. It was yet another infrastructure gem in what is becoming typical of Beijing’s global investment push, a policy typified by big spending and the reiteration of connectedness. Where a country is short of cash in terms of the big projects, a Chinese loan is peeking around the corner to cover the cost.

Not that this is done out of heart warming altruism. The visionary functionaries in Beijing have been dreaming of revivals and resurrections over what has come to be known as the “one belt, one road” policy. The language of the New Silk Road, more than a patch on the ancient Silk Road strategy of the Han Dynasty, has become something of an accelerant drive in planning, the hallmark of President Xi Jinping’s still early tenure.

Former UN under-secretary general and current Indian MP, Shashi Tharoor, dipped into his history books in examining the visions of the current Chinese leadership. The old Silk Road had both overland and maritime routes. Goods and ideas snaked along them, be they tea, gunpowder, paper, Buddhist scripture, and music. China itself obtained access to plants, medicines, astronomy, and the Buddhist and Islamic faiths (Project Syndicate, Oct 14, 2014).[1]...

China wants to compel U.S. to engage it as an equal partner in AIIB


The AIIB Charter is still under discussion. The media report that China is not seeking a veto in the decision-making comes as a pleasant surprise.

Equally, China is actively consulting other founding members (who now include U.K., Germany, France, Italy, etc). These would suggest that Beijing has a much bigger game plan of scattering the U.S.’ containment strategy. Clearly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal is already looking more absurd if China were to be kept out of it. The point is, AIIB gives financial underpinning for the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, which now the European countries and Russia have embraced, as they expect much business spin-off.

China has said that its Silk Road projects are not to be confused as a latter-day Marshal Plan for developing countries, and that, on the contrary, the projects will be run on commercial terms. Which opens up enormous opportunities for participation by western companies. In geopolitical terms, therefore, China hopes that the ‘win-win’ spirit that permeates the AIIB and ‘Belt and Road’ will render ineffectual the American attempts to hem it in on the world stage and compel Washington to revisit a ‘new type of relations’ with China...
05:03 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The original corporate raiders in the forums.
Fascinating stuff Earl.

While most of the historical context no longer applies to our (modern) world in specific terms, the general PARADIGM contains many notable parallels. First of all; we have a basic equation of human commerce/business/economics:

Big = Bad
Bigger = Worse
Biggest = Worst

As the East India Company became larger, and thus (automatically) more powerful, it also (automatically) became more MALEVOLENT. What do you do once you're the "biggest" entity (in anything)? You try to STOMP-OUT any/all competition.

With the East India Company's physical trading empire; it tried to stomp-out competition through its own fleet of marauding pirates -- the psychopaths of that era. It's thus only natural (and poetic justice) that some of those psychopaths turned on their Master.

What do we see today, with the One Bank's (criminal) financial empire? It, too, does anything/everything it can to stomp-out competition. But instead of using pirates; it uses "financial regulators", its puppet-governments, and its own financial crimes to destroy any/all competition.

This is why, for well over a century, we have had "anti-trust laws" across the Western world: to specifically PREVENT any entity from becoming even a tiny fraction as large/powerful as the East India Company. The fact that we have a crime syndicate today which is proportionately even larger than the East India Company is proof of how corrupt/negligent our governments have been in (not) enforcing these laws.
12:46 PM
Rory, I was interested in what would be in this clip, but the link is dead, and I can't find this feature on your site anywhere...???
10:12 AM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: "Invest in Food" in the forums.
Despicable news, Earl.

Understand how these Corporate lackeys SERVE the One Bank -- while they RAPE their own companies. There is no "benefit" of any kind in this merger. There will be no "efficiency gains". There will be no societal benefit of any kind.

These mega-corporations were ALREADY far too large for this merger to have created any "efficiencies of scale". On top of that; with all of these mergers, the acquiring company must BORROW huge sums of money to finance the purchase. Thus these two mega-corporations will become one, larger, less-efficient behemoth.

Note that these companies are already illegally too large, thus this merger is also totally illegal. We have had (anti-trust) LAWS to prevent any companies from getting this large, for over a hundred years. Our corrupt governments have stopped enforcing those laws.

Thus the senior exectutives will pay themselves each other $10's of millions (or $100's of millions) in "bonuses" for this pointless merger, and the One Bank will collect lots more interest on their new debts, and WE will all pay higher prices for our ketchup and pickles and everything else produced by this evil entity -- in order to PAY THE INTEREST to the One Bank, and pay the "bonuses" of the thieving Executives.

Oh, there will be one other consequence too:

James Angel, an associate professor of finance at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, said that will probably result in job losses.

"Even though it is painful for the people involved, those resources will be freed up for other, potentially more productive, uses," he said.

Those people will lose their jobs to pay for the bonuses to the executives, and the interest payments to the One Bank. The SUPPOSEDLY "potentially more productive uses" for their wages is to pay the bonuses to the thieving executives and the interest payments to the One Bank. This is more, pure evil.

The Death of Competition: Oligopolies Unmasked

The One Bank
11:04 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Central America wants closer ties to RUSSIA in the forums.
I saw this at Sinclair's site, and it's just one of a series of blockbuster developments over the past few months which clearly signals the END of Western (i.e. U.S.) hegemony. It's hard to even attempt any sort of comprehensive list here, but here's a few items which come immediately to mind:

1) Western nations embracing the renminbi as the new "global currency", even as China now advertises its currency with that label. We had the UK announcing it would begin issuing its OWN BONDS denominated in renminbi, then we had Canada's government announcing a massive "currency-swap" with China -- trading soon-to-be-obsolete U.S. paper for renminbi.

2) We've seen Western nations announcing they would join/participate in China's alternative to their own World Bank/IMF: the AIIB.

3) We saw the U.S. (the One Bank) scheming to have Russia thrown out of its "SWIFT" electronic commerce system, and then (at the last minute) begging it to remain in SWIFT, as China seeks to build-up its Asian alternative to this Western institution: its CIPS electronic commerce system.

4) We saw China forcefully/publicly pledge to defend Russia's economy from Western economic terrorism, when the U.S. made an obvious attempt to destroy Russia's economy. Then almost immediately after that we saw Russia offering to backstop Greece, as the EU attempts to play its own game of financial blackmail/economic terrorism there.

Now we see Central American nations, who for many years have been terrified of saying/doing anything to offend the Local Bully, now openly expressing their desire for closer ties to the U.S.'s new/old "Public Enemy #1": Russia. Just as the European nations' decision to join the AIIB was a slap-in-the-face to the U.S. (the One Bank's Fourth Reich), so too, this is another slap-in-the-face.

Here I think it's interesting to refer to a comment from a recent interview of Jim Rogers (at Sprott Money) which I just finished listening to.

...You know, I hate to say this, I’m an American citizen, but the U.S. is forcing them to do this. We keep coming up with sanctions and rules and regulations and penalties on people, no matter what. They penalize you for doing something in other countries which is legal in the other countries, but not legal in America. So needless to say, the rest of the world is getting tired of this, getting fed up, cannot operate in a system like that, and so they are now, it’s not just China and Russia, its other countries that are now putting together an alternative and competing system which will ultimately, of course, will mean a competing currency as well. At that point the U.S. dollar is probably going to have serious problems, because if we cannot control things the way we have been able to for the past 60 or 70 years. And again, we’re bringing it on ourselves, all these bureaucrats in Washington are coming up with constant regulations and penalties, now the rest of the world is being forced to do something outside of the U.S. system.

What have I been saying here since virtually Day 1 of this site: that even if we don't find the collective will to rid ourselves of this near-omnipotent Crime Syndicate that it would destroy itself -- through the excessive/overkill behavior which is characteristic of all pyschopaths.

Now as we SEE the Global Community now rejecting U.S. (and thus One Bank) hegemony, in ever more-obvious/more-emphatic terms; we HEAR Jim Rogers looking at these developments and saying the U.S. has "brought this on itself".

As the One Bank's empire of financial fraud/crime has shown more and more obvious cracks, instead of attempting to cut its losses, and consolidate what could be salvaged from its present system-of-corruption; it did the precise opposite. It "raised the ante" with all of its past criminality, and descended into full-fledged economic terrorism to try to maintain its choke-hold over most of the world's nations.

And the harder it has "squeezed" the more determined the Rest of the World has become to rid itself of this economic/geopolitical Cancer. Naturally the article below didn't come from the Western propaganda machine.

P.S. Note another sign of the "changing times". Not too long ago; people (in the West) would not even pay attention to anything which came from TASS (formerly an official part of the Soviet propaganda machine). Today, we read TASS. But its cesspools like "Bloomberg" or "The Wall Street Journal" where the propaganda is so absurd that we generally won't waste our time there...

The Old World Order
The Fourth Reich
Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies
U.S. Begs Russia to Remain in ‘SWIFT’; the One Bank Fails Again
Rothschild vs. Rothschild

All Central American nations ready to develop cooperation with Russia — minister


All the Central American countries are prepared to strengthen cooperation with Russia in a broad spectrum of spheres, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales said on Thursday upon the end of negotiations with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov.

"We’re going to strengthen our cooperation and I’m speaking not only on behalf of Guatemala but on behalf of all the Central American nations," Morales said...
01:04 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Ask The Expert – Jim Rogers in the forums.
I don't generally poach much from Sprott Money, but as regulars here know; Jim Rogers is near the top of my list when it comes to quasi-mainstream icons in our markets.

I thought Geoffrey Rutherford had a lot of interesting questions for him, and was especially interested myself in his views on "asset confiscation" and safe jurisdictions.

Ask The Expert – Jim Rogers


[partial transcript]

Geoff: Hello, and welcome back to Ask the Expert here on Sprott Money News. I’m your host Geoff Rutherford, and on line today we have Mr. Jim Rogers. Jim Rogers is a critically acclaimed author, financial commentator, and successful international investor. He’s frequently featured in such publications as The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times, and is a regular guest on television shows around the world. Mr. Rogers is a co-founder of the Quantum Fund, a global investment partnership. After electing to retire at the age of 37, Mr. Rogers has served as a professor of finance at Columbia University School of Business, and has written four books on investment, including Hot Commodities, Adventure Capitalist, and Investment Biker. Mr. Rogers also designed the widely followed Roger’s Commodity Indices and travels the world highlighting the case for investment in commodities as an asset class. And with that, we’d like to welcome Mr. Jim Rogers. Good morning, or good night James. How are you doing today, sir?

Jim: I’m delighted. It’s actually morning here, Geoff. You’re in the night time, I think, but I’m in the day time.

Geoff: That’s right, that’s right. So Jim, we have a number of questions here from our listeners, so let’s get started here. We’ve been looking at what’s been happening with gold over the last week or so, even the last two weeks, and we’ve seen the price slide, we’ve seen the price go up. The question is, what conditions would prompt for you to sell your gold?

Jim: To sell my gold? Well gold is going to turn into a bubble eventually, and when it turns into a bubble, I hope I’m smart enough to sell it. On the other hand, on the down side, I’m not quite sure that I can think of anything that would cause me to sell my gold. If nothing else, it’ll be for my children someday...
12:26 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
In many ways this commentary is a follow-up to the one I just wrote here, although I didn't see any point in explicitly connecting the two...

More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm

Essentially this new commentary for Sprott Money is indirect proof of the Master Trading Algorithm. I explain why telling bigger and bigger economic lies is a dangerously counterproductive strategy. But then I explain why such lies are MANDATORY -- if there is a Master Trading Algorithm.

Why U.S. Economic ‘Statistics’ Get More and More Absurd


Many recent commentaries have noted a distinct devolution in the numerical lies which the U.S. government calls its “economic statistics”. Numbers which used to be mere exaggerations (i.e. used to somewhat mirror the real world) have now become literally perverse: opposite to reality.

As U.S. “retail sales” collapsed at the end of last year (and now into this year) with a string of negative numbers; we’re told that somehow U.S. “consumer spending” surged by 4.3% in the fourth quarter of 2014, something which is mathematically impossible, since the two numbers must mirror each other...
12:07 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: "Invest in Food" in the forums.
With hardly anyone here having anything to say about this (important) subject; I'm doing something I've never done before: plucking a comment on my commentary from another site (in this case Zero Hedge) to use here.


From "Kansas Crude", some practical tips on food-storage/shelf-life:

I have been pursuing this strategy since after the 2008 crash and have learned a great deal on shelf life. Lots of items i.e. grains, rice have extremely long shelf life. Buying Par Boiled rice for instance is the way to go if you use lots of rice. Why the heat treatment of par boiling not only provides a quality improvement in the rice. It also eliminated the pests you may get in regular rice because of the heat treatment. It will also take less energy to prepare (cook) since it is partially cooked already. No brainer. Sams sells 25/lb cubes of Riceland Parboiled for around $11 great deal and product.

While Jeff thinks most foods will last only about a year in the freezer I disagree its all about the packaging especially for meats and fat content. For instance an un-opened roll of Jimmy Dean sausage makes 2 years easy its lean as sausage goes and the packaging is superior. Rancidity of Fat is the primary culprit with taste alteration so leaner meats will typically have longer freezer life than fattier ones. Tight and thick overwrap and then placed in a freezer bag will buy you more time. Vacuum sealing also adds shelf life.

Frozen processed foods like pizza...shelf life sucks few things in life are as disgusting as a CA. Pizza Kitchens frozen pizza that is 6 months old. Crappy packaging and Lots of Surface area are primary contributors to flavor degradation. So don't load up on this type of product. Compress your surface area as much as you can. Most of the decline will be on the exposed surface. I have eaten 3 year old aged vacuum sealed prime filet that were +95% as good as he day they went in the freezer, taste, texture and color.

Canned foods are for the most part always good for at least a couple of years beyond code dates. Most much longer you don't have to go "Full Prepper" most foods with excellant storage qualities are better purchased at grocery/Sams/Costco

When I get on my soapbox on resiliency this is the most no brainer area to go but it does require you pay attention to what you have and devote a couple of times a year to food rotation. Making sure you are not forgetting about your inventory. As Jeff sez its the easiest money you can make and Uncle Screw doesn't get his hands on the gain. Oh course having food security is piece of mind.

Full disclosure I have worked in the Food production and Food Service Industry for 38 years and an undergrad in Agri-Bus. We also grow significant amounts of our own veg and fruit needs.

Good Luck

11:54 AM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Now UKRAINE seeks "debt-restructuring" in the forums.
As Ukraine's U.S.-backed government now seeks its own "debt-restructuring"; we once again see an incredibly blatant double-standard. On the one hand, for the past several months we have had Greece's new, legitimate government patiently attempting to negotiate a debt-restructuring -- i.e. reductions in debts much too large to ever be repaid.

Greece Says ‘No’ To Fake Bail-Outs

We have the Vampires of the EU deliberately/obstinately refusing to consider any proposal from Greece which involves debt-reduction. Now we have the Western puppet-government in Ukraine belligerently demanding its own debt-reductions, as it enters supposed "negotiations" with its largest creditor: Russia.

Understand the Plan here. Most likely Ukraine's puppet-government has already been ordered to default on its (Russian) debts, and this "negotiation" is nothing but a theatrical sham. Then after Ukraine defaults on its huge debt to Russia; the West will announce a(nother) "massive financial aid package" to Ukraine (i.e. more huge LOANS). Then instead of Russia's government having a debt choke-hold over Ukraine's government, it will be the West (i.e. the One Bank) with that choke-hold.

The Leverage of Debt and the Levers of Power

There is an obvious SMART way for Vladimir Putin to deal with this latest belligerent/provocative act by the Ukraine puppet-government: tell the Western stooges representing Ukraine that he will negotiate debt restructuring with that government the DAY AFTER the West's bankers restructure Greece's debt -- and he will then offer the Ukraine government debt-relief PROPORTIONATE to whatever debt-relief the Western bankers give to Greece.

Equal treatment. Let's see the liars in the Corporate media try to pervert that...???

The One Bank
The Old World Order

Default Risk Soars After Ukraine's 'American' FinMin Suggests Severe Haircuts For Creditors (Including Russia)


When money managers talk outside their narrow field, nonsense is guaranteed to ensue. No better example than this Bloomberg piece on Ukraine’s ‘debt restructuring’ plans, which are as much a political tool as they are anything else at all. Ukraine’s American Finance Minister has announced a broad restructuring plan with a wide range of severe haircuts for creditors, and she – well, obviously – wishes to include Russia in the group of creditors who are about to get their heads shaved.

And despite all obvious angles to the issue that are not purely economical, Bloomberg presents a whole array of finance professionals who are free to spout their entirely irrelevant opinions on the topic. If you didn’t know any better, you’d be inclined to think that perhaps Russia is indeed just another creditor to Kiev.

Putin Plays Wildcard as Ukraine Bond Restructuring Talks Begin

As Ukraine begins bond-restructuring talks, it finds itself face-to-face with a familiar foe: Russia. President Vladimir Putin bought $3 billion of Ukrainian bonds in late 2013. The cash was meant to support an ally, then-President Yanukovych.

That is, for starters, a far too narrow way of putting it. Russia simply wanted to make sure Ukraine would remain a stable nation, both politically and economically, because A) it didn’t want a failed state on its borders and it wanted to ensure a smooth transfer of its gas sales to Europe through the Ukraine pipeline systems. Whether that would be achieved through Yanukovych or someone else was a secondary issue. Putin was never a big fan of the former president, but at least he kept the gas flowing...
11:41 AM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Ukraine's government declares debt-default in the forums.
I was positively stunned to see this article at Zero Hedge, where Ukraine's U.S.-backed government has demanded "debt-restructuring" -- i.e. severe reductions in its bond-debt. In fact; it's gone further and simply "announced" this "restructuring".

What this is (depending on how you choose to characterized this) is either a "mini-debt default", or a mini-Debt Jubilee. Debtors cannot UNILATERALLY "restructure" their own debts, i.e. simply tell their creditor(s) that they only plan to pay-back part of their debts.

What was totally missed by Zero Hedge in writing about this is the parallel with Greece's situation. What is Greece trying to negotiate right now with the EU Vampires? A "restructuring" of its own debts. And what is the response of the Vampires? Greece's honest/legitimate government is "crazy" and "radical" for even suggesting such a thing.

Why this incredibly blatant and odious double-standard, where we have a Western puppet-government simply declaring its own debt-default; while the same puppet Vampires try to do everything in their power to prevent Greece's government from doing the exact same thing?

The Leverage of Debt and the Levers of Power

Because the hypocrisy serves the One Bank. Trying to force Greece to not simply keep but ADD to its totally unrepayable debt helps to TIGHTEN the debt choke-hold it has over Greece (and all Western governments). Then we have Ukraine.

In this case; much of Ukraine's debts are owed to Russia, not to the One Bank. So it has no choke-hold over this government (yet)...but Russia does. So the "plan" is to have Ukraine's government default on its Russian debt (as we see here) at which point the West will announce "massive financial aid" to Ukraine -- i.e. huge LOANS, which will then attach a Western (One Bank) yoke-of-debt around the throat of Ukraine's government.

Then it will officially be a "part of the West": hopelessly buried in debts to the most rapacious Crime Syndicate that the world has ever known.

The One Bank
The Old World Order

What readers need to also understand is that this unilateral, partial debt-default (without even consulting its creditors) is a POLITICALLY BELLIGERENT ACT, no different than tearing up a trade-agreement, or any other treaty/contract between it and other nations. It is essentially an economic declaration of war. It is the way in which fascist (i.e. uncivilized) nations behave.

Contrast with the government of Greece, faced with debts which are at least equally as "odious", yet it patiently tries to NEGOTIATE with these Vampires, despite their (deliberately) obstinate refusal to even consider any rational restructuring.

Greece Says ‘No’ To Fake Bail-Outs

That is how a civilized government behaves.

Default Risk Soars After Ukraine's 'American' FinMin Suggests Severe Haircuts For Creditors (Including Russia)


When money managers talk outside their narrow field, nonsense is guaranteed to ensue. No better example than this Bloomberg piece on Ukraine’s ‘debt restructuring’ plans, which are as much a political tool as they are anything else at all. Ukraine’s American Finance Minister has announced a broad restructuring plan with a wide range of severe haircuts for creditors, and she – well, obviously – wishes to include Russia in the group of creditors who are about to get their heads shaved.

And despite all obvious angles to the issue that are not purely economical, Bloomberg presents a whole array of finance professionals who are free to spout their entirely irrelevant opinions on the topic. If you didn’t know any better, you’d be inclined to think that perhaps Russia is indeed just another creditor to Kiev.

Putin Plays Wildcard as Ukraine Bond Restructuring Talks Begin

As Ukraine begins bond-restructuring talks, it finds itself face-to-face with a familiar foe: Russia. President Vladimir Putin bought $3 billion of Ukrainian bonds in late 2013. The cash was meant to support an ally, then-President Yanukovych.

That is, for starters, a far too narrow way of putting it. Russia simply wanted to make sure Ukraine would remain a stable nation, both politically and economically, because A) it didn’t want a failed state on its borders and it wanted to ensure a smooth transfer of its gas sales to Europe through the Ukraine pipeline systems. Whether that would be achieved through Yanukovych or someone else was a secondary issue. Putin was never a big fan of the former president, but at least he kept the gas flowing...
11:15 AM
RoryTDC wrote:
Over the next twenty-four months I believe we are going to see the golden rule reassert itself on the global stage. Anyone that has been paying attention has witnessed a "hoovering-up" of gold by the Eastern countries, in particular China and India. Recently, we have also seen the emergence of China being much more vocal about currencies, global trade and the flow of products. It is no secret that China is the worlds manufacturing hub and being in that position should give one an advantage to see just how the global market place functions.

On March 20, 2015 the "New" London Gold Fix was launched. From what I can tell, the only thing "new" about it is the word "new". Same criminal bullion banks making decisions regarding golds price for the day.

As my undergrad English major advisor used to say: “This is old wine in a new bottle.” Meaning, you can dress up a pig but underneath the fancy clothes it’s still a pig. The “new” London gold fix will enable the big bullion banks to continue rigging the paper gold market and looting investor money. They are now emboldened to do it in broad daylight and without masks.

This applies wholeheartedly to the “new” LBMA fix. Given that the reporting of the GOFO rates has been eliminated and the “new” price data has fancy lipstick but is even less informative than the LBMA’s old data reporting, the “new” London gold price fix is at least – if not more – corrupted than the old fix.

Continue Reading and Listen to Interview - audio download or video at thedailycoin.org/?p=22804

Rory, I loved that little excerpt of a Bernanke-interview that you spliced into the clip. I've never seen B.S. Bernanke have to answer real questions before. It was absolutely delightful to watch him squirm and stumble. It was like watching Tim Geithner.

Was that a part of some Congressional hearing? I'm pretty sure I've read some quotes from that grilling previously, but never had a chance to listen to the clip.
10:30 AM
4 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Yemen about to be "invaded"...??? in the forums.
Zero Hedge is reporting that Yemen is "about to invaded" in a joint-operation by two of the U.S.'s most loyal Thugs: the puppet-monarchy of Saudi Arabia, and the recently-reinstalled fascist government in Egypt. Note the progression in this chain of events (and chain of propaganda) as reflected by earlier posts in this thread.

A little over 6 months ago; we have the Saudi puppets "warning about the Jihadists", the now utterly meaningless label now given to ANY Arab entity which is not pro-Western (i.e. pro-Fascist). Naturally this was loyally "reported" by the Corporate media, as part of their anti-Arab/anti-Muslim brainwashing.

Then three months ago; the corrupt-and-brutal, U.S.-backed, police state government in Yemen was overthrown. Now, today, we hear that this new government (which is every bit as "legitimate" as the U.S.-installed regime in Ukraine) is about to be toppled by U.S.-backed thugs.

What is the real reason for this invasion? We get the answer to that from the Reuters article, the day this new government took power:

The Shi'ite Muslim group is stridently anti-American and is backed by Iran.

There we have it; two "reasons" to invade this sovereign nation. Yemen's new government was doomed from the day it took power.

Note that there is no LEGITIMATE pretext even offered for this invasion of a sovereign nation -- not even in the propaganda of the Corporate media. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are now BOMBING, and are about to militarily invade this nation as a supposed negotiation tactic.

The aim is not to occupy Yemen but to weaken the Houthis and their allies until they enter negotiations for power-sharing, the officials said.

This is not how CIVILIZED nations behave. This is not even slightly in accordance with international law, and (as usual) the U.S. government is obviously behind it. It is nothing but the mantra of fascism and Fascists. Might is right.

Saudi Arabia, allies open air campaign against Yemen rebels


SANAA, Yemen (AP) - Saudi Arabia bombed key military installations in Yemen on Thursday, leading a regional coalition in a campaign against Shiite rebels who have taken over much of the country and drove out the president. The dramatic military assault turns impoverished, fragmented Yemen into a new front in the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Egyptian military and security officials told The Associated Press that the military intervention will go further, with a ground assault into Yemen by Egyptian, Saudi and other forces, planned once airstrikes have weakened the capabilities of the rebels, known as Houthis, and their allies...
12:41 PM
...a project in Russia.

I saw this very interesting news item at Sinclair's site, where France's largest oil-and-gas company Total, is seeking $15 BILLION in financing from China, in order to commence a large project in (supposedly off-limits) Russia. This is "very interesting" for two reasons.

First, it's another obvious signal of the shift from West to East in the global economy. Normally any French (or other Western) mega-corporation would seek financing from Western banks (i.e. the One Bank), and the destination for the "project" would be within the Western bloc, or its expansive (and colonial) "sphere of influence". Here we see Western bankers being shut-out completely. Could that have anything to do with the fact that they are now renowned around the world as notorious and rapacious Thieves...?

Then we have the other dimension to this news item: "dealing with the Enemy". A large French company is looking to make a large investment in Russia, and that's nothing less than a direct slap-in-the-face to the U.S. government, and its increasing ineffective efforts to "economically isolate" Russia.

Not too long ago, such defiance of U.S. geopolitical dictation would have been almost unthinkable. But as the U.S. government gets increasingly belligerent with its military and its "international relations"; at the same time it is becoming increasingly economic anemic, and increasingly ECONOMICALLY IRRELEVANT.

It is only in the propaganda of the Corporate media (inside the Wonderland Matrix) where the U.S. remains the centerpiece of the global economy. In the Real World; it's now China who is the Big Dog. But former Big Dogs don't like losing their status (and privilege).

Does this mean we are about to see another "terrorist attack" in France? The last "terrorist attack" came almost exactly one week after France's president publicly called for an end to (U.S.-led) sanctions against Russia.

P.S. The great irony here is that (according to the article) it's the "U.S. sanctions" against Russia which forced Total to cut-out both Western banks and the Mighty Dollar in putting together this project. Yet again; the actions of these Wile E. Coyotes appears to be about to boomerang in their faces.

U.S. Begs Russia to Remain in ‘SWIFT’; the One Bank Fails Again

Total to raise $15 billion in China for Russian projects


French oil and gas producer Total is looking for $15 billion in investment from China to pay for expansion in Russia, the company’s CEO Patrick Pouyanne said. This could be the largest private corporate deal involving Chinese banks.

Total wants to expand the financing of the $27 billion dollar Yamal LNG project in Russia’s Siberia, said Pouyanne in an interview with the WSJ. The company says it’s possible the funding will be in either euro or yuan.

“You have a strong willingness to build the project financing [from the Chinese financial institutions – Ed.],” he said. “It’s not an easy task, to be clear. We would have preferred to do it with dollars.”

The attraction of dollar investment is complicated by the sanctions the US imposed against Russia in order to hamper its access to the global financial markets...
11:48 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic More "highway robberies" by U.S. police in the forums.
Here's another report, from a different source, of U.S. police detaining someone for some trivial technicality, and then (plainly and simply) STEALING any money they find. But note there is something very different about this report.

In this case; the victim was subjected to both a FALSE ARREST (which put his vehicle in the "custody" of the police criminals), and he was subjected to an ILLEGAL SEARCH (which was how the police/thieves found the money they stole). The victim did not "give consent" to have his vehicle searched -- as was suggested in the previous, CBC feature.

In that previous piece; the robbery victim is also pulled over/detained for some triviality. But in the CBC feature; it was noted:

...if you were foolish (or intimidated) enough to have consented to the search, and you’re carrying any significant amount of cash, you are now likely to lose it.

The thefts, as outlined by the CBC, were quasi-legal. The original detention (for some trivial infraction) is legitimate, in that it is a form of police harassment where nefarious intent cannot be proven, and thus it falls under the category of "officer discretion".

Similarly, if one consents to a search because the officer was "suspicious", this is also above legal reproach. At this point the "confiscation" of any money found is virtually the same to the "shake-down" racket which U.S. customs have engaged for many years. Thus the shake-down, as depicted by the CBC, is merely an extension of that quasi-legal thievery -- moving it internally, where there are more potential victims, and thus a larger potential haul.

However, what is described in this news item is OPEN CRIMINALITY: arrest-without-cause, search without either consent, warrant, or "probable cause". This is not the search-and-seizure racket done through merely 'stretching' the rules to the point of quasi-criminality.

What is described here is a simple robbery, where there can be no possible pretext of legitimacy, perpetrated by Thieves exploiting the power/authority conferred to them by their badges and uniform. Note also that with this search-and-seizure robbery perpetrated while he was in custody at the police station, this directly implies collusion amongst some/most/all officers, with respect to this TOTALLY ILLEGAL robbery.

This is total lawlessness. How long before U.S. residents become afraid to report crime, because as soon as the officer shows up, he'll look for some excuse to "do a search"...???

P.S. As noted in the title of the piece below, none of these robbery victims are ever charged with a crime, because to do subjects any "seizure" to JUDICIAL SCRUTINY. Thus, unless the judge was given his own "cut"; he would rule these obviously illegal searches as illegitimate, and return what was stolen to the victim.

Cops can confiscate your cash without charging you with a crime


John Newmerzhycky was traveling down Interstate 80 in Iowa with his pal Bart Davis when an Iowa State Trooper pulled them over.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero asked Newmerzhycky, “Were you obeying all the traffic laws, were you doing the speed limit?”

He replied, “I had the cruise control set. I wasn't doing anything wrong.” He was pulled over anyway.

The entire stop was recorded on the trooper’s dash cam video. The officer could be heard saying, “If y'all step out here, I’ll write you a warning real quick and get you out of here.”

The officer seemed friendly enough, and gave Newmerzhycky a written warning for failing to signal when changing lanes.

Newmerzhycky thought he would be on his way, but just as he was heading back in his vehicle the officer can be heard asking, “Can I search your car?”

“I don't see any reason to, no,” Newmerzhycky replied.

The officer asked, “Can I run a K-9 through the car?”

Newmerzhycky answered, “I'd prefer to be on my way. Do I have a right to say no?”

“You do,” the officer responded.

Newmerzhycky was detained anyway because the officer said he appeared nervous.

After the incident, Guerrero asked Newmerzhycky, “Did you feel intimidated?”

“Yes, I didn't feel it was any of his business what we had in this car. I didn't do anything wrong,” he replied.

A drug sniffing dog was brought in and supposedly signaled an alert for drugs. No drugs were found, however, $100,000 in bills wrapped in plastic, were located in the trunk.

Why all those wads of cash? Turns out, Newmerzhycky’s pal Bart Davis is a professional gambler. He explained they were on their way to a casino in in Las Vegas to play poker.

In the dash cam video, the officer told the guys, “Here's the deal, we haven't found anything illegal, so you guys are not arrested.”

Good news, right? Not so fast! The troopers confiscated all the money because they claimed it was connected to illegal activity.

Bart Davis told Guerrero, “They robbed us. Highway robbery is what happened to us.”...
10:55 AM
Thomas Aquinas wrote:
Dear Jeff,

As to your comment on the "One Bank", it is worth noting the insights of Christian Rokovsky (points 1-3);


It's a great disappointment that, knowing me as you do, you would consider my effort a bait and switch; it was simply an organic development of the thread. For as St Thomas identifies, all things must take reference to the first cause ie. God. Anyone who fails to do so, is working part-blind and to deny it is foolishness of the highest degree.

The reason for the hostility from Earl, is that especially in our time, though recognising His existence;

Job 36:25

"All men see him, every one beholdeth afar off."

most do not want to submit to God's authority and accountability, so they fight any who speaks of Him. And it is because of this pride, such an organisation as the "One Bank" exists, because it is a punishment to a rebellious mankind. Yet, this is nothing compared to the punishment that will be coming in the next years! Hence the wager was that you be fore-warned!

Overall, whatever mask may be put on it, it is clear that, shamefully, the person of God is not especially welcome on this site. Therefore, thanking you Jeff for all your work and exchanges, I will take my leave. Both of you gentlemen are instructed;


verses 13-15

T/A, as I have previously made clear; BBC is a SECULAR site, although hopefully a tolerant, secular site. Also note that I wear "two hats" here on the Forum. I'm "Jeff Nielson, fellow poster", but I'm also "Jeff Nielson, moderator". In the latter role; I'm required to put aside any/all personal feelings and review materials, or disputes between posters with the greatest degree of OBJECTIVITY I can muster. Personal feelings or personal relationships cannot be allowed to cloud my thinking.

Had I passed judgment on you with respect to any "nefarious intent"; I would have simply deleted what you posted. Instead, all I did was to note concerns. Keep in mind that virtually every regular poster on the Forum has had what they posted criticized (by me) for one reason or another, so by no means have you been singled-out here.

As I have already noted; "talking about religion" (in moderate terms) is acceptable, proselytizing is not. If I allow such posting; that's favoritism: allowing a member of ONE religious faith to have a platform for preaching. Thus words/thoughts which would not draw any rebuke in our PERSONAL correspondence will attract attention/criticism if posted on this (secular) Forum.

Hopefully you can be comfortable WITHIN these constraints.
10:13 AM
5 days ago
Earl wrote:
Thomas Aquinas,

Personally. I've never trusted your motives from day one.

The bull shit you spew and support, has historically done nothing but cause war.

I'm going to be kind, there's other site's to save souls.

A topic title- "Idling' motorists in Westminster to face £20 fine".
Simply "bait and switch", to lead some other agenda.

Your a troll Thomas Aquinas.

The BBC is in it's final months and days. Do not distract, from a more important message. With your banter...

I'm using the patience of JOB here Thomas Aquinas.

The site is Bullion Bulls Canada, not the Vatican or the Pope or some Rothschild.

We're "Truth" seekers.

Thank You,

Earl Fubar

PS- I'm not hard to find.

Earl, while your tone here is not constructive; your point is worthy of consideration. Indeed, this thread does read like a bait-and-switch, T/A. What started off (as your own post) as a purely secular discussion, was deliberately taken, by you, into the realm of quasi-religious prophesy.

Clearly, my own comments were rather blunt that tangents of this nature are not deemed useful materials for this site.

As for your bet; while it would be very hard to create objective parameters for such a wager; assuming we could/did, even if you "won" it would prove nothing. As I have pointed out; it is the One Bank which is responsible for most of this "Zionist" bullshit, just as it is responsible for the anti-Semitism brainwashing. Thus it would suit the agenda of this CRIME SYNDICATE to try to have their won agenda ape some of this "mysticism", in order to continue to provide them with 'cover' behind which they can hide.

Having strong religious convictions, and even making those convictions visible, is perfectly acceptable at BBC. Proselytizing is not.
10:33 AM
6 days ago
T/A, as I noted in my previous reply; I'm not ruling-out all legitimacy of such materials. I'm simply pointing out as a practical reality that this is a tainted line-of-inquiry. There is little difference between discussing materials of this nature, and all of the (political) Idiot Ideology which I have managed to successfully exorcise from this site.

It is a dead-end form of presentation, as it can neither be proved or disproved. With most of our modern history being nothing but carefully choreographed fiction; any claims of "certainty" regarding materials which are thousands of years old is problematic, at best.

I don't want to 'blaspheme' too strongly, and suggest that most religious Scriptures (of any/all religions) have also been deliberately fictionalized. Just as the authenticity of these materials cannot be proven, there's equally no means of proving such falsification. Thus (particularly for those people with strong affiliations) such "debates" will likely be nothing but a source of frustration/angst.

Our species can no longer (accurately) "remember" what happened a hundred years ago, in our own cultures. The idea that we can place greater certainty on faith-based religious scriptures which are (in some cases) thousands of years old, is an assertion which cannot stand up to analytical scrutiny.

Ultimately the place for materials such as this is a church. If we want to gain insights on the Crime Syndicate which rules over us; we're much better off to focus on current crimes, and living criminals. Attempting to connect the endemic fascism of these regimes with ancient literature of dubious authenticity is not productive.
03:56 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: "Invest in Food" in the forums.
Bignoga wrote:
Jeff while I agree that more people should have a larger supply of food, the logistics make it too cumbersome for most people including myself. You attacked the problem from a purely investment, non security issue so I shall do the same.

If you are just looking to lock in guaranteed savings via inflation I would suggest looking to asset classes outside of food that are experiencing the same type of inflationary pressures. I recently picked up deodorant and while placing it beside the now nearly depleted container I noticed an extreme case of "shrinkflation" . While being in the same size container it has shrunk from 85g to 76g. Over 10% less. When you factor in it was 50c more expensive then I remember you find inflation closer to 20%. While deodorant does not have the same preservation issues that food does savings are limited by the maximum amount of value the deodorant you would be able to utilize over a lifetime. However if one is to look at everyday items that they use regularly I would imagine that people would be able to find the same savings one could hope to achieve in storing food.

Certainly, "investing" in non-food items which (as you point out) have no shelf-life issues is another option for people. Here the price increases are much more uneven. Some (non-food) consumer goods have remained relatively flat in price. That's the only way the Liars can pretend there is "no inflation" -- they (literally) only count the goods in their "basket" where prices are not rising rapidly.

However, I would suggest that you re-think your pessimism concerning "logistics" about buying/storing food. While many of us have only limited space available for storing bulky non-perishable goods (i.e. bags of rice, sacks of flour, etc.); there ARE high-value/low-bulk items to consider -- like spices.

For example; my own supermarket recently began selling spices from some discount wholesaler, and I can get an average-sized bottle of any of these spices for $1/apiece. That's less than half the price I used to pay for most spices, so (at the moment) I'm able to stock-up on spices at prices less than what I paid 10 years ago.

I have to suspect that the only way they can produce this stuff this cheaply is if it's GMO crap. But even then, our intake of spices is so minimal (in terms of quantity) that if someone is going to accept "GMO" is any part of their own food supply, spices are probably one of the least-harmful options.

Remember if you're thinking about food as an investment, then the objective is not to simply stock-up on "everything". Those people with limited space, or those single people whose total food consumption is relatively modest need to think in terms of the BARTER VALUE of what they are storing.

You may not have space to stock-up on all non-perishable food items, so devote that space to primarily low-bulk/high-value items. And then (in any hyperinflation or quasi-Armageddon scenario) you will be able to barter those low-bulk/high-value items for the bulkier goods possessed by others.

Note that over the short-term, meaning the transition from our current, paper-fraud monetary system to a real-money system; there may be a significant lag-time before our REAL money is recognized for its real value. As the paper plunges to worthlessness, and before gold/silver regain their rightful status/value; we may NEED to have barter-goods to trade.

09:40 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Bankruptcy of The United States in the forums.
Thomas Aquinas wrote:
There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.” Edmund Burke

T/A, this oldie from Edmund Burke looks suspiciously familiar to a much more-modern and colloquial version of this sentiment:

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean They are not trying to screw you.

Essentially this takes the general concept of paranoia, and stands it on its head. Instead of thinking that people who are "suspicious" (or paranoid, or merely skeptical) are somehow mentally defective; this makes the point that such thinking is merely NECESSARY PRUDENCE.

We can see this even more clearly by expressing the same sentiment via yet another Notable Quote:

Assume the best, but prepare for the worst.

Here we see a clear, logical distinction. It's perfectly fine for people to adopt an optimistic outlook, and to believe that most people are "good and decent". However, the reality is that there is no shortage of malevolent predators out of there. Thus while we can think optimistically, we are REQUIRED to behave with vigilance: to "prepare" for the predators, so that we are not simply their clueless/heedless victims.

Mar 23
Thomas Aquinas wrote:

"The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the government."
- Publius Tacitus (56 – 117 AD), Roman orator, lawyer and senator

Ha, T/A, I can one-up you with this one, when it comes to government-run-amok. If you think that fining a motorist for simply "idling" his vehicle is excessive; how about the plan of Italy's government to TAX SHADE.

In Italy, They're Now Taxing Shadows

The idea behind this insanity is that if some commercial enterprise puts up any sort of awning (or other shade-producing) fixture for the use of patrons that the proprietor has ADDED VALUE to the business, and thus should/must be taxed on that.

But this also illustrates the extreme corruption/inequity in our perverse societies. While the Oligarchs are allowed to sit-and-hoard their endless $TRILLIONS, and never have those hoards taxed, we see the Tax Man now literally attempting to tax the Little People for creating (and enjoying) shade.

By this logic; any business which adorns their establishment with lots of plants (thus increasing the day-time oxygen level of the premises) should be TAXED for providing its patrons with better air...

It started with systemic inequality. We've moved past systemic corruption. And have now arrived at squarely at systemic INSANITY -- i.e. the day before everything "blows up"...

Insanity Cubed
Austerity Insanity
U.S. Hyperinflation and Cultural Insanity
The Wonderland Matrix
Mar 23
As all regular readers know by now; I am adamant that the Half-Truth is almost as dangerous as a lie (at the best of times), and often worse, when used as a weapon by the serial liar.

In the case of the clip below, and David Stockman in general, clearly we are dealing with the more benign version of Half-Truth, i.e. someone trying to be honest. Indeed, much of this clip is (as usual) very accurate, in general terms. But when we turn to specifics, it is at this point that we run into two problems when it comes to this clip: the understatements, and the out-and-out errors.

After noting how the U.S. economy's crushing burden of debt is choking the economy (true); Stockman then adds that the U.S. is only able to eke-out "1% or 2% growth", when in reality (i.e. using real inflation data) the U.S. economy has been steadily shrinking -- as reflected by less and less jobs, and less and less consumer spending (in real dollars).

The Never-Ending ‘Recovery’

The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part I
The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

Thus when Stockman talks about "the six-year economic expansion" in the U.S.; he might as well be telling us a yarn about the Abominable Snowman -- both have equal levels of reality. Then we get this, Stockman describing the U.S. fiscal situation as:

"...close to hopeless."
Close to hopeless??? The U.S. economy is buried under mountains of debt. Stockman says $60+ trillion; I suggest it's more like $70+ trillion. Then on top of this; Laurence Kotlikoff calculates U.S. "unfunded liabilities" at an additional $200 TRILLION. And all this debt is piled atop an economy where, once the exaggerations are removed, the economy produces about $12 trillion per year in GDP. Close to hopeless?

U.S. Is “Totally Broke”: Federal Govt.’s Fiscal Gap Is $222 Trillion: Economist

This brings us to Stockman answering the question: what would he do?

First I would tell the truth to the American people...

Tell the truth? It's a little late for that. What do you get at this point, with this absurd Ponzi-scheme economy if you "tell the truth"? KA-BOOM! An instant and uncontrolled implosion of all the bubbles -- because as soon as you TELL the Zombies that all these bubbles are obviously/grossly unsustainable that is precisely what would happen.

Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION

But the point here is that Stockman's half-truth here is worse than naive; it is genuinely harmful, because of what it necessarily implies. If Stockman's "solution" for the U.S. economy is "tell the truth", what comes next? Obviously it would be discussing what to do (in practical terms) to "fix the economy", and then implementing the actual "fixes" themselves.

Stockman's "tell the truth" mantra directly implies that there is still several more years before the U.S. economy even reaches the point-of-no-return, when it is actually DECADES PAST the point of no return.

Debt-To-GDP Ratios Demand Debt Jubilee

Here we see the greatest danger of the Half-Truth: a false sense of security which contributes to our already terminal APATHY, and thus serves the One Bank. Ultimately, it's up to readers to decide for themselves whether the elements of reality in Stockman's analysis make up for the glaring lapses. Personally, I don't think so.

The problem is that "tell the truth" and "this can still be fixed" is a logical non sequitur. These are CONTRADICTORY statements. What happens when you send a mixed message to apathetic, brainwashed Zombies???

Absolutely nothing. The status quo continues

The Old World Order
Mar 23
rroush wrote:
Jeff, once you see this stuff, and really think about it, there can be no other way.. *stuff* just falls into place and makes sense.

To me, medical insurance was a black art, until I started paying attention to it. I started watching the news. I listened to the propaganda and NOTHING made sense. After looking at my bills, after seeing what I was being charged for when I didn't have insurance, and comparing that to when I had "discount cards", and then comparing that to "what my bills were like when I had "insurance"; I found something out.

Every person doesn't *NEED* medical insurance. What is needed is fair billing. Then from that point, you can look at who *NEEDS* medical insurance based a risk factor.

The amount that pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and everyone else OVERCHARGES you if you *DO NOT* have insurance is so insane is so far beyond words it is incredible. In any other business, yes even the banking business, it'd be considered illegal, not to mention immoral.

Recently I had an Endoscopy procedure performed where the Hospital alone charged $9020.99. This is the amount that if I did NOT have insurance I would have had to pay. Mind you, this did not include the doctors fees, and other fees, just the Hospital. My Insurance RATE was $1403.00 (all of which I owe because I had not met my deductible by this time)...

RRoush, I certainly understand your financial angst concerning medical bills, and your medical system. But what you have to realize is that you live in a nation which the WORST possible system: a "for-profit" system in the Land of Oligarchs -- where everyone ON TOP believes they deserve a fat profit: the doctors, the insurance companies, and sometimes the hospital itself.

When you mention that your calculation "does not include doctor's fees", that's likely trying to calculate the cost of a "steak dinner" -- without pricing in the steak. Add-in those (huge costs) to your bill. Also your bill is not the real "cost" to the hospital. It has enormous FIXED costs (since hospitals are large facilities, using lots of expensive, high-tech equipment), and enormous OPERATING costs (since hospitals are labour-intensive).

The true cost of the health-service that was provided to you must also account for your share of all those general operating expenses. There is no Tooth Fairy which pays those costs for the hospitals. Thus your attack on the principle of health-care insurance is not accurate.

More generally; it is obvious that people need health-insurance, just as it's obvious you need fire-insurance on your home. Your risk of "financial catastrophe" is too great without either, and in either case you could be devastated by events which are not your fault, and thus beyond your control.

But let's get back to doctors. Doctor's are ridiculously overpaid (relative to the Average Person), just not as ridiculous as with the thieving bankers and thieving CEO's. Back when our societies were relatively sane legitimate; the average doctor made about three times as much as the average person.

Now it's more like 5 - 6 times as much. Obviously if the MOST-EXPENSIVE component of health-care suddenly starts taking TWICE AS LARGE a piece of pie, that means you need "a bigger pie" -- i.e. higher insurance rates AND/OR user fees. And then you allow Big Pharma (another tentacle) to rape you again with ultra-ridiculous drug prices.

Then there are the insane profits of the Health-Insurance Vampires, and yes, that's another (obvious) tentacle of the One Bank. Why have I not written about that Tentacle? Three reasons.

One, I'm Canadian, so the U.S. medical system insanity doesn't affect me directly. Secondly, Americans have been so brainwashed into believing that their for-profit monopolistic system of health-care is better than other places (lol) -- such as Canada. I'm not going to waste my breath trying to inform people who don't WANT to be informed. Lastly, since virtually none of those people understand/accept the existence of the One Bank; I'm generally wasting my time every time I try to talk about tentacles.

You can't help rape-victims if:

a) They continue to willingly submit to rape.
b) They refuse to even acknowledge that this is rape.

And that's just the rape by the Health-Insurance companies. How do I convince the Zombies that the pay of doctors needs to be cut in half, when the pay of senior executives needs to be slashed by at least 80% -- and the Zombies can't even get motivated to protest against that?

SUBTRACT the price-gouging of doctors. ELIMINATE the Health-Insurance Vampires all together. THEY SERVE NO PURPOSE EXCEPT TO BLOOD-SUCK. This is why sane nations have nationalized (and generally "universal) health-care. There is no excuse (at all) for allowing corporations to profit from human misery. What the U.S. has today is proof that.

The problem with the U.S. system is not that it has "insurance". The problem is that it has a totally-corrupted, quasi-insurance system where MOST OF THE RESOURCES are consumed by Vampires as "profit".

Your attack on health-insurance is much like Bill Still's (mistaken) condemnation of the gold standard. What he was actually condemning was not a real gold standard, but the corrupted gold standard which the banksters controlled, for most of its last century of existence.

Then you had the One Bank deliberating trying to BREAK that system with its financial crimes/manipulation. The idea that we could be "worse off" with a gold standard -- even a corrupted one -- has been proven false, empirically, by the economic holocaust which has transpired since we REMOVED THE GOLDEN HANDCUFFS from the bankers. That's why the banksters worked so hard to first corrupt, and then destroy the gold standard, because even a flawed gold standard is no gold standard at all.

So now you're telling me you want to get rid of your (flawed) health-insurance, and allow all those Vampires to blood-suck you directly? I hope you're very wealthy, because you're one "serious illness" away from either being totally, financially destroyed, or simply dying because you can't afford necessary treatment. Such a world is barbaric.

Understand that normally intelligent people such as yourself would see all these factors. It's because of the endemic brainwashing which we have been exposed to all our lives that people's thinking process has been sabotaged -- with countless forms of mental-conditioning and mythology.

The theory behind the U.S. health-care system is that (supposedly) a free-market, capitalistic system of competitive health-care would be so damned "efficient" (lol) that it would be cheaper -- even with every link in the chain claiming their "profit". That is an extremely dubious premise, at best.

But then we take the fact that the U.S. does not have free markets. It does not have capitalism. And it certainly doesn't have "competition". How am I going to get any 'traction' in a commentary trying to explain that to the Zombies...???

Mar 22
More evidence has emerged proving the existence of the Master Trading Algorithm, which I theorized had to exist in these markets several years ago. The theory was based on the incontrovertible that (real) "markets" cannot behave in the manner in which we have seen our markets behave over (in particular) the past 6 - 8 years.

It is normal for markets to diverge most of the time, and only on days of significant national/global news do we see markets move up or down collectively, in yo-yo fashion. Yet look at the farcical, rigged, crime-scene which we call our markets; and we see this yo-yo movement every day. Totally impossible.

The only thing which can cause markets to move collectively like this, in "Pied-Piper" fashion, is if there is a Pied Piper -- i.e. a Master Trading Algorithm. I will be writing a commentary on this well, since it's such an important subject, but thought I would get this "out there" on the Forum ASAP.

What "evidence" am I referring to? A report has come out, which was published at Zero Hedge which notes an epidemic of what it calls "quote stuffing": floods of trades which occur in "an abnormal correlation": i.e. PATTERNS.

Now here's the point. For any readers who are convinced of the existence of the One Bank, the Old World Order which actually runs our governments/economies/societies; obviously it is impossible to compete against this Crime Syndicate when it comes to market-rigging. Against this multi-trillion dollar entity; it would be minnows trying to 'compete' against a whale.

Thus if we see any pattern of market-rigging, it must be the One Bank's market-rigging. Now here is where the evidence becomes compelling. In the most-recent (and most-comprehensive) study of this "HFT" market-rigging -- and the first to really look at market-rigging -- the study found "quote stuffing [i.e. market-manipulation] impacts over 74% of US listed equities during our sample period".

When I previously stated that the One Bank "manipulates everything", obviously this was a generalization. It manipulates anything/everything of importance. Thus we can define what percentage of U.S. equities the One Bank considers "important" by the percentage that it manipulates: 74%.

The One Bank
The Old World Order
The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets
Trading Algorithms: Automated “Stupid Money”

How HFT Destroys Markets: 50 Pages Of Evidence



Egginton et. al. (2012) found systematic evidence of "quote stuffing," a term coined by the market data and research firm Nanex to describe the many events it found where exchange technology infrastructure was slowed by floods of order and order cancel activity. They wrote that "We find that quote stuffing is pervasive with several hundred events occurring each trading day and that quote stuffing impacts over 74% of US listed equities during our sample period,"...Ye et. al. (2013) analyzed U.S. stock market data from 2010 and found "that stocks randomly grouped into the same [technology] channel have an abnormal correlation in message flow, which is consistent with the quote stuffing hypothesis."
Mar 21
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic France, Germany, Italy also join AIIB in the forums.
As originally noted by Arihalli; this is a MAJOR news item. Suddenly the financial shift from West to East has gone from a march to a stampede. The UK joined the AIIB, Australia said it was leaning that way, and (of course) several Asian nations said they would join this China-led world bank; we now see a major move by Europe. And (notably) these nations announced their move jointly, indicating this was a joint strategy.

The unanswered question which still remains is this: has the One Bank been able to corrupt the East, and its own, shiny-new institutions?

One major clue which should arouse our suspicions is if thus shift from West to East goes smoothly. If the One Bank was/is truly losing control through this shift from West-to-East; the one thing we know for sure is that the shift would not proceed smoothly.

Yet here we see France, Italy, and Germany making this move together (three, key pieces of this Crime Syndicate's "territory"), and nary a sign of any "dire warnings" or "acts of terrorism" to send a message. Contrast this with what we saw in France, where one week the President of France was calling for an end to sanctions against Russia, and the next week France suffered its worst "terrorist attack".

Even more worrisome; this important news was first reported by The Financial Times, the heart of the propaganda machine in Europe. Contrast this with the total, media black-out concerning the COMER vs Bank of Canada lawsuit, where we know the interests of this Crime Syndicate are threatened -- and thus we see total censorship from the Corporate media.

If this was really a "blow to the One Bank"; methinks we would not see it reported at the Financial Times. Equally, if this was against the wishes/interests of the One Bank; it seems improbable (at best) that the UK would lead the way. Let's hope my instincts are wrong here...

EU nations to join China bank: report


France, Germany and Italy have agreed to follow Britain’s lead and join a China-led international development bank, The Financial Times said on Tuesday citing ‘European officials’.

The decision by the European troika follows Britain’s decision to join the bank and will add further pressure on Australia and the US to follow suit.

With Australia, South Korea and other nations also contemplating following suit, the moves are viewed as China eroding America's ties with its closest allies...
Mar 21


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