Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Today's piece (which I think now ranks as the longest commentary I've written) was inspired 1/2 by the superb video clip posted by Debsyl over the weekend (and referenced in this piece) along with yet more despicable/shocking news from the Fourth Reich.

Not only do U.S. schools have their own "police force", but they now have their own armies. Something which (obviously) could only happen in a police state...

The United States: Police State Today, Martial Law Tomorrow; Part I

US schools received M16 rifles and grenade launchers under Pentagon programme


At least 26 school districts participated in surplus gear, which has come under increased scrutiny following Ferguson riots

School police departments across the country have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles.

At least 26 school districts have participated in the Pentagon's surplus programme, which is not new but has come under increased scrutiny after police responded to protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, last month with tear gas, armored military trucks and riot gear.

Now several school districts say they'll give some of the equipment back, while others plan to keep the rifles they received. Nearly two dozen education and civil liberties groups sent a letter earlier this week to the Pentagon and the Justice and Education departments urging a stop to transfers of military weapons to school police...
03:13 PM
The Geopolitics of World War III 22:01
The real reason...
12:00 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: "The Road to World War III" in the forums.
VERY interesting Debsyl!

This would seem to be a first, at least as far as I'm aware. Previously, we have ONLY seen China projecting military power in territory (land and sea) near its own borders. But China has been rapidly ramping-up its military for a full decade now.

It appears that with the Western Fascists continuing to be increasingly belligerent (in virtually every way), and with Russia under increasing political/economic/military pressure that China is now "sending a Message" that Russia doesn't stand alone either economically or (now) militarily.

This is a problem for the Fascists. To this point they haven't attempted any major demonization campaign against China. The question now is whether the Fascists are willing to expand their campaign to begin to directly target China with political/economic aggression -- KNOWING that China can retaliate in ways in which even Russia cannot...???
10:08 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Useful sites and links in the forums.
As Yogi Berra would say; "this is deja vu all over again" (lol).

Thanks to another of Debsyl's posts I was pointed toward this site, so I'm taking a moment to add it to the list here...

Storm Clouds Gathering

04:30 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic "The Covert Origins of ISIS " in the forums.
It doesn't get any more damning than this. Here are just a couple of excerpts from ANOTHER superbly documented clip:

The Covert Origins of ISIS

Would it interest you to know who helped these psychopaths rise to power? Would it interest you to know who armed them, funded them and trained them? Would it interest you to know why?...

Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney admits: “We Helped Build ISIS”...
-- Obviously if a U.S. general admits that the U.S. "helped build ISIS", what must be really true is that the U.S. was the PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT in the formation of ISIS.

Syrian Rebels Describe U.S.-Backed Training in Qatar

...they trained us to ambush enemy vehicles and cut off the road," said the fighter, who is identified only as "Hussein." "They also trained us on how to attack a vehicle, raid it, retrieve information or weapons and munitions, and how to finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush.

-- Executing captured soldiers is a WAR CRIME. The U.S. was not only training "Syrian rebels" who are the close allies of ISIS, they are training them to COMMIT WAR CRIMES. And as earlier pointed out; everyone now knows that the "gas attacks" in Syria were planned/directed by the U.S. And this "training" was taking place in 2013 -- before ISIS launched its campaign in Iraq.

One month after this report, in June of 2014, ISIS made its dramatic entry, crossing over the Syrian border into Iraq, capturing Mosul, Baiji and almost reaching Baghdad. The internet was suddenly flooded with footage of drive by shootings, large scale death marches, and mass graves. And of course any Iraqi soldier that was captured was executed.

Massive quantities of American military equipment were seized during that operation. ISIS took entire truckloads of humvees, they took helicopters, tanks, and artillery. They photographed and video taped themselves and advertised what they were doing on social media, and yet for some reason Washington didn't even TRY to stop them.

U.S. military doctrine clearly calls for the destruction of military equipment and supplies when friendly forces cannot prevent them from falling into enemy hands, but that didn't happen here. ISIS was allowed to carry this equipment out of Iraq and into Syria unimpeded. The U.S. military had the means to strike these convoys, but they didn't lift a finger, even though they had been launching drone strikes in Pakistan that same week.

I say (yet again) that if there are any "beheadings" taking place (which are not made-in-the-USA theatrical productions), then they are either being carried out by the Axis of Evil itself (wearing Arabic costumes), or they are carried out with the at the DIRECTION of the U.S. government.

There's a pattern here if you look closely. This is a tried and true geopolitical strategy.

Step 1: Build up a dictator or extremist group which can then be used to wage proxy wars against opponents. During this stage any crimes committed by these proxies are swept under the rug. [Problem]

Step 2: When these nasty characters have outlived their usefulness, that's when it's time to pull out all that dirt from under the rug and start publicizing it 24/7. This obviously works best when the public has no idea how these bad guys came to power.[Reaction]

Step 3: Finally, when the public practically begging for the government to do something, a solution is proposed. Usually the solution involves military intervention, the loss of certain liberties, or both.

ALL "evil" on our planet today traces back directly or indirectly to the Axis of Evil (U.S./UK/Israel). There is much, much, much more damning evidence in this clip, and I strongly encourage people to watch/listen to it.

The only "question" which needs to be answered for anyone who watches this clip is this: are/were these ISIS "terrorists" merely allies of the U.S. government -- or (now former) employees???

[Note: for those who go to the link below to view these clips, they also come with COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS of everything said in the clip.]


04:18 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic "The Road to World War III" in the forums.
This is an older clip from the same site as the post from Debsyl (scgnews.com), but since we're now on the verge of World War III -- and since this clip was referenced in the clip Debsyl posted -- I thought this one should be posted too.

01:34 PM
I just finished this incredible clip, and I won't add any more discussion around the overthrow of the Ukraine government (and another litany of crimes-against-humanity) -- and people have gotten pretty much all that info in previous Forum posts.

However I can't resist adding a couple of thoughts about the final excerpt, where one of the U.S. psychopath Neo-cons admits that MOST of the U.S.'s major wars have been preceded by an EXTREMELY CONVENIENT ATTACK against the U.S. -- which provided the EXCUSE/COVER to go to war.

For those here who don't believe in "extremely convenient coincidences" (again and again and again); what this Neo-con is really admitting is that MOST of the U.S.'s major wars (going back well over 100 YEARS) have been preceded by a FALSE-FLAG ATTACK of one form or another.

With the U.S. clearly itching to start another major war, we can say with a high degree of confidence that there will be another false-flag attack (against the U.S., or a close ally) likely before Christmas -- to provide these Fascists with another excuse to start another major war. Most likely this attack will be committed by some of the U.S.'s/Israel's "TERRORIST" EMPLOYEES.

I also wanted to add a post-script. I'm no longer able to add any "YouTube" clips to our Videos section. It's probably because YouTube has altered its coding to make uploading more difficult. However it's possible that this is just due to some sort of sabotage of my computer.

If ANYONE ELSE is able to add this YouTube clip to our Videos section (which is a really simple process), please do so. I haven't been this impressed with a video clip since "The Money Masters". That was another one of your contributions too, wasn't it Debsyl?

01:10 PM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
debsyl wrote:

Jeff, please name one western government that imprisons and kills its citizens simply for practicing their religion, as exampled by Saudi Arabia.

Jeff wrote,
The United States.

As is widely known; Obama the war-criminal now claims the right to have (Muslim) American citizens killed on command -- all he has to do is call them a "terrorist". No evidence of any crime is ever required for such acts of murder-by-the-state.

As you pointed out America is killing them for "being" an alleged "terrorist" not because they are Muslim. According to Wikipedia "In 2009, more than 115,000 Muslims became legal residents of the United States.[14]" They are not being targeted and killed for their faith. While in Saudi Arabia Christians are sought out and killed if they profess Christianity.

Sorry, you have failed!

What about the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Muslims the U.S. has slaughtered outside the U.S.?

And I suppose you're also going to tell us that Israel and the murderous assassins of the Mossad don't "target Muslims" either? We all just imagined the thousands of Palestinians slaughtered in Israel's latest "war" (i.e. turning its military loose on a civilian population).
08:14 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: New World Order in the forums.
debsyl wrote:

Now I am even more curious. What exactly are "the liars" telling me that "I want to hear?"

Debsyl, after brainwashing us (for a thousand years) to "hate Muslims", surely you don't need to be told the answer to that question?

Muslims are BAD. Christians are GOOD.

It's not a complicated message. They just dress it up with today with (supposed) "beheadings", because after saturating our "entertainment" with the most gruesomely violent images imaginable for decades, it takes imagery that savage to even get us "civilized" Westerners to pay attention.

08:10 PM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
(By now) this will be a familiar subject for some readers. However, for those who still only have a fuzzy comprehension of "the derivatives market" this should help to crystallized things for you...

More Credit Default Swap Fraud


With contracts totaling more than $19 trillion; the credit default swap market exceeds, by itself, the GDP of the world’s largest economy (and “world’s only Superpower”), the United States. While much has been written about this previously banned “insurance”, if readers have been getting their information about this market from the Corporate media then they really know nothing about credit default swaps...
10:03 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: More, imaginary "terrorism" in the forums.
apberusdisvet wrote:
Jeff: as far as I can ascertain, there is no definitive proof of an actual beheading of the 3 journalists, other than obvious photo shopping after the fact, where a severed head sits on a dummy with absolutely no blood spatter anywhere visible.

Yes, Apberusdisvet, I've been echoing those thoughts in previous posts about the (supposed) "crimes" of ISIS: before anyone believes anything they see in these staged videos, try watching some movie that's loaded with special effects.

Fortunately, our Corporate media is now so consistent with its lying that we also have another (reliable) argument we can fall back on: if our Liars claim that ISIS is perpetrating atrocities, then we know it CAN'T be true -- since everything which comes from the Liars is opposite to reality.
09:43 AM
4 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic More, imaginary "terrorism" in the forums.
It just gets sillier and sillier.

In the first phase of the (imaginary) "War on Terror"; our benign/vigilant governments (lol!!) were regularly uncovering (imaginary) "bomb plots". But apparently the West's fascists have decided that they have (over)used that lie so often that it no longer has any impact on the Sheep.

So they have invented more gruesome (imaginary) "terrorism". Now the terrorists are supposedly "plotting" to behead people.

Note one thing which the Liars of the Corporate media are NEVER able to supply as they fabricate a rational MOTIVE for these "terrorist plots".

Exactly how does "beheading" some anonymous, Australian do ANYTHING to remove the Puppet Tyrants which the West has planted throughout the Muslim world...???

PLEASE: think when you read this nonsense. Because if you think, you will immediately reject these absurd "plots" -- because they make absolutely no sense at all.

Beheading Plot Thwarted in Australia Terrorism Raids


Australian police thwarted an alleged Islamic State plot to abduct and behead a member of the public as officers detained 15 people in the nation’s largest-ever anti-terrorism operation...
10:00 AM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Control The Food, Control The People in the forums.
When I saw this piece from my/our pal "Rory", part of the SGT Report gang, and now producing his own blog "The Daily Coin"; I wasn't sure whether to file it in our Economics section or the Geopolitical section -- since there are plenty of aspects to fit under either category.

I finally opted for the latter category, because of the use of the word "control" in the title. "Control" is ultimately the mantra of the Old World Order, even ahead of other words of tyranny such as "own" or "enslave".

With respect to wealth/assets; because we are no longer societies of "laws" (because the Rule of Law is dead), it's not essential (and sometimes not even desirable) for these Oligarchs to own particular assets. Rather, they merely seek to "control" everything (including people); because in societies without laws only CONTROL is relevant.

In the case of "controlling" the global food supply, this has much more to do with using that control to control people -- rather than merely seeking to exploit this control for profit-making. The piece below provides a lot of specific information on how this control is being exerted, and WHO (i.e. which corporate entities) are doing the controlling...

Control The Food, Control The People


With a mere ten companies controlling the worlds food supplies it should give a a person pause regarding, not only what we are actually eating, but what makes up what we put into our bodies. When we think of food, our minds, automatically, revert to nutritional items that sustain our lives and keep us healthy. Some of you may think of vegetables or grains or a well marinated steak. What ever pops into your mind, rest assured it probably is not on this list. Well, it may be on the list, just not how you may be thinking of it in terms of nutritional value, wholesomeness and advancing or maintaining your overall health.

If, on the other hand, when the word “food” pops up and you immediately think of candy bars, potato/corn chips or some other form of snack, then you are the target market for the top ten multi-national, fascist, “food” manufacturers. You see, those are the types of products that make up their “food” offerings and these companies raked in over $436 billion in 2013. The manufactured food industry also employed more than 1 billion people in 2013 or said another way about 1 in 3 people employed globally!!...
03:12 PM
6 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic UK To Issue Chinese Yuan-Denominated Bond?? in the forums.
I just spotted this huge report from ZeroHedge:

As Xinhua reports,

British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced Friday that the British government intend to issue a Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government's reserves of foreign currency...

Just in case some readers are a little fuzzy on precisely what is being stated here; we're told (out of China) that the UK is going to start issuing some of its own bonds -- denominated in renminbi (not USD's or the pound).

And note what else is added in the article which ZeroHedge cited:

"I can now announce that the UK government intend to be the first national government outside of China to issue a bond in China's currency. We issued bonds in U.S. dollar before, now we will be issuing a bond in RMB," said Osborne in the press release of the Sixth China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD).

I'm a little bit skeptical of this statement, as I would have thought that several Asian nations (outside of China) were already doing this, but at the very least (if this pans out), the UK would be one of the first governments in the world to start issuing renminbi-denominated bonds.

There are TWO important points here, but ZeroHedge only covers the first: that this is the first indication of the West abandoning the (dying) U.S. dollar. However, what it also points toward is the desire by these Western Fascists to attempt to manipulate/control the renminbi.

Note that by issuing "renminbi-denominated bonds" that the UK would not only be increasing the supply of Renminbi (just as if they were printed on a printing press) but these are renminbi under Western control.

What if all the West's deadbeat debtors started financing their (huge) debts in renminbi-denominated bonds? It would certainly finish-off the dollar -- but it would also place (the equivalent of) $10 of TRILLIONS of renminbi under their own (crooked) control.

Thus we see a clear indication of the One Bank's POST-U.S. DOLLAR STRATEGY...

Note: even though this is an "official announcement" of the UK government (and a very important one) that there is no mention of this in the (corrupt) Corporate media of the Western world.

Those Liars would have a very difficult time continuing all of their (absurd/fraudulent) yammering about a "strong U.S. dollar" at the same time they were pointing out that the dollar is rapidly becoming OBSOLETE -- which (for any currency equals "worthless".

Three Reasons Why The USD Is Already Worthless
China Moves Closer To Ending Dollar Hegemony

UK Hints At Next Reserve Currency, To Issue Chinese Yuan-Denominated Bond


Yuanification continues around the world. As The USA attempts to corral its allies in a 'broad coalition', an increasing number of people - including domestic economic policy advisors - are shifting away from the USD as primary reserve currency. However, the move by British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, announced Friday, is likely the most notable yet in the world's de-dollarization. As Xinhua reports, the British government intend to be the first nation (ex-China) to issue Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government's reserves of foreign currency. Osborne described this dialogue outcome as "a historic moment" and a statement of British confidence in the potential of the RMB to become "the main global reserves currency"...

Britain to include China's RMB as foreign currency reserve


LONDON, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced Friday that the British government intend to issue a Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government's reserves of foreign currency...
02:04 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
debsyl wrote:

Jeff, please name one western government that imprisons and kills its citizens simply for practicing their religion, as exampled by Saudi Arabia.

The United States.

As is widely known; Obama the war-criminal now claims the right to have (Muslim) American citizens killed on command -- all he has to do is call them a "terrorist". No evidence of any crime is ever required for such acts of murder-by-the-state.
01:38 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: New World Order in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Jeff wrote,
Not being a "religious" person myself; it never occurred to me that this "New World Order" propaganda would resonate religiously for much of the Christian population. Debsyl, surely you can see that the Liars are simply telling you what you want to hear.

Jeff, since you pointed out that you are not a "religious" person, and you are surprised that "this "New World Order" propaganda would resonate religiously for much of the Christian population", I wonder how you would "know" exactly what "I want to hear?” Please elaborate.

I am truly curious to know what I, in your opinion, what to hear.

Sorry Debsyl, I really have no idea of what you're driving at. As you (and others know); I don't "keep secrets". If I have ideas/information I believe is worth sharing I post it, or work it into a published commentary.

And I didn't say so much that I was "surprised" that New World Order mythology would (particularly) resonate with people with strong religious convictions. Rather, I simply pointed out that not being a person of that nature that this was something which I hadn't anticipated/deduced previously.
01:34 PM
robinsld wrote:
Jeff Nielson wrote:
With respect to your remark that the One Bank "doesn't care" about U.S. Treasuries (or the equally fraudulent U.S.) dollar, this is simply much too hyperbolic. That paper is the only "power" it possesses. When the paper goes to zero (as it must); the banksters will lose the capacity to continue to buy-off regimes and our (so-called) regulators.
Ah, but you misread me, or perhaps it was my lack of clarity. I meant that China only cares about the gold. Of course the One Bank cares about its US Treasuries. It's the fiat currencies which have allowed them to replace wealth in the hands of the masses with paper, and squirrel away gold for their own storage and use.

China, on the other hand is the antithesis of this, as is Russia, India and various others associated with the BRIICS. Where the West only cares about the US Treasuries the BRIICS want rid of them and to use gold instead. Their only purpose in holding US Treasuries at this point is to be able to play on the same field as the West and to take their marbles and go home at a time of their choosing.

Sorry Robinsld, I wasn't careful enough in matching subject to pronoun.

Yes, China (and much of the Rest of the World) is focused on real money, as they see the end of the West's (corrupt) paper, fiat currency Ponzi-scheme coming to an end. On the other hand; it's because China still "cares" (in one sense) about it's USD holdings that it's not facing the same sort of economic/political attacks which India and (in particular) Russia have had to endure.

China's total USD holdings (in both currency and bond-debt) amounts to somewhere around a $2 trillion war-chest. While nothing can obliterate these fraud-markets with certainty (because the One Bank can manipulate markets anywhere it wants AND has unlimited/infinite quantities of fiat currencies to absorb losses).

However, what China could do (if it chose to) is to cause enough of a "splash" (tidal wave?) in these fraud markets that IF the One Bank simply tried to manipulate the markets back toward equilibrium that the degree/extent of its fraud and manipulation would be totally exposed to the whole world.

Thus China and the West have an uneasy "detente", as opposed to what these Fascists are doing with respect to anyone/anything else which gets in their way...

01:30 PM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Time to buy (last CHANCE to buy?) in the forums.
robinsld wrote:
Further to this and in line with another post of mine on another thread, I see the current smash continuing until it can no longer be driven further down because of buyers at the lower prices. Also, if I'm right that this is a last ditch effort to shake loose some more gold to send to the likes of China, the prices will go LOWER first, perhaps a lot lower. At that point will be the time to buy, when the prices seem to bottom out and start to pull up. I don't believe at that point that there will be long to wait for the prices to rebound, however, so the window to buy may be short...

I'm not sure that there is much bullion left to "shake loose" from the Sheep. Indeed, as indicated by steadily declining scrap sales; they have done all that they could do (in terms of destroying the sector) via lower prices. All that they are "destroying" now with their current manipulation is their own (fraudulent) "markets" for these metals (as indicated by the collapse of the paper-called-gold market).

The ONLY motive/rationale for pushing prices still lower is optics for the Sheep. In the (few) remaining months that its paradigm-of-lies (i.e. the Wonderland Matrix) remains intact, it wants to attempt to MAGNIFY the illusion that:

1) gold and silver are "barbarous relics".
2) the Fascists' economies (and empire) remains strong and stable

Sep 14
robinsld wrote:
My view is that the Fed and its cronies will CONTINUE to manipulate gold (and silver) down until they no longer can. The big players make their money by pushing gold and silver UP as well as down, reaping in the profits with moves in both directions because they initiate the moves. When the market is high, they smash it will shorts and rake in the profits, when the market is low, the pile on longs and drive it up, then sell higher and again, rake in the profits while piling on new shorts. It's a complete scam.

The only things that are going to stop this are failure of the mechanism due to physical default, which in itself will mean nothing to the paper markets - they would go on trading in virtual gold forever, if it weren't for what comes next, that being someone the likes of China not receiving their physical delivery, at which point they will start dumping their US Treasuries for whatever gold they can get at any price.

They only care about the gold. The US Treasuries are already worthless to them except for being able to use them to buy gold at any price, and thereby bid that price up. Exactly when this happens is anyone's guess. If Mr. Organ is right and there is no gold to be had anywhere, it could be imminent. In fact it's my belief that the current smash on gold is a repeat of the April 2013 takedown, with the view to shaking loose some gold to send to the likes of China. If that's the case, this could be a last ditch effort...

Yes, Robinsld, I would concur with most of what was said. Certainly the One Bank (and its "pets") will continue to try to control-and-manipulate. But as I have pointed out (via both anecdotes and big-picture analysis) is that these fascists are destroying their own power-base.

You can't LOOT all of the puppet-states which you control, and expect to be able to use those same regimes as a power-base to rule the world -- because if you want to accomplish one of those objectives you CAN'T accomplish the other. This is why my mantra from Day 1 of BBC has been consistent:

Psychopaths are always short-sighted predators.
Fascist regimes always self-destruct, because they are inherently cannabilistic.

The One Bank (and the puppet-regimes it controls) will remain just as evil as they are today. They will simply be able to PERPETRATE much less evil, because they will lack the power/capacity to do so.

The Golden Rule: he who has the gold makes the rules.

With respect to your remark that the One Bank "doesn't care" about U.S. Treasuries (or the equally fraudulent U.S.) dollar, this is simply much too hyperbolic. That paper is the only "power" it possesses. When the paper goes to zero (as it must); the banksters will lose the capacity to continue to buy-off regimes and our (so-called) regulators.

The problem is that Fascists never surrender their power voluntarily, but rather will always try to drag everyone else down with them. Their previous method of doing so has always been WAR, but (today) these psychopath Fascists could also generate global Armageddon via either plagues, a global economic catastrophe, or a (man-made) "natural disaster".

Sep 14
What we have here is essentially confirmation of what was reported in a previous post. Turkey is now a member of the fascist "NATO" alliance in name only. It has essentially rejected the West's (i.e. the U.S.'s) serial war crimes -- primarily against Muslim nations. And it thus effectively "abstains" from all of NATO's acts of military aggression.

This leaves the U.S./NATO with a choice. It can allow Turkey to remain within NATO while it refuses to participate (or allow its territory to be used as a base) in NATO's crimes-against-humanity. Or, it can formally expel Turkey, in which case it would take about 10 seconds for Turkey to announce it was formally allying with Russia, China, or both.

The Fascists have not only alienated all of the non-aligned nations in the world, but they are now seeing drop-outs from within their so-called "alliances" -- as these other (former) "allies" now cannot stomach being associated with this ultra-belligerent bloc.

Turkey refuses US permission for combat missions against ISIS: official


Agence France Presse

ANKARA: Turkey will refuse to allow a US-led coalition to attack jihadists in neighbouring Iraq and Syria from its air bases, nor will it take part in combat operations against militants, a government official told AFP Thursday.

" Turkey will not be involved in any armed operation but will entirely concentrate on humanitarian operations," the official said on condition of anonymity.

The decision echoes the country's refusal to allow the US to station 60,000 troops in Turkey in 2003 to invade Iraq from the north, which triggered a crisis between the two allies.

Ankara then also refused Washington permission to use its air bases to attack Saddam Hussein's regime.

Turkey has come under fire by some critics for indirectly encouraging the formation of ISIS because of its support of Islamist opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and its loose control of its borders.

But Ankara vehemently denies its strategy has backfired.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was to hold talks in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to drum up support from 10 key Arab nations and Turkey, after President Barack Obama announced Washington's new strategy against ISIS jihadists, which will include air strikes in Syria.

After a lightning advance, ISIS militants now control swathes of Iraq and much of northern Syria along the Turkish border...
Sep 14
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Time to buy (last CHANCE to buy?) in the forums.
I know this sounds like a "recorded message" (lol), since our "buying opportunity" has now lasted 3 years and counting.

The point in doing this post today is not to simply make note that the price of gold and silver has now descended to simply silly numbers. In real dollars (with gold currently at $1230, and silver at $18.50); gold and silver are practically as cheap today as they were back in 2000. Put another way, think about the prices you paid for basic food items 14 years ago, versus the exorbitant food prices of today (expressed in our worthless paper).

But the real point here is available supply. In late-2008/early-2009; we got our first taste of what could/would happen when bullion prices reached "silly" levels. There was no silver to be found (at the phony, official price) anywhere, except for those willing to purchase it in 200-ounce bars.

While smaller investors could purchase a small number of such bars for themselves, the reality is (and was, back in 2008/09) that we don't want silver in such an unwieldy and difficult to sell/spend form. When things fall apart; we want silver we can use in commerce -- 1-oz units, or bars containing a relatively small number of ounces.

With prices once again silly, with demand having been so strong for so long, and with Asian demand certain to spike again (at these give-away prices); I strongly suspect we are headed for another inventory-drought, where there is basically no metal to be had.

Even with the large (phony) "premiums" which dealers tack onto their prices; they must all be losing money at these prices -- once their FULL distribution costs are factored into the numbers. Thus even if dealers still have metal, at some point they will simply TELL people they are "out of inventory", because they won't continue to sell for a loss.

The alternative would be Decoupling: dealers simply setting their own prices, based on their real-world cost of obtaining gold/silver, plus a reasonable margin to cover distribution costs (and a small profit margin). Of course if we have Decoupling, that would almost certainly mean higher real-world prices for gold and silver than what we see today.

So from my perspective this is basically a now-or-never moment, for those who still have a little capital available, and were waiting for the "best possible price".

Sep 12
Thanks for the post, Debsyl.

On the one hand; there's not too much to be said about a clip of this nature. While Harvey Organ does produce some numbers, all those numbers actually prove is that these markets must implode "some day". Given how fraudulent this market has been, and given how many years it has been this fraudulent; it's clearly speculative to conclude something will happen "this year".

On the other hand; what Organ has done here is not too much different than what I've done myself. At the beginning of the year (in "Silver Bells"); I wrote that either 2014 or 2015 would be "the year of silver". Then later this year, I followed that up by "predicting" some game-changing event for both gold and silver "in the next 12-24 months".

So really the only difference between what Organ has said here and what I've written myself is that I said these things a little sooner -- but gave myself a little more wiggle-room (lol) than Mr. Organ.

To get into specifics; Organ's position that the game ends "this year" is based on his conclusion that there were 28,000 tonnes of gold (in the world) in 1998, and based on reported demand since then, that gold will run out this year.

However, as I understand Organ, I don't think his calculation includes the scrap gold which returns to the market -- and has averaged about 1,000 tonnes per year (according to the latest WGC numbers) since that time. That would add an extra 16,000 tonnes, and totally throw off Organ's calculation.

But there are several variables here:

1) The WGC could be (and almost certainly is) lying about how much scrap gold has come onto the market.
2) OTHER gold could have been scavenged by the Oligarchs. There are 10's of thousands of tonnes of 'historical' gold all over the world. Much of that is in the form of priceless artifacts -- and would/will likely never return to the market. But some of this gold could have been sold/looted.
3) Demand could be (and almost certainly is) much higher than what the WGC (and other banker-controlled entities) has been reporting, thus this would also skew Organ's calculation.

With these unknowns going in both directions, Organ certainly could be right. I just don't think it's possible to state conclusions this definitively -- in a market (and world) this falsified/fraudulent.
Sep 12
Sean thought it would be a good idea to look back on "9/11", the false-flag event staged by the Old World Order -- which (literally) changed the world (for the worse). And myself and Chris Duane were fortunate to be invited as his guests.

While there aren't a lot of minds being "freed" lately (from the Wonderland Matrix), one thing which just might open some eyes is to look back on the biggest, most-outrageous, and most-absurd of all the Big Lies foisted upon us by our Puppet Governments.

We covered a lot of ground with this chat, thus even those who have followed History's greatest hoax in detail will likely discover details of which they were previously unaware. Something which I didn't know (prior to our chat) was that back in 9/11 Chris Duane was a loyal soldier in the U.S. military -- chomping on the bit for some "revenge".

His own awakening didn't occur until a few years later -- but he's certainly been making up for lost time since then...

9/11: AMERICA’S REICHSTAG — Why The TRUTH Is More Important Than Ever


Sep 11


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