Saturday, March 07, 2015
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I am an amatuer - but an avid reader. I have many, probably too many stocks in my portfolio - many different metals exploration companies. As well as some EFT's encompassing jr and higher metals companies, GLDX, TSXV.
I believe in the debt/debased currency/inflation/metals scenario.

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I am fed up with seeing this EMPLOYEE of the banksters continually being treated like some sort of whistleblower or investigative journalist. This prostitute dispenses nothing but hardcore disinformation.

He's perhaps most-famous (infamous?) for a recent book "explaining" the One Bank's Master Trading Algorithm. Of course he uses the EUPMEMISM "high-frequency trading", and his worthless book is devoted to claiming that "high-frequency trading" is all about allowing the banksters to trade faster -- when this is the LEAST-IMPORTANT aspect to this systemic crime.

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

The One Bank

What's his latest game (on behalf of his Masters)? According to Michale Snyder; the U.S. is "gutting its military". Here are among the FACTS which are nowhere to be found in this disinformation trash:

1) The U.S. war-machine is several MULTIPLES the size of any other war-machine on the planet -- including Russia's, which used to be roughly equal in size. Thus in any SANE universe; the U.S. would have begun shrinking this obscene behemoth long ago -- and REALLY shrinking it, not the pretend-shrinkage which this prostitute writes about.

2) Instead; under the Bush regime, the war-machine rapidly GREW in size, even though there was ALSO massive growth in the U.S.'s use of "contractors" and "surrogates" (none of whom are officially counted in the total size of the military. So even if the U.S. government pretends to be shrinking its military; there will likely continue to be more growth in all these unofficial branches of the war machine.

3) Homeland Security. Defending "the homeland" is typically part of the military's primary duty. Instead; the U.S. government has an entirely SEPARATE and ADDITIONAL branch of the government, handling "homeland security" -- it's own Gestapo.

4) The U.S. is already obviously/totally bankrupt. It's economic collapse is ACCELERATING. Thus this war machine cannot continue to have ALL of its "branches" growing ALL of the time.

We see ONE branch being pruned, ever so slightly, and we immediately get this Disinformation Prostitute writing that "the military is being gutted", when (in overall terms) it is continuing to GROW. Given the nearly infinite amount of death-and-suffering being caused by the U.S. military; it is hard to imagine a more vile or cynical example of disinformation than this.

P.S. What is particularly disappointing is that I saw this disinformation at SGT Report, without any qualifiers that it is 100% mind-pollution. Presumably the original source for this trash, and THEY got it from another Alternative Media site -- meaning this despicable disinformation is being DISTRIBUTED by our "allies". It's originally from a site called "endoftheamericandream", which is presumably 100% disinformation brainwashing.

P.P.S. With all of the U.S./Western military belligerence; Russia has been absolutely forced to increase its military spending -- yet another Truth intentionally perverted by this prostitute.

While Obama Guts The U.S. Military, Russia Prepares For War

The Russian military and the U.S. military are going in two very different directions. Military spending in Russia is increasing by a whopping 33 percent this year alone, and the Russians are feverishly preparing as if a major war with the United States is inevitable. But despite the fact that the conflict in Ukraine has raised tensions with Russia to Cold War levels, the Obama administration is still acting as if we were living in a “post-Cold War” era. Even while the Russians are arming themselves to the teeth, the U.S. military is being gutted. In fact, the U.S. Army is in the process of being cut down to the smallest size that we have seen since the end of World War II, and the U.S. Navy is already the smallest that it has been since World War I. There is very little political debate about this gutting of our military at the moment, but someday we may look back and bitterly regret not being more prepared...
02:13 PM
It doesn't get any more cynical than this. One of the Criminals CAUSING all the misery/chaos/death/instability in the world is (supposedly) warning us that we "face a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any since WW2". We get this "warning" from the UK's heart of propaganda: The Telegraph. And (even more revolting?) we see this Rothschild criminal being referred to with the title "Lord".

Is there any purpose at all in listening to a serial liar and psychopathic criminal "explaining" what is currently going on in the world? Absolutely none. It is all mind-pollution. Any "truth" which is incidentally contained in this propaganda is purely for the purpose of attempting to provide this Liar with some credibility.

We already KNEW that thus Crime Syndicate was planning some major, new "crisis" or "catastrophe". But even if we were actually told something in this propaganda which related to that; we couldn't trust a word of it -- since it would almost certainly be disinformation.

Sometimes listening to a Liar "explain things" can be highly illuminating, but rarely when the Liar is this evil. It's like listening to Dick Cheney or Benjamin Netanyahu "explain" something...

Lord Rothschild: 'Investors face a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any since WW2'

Chairman of the popular RIT Capital Partners investment trust warns savers of 'chaos, extremism and aggression' around the world, with 'horrendous' problems in Europe

Jacob Rothschild, the 78 year-old banker and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has delivered savers in the £2.3bn trust a stark warning about global instability and the fragility of future returns.

He used his chairman's statement in the trust's 2014 annual report to outline his concerns, saying that on top of a "difficult economic background" investors face "a geopolitical situation perhaps as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II".

He said this was the result of "chaos and extremism in the Middle East, Russian aggression and expansion, and a weakened Europe threatened by horrendous unemployment, in no small measure caused by a failure to tackle structural reforms in many of the countries which form part of the European Union"...
01:07 PM
Jeff Nielson wrote:

Note: the banksters despised the latter commentary so much that they sent 80 or so of their Trolls to vote-down the commentary here.

This is something which I haven't mentioned before. If you go to many of my best, or most-popular, or simply most-threatening (to the banksters) commentaries; you will see they have the low/lowest ratings, and HUGE numbers of "votes".

Indeed, here are the two Vote Kings amongst all of my commentaries:

Inventory-Fraud Increases in Silver Market

(866 votes)

The Seven Sins of GLD

(635 votes)

To put this into perspective; an average vote-total on my commentaries is between 10 and 20 votes, with my "most popular" commentaries generating 30 - 50 votes.

That's a lot of Trolls...

12:16 PM
There was an interesting post I spotted at Zero Hedge this morning; "interesting" for one very important reaon. It REMINDS US of real history -- and not the conjured revisionism we get from the Corporate media.

In this case; Zero Hedge's exercise in debunking a fraud is elegantly simple. The Trolls in the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress summoned this war criminal to "ask his advice" on the latest (Western-orchestrated) atrocities in the Middle East.

Israeli editorial: defending GENOCIDE
Israel, U.S. back to more bombs, war-crimes
"The Covert Origins of ISIS"

Zero Hedge simply points out (through directly quoting this war criminal) that there is NO ONE whose opinion in Middle East affairs has LESS VALUE than Benjamin Netanyahu -- with the possible exception of fellow war-criminal, Dick Cheney:

In 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu already harbored some extremely strong convictions on how to deal with both Iran and Iraq...

"If you take out Saddam’s Regime, I guarantee you, that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region."

Fast forward nearly thirteen years, and rather than recognizing that this man’s plan in Iraq only led to death, chaos, and the emergence of ISIS, Congress felt the need to ask him for advice once again. Since as we all know, being wrong in America doesn’t lead to consequences, it leads to promotions.

It may be a little too harsh for Zero Hedge to conclude that Netanyahu's opinion has no value. After all, being a PERVERSE LIAR; there is a very good chance that these latest "thoughts" from Netanyahu will also end up being the exact opposite of reality.

Who Said It? "If You Take Out Saddam, I Guarantee It Will Have Enormous Positive Reverberations"
02:13 PM
While readers may think that the drop-off in my production of new posts on the Forum is simply a function of laziness; there's more to it than that (lol!). It's the old (analytical) cliche of "garbage in; garbage out".

Back in the "Good, Old Days"(?) of four or five years ago; at least there were faint connections between the real world and the Wonderland Matrix. But all those connections haven't simply been severed; they've been totally obliterated. As I regularly point out when I do attempt to "analyze" this trash; most of our news is LITERALLY perverse -- i.e. literally the exact opposite of reality.

If the Liars say the U.S. economy is "growing faster"; it's actually shrinking faster. If the Liars say the U.S. economy is "creating more jobs"; it's actually losing more jobs. If the Liars say the Fed has "tapered" all of its gratuitous money-printing; it's actually increased that money-printing. And (in the fantasy-world of the Liars); ONLY the numbers for the U.S. economy actually count.

It doesn't take much time or thought to simply say the words "opposite" or "perverse" any/every time the Liars come out with more "news". Thus the only time we see any real opportunities for analysis come when the Liars get even more ridiculous/extreme with their lies -- as we see here.

From Basher Central (lol!); we get analysis of the supposed, coming "rate-hike" from the Fed. To start with; just as it was/is IMPOSSIBLE for the Fed to "taper" its money-printing (even slightly); it's also impossible for the Fed to actually raise interest rates. The Liars may say they are doing (and will say they have done this, but it won't have really happened.

Federal Reserve Increases Counterfeiting
Debunking Tapering Mythology
Get Ready For (Fraudulent) Higher U.S. Interest Rates

So we begin our review of the Kitco nonsense by noting that the suit-stuffer whom they are passing off as an expert is "analyzing" an impossible event -- much like commenting on the "flying technique" of pigs.

And then it gets silly. Just look at the title:

Gold To Move Higher Against USD, Fed Rate Hike Won't Impact U.S. Economy

This one line is like one of those "games" one plays in doctoring some photograph, and then asking participants to spot all of the inconsistencies/absurdities.

...Fed rate hike won't impact U.S. economy

As noted in a recent commentary; DESPITE 6+ years of 0% interest rates (the economic equivalent of a defibrillator) AND even with the sudden, manipulated plunge in gasoline prices; there isn't the faintest hint of life in this Zombie Economy. And raising interest rates ALWAYS "impacts" an economy -- which is precisely the purpose in hiking interest rates, to SLOW-DOWN an economy (or cool-off bubble markets).

The U.S. Economy is Dead
Debt-To-GDP Ratios Demand Debt Jubilee

So the next part of this idiocy is we have this pseudo-expert "predicting" that raising interest rates will NOT do precisely what they are intended to do (and must do). Thus after predicting an impossible event; we have this Clown predicting an impossible trend.

And then it gets sillier. What have the Liars in the Corporate media been telling us for the past 40+ years? We shouldn't hold gold or silver "because they generate no income" (i.e. they pay no interest). Now what have we seen over the past 6+ years?

Negative Interest Rates and Precious Metals

Near-zero rates of interest should have had investors FLOCKING into gold and silver (and driving up prices). Instead; precious metals have been stuck/manipulated into an insane trough. NOW, when (supposedly) the Fed is going to "hike interest rates"; we have this suit-stuffer "predicting" this will cause the price of gold to rise?

Fed Fraud and Hostage Markets

This is another impossible trend -- in rational/legitimate markets. LOWERING interest rates makes precious metals more-attractive. RAISING interest rates makes them less-attractive. This is not merely basic economics, it's simple arithmetic -- but apparently beyond the capacity of this "expert" (and Kitco).

Now do people see why I've been forced to stay away from the manure of the Corporate media? All I've done is analyze the title -- and I'm tired already (lol). You can't "analyze" a fantasy-world -- i.e. a place which doesn't exist and has never existed -- because there are no objective points of reference.

The Wonderland Matrix

In the mind pollution below; we've already ventured so many light-years away from reality merely by the time we read the title, that any further reading/analysis implies risking our sanity...

Gold To Move Higher Against USD, Fed Rate Hike Won't Impact U.S. Economy
12:43 PM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Stock buybacks in the forums.
Debsyl, this is another one of those subjects which while not especially "important" (on its own) is very REVEALING about many aspects of our insane, upside-down markets and economies.

From the perspective of more novice investors; when companies engage in "stock buy-backs" (i.e. they purchase large numbers of their own shares) this SEEMS like a pointless (if not stupid) manner for a company to squander their profits. When investors gain a little more experience/understanding; they may understand the economic motivation for companies to do this -- and thus NOT react in an adverse manner to such announcements.

But here is where the "insanity" enters the picture. There are only extremely limited circumstances where doing a share buy-back is actually an optimal use of a company's capital. In ALL OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES; share buy-backs are what incompetent management teams do to PRETEND that they are producing "good results" for shareholders.

To understand this requires explaining the "mechanics" here. When a company does a share buy-back; normally those shares are REMOVED from circulation. Thus with a lower share count, all other things being equal, a share buy-back will push UP the company's stock price -- and thus (supposedly) benefit shareholders.

The problem is that this only provides a LONG-TERM boost to the company's share price if the company was currently substantially undervalued (as reflected by its share price). Thus the buy-back causes "the market" to re-think the pricing of that company.

In all other cases (i.e. where the company is fairly valued, or OVER-valued); the share buy-back is just a BAND-AID which temporarily boosts the share price -- at the expense of squandering a large percentage (all?) of the company's profits. So what do we see the incompetent charlatans in management doing? They do SERIAL buy-backs.

They waste a large amount of profits doing buy-backs (for a temporary increase in share price), and then when the TEMPORARY boost wears off, they do ANOTHER buy-back (and then another, and another).

This isn't "managing" a company. It's simply engaging in serial manipulation of the company's own share price -- because the CLOWNS running these corporations never get an original idea in their tiny minds.

Thus in the 1980's and 1990's; all of these Clowns engaged in "down-sizing" (the Corporate fad at that time). And what they FOUND after 20 years of that pointless stupidity was that the companies who "down-sized" did NOT become "more efficient" -- just smaller.

This is another reason why "executive compensation" is such an infuriating form of corporate theft. IF these Clowns were actually good at managing these companies, then the obscene "compensation" would merely be grossly excessive. But almost all of these idiots are TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. They pay themselves ten times more (or a hundred times more) than any other executives in the history of capitalism -- and then (almost always) are GROSS FAILURES.

At that point; they are fired, handed their even more extreme/obscene Golden Parachute -- and then the (corrupt) Board of Directors of some other company hires this same incompetent Clown to run their company.

04:27 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
This is a hugely important trial, and a hugely important issue -- particularly because all other commentators who have written on this subject have gotten things HORRIBLY WRONG. "Debt-free money" (i.e. debt-free fiat currencies) cannot fix our broken monetary system (and broken economies". It can only cause monetary implosion even sooner. This one is "mandatory reading" folks...

Debt-Free Money: NOT a Solution

Most Canadian readers (in particular) will be aware by now of an extremely important trial currently taking place, a lawsuit by a citizens’ action group against the Bank of Canada: COMER vs Bank of Canada. It is extremely important, both in specific and symbolic terms, which is precisely why the Corporate media has totally censored any/all coverage of this legal challenge, which goes to the very heart of the corruption of our current monetary system.

For those readers not aware of this current court challenge (because of the censorship by our “free press”); the gist of this trial can be summarized in easy terms. This organization (Committee On Monetary/Economic Reform) is demanding that our corrupt government and the nefarious central bank which rules above it return Canada’s monetary system to the issuance of debt-free money. In turn; the phrase “debt-free money” is relatively easy to define: issuing currency from our central bank, into the economy, without (literally) “borrowing it” into existence – i.e. attaching debt to every unit of currency...
03:35 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: COMER vs. Bank of Canada in the forums.
After doing more thinking on this subject; I decided that this was much too important an issue to reserve comment (in the form of an official commentary) until after the final decision/appeal comes out. So I wrote a piece on this subject -- in this case for Sprott Money.

Hopefully this will help to clear up questions/doubt for any readers who can't quite grasp why (so-called) "debt-free money" would not FIX our perverted monetary system -- but likely cause it to implode (via hyperinflation) even sooner.

Debt-Free Money: NOT a Solution
03:31 PM
...and fortunately my latest "Sprott Money" commentary just went up, so this will also shed some light on your query:

Debt-Free Money: NOT a Solution
03:27 PM
I saw an interesting, little blurb on Sinclair's site, which came to him via Simon Black. Black noted (and photographed) the following billboard, shortly after landing in Bangkok airport on a visit to Thailand:

Said Black:

It means that China is literally advertising its currency overseas,and it’s making sure that everyone landing at one of the world’s busiest airports sees it. They know that the future belongs to them and they’re flaunting it.

And it’s true. The renminbi’s importance in global trade and as a reserve currency is increasing exponentially, with renminbi trading hubs popping up all over the world, from Singapore to London to Luxembourg to Frankfurt to Toronto.

Multinational companies such as McDonald’s are now issuing bonds in renminbi, and even sovereign governments are issuing debt denominated in renminbi, including the UK.

While most of this are developments which I have been reporting myself over (in particular) the last couple of years; the part about MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS now also issuing their debt in renminbi is especially significant -- given that most of these will be WESTERN CORPORATIONS.

As the old saying goes; "follow the money". When we do that; we reach a simple conclusion: the USD is nearly dead, and its "successor" (the renminbi) has already been carved in stone.

China’s Gold-Backed, Reserve Currency
03:06 PM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Europe's new "technocracy" in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Just a plug for this site

When discussing derivatives with my husband I said, "Jeff wrote about it in regards to one of the American universities. I’ll google it and find it.” I wasn't sure if the university was Yale, Harvard or ... The first link I received was this one. Not the one I was looking for, but helpful just the same.

What will we do without the site? There is such a wealth of information you have posted over the years, Jeff.

Hold onto the contents of the link you posted here, as that site is no longer available.

I missed this post first time around.

Good memory, Debsyl! Yes one of the first pieces I wrote exposing derivatives fraud concerned "interest rate swaps" involving HARVARD University -- and ironically/hilariously it was "economic genius" Larry Summers who was president of Harvard at the time that the banksters scammed that university.

"Genius" Summers managed to lose $1 BILLION in financing a mere $2 billion of debt.

WHO were the WINNERS on Interest-Rate Swaps?
08:33 PM
I plucked this hot-off-the-presses from SGT Report, where underneath the title of their post...

Rothschild Cheated Again! Omitted From The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List

...they ask a QUESTION to which a lot of people would like an answer:

Where’s The Forbes List of TRILLIONAIRES?
Note the conclusion reached by a previous author, which SGT Report quotes:

Researcher Fritz Springmeier carefully dissected the extent of Rothschild Power in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati: “It was estimated that they [The Rothschilds] controlled half the wealth of the world,” Springmeyer notes.
Now compare that with the research upon which I based "the One Bank": the computer modeling of a trio of Swiss academics (analzying more than 10 million corporate and personal entities).

They concluded that a single "Super Entity" (i.e. the One Bank) controls 40% of all the world's "transnational corporations", which in the Age of the Mega-Corporation translates into controlling 40% of the global economy.

With the "global economy" being somewhere around $70 trillion in size, here is where the number-crunching starts to get interesting. 40% of that number represents control of a financial empire equivalent to roughly $30 TRILLION in 'GDP'. According to the Swiss academics; using these corporate fronts to operate their crime syndicate allows the Ringleaders (whoever they are) to LEVERAGE an amount of "control" much greater than their actual level of wealth:

In particular, the top ranked actors hold a control
ten times bigger than what could be expected based on their wealth.

Thus in order to "control" the One Bank (a $30 TRILLION dollar crime syndicate), it would require a crime "family" with personal wealth in the $TRILLIONS. Compare this to the phony, B-list billionaires on the Forbes list noted at SGT Report.

According to Forbes; all of the world's billionaires (i.e. ALL of the supposed "world's richest" misers) amount to some 1,826 individuals, with total wealth estimated at roughly $7 TRILLION.

If we were to assume that Forbes' silly list was really the world's richest misers; it would require roughly HALF of the fortunes of all the world's billionaires to have enough financial mass to operate the One Bank. Since such lists are always top-heavy; it wouldn't require 900 of these billionaires. But it would imply MANY DOZENS of these billionaires, including all of the "world's richest" to conspire together to operate a crime syndicate of this size.

That large of a "management group" is no more plausible in a crime syndicate than it is in a corporation. Senior "management" is inevitably a HANDFUL of individuals. Thus we know there is some LEVEL of miser(s) well above the phony numbers of the Forbes list. The B-list billionaires have fortunes which (at best) are only 1/10th the size necessary to operate the One Bank.

Given the KNOWN history of the past 200 years; the most notable names absent from the Forbes list, and the most-likely "candidates" (by far) to be the owner-operators of "the One Bank" are the misers of House Rothschild.

The network of global corporate control
The One Bank
The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

Rothschild Cheated Again! Omitted From The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List

…Where’s The Forbes List of TRILLIONAIRES?

Those poor Rothschilds… snubbed again. The 2015 Forbes list of Billionaires has been released and shockingly the name Rothschild is once again no where to be found on it. How slighted they must feel. Year after year this list of the world’s top Billionaires comes out and year after year the families with MULTI-GENERATIONAL BANKING WEALTH and keys to the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks, are never on it!...

Inside The 2015 Forbes Billionaires List: Facts And Figures
02:58 PM
4 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
Baltic Dry Index Crashes: Calamity or False-Alarm?

For this commentary to make any sense to most readers; it’s necessary to address the two questions which immediately come to their minds: “what is the Baltic Dry Index?” and “why should I care about it?” Dealing with these questions in order; the Baltic Dry Index measures the prices paid to ship various forms of cargo, in the form of an index.

Answering the second question starts with further elaboration on the first. This price index is seen as a proxy for the demand for shipping, versus the capacity of the existing global fleet, because (in legitimate markets) price is always viewed as a proxy for demand. In turn; the demand for shipping is often viewed as a proxy for global economic activity (all other things being equal). Put bluntly; if economies are growing, then “things” are moving (by ship)...
03:05 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The End of Bullion Bulls Canada in the forums.
zooey wrote:
Jeff. This commentary you have shared. Needs to be archived and available. At some point other people will seek it out, I am sure of that,

Thanks so very, very, very, very much,

Thanks for the support Zooey! One (selfish) reason for announcing the "end of BBC" well in advance is the hope to see some "familiar faces" here again, which for various reasons no longer show up on the Forum.

Yes, the issue of archives and text-links is one of my most serious practical concerns. Even after BBC; my work will "live on" via the sites which have been publishing reprints for most/all these years.

BUT if BBC itself "disappears", all the text-links within those articles will stop working. The articles will "make less sense" since the text-linking provided additional clarification AND documentation for the text of my commentaries.

At this point; I'm not aware of any solution to the text-linking issue. I'm hopeful that the archives themselves can be preserved (preferably in some reasonably accessible form), but if we can't find a way to preserve these archives within this template, then all those text-links will be lost forever.

This is something which I will certainly seek to prevent, if there is any reasonably practical solution here.
11:54 AM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Thanks again, Jeff,

Jeff wrote,

First of all; I think we're beyond the issue/question of "what is happening?"

You would have done well to read the article before making this comment, as you would know it is, for the most part, irrelevant to this article. I would suggest “why” would be more appropriate...

Debsyl, this is always a valid argument, although not necessarily a valid conclusion. One of the "Holmesian" concepts I adopted at a very early age concerns the assimilation of information. Though Sherlock Holmes was a voracious student (in numerous subjects) he scrupulously AVOIDED taking-in any information at all -- on a fairly long list of subjects.

The reason Holmes used his "filter" was based purely upon considerations of relevance. He avoided what he considered "useless information". While that is also one aspect of my own filtering; it's not the most-important filtering that I do. I also scrupulously filter-out "dangerous information".

What do I mean by "dangerous information"? Very simple: brainwashing. Brainwashing is BRUTE-FORCE thought control which is 100% SUCCESSFUL. All that varies is the amount of time which different individuals can resist that brainwashing. Put another way; the ONLY 100% successful means of avoiding being brainwashed is to completely avoid the brainwashing propaganda/disinformation itself.

Simple because I'm able to explain brainwashing techniques to the Community, and can (usually) identify particular brainwashing tactics fairly easily does not make me "immune" to brainwashing. It only enhances my resistance.

This brings me to "ISIS" (and all the other categories of BRAINWASHING) in which the propaganda machine engages. If you read voraciously from the Liars of the Corporate media in order to "understand ISIS"; you WILL be brainwashed by that brainwashing. That's not a suggestion, or even an assertion. It's a simple statement of fact.

This is why I refused to do anything more than skim-through this obvious propaganda. It takes about two paragraphs to clearly identify this as more "Muslim terrorist Boogeyman" brainwashing. Is there any "truth" amidst all the brainwashing? I'll concede that. As I point out regularly; COMPETENT liars use (half) truth in order to enhance their lies.

The point here is the "information value" is such an extremely long piece of hard-core brainwashing cannot compensate for the damage you do to your brain by reading it. In our legal system; we have a PRINCIPLE OF EVIDENCE which recognizes this psychological principle.

In any trial; a judge can rule to exclude evidence (no matter how "relevant") if its PREJUDICIAL IMPACT on the minds of jurors exceeds its "evidentiary value". While this is obviously a subjective determination; this does not in any way invalidate this principle of logic.

You must be aware that if you choose to "consume" large quantities of the mainstream media's MIND POISON that your mind will be damaged. Denying this reality is to behave like a cigarette-smoker. ONE cigarette never harmed anyone (presumably). But it's because the first cigarette didn't harm the Smoker that he/she has a second cigarette, and then a third, and then a fourth.

You must view the propaganda of the Corporate media as "a hazardous material" and TREAT IT AS SUCH. I won't allow my mind to be poisoned with Muslim terrorist Boogeyman brainwashing. I got more than enough of that to last me a life-time -- TWO WEEKS after "9/11".

(Apparently) this means that while I've been filtering-out all this brainwashing for 13+ years, you've been absorbing at least some quantities of this mind poison for all these years. You need to (1) be aware that you are being brainwashed, and (2) take steps to counteract that brainwashing.

Let me repeat; brainwashing is a 100% successful, brute-force technique for mind/thought control -- all that varies is our level of "resistance" (i.e. how long we can hold out). Do not ever underestimate the potency of this WEAPON. And if you do ever "forget" about this, just take a look around the nearest Zombie.

Muslim terrorist Boogeyman brainwashing is (literally) hazardous to your (mental) health. Similarly; I long ago began censoring all the (absurd/offensive) "crime and punishment" on TV -- so I wouldn't have my mind poisoned by that particularly offensive form of brainwashing. The ONLY exception I make to this RULE are shows like "Gotham" and "the Flash" -- because it is understood that this is not "reality", and thus there is minimal potential for brainwashing.

Being aware that we are continually saturated with countless forms of brainwashing does not do us much good if we fail to INSULATE ourselves from this mind poison (to the greatest degree possible). If I lived in Syria or Iraq; it would be NECESSARY for me to absorb certain amounts of Muslim terrorist Boogeyman propaganda -- because I would need to try to sift-out information which was directly relevant to my own life.

I challenge you to identify anything of "direct relevance" to your own life (with emphasis on the word "direct").

12:34 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The End of Bullion Bulls Canada in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
Well Jeff, I know there will be a Bullion Bull shaped hole in my life in 6 months time!

I understand your need to move on to other things. However, I don't understand why all your stuff should be vaporised, especially at this crucial point.
When things finally do go down in the world, how are people going to discover that you were right all along? I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

For me, it's always been BBC that has inspired and informed me, not SPROTT or any of the others for that matter. This is the cradle where you nurtured your ideas, to just wipe it off the face of the planet is nothing less than a crime in my, admittedly selfish, eyes.

I put it to you that this is your Dolyean crisis, are you going to send your creation off the Reichenbach falls and regret it later?

Dylan, Debsyl; by no means was this an easy decision, but as I endeavoured to get across in the original announcement, it is primarily rooted in practical considerations. It's no longer possible for Chad to continue his work on the site, thus I'll be deprived of technical and administrative support. AND, financially the site is no longer self-sufficient. While none of us may like these realities; I would suggest that those are two pretty good reasons for making this decision.

...When things finally do go down in the world, how are people going to discover that you were right all along? I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

Aha Dylan! Appealing to my ego. I admit that egotistical considerations make this decision more difficult than it might have been otherwise. Lol! But here again we run up against a practical issue.

How long before it's obvious to significant numbers of people that I was "right all along", thus enabling me to do some form of Peter Schiff victory-tour (lol)? By my own timing; it's as much as 18 months more until the Psychopaths trigger the Next Crash.

Of course the propaganda machine will lie about EVERYTHING that is happening. Thus at that point I would at best have partial validation. And I'm only one of a PACK of Alternative Media writers "predicting" some dramatic crash-event -- since it is so mind-numbingly obvious. So unfortunately that level of validation would provide little real significance.

To get real "validation" would require it becoming known WHY all these events occurred, since that's where my own work is distinguished, even within the Alternative Media. Here, the problem is that if the same Crime Syndicate manages to cling to power, the Zombies may NEVER know what really happened (and continues to happen).

It's only if our crime syndicate SYSTEM is somehow cleansed that we will ever get much public/objective validation of my most important findings/conclusions. In even a best-case scenario; I estimate it would be at least 2 1/2 years before any real "truth" could begin to emerge in our societies -- and substantial validation would then be possible. And that's very optimistic thinking.

Two and a half years (at best) is a long time to continue to struggle, just to HOPE to finally get the acclaim which I believe is due to me, and that brings me to the second part of your remark:

...I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

Here I must acknowledge another reality: the word "career" implies some degree of financial success. While the site (and myself, personally) came close on a few occasions to "turning the corner", and making BBC/myself a commercial success. But it hasn't happened. At some point, the phrase "flogging a dead horse" starts to enter one's mind.

I'll turn your remark around, and assert that I'm not "doing myself any favours" by continuing to put in a lot of effort -- but have very little (in tangible terms) to show for it. In the eyes of many (most?) people; commercial success is REQUIRED in order to provide an individual/entity with CREDIBILITY.

So the Catch-22 here is that no matter the quality of the work I do here (and we do, collectively, on the Forum); most people won't consider me "credible" (and thus support me commercially) until I'm a commercial success. But I can't be a commercial success until I get many more people to support me.

Clearly, I'm 'spinning my wheels' with BBC (alone) at this point, bringing me to the colloquial "definition of insanity" -- which I like to quote when analyzing the thinking/behavior of others (lol!):

The definition of insanity is to repeat a particular action, but expect a different outcome.

We've been doing this for 6+ years, and (in the eyes of the vast majority) this site -- and business -- is not a "success". How much longer do I/we keep doing the same thing, before this becomes "insanity"???

Let me add one more thing; I'm not simply throwing-in-the-towel. I'm exploring my options, and (as has already been discussed) looking for ways in which at least parts of "BBC" (and the Community) can be preserved. I expect to be able to deliver at least some news in these areas in the weeks/months ahead. But these things are not "certain" yet. What is certain is that BBC (in its present form) cannot continue.

One other practical point here is that the site (i.e. the software itself) is simply getting old. There are regular problems (at least for some Members) with "log-in" issues and/or other technical glitches. At one point we were very close to launching an updated version of the site (which would have actually been the third version of BBC). But (again as a practical matter) that became impossible, and in many respects that reality meant that the site only had a certain "shelf life" remaining in its somewhat outdated form.

So, in a perfect world, things would have unfolded much differently, and thus we would not be having this discussion today. Will I regret "killing off" the site? While I try very hard not to "regret" events and decisions in life; I'd be lying if I said I could avoid those feelings.

Having a website is a lot like having a child. You help it grow. You "worry" any/every time something goes wrong, and you take pride when things go right (lol). And like being a parent; it's ultimately a "full-time job". The site needs to watched/monitored, and now I would be facing life as 'a single parent' (lol).

To me; that involves DIVIDING my energies/efforts in my career, when the simple truth is that I don't have the luxury of being able to indulge myself in that manner. Thus if it were not for my ties to the Community, and my appreciation for its value; this would have been a VERY EASY decision to make -- and one which would have been made considerably sooner.

Ultimately, you all are the best "argument" for continuing the site -- and a very good argument. But (sadly) for all of the practical reasons above; even the Community is no longer "justification" alone for continuing the site.

11:46 AM
6 days ago
There was more interesting news out of China recently: an announcement that China will begin its OWN, Yuan-denominated "gold fix". Clearly there is more than one way to view this announcement; but let me begin with the positive interpretation.

In this light; we see ANOTHER move by China to replace (corrupt) Western institutions and financial mechanisms (in this case the "gold fix") with relatively legitimate Eastern alternatives. More generally; it would be yet another example of the difference in behavior between psychopaths (i.e. the One Bank) and chess-players -- i.e. China's government (and Russia's government).

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

The psychopath seeks to destroy any/all enemies, generally by overt and immediate confrontation. The chess-player seeks to out-position his opponent, and scrupulously avoids confrontation -- until his "positioning" produces overwhelming strategic dominance. Thus we see Russia announcing its own alternative to the (Western) "SWIFT" electronic commerce system is now up-and-running, and (in the same week) China announces an alternative to the (obviously corrupt) Western gold fix.

According to this viewpoint of current affairs; the East is providing parallel mechanisms and institutions, in order to give the nations of the non-aligned world a CHOICE -- persuasion, versus the brute-force COERCION they are used to dealing with from the fascist nations of the West.

The presumption is that given a visible, positive alternative to remaining WITHIN the criminal, punitive, financial hegemony of the West (and the One Bank) that the global community will willingly (enthusiastically?) embrace the Eastern alternatives.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier; there is a different manner in which we can view and interpret these events. The alternative is perhaps just as obvious as it is unpleasant.

In this Alternate Universe; the East is mirroring the West with its creation of similar (identical?) entities/institutions not to REPLACE Western fascism and corruption with a new and (at least somewhat) more-legitimate alternative. Rather it is creating its own "alternatives" to CONTINUE with the current status quo of corruption -- but with an Eastern rather than Western cast of puppets engaging in this political/economic theater.

Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss.

I REALLY hope that the "little Voice" shouting out this warning in my head is off-base, and we don't need to heed Pete Townsend's eternal warning -- again. Since we have all already pledged that "We Won't Get Fooled Again"; it would be (to say the least) very embarrassing if we were wrong -- and we have all been "fooled"...again.

China plans yuan-denominated gold fix this year -sources

- China plans to launch a yuan-denominated gold fix this year to be set through trading on an exchange, sources familiar with the matter said, as the world's second-biggest bullion consumer seeks to gain more say over the pricing of the precious metal.

The Chinese benchmark would be derived from a new 1 kg contract to be launched on the state-run Shanghai Gold Exchange, a senior source directly involved in the process told Reuters.

China, also the top producer of gold, feels its market weight should entitle it to be a price-setter for bullion and it is asserting itself at a time when the established benchmark, the century-old London fix, is under scrutiny because of alleged price-manipulation.

If the Chinese fix takes off, it could add to the pressure on the London benchmark, which is used worldwide by producers, refiners and central banks to price holdings and contracts, although the two could exist side-by-side.

"We need a renminbi benchmark for Chinese producers and foreign suppliers to the market," said the source, using an alternative name for the yuan. "This renminbi gold benchmark can be complementary to the U.S. dollar gold-fixing in London...
05:25 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Thank you for your opinion, Jeff.

I did read the entire article and found it an excellent addition to the research I have already completed on Islam. Many of my brothers and sisters, in Christ, are being killed by ISIS; it is imperative for me to understand their belief.

Are some things missing in the article? To be sure there are, but not every article will cover all aspects of what transpires in this world; sadly for you, Jeff, you will not understand everything either (no, I am not a troll with this criticism LOL).

I stand by the article as an accurate analyse. It is also a very instructive article, which points out the undeniable link between historic Islam and ISIS.

Debsyl, first let me first apologize for replying late here because, I had some serious (and bizarre) problems with my internet connection earlier today. Second, let me clarify my original response (and stance), since I think that failing to do so makes my position come across as unnecessarily harsh (and critical?).

First of all; I think we're beyond the issue/question of "what is happening?", for two very important reasons. First of all; as a matter of scientific fact ANYTHING which can be put into audio or video form can be FAKED -- either through technological alterations, or simple theater.

But beyond that; even acknowledging that much of this carnage is TRUE (there are people dying here), the relevant question is not "what is happening?" but rather "why is it happening?"

It is here where I (we?) always get back to the same point. EVERYTHING taking place today is being orchestrated by these financial psychopaths -- i.e. the One Bank. Is "ISIS" all nothing but an OFFICIAL band of U.S. thugs/employees (like "Al Qaeda" when they were still known as "the Mujahadeen")? OR, are the ISIS thugs now ex-employees -- who are being MANIPULATED into their dirty deeds (like "Al Qaeda" after it officially became known as Al Qaeda).

But that leads to an even more fundamental question? Does this distinction even matter? Does it matter whether the "atrocities" which actually are occurring are the product of manipulation (by the One Bank) or direct employment? DEAD is DEAD.

In my own thinking; it is 100% irrelevant to focus on "what" ISIS is (supposedly) doing and "who" ISIS (supposedly) is, if you ignore HOW and WHY it came into existence. Indeed, as I point out; the DELIBERATE omission (by the writer of this article) of anything remotely resembling a balanced presentation of the facts condemns this as propaganda/disinformation.

I've said it before (a thousand-and-one times); and I'll say it many times again in the months ahead:

A HALF-TRUTH is just as invalid -- and generally more deceptive -- than an outright lie. And here we have "half-truth" in its most literal form: presenting "who" and "what"; deliberately omitting "how" and "why".

It is beneath you (and your analytical mind) to embrace such sub-standard propaganda. And that is why I suggested it was/is due to the multi-century anti-Muslim brainwashing directed at (in particular) the Christian population. In a similar manner; I look at the "global warming" issue as an example of people who would normally never get fooled by such (clumsy) disinformation -- but who have been fooled (brainwashed?) by preying upon their ideological dogma/biases.

I ask that you merely consider the possibility that your own faith is being used as a (psychological) tool to help to manipulate your position here. It is precisely the sort of malevolent Machiavellianism which we see all the time from these psychopaths.

04:18 PM
1 week ago
P.S. I forgot to spend a moment mentioning "personal experience". As all those older Members know (who originally spotted me on Seeking Alpha); I have more "combat experience" in fighting Trolls (and kicking their butts) than likely any writer on the 'net.

Feb 27
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
Debsyl, this is a ridiculously long "piece" (of whatever), so I just skimmed through it. However, that was enough to convince me that this is nothing but propaganda disinformation -- for two reasons.

1) In page after page of (supposed) "detailed history" of ISIS there is no mention of this:

"We helped build ISIS"
Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney

2) Instead, this so-called "journalist" writes this:

The United States and its allies have reacted to the Islamic State belatedly and in an apparent daze.

Since when has the U.S. -- which SPIES on everything, and OVER-REACTS to most things -- ever responded in a "dazed" and "belated" manner. I'll tell you when the last time was: 9/11.

When you see these Liars say something which is (a) ridiculous, and (b) straight out of the "9/11 Play-book" our B.S. alarms should start going off at maximum decibels. You may find a lot of this "religious fanatics" talk to be particularly attractive/believable, but as I've pointed out before, you can't forget that much of that is attributable to a THOUSAND YEARS of anti-Muslim brainwashing, dating back literally to the Crusades.

Here is the question which any/every rational Christian must ask themselves before accepting any of this "jihadist" bullshit. IF the great "Muslim threat" are these supposed "jihadist fanatics"; then why has the U.S. devoted MOST of its war-and-sabotage to destroying EVERY SECULAR MUSLIM REGIME in the Middle East and Africa???

And here's another point to ponder; with the U.S. DESTROYING all of the moderate, secular regimes in that part of the world (while propping-up ultra-extremist regimes like Saudi Arabia); WHAT'S LEFT? Nothing but (supposed) "radical" Boogeymen -- precisely what the Axis of Evil wants: Boogeyman to use their war-machines against, Boogeyman to supposedly justify all their new, fascist laws.

The Axis of Evil DESTROYS secular regimes. It CREATES and SUPPORTS extremist regimes and extremist groups (so it can either use them, or destroy them, or use them and then destroy them). That's what the last (in particular) 25 years of history broadcasts loud and clear. If you can't make this important distinction, then you're living inside the Wonderland Matrix.

Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria
Feb 27
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: This will put a smile on your face. in the forums.
I had a hard time deciding whether to file this one under "Notable Quotes" or "This Will Put A Smile On Your Face", but decided in the end that since the Notable Quotes section tends to be more serious that I would put this here.

While "others" may have a different perspective on the world; this is how things look to a large percentage of us creatures (namely men and dogs - lol):

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

Feb 27
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION in the forums.
The U.S. Ponzi-scheme economy continues stumbling toward the Next Crash (scheduled for shortly before the 2016 election), and Warren Buffett continues hoarding more and more $billions.

As I noted before; Buffett's cash-hoard "exceeds the GDP of most nations". To be specific; out of more than 200 sovereign entities, Buffett's $62 billion cash-hoard would rank him just above the Dominican Republic (#71) and below Libya (#70). In short; Buffett's cash-board now exceeds the GDP of roughly 2/3 of the world's nations.

We're told (by the liars of Reuters) that this is more than triple the $20 cash-hoard which Buffett supposedly "likes" to hold, but this could be simply more Revisionism from the liars. But even if we accept the liar's assertions at face-value; we're still faced with this massive contradiction.

1) On the one hand; we have the Fed liars and the U.S. government liars telling us that (supposedly) the U.S. economy is "growing" at the fastest rate in more than a decade -- with absolutely no indication that the Never-Ending Recovery will ever end, despite the fact it is now (supposedly) three times as long as any normal "recovery".

2) On the other hand; we have Warren Buffett who is supposedly the world's "most-savvy investor". In reality, of course, Buffett the Vampire-Layer is a Wall Street Shill, and is rewarded for his loyalty by being TOLD by the banksters (in advance) which companies will be "winners" and which will be "losers".

Obviously, with Buffett hoarding at least three times as much funny-money as he (supposedly) likes to hoard; his bankster buddies have delivered a very simple message to him: KA-BOOM!

And then after KA-BOOM!, after the U.S.'s Ponzi-scheme markets implode down toward something resembling reality; 80-something Warren Buffett will SPEND his $60+ billions buying-up companies at pennies-on-the-dollar -- and making the greatest, single haul in his entire career as a Vampire-Layer.

As previously noted; with the Next Crash not slated for at least another year, who knows how large Buffett's cash-hoard will be by then...???

Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

The Next Crash in 2016
The U.S. Economy is Dead

P.S. Note that the data on Buffett's cash-hoard is (strangely) 4 months old, meaning Buffett's cash-hoard TODAY could already be greater than $70 BILLION.

Buffett, a cheerleader for America, takes his checkbook abroad

...Berkshire ended September with $62 billion in cash, well above the $20 billion cash cushion Buffett likes. That leaves more than $40 billion to go shopping.

List of countries by GDP (nominal)
Feb 27
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Sea levels rise around New York in the forums.
Let me add another "P.S." here as a point of analysis/logic. When I do my own research; I have traditionally always focused my time looking at materials of those with the OPPOSITE viewpoint.

Why do I do this? Because when I'm strongly certain that my position is the correct one; I can obtain more "proof" by picking apart the lies or omissions or errors in logic of my Opponents than I can generally do via (directly) researching my own position.

Again, this is a simple function of logical analysis. "Proving" something (in positive terms) is an extremely difficult proposition. This is something which can only be appreciated by people with a background in science, mathematics, or probability/statistics (which includes myself).

Instead, what is much more achievable is to simply demonstrate which side is WEAKER. This is what I've done here with this piece of anti-global warming disinformation. I've shown that the claim by these pseudo-scientists is not merely implausible, but RIDICULOUS.

The only way that "ocean currents" could cause a LONG-TERM rise in sea levels is through centrifugal force -- i.e. the ocean currents speeding-up faster and faster and faster...

For the Skeptics who have been fooled by anti-global warming brainwashing; this is the point upon which you MUST focus. Stating that global warming hasn't been "proven absolutely" is meaningless, because proving anything in the realm of climate analysis with such certainty is currently beyond our level of science.

What IS within our analytical capabilities is to judge the RELATIVE MERITS of each side. And, in my own experience, I never see silly/ridiculous claims by the (legitimate) scientists who advocate/acknowledge global warming, while I regularly see idiocy like this whenever the Establishment tries to tell their own lies on this subject.
Feb 26


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