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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Thanks again, Jeff,

Jeff wrote,

First of all; I think we're beyond the issue/question of "what is happening?"

You would have done well to read the article before making this comment, as you would know it is, for the most part, irrelevant to this article. I would suggest “why” would be more appropriate...

Debsyl, this is always a valid argument, although not necessarily a valid conclusion. One of the "Holmesian" concepts I adopted at a very early age concerns the assimilation of information. Though Sherlock Holmes was a voracious student (in numerous subjects) he scrupulously AVOIDED taking-in any information at all -- on a fairly long list of subjects.

The reason Holmes used his "filter" was based purely upon considerations of relevance. He avoided what he considered "useless information". While that is also one aspect of my own filtering; it's not the most-important filtering that I do. I also scrupulously filter-out "dangerous information".

What do I mean by "dangerous information"? Very simple: brainwashing. Brainwashing is BRUTE-FORCE thought control which is 100% SUCCESSFUL. All that varies is the amount of time which different individuals can resist that brainwashing. Put another way; the ONLY 100% successful means of avoiding being brainwashed is to completely avoid the brainwashing propaganda/disinformation itself.

Simple because I'm able to explain brainwashing techniques to the Community, and can (usually) identify particular brainwashing tactics fairly easily does not make me "immune" to brainwashing. It only enhances my resistance.

This brings me to "ISIS" (and all the other categories of BRAINWASHING) in which the propaganda machine engages. If you read voraciously from the Liars of the Corporate media in order to "understand ISIS"; you WILL be brainwashed by that brainwashing. That's not a suggestion, or even an assertion. It's a simple statement of fact.

This is why I refused to do anything more than skim-through this obvious propaganda. It takes about two paragraphs to clearly identify this as more "Muslim terrorist Boogeyman" brainwashing. Is there any "truth" amidst all the brainwashing? I'll concede that. As I point out regularly; COMPETENT liars use (half) truth in order to enhance their lies.

The point here is the "information value" is such an extremely long piece of hard-core brainwashing cannot compensate for the damage you do to your brain by reading it. In our legal system; we have a PRINCIPLE OF EVIDENCE which recognizes this psychological principle.

In any trial; a judge can rule to exclude evidence (no matter how "relevant") if its PREJUDICIAL IMPACT on the minds of jurors exceeds its "evidentiary value". While this is obviously a subjective determination; this does not in any way invalidate this principle of logic.

You must be aware that if you choose to "consume" large quantities of the mainstream media's MIND POISON that your mind will be damaged. Denying this reality is to behave like a cigarette-smoker. ONE cigarette never harmed anyone (presumably). But it's because the first cigarette didn't harm the Smoker that he/she has a second cigarette, and then a third, and then a fourth.

You must view the propaganda of the Corporate media as "a hazardous material" and TREAT IT AS SUCH. I won't allow my mind to be poisoned with Muslim terrorist Boogeyman brainwashing. I got more than enough of that to last me a life-time -- TWO WEEKS after "9/11".

(Apparently) this means that while I've been filtering-out all this brainwashing for 13+ years, you've been absorbing at least some quantities of this mind poison for all these years. You need to (1) be aware that you are being brainwashed, and (2) take steps to counteract that brainwashing.

Let me repeat; brainwashing is a 100% successful, brute-force technique for mind/thought control -- all that varies is our level of "resistance" (i.e. how long we can hold out). Do not ever underestimate the potency of this WEAPON. And if you do ever "forget" about this, just take a look around the nearest Zombie.

Muslim terrorist Boogeyman brainwashing is (literally) hazardous to your (mental) health. Similarly; I long ago began censoring all the (absurd/offensive) "crime and punishment" on TV -- so I wouldn't have my mind poisoned by that particularly offensive form of brainwashing. The ONLY exception I make to this RULE are shows like "Gotham" and "the Flash" -- because it is understood that this is not "reality", and thus there is minimal potential for brainwashing.

Being aware that we are continually saturated with countless forms of brainwashing does not do us much good if we fail to INSULATE ourselves from this mind poison (to the greatest degree possible). If I lived in Syria or Iraq; it would be NECESSARY for me to absorb certain amounts of Muslim terrorist Boogeyman propaganda -- because I would need to try to sift-out information which was directly relevant to my own life.

I challenge you to identify anything of "direct relevance" to your own life (with emphasis on the word "direct").

12:34 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The End of Bullion Bulls Canada in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
Well Jeff, I know there will be a Bullion Bull shaped hole in my life in 6 months time!

I understand your need to move on to other things. However, I don't understand why all your stuff should be vaporised, especially at this crucial point.
When things finally do go down in the world, how are people going to discover that you were right all along? I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

For me, it's always been BBC that has inspired and informed me, not SPROTT or any of the others for that matter. This is the cradle where you nurtured your ideas, to just wipe it off the face of the planet is nothing less than a crime in my, admittedly selfish, eyes.

I put it to you that this is your Dolyean crisis, are you going to send your creation off the Reichenbach falls and regret it later?

Dylan, Debsyl; by no means was this an easy decision, but as I endeavoured to get across in the original announcement, it is primarily rooted in practical considerations. It's no longer possible for Chad to continue his work on the site, thus I'll be deprived of technical and administrative support. AND, financially the site is no longer self-sufficient. While none of us may like these realities; I would suggest that those are two pretty good reasons for making this decision.

...When things finally do go down in the world, how are people going to discover that you were right all along? I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

Aha Dylan! Appealing to my ego. I admit that egotistical considerations make this decision more difficult than it might have been otherwise. Lol! But here again we run up against a practical issue.

How long before it's obvious to significant numbers of people that I was "right all along", thus enabling me to do some form of Peter Schiff victory-tour (lol)? By my own timing; it's as much as 18 months more until the Psychopaths trigger the Next Crash.

Of course the propaganda machine will lie about EVERYTHING that is happening. Thus at that point I would at best have partial validation. And I'm only one of a PACK of Alternative Media writers "predicting" some dramatic crash-event -- since it is so mind-numbingly obvious. So unfortunately that level of validation would provide little real significance.

To get real "validation" would require it becoming known WHY all these events occurred, since that's where my own work is distinguished, even within the Alternative Media. Here, the problem is that if the same Crime Syndicate manages to cling to power, the Zombies may NEVER know what really happened (and continues to happen).

It's only if our crime syndicate SYSTEM is somehow cleansed that we will ever get much public/objective validation of my most important findings/conclusions. In even a best-case scenario; I estimate it would be at least 2 1/2 years before any real "truth" could begin to emerge in our societies -- and substantial validation would then be possible. And that's very optimistic thinking.

Two and a half years (at best) is a long time to continue to struggle, just to HOPE to finally get the acclaim which I believe is due to me, and that brings me to the second part of your remark:

...I don't think you will be doing yourself any favours both personally and in your career as a writer.

Here I must acknowledge another reality: the word "career" implies some degree of financial success. While the site (and myself, personally) came close on a few occasions to "turning the corner", and making BBC/myself a commercial success. But it hasn't happened. At some point, the phrase "flogging a dead horse" starts to enter one's mind.

I'll turn your remark around, and assert that I'm not "doing myself any favours" by continuing to put in a lot of effort -- but have very little (in tangible terms) to show for it. In the eyes of many (most?) people; commercial success is REQUIRED in order to provide an individual/entity with CREDIBILITY.

So the Catch-22 here is that no matter the quality of the work I do here (and we do, collectively, on the Forum); most people won't consider me "credible" (and thus support me commercially) until I'm a commercial success. But I can't be a commercial success until I get many more people to support me.

Clearly, I'm 'spinning my wheels' with BBC (alone) at this point, bringing me to the colloquial "definition of insanity" -- which I like to quote when analyzing the thinking/behavior of others (lol!):

The definition of insanity is to repeat a particular action, but expect a different outcome.

We've been doing this for 6+ years, and (in the eyes of the vast majority) this site -- and business -- is not a "success". How much longer do I/we keep doing the same thing, before this becomes "insanity"???

Let me add one more thing; I'm not simply throwing-in-the-towel. I'm exploring my options, and (as has already been discussed) looking for ways in which at least parts of "BBC" (and the Community) can be preserved. I expect to be able to deliver at least some news in these areas in the weeks/months ahead. But these things are not "certain" yet. What is certain is that BBC (in its present form) cannot continue.

One other practical point here is that the site (i.e. the software itself) is simply getting old. There are regular problems (at least for some Members) with "log-in" issues and/or other technical glitches. At one point we were very close to launching an updated version of the site (which would have actually been the third version of BBC). But (again as a practical matter) that became impossible, and in many respects that reality meant that the site only had a certain "shelf life" remaining in its somewhat outdated form.

So, in a perfect world, things would have unfolded much differently, and thus we would not be having this discussion today. Will I regret "killing off" the site? While I try very hard not to "regret" events and decisions in life; I'd be lying if I said I could avoid those feelings.

Having a website is a lot like having a child. You help it grow. You "worry" any/every time something goes wrong, and you take pride when things go right (lol). And like being a parent; it's ultimately a "full-time job". The site needs to watched/monitored, and now I would be facing life as 'a single parent' (lol).

To me; that involves DIVIDING my energies/efforts in my career, when the simple truth is that I don't have the luxury of being able to indulge myself in that manner. Thus if it were not for my ties to the Community, and my appreciation for its value; this would have been a VERY EASY decision to make -- and one which would have been made considerably sooner.

Ultimately, you all are the best "argument" for continuing the site -- and a very good argument. But (sadly) for all of the practical reasons above; even the Community is no longer "justification" alone for continuing the site.

11:46 AM
There was more interesting news out of China recently: an announcement that China will begin its OWN, Yuan-denominated "gold fix". Clearly there is more than one way to view this announcement; but let me begin with the positive interpretation.

In this light; we see ANOTHER move by China to replace (corrupt) Western institutions and financial mechanisms (in this case the "gold fix") with relatively legitimate Eastern alternatives. More generally; it would be yet another example of the difference in behavior between psychopaths (i.e. the One Bank) and chess-players -- i.e. China's government (and Russia's government).

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

The psychopath seeks to destroy any/all enemies, generally by overt and immediate confrontation. The chess-player seeks to out-position his opponent, and scrupulously avoids confrontation -- until his "positioning" produces overwhelming strategic dominance. Thus we see Russia announcing its own alternative to the (Western) "SWIFT" electronic commerce system is now up-and-running, and (in the same week) China announces an alternative to the (obviously corrupt) Western gold fix.

According to this viewpoint of current affairs; the East is providing parallel mechanisms and institutions, in order to give the nations of the non-aligned world a CHOICE -- persuasion, versus the brute-force COERCION they are used to dealing with from the fascist nations of the West.

The presumption is that given a visible, positive alternative to remaining WITHIN the criminal, punitive, financial hegemony of the West (and the One Bank) that the global community will willingly (enthusiastically?) embrace the Eastern alternatives.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier; there is a different manner in which we can view and interpret these events. The alternative is perhaps just as obvious as it is unpleasant.

In this Alternate Universe; the East is mirroring the West with its creation of similar (identical?) entities/institutions not to REPLACE Western fascism and corruption with a new and (at least somewhat) more-legitimate alternative. Rather it is creating its own "alternatives" to CONTINUE with the current status quo of corruption -- but with an Eastern rather than Western cast of puppets engaging in this political/economic theater.

Meet the New Boss;
Same as the Old Boss.

I REALLY hope that the "little Voice" shouting out this warning in my head is off-base, and we don't need to heed Pete Townsend's eternal warning -- again. Since we have all already pledged that "We Won't Get Fooled Again"; it would be (to say the least) very embarrassing if we were wrong -- and we have all been "fooled"...again.

China plans yuan-denominated gold fix this year -sources

- China plans to launch a yuan-denominated gold fix this year to be set through trading on an exchange, sources familiar with the matter said, as the world's second-biggest bullion consumer seeks to gain more say over the pricing of the precious metal.

The Chinese benchmark would be derived from a new 1 kg contract to be launched on the state-run Shanghai Gold Exchange, a senior source directly involved in the process told Reuters.

China, also the top producer of gold, feels its market weight should entitle it to be a price-setter for bullion and it is asserting itself at a time when the established benchmark, the century-old London fix, is under scrutiny because of alleged price-manipulation.

If the Chinese fix takes off, it could add to the pressure on the London benchmark, which is used worldwide by producers, refiners and central banks to price holdings and contracts, although the two could exist side-by-side.

"We need a renminbi benchmark for Chinese producers and foreign suppliers to the market," said the source, using an alternative name for the yuan. "This renminbi gold benchmark can be complementary to the U.S. dollar gold-fixing in London...
05:25 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Thank you for your opinion, Jeff.

I did read the entire article and found it an excellent addition to the research I have already completed on Islam. Many of my brothers and sisters, in Christ, are being killed by ISIS; it is imperative for me to understand their belief.

Are some things missing in the article? To be sure there are, but not every article will cover all aspects of what transpires in this world; sadly for you, Jeff, you will not understand everything either (no, I am not a troll with this criticism LOL).

I stand by the article as an accurate analyse. It is also a very instructive article, which points out the undeniable link between historic Islam and ISIS.

Debsyl, first let me first apologize for replying late here because, I had some serious (and bizarre) problems with my internet connection earlier today. Second, let me clarify my original response (and stance), since I think that failing to do so makes my position come across as unnecessarily harsh (and critical?).

First of all; I think we're beyond the issue/question of "what is happening?", for two very important reasons. First of all; as a matter of scientific fact ANYTHING which can be put into audio or video form can be FAKED -- either through technological alterations, or simple theater.

But beyond that; even acknowledging that much of this carnage is TRUE (there are people dying here), the relevant question is not "what is happening?" but rather "why is it happening?"

It is here where I (we?) always get back to the same point. EVERYTHING taking place today is being orchestrated by these financial psychopaths -- i.e. the One Bank. Is "ISIS" all nothing but an OFFICIAL band of U.S. thugs/employees (like "Al Qaeda" when they were still known as "the Mujahadeen")? OR, are the ISIS thugs now ex-employees -- who are being MANIPULATED into their dirty deeds (like "Al Qaeda" after it officially became known as Al Qaeda).

But that leads to an even more fundamental question? Does this distinction even matter? Does it matter whether the "atrocities" which actually are occurring are the product of manipulation (by the One Bank) or direct employment? DEAD is DEAD.

In my own thinking; it is 100% irrelevant to focus on "what" ISIS is (supposedly) doing and "who" ISIS (supposedly) is, if you ignore HOW and WHY it came into existence. Indeed, as I point out; the DELIBERATE omission (by the writer of this article) of anything remotely resembling a balanced presentation of the facts condemns this as propaganda/disinformation.

I've said it before (a thousand-and-one times); and I'll say it many times again in the months ahead:

A HALF-TRUTH is just as invalid -- and generally more deceptive -- than an outright lie. And here we have "half-truth" in its most literal form: presenting "who" and "what"; deliberately omitting "how" and "why".

It is beneath you (and your analytical mind) to embrace such sub-standard propaganda. And that is why I suggested it was/is due to the multi-century anti-Muslim brainwashing directed at (in particular) the Christian population. In a similar manner; I look at the "global warming" issue as an example of people who would normally never get fooled by such (clumsy) disinformation -- but who have been fooled (brainwashed?) by preying upon their ideological dogma/biases.

I ask that you merely consider the possibility that your own faith is being used as a (psychological) tool to help to manipulate your position here. It is precisely the sort of malevolent Machiavellianism which we see all the time from these psychopaths.

04:18 PM
2 days ago
P.S. I forgot to spend a moment mentioning "personal experience". As all those older Members know (who originally spotted me on Seeking Alpha); I have more "combat experience" in fighting Trolls (and kicking their butts) than likely any writer on the 'net.

03:50 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: What ISIS Really Wants in the forums.
Debsyl, this is a ridiculously long "piece" (of whatever), so I just skimmed through it. However, that was enough to convince me that this is nothing but propaganda disinformation -- for two reasons.

1) In page after page of (supposed) "detailed history" of ISIS there is no mention of this:

"We helped build ISIS"
Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney

2) Instead, this so-called "journalist" writes this:

The United States and its allies have reacted to the Islamic State belatedly and in an apparent daze.

Since when has the U.S. -- which SPIES on everything, and OVER-REACTS to most things -- ever responded in a "dazed" and "belated" manner. I'll tell you when the last time was: 9/11.

When you see these Liars say something which is (a) ridiculous, and (b) straight out of the "9/11 Play-book" our B.S. alarms should start going off at maximum decibels. You may find a lot of this "religious fanatics" talk to be particularly attractive/believable, but as I've pointed out before, you can't forget that much of that is attributable to a THOUSAND YEARS of anti-Muslim brainwashing, dating back literally to the Crusades.

Here is the question which any/every rational Christian must ask themselves before accepting any of this "jihadist" bullshit. IF the great "Muslim threat" are these supposed "jihadist fanatics"; then why has the U.S. devoted MOST of its war-and-sabotage to destroying EVERY SECULAR MUSLIM REGIME in the Middle East and Africa???

And here's another point to ponder; with the U.S. DESTROYING all of the moderate, secular regimes in that part of the world (while propping-up ultra-extremist regimes like Saudi Arabia); WHAT'S LEFT? Nothing but (supposed) "radical" Boogeymen -- precisely what the Axis of Evil wants: Boogeyman to use their war-machines against, Boogeyman to supposedly justify all their new, fascist laws.

The Axis of Evil DESTROYS secular regimes. It CREATES and SUPPORTS extremist regimes and extremist groups (so it can either use them, or destroy them, or use them and then destroy them). That's what the last (in particular) 25 years of history broadcasts loud and clear. If you can't make this important distinction, then you're living inside the Wonderland Matrix.

Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria
03:06 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: This will put a smile on your face. in the forums.
I had a hard time deciding whether to file this one under "Notable Quotes" or "This Will Put A Smile On Your Face", but decided in the end that since the Notable Quotes section tends to be more serious that I would put this here.

While "others" may have a different perspective on the world; this is how things look to a large percentage of us creatures (namely men and dogs - lol):

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”

02:23 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION in the forums.
The U.S. Ponzi-scheme economy continues stumbling toward the Next Crash (scheduled for shortly before the 2016 election), and Warren Buffett continues hoarding more and more $billions.

As I noted before; Buffett's cash-hoard "exceeds the GDP of most nations". To be specific; out of more than 200 sovereign entities, Buffett's $62 billion cash-hoard would rank him just above the Dominican Republic (#71) and below Libya (#70). In short; Buffett's cash-board now exceeds the GDP of roughly 2/3 of the world's nations.

We're told (by the liars of Reuters) that this is more than triple the $20 cash-hoard which Buffett supposedly "likes" to hold, but this could be simply more Revisionism from the liars. But even if we accept the liar's assertions at face-value; we're still faced with this massive contradiction.

1) On the one hand; we have the Fed liars and the U.S. government liars telling us that (supposedly) the U.S. economy is "growing" at the fastest rate in more than a decade -- with absolutely no indication that the Never-Ending Recovery will ever end, despite the fact it is now (supposedly) three times as long as any normal "recovery".

2) On the other hand; we have Warren Buffett who is supposedly the world's "most-savvy investor". In reality, of course, Buffett the Vampire-Layer is a Wall Street Shill, and is rewarded for his loyalty by being TOLD by the banksters (in advance) which companies will be "winners" and which will be "losers".

Obviously, with Buffett hoarding at least three times as much funny-money as he (supposedly) likes to hoard; his bankster buddies have delivered a very simple message to him: KA-BOOM!

And then after KA-BOOM!, after the U.S.'s Ponzi-scheme markets implode down toward something resembling reality; 80-something Warren Buffett will SPEND his $60+ billions buying-up companies at pennies-on-the-dollar -- and making the greatest, single haul in his entire career as a Vampire-Layer.

As previously noted; with the Next Crash not slated for at least another year, who knows how large Buffett's cash-hoard will be by then...???

Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

The Next Crash in 2016
The U.S. Economy is Dead

P.S. Note that the data on Buffett's cash-hoard is (strangely) 4 months old, meaning Buffett's cash-hoard TODAY could already be greater than $70 BILLION.

Buffett, a cheerleader for America, takes his checkbook abroad

...Berkshire ended September with $62 billion in cash, well above the $20 billion cash cushion Buffett likes. That leaves more than $40 billion to go shopping.

List of countries by GDP (nominal)
11:13 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Sea levels rise around New York in the forums.
Let me add another "P.S." here as a point of analysis/logic. When I do my own research; I have traditionally always focused my time looking at materials of those with the OPPOSITE viewpoint.

Why do I do this? Because when I'm strongly certain that my position is the correct one; I can obtain more "proof" by picking apart the lies or omissions or errors in logic of my Opponents than I can generally do via (directly) researching my own position.

Again, this is a simple function of logical analysis. "Proving" something (in positive terms) is an extremely difficult proposition. This is something which can only be appreciated by people with a background in science, mathematics, or probability/statistics (which includes myself).

Instead, what is much more achievable is to simply demonstrate which side is WEAKER. This is what I've done here with this piece of anti-global warming disinformation. I've shown that the claim by these pseudo-scientists is not merely implausible, but RIDICULOUS.

The only way that "ocean currents" could cause a LONG-TERM rise in sea levels is through centrifugal force -- i.e. the ocean currents speeding-up faster and faster and faster...

For the Skeptics who have been fooled by anti-global warming brainwashing; this is the point upon which you MUST focus. Stating that global warming hasn't been "proven absolutely" is meaningless, because proving anything in the realm of climate analysis with such certainty is currently beyond our level of science.

What IS within our analytical capabilities is to judge the RELATIVE MERITS of each side. And, in my own experience, I never see silly/ridiculous claims by the (legitimate) scientists who advocate/acknowledge global warming, while I regularly see idiocy like this whenever the Establishment tries to tell their own lies on this subject.
12:30 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Sea levels rise around New York in the forums.
I saw this at Sinclair's site this morning, and there are a couple of points to note along with the obvious one: the sea level around New York jumped by 128 millimeters (about inches) in just two years.

As I have been pointing out in our global warming discussions; even (seemingly) "small" rises in sea levels have a MAJOR IMPACT, and thus the dramatic changes taking place today should be alarming any/all sane individuals, bringing me to the most significant data point reported in the article:

"The extreme sea level rise event during 2009-10 along the northeast coast of North America is unprecedented during the past century," Prof Jianjun Yin of the University of Arizona told BBC News.

"Statistical analysis indicates that it is a 1-in-850 year event."

In other words, what we're seeing today is not merely "anomalous" but are rather EXTREME ANOMALIES. Now note the sentence which immediately precedes the last quote.

Climate models suggest extreme sea level rises will become more common this century.

When extreme anomalies become the "norm", this is conclusive proof that what is currently happening is not "natural", in any way/shape/form. Unless something else has changed in the universe to affect the Earth's climate (i.e. if the Sun had heated-up); then what is happening to our climate must be MAN-MADE.

Note that this information is presented with NO MENTION of "global warming". How can you write an article about dramatically rising sea levels, and not mention the phrase "global warming", even as a possibility? Obviously no honest journalist could possibly "forget" to make some reference to this. Indeed, this reads purely like anti-global warming disinformation.

Commenting on the study, Prof Rowan Sutton, climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Reading, said climate models suggest an increase in such events.

"This study identifies a record breaking high sea level event that occurred along part of the US east coast in 2009-10.

"There is strong evidence that the likelihood of such events has been increased by climate change, and that we should expect more such events in the future.

"This example illustrates how individual extreme events are influenced by multiple factors - in this case the global rise of sea levels, regional changes in ocean circulation, and wind patterns."

Dr Dan Hodson, also from the University of Reading, said the analysis underlined the importance of understanding the connections between surges in sea levels and ocean currents.

"Sea level change is a complex phenomenon, especially on the regional scale, where changes to the global ocean circulation can play a major role," he said.

"The east coast of North America is quite close to an area of active, fast ocean currents, and so is quite sensitive to changing ocean circulation.

What we're led to believe by these "experts" is that even extreme changes in sea levels can be nothing more than (supposedly) changes in ocean currents. Yes, perhaps this could be true over short-term intervals. But as a matter of simple physics; "ocean currents" cannot cause steadily rising sea levels over longer term periods -- which is precisely what is indicated in this data.

The ONLY way that ocean levels can rise steadily, over longer-term intervals is if there is MORE WATER in the oceans -- i.e. ice has been melting. Thus what we have is INSIDE this piece of anti-global warming bullshit; we have the Deniers admitting that sea levels are rising at an extreme rate.

P.S. This is the BBC's so-called "science correspondent" who put out this piece of propaganda, so there can be no claim of simple ignorance here.

US sea level north of New York City 'jumped by 128mm'

Sea levels north of New York City rose by 128mm in two years, according to a report in the journal, Nature Communications.

Coastal areas will need to prepare for short term and extreme sea level events, say US scientists.

Climate models suggest extreme sea level rises will become more common this century.

"The extreme sea level rise event during 2009-10 along the northeast coast of North America is unprecedented during the past century," Prof Jianjun Yin of the University of Arizona told BBC News.

"Statistical analysis indicates that it is a 1-in-850 year event."...
12:14 PM
Koos Jansen has published a follow-up to that original "Google translation". Apparently much/most of his audience had a hard time digesting the gist of it (lol). My own interpretation appears to be in synch with Jansen.

He is reporting that (supposedly) the amount of "unallocated" (i.e. imaginary) gold comprising Austria's holdings has decreased from 56% to 'only' 22%. But then Jansen adds more information -- which casts enormous doubt on all these "accounting" numbers from the lying banksters and politicians.

According to Jansen:

Currently Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Finland are fully allocated.

While Mr. Jansen is only the messenger here (so I won't "shoot" him); I'm surprised he reported these numbers without casting doubt on them. IF all these nations had genuine "allocated" holdings of gold, it would mean that virtually all of Europe's gold holdings REMAIN INTACT. No credible commentator believes this.

In particular; if Germany's gold was really all "allocated" (i.e. it actually existed); it would have taken Germany only a few WEEKS to "repatriate" their gold. Instead, after a full year where it got practically NOTHING; we have U.S. banksters now engaging in this "secret gold repatriation" farce -- where it is PRETENDING to ship Germany's gold back to it secretly.

‘Secret’ Gold Repatriation: the Banksters’ Newest Bullion Scam

Thus clearly what is actually being reported here is NOT that all of Austria's gold is (gradually) being "allocated" (i.e. collected on its behalf), but rather that any/all CLAIMS that this gold is "allocated" (any of it) are simply more accounting lies.

Note what else is readily admitted here:

The OeNB had no appropriate concept to perform audits of its gold reserves. … The lack of audit measures represented a gap in the internal control procedures of the OeNB.

If there are little-to-no accounting protocols to ensure that these so-called "audits" are legitimate, then any/all statements that ANY of Europe's gold is "allocated"M (i.e. still exists) are nothing but totally unsubstantiated assertions -- coming from SERIAL LIARS AND THIEVES.

No slight to Koos Jansen; but all that has been "proven" with these latest revelations is that NOTHING the banksters claim regarding "gold reserves" can be taken seriously -- any more than we believe their lies about supposed "inventories".

Austria Expresses Concern Over Their Gold At BOE

Yesterday the Austrian Court of Audit (Der Rechnungshof) released a report on the Austrian central bank’s official gold reserves audits (Austria holds in total 280.0 metric tonnes). This report contains (official) critical notes regarding the safekeeping of the Austrian gold.

The report is written in German, but from being Dutch (my native language is similar to German), using Google Translate, having spoken to Peter Boehringer about this and using the English introduction from the Rechnungshof’s report, we can squeeze the essential bullion points from the report...
11:40 AM
4 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The End of Bullion Bulls Canada in the forums.
One reason for making people aware of "the end" of BBC as far in advance as possible is to allow people to view things from our archives which they "intended" to do, but haven't found the time for. You only have a fixed amount of time to read/re-read those older pieces.

The other reason for doing this is it gives me an opportunity to point to parts of our site which even regular users may have never seen/noticed before. With the audience of this site tending to be somewhat older than the median; (like myself) internet "navigation" is probably not one of your strengths (lol). So for such "navigationally challenged" individuals; let me pass along some hard LINKS to different areas of this site which you may not have previously "found" on your own...

Videos Section:

"Education Vault":

Guest Commentaries:

Mining Company Database (thanks to Brian Boutilier!):

Blog posts:

...and (of course) the archives of my commentaries:

Silver commentaries:

Gold commentaries:

Canadian commentaries:

U.S. commentaries:

International commentaries:

The VERY old "commentaries" in these archives are barely worthy of the name, and have mainly been preserved as a lesson in humility for myself. Lol!! But I encourage especially long-time readers/Members to look through these columns of commentaries -- and see how my writing has grown/evolved over the years.

When I/we started this site; I was just a shoot-from-the-lip "analyst" (lol) with a lot to say, but very little expertise in how to say it. Now I feel justified in referring to myself as "a professional writer", which (hopefully) means I've gotten much better at delivering my "messages" over the past 6+ years.

But there are a couple of other reasons why I also encourage readers to look through both recent and older commentaries. In a negative light; they would EXPOSE any mistakes, inconsistencies, or (unexplained) "changes in direction" in what I've been saying over these past years. In a positive light; they would/could CONFIRM when and where I've been right, as well as how my work has supposedly evolved to take account of new facts and "realities" which have become exposed since I started writing.

Obviously it's not for me to conclude whether I've been "right" more often than "wrong". That's an assessment which can only be made by this audience. But I have confidence in my own track-record over these past 6+ years, and thus I encourage readers to engage in this "litmus test" (if they can find the time for it).

Lastly; I wanted to note a "pet peeve" of both Chad and myself since we started this site: the tendency of many people to refer to Bullion Bulls Canada as "a blog". Obviously this WEB-SITE is much more than a mere blog -- as is hopefully demonstrated by the previous summary of our contents (from a multitude of contributors other than myself).

01:29 PM
Very interesting T/A!

While this is "Google translation" of Austrian text, I strongly encourage people to look at it for themselves, for two reasons. First of all there is a lot of information on the VARIOUS ways in which "accounting" for Europe's (supposed) gold reserves has been woefully deficient, and how the Austrian authority responsible for monitoring the PEOPLES' gold had obvious reason to suspect fraud, going back at least 6 years.

The second reason why people should take their own look at this is because it is a translation. Since the translation itself is imperfect, obviously any "translation" of the translation (including my own) will also have a considerable margin of uncertainty. Nonetheless; what this seems to be saying (according to my own interpretation) is that TODAY (as acknowledged in the title of The Daily Coin article) 22% of Austria's gold is "gone" in the sense that there is nothing representing other than the banksters' paper.

However, perhaps the more-interesting point is that this is a dramatic "improvement" (lol!) from as recently as 2009, when the same (so-called) accounting showed that 56% of Austria's gold was "gone" (i.e. nothing but part of an "unallocated" account). In other words; between 2009 and 2013, we're led to believe that either U.S. banksters "found" much of Austria's missing gold (lol!); OR (more probably) it RE-ALLOCATED (supposed) "physical" bullion which had previously been allocated to someone else (i.e. a different European government).

In the parlance of two-bit Con Men (which is all that these criminal Central Bankers really are); this is known as "a shell game". In the world of gold-manipulation; there is supposed to be "gold" underneath all of the shells. However, in reality only one of the shells has any gold under it, and so the fraudsters continually SHUFFLE the gold from underneath one shell to underneath another shell.

The "gold" is never visible, except when one of the Chumps (i.e. a European government) DEMANDS to see its gold. Then the fraudsters tell the Chump that all of the shells contain "gold", but they only allow the Chump a glimpse of the gold under ONE SHELL.

In other words; between 2009 and 2013 when supposedly Austria's percentage of "real gold" went from 44% to 78%, during that same period, the percentage of "real gold" credited to other European governments would have DECLINED by a commensurate amount.

Total fraud. Total corruption. And only NOW as the clamour for "getting our gold" increases from the populations of Europe is the TRUTH finally starting to leak out. There is only a TINY PERCENTAGE of "Europe's gold" still remaining, and we're on the verge of a second (fraudulent) "U.S. gold default".

The "wheels are falling off the bus" nearly everywhere we look now. Allow Psychopaths to remain in charge of anything over an extended period of time and they will DESTROY IT -- even their own empire...

Rothschild vs. Rothschild
01:02 PM
One can only have mixed feelings in reporting this news. As noted at Zero Hedge; even as Russia tries to fend-off U.S. economic terrorism against the ruble (and its own hyperinflation); its neighbour (and former long-time ally) Ukraine is going into a hyperinflation death-spiral.

The reason for "mixed feelings" is obvious. On the one hand; for the THUGS who allowed themselves to be used as U.S. stooges in exchange for POWER, this is nothing more than "just desserts". However, for the PEOPLE of Ukraine, who had less "choice" with this corrupt regime than we do (with our own corrupt regimes), they are clearly victims.

The obvious irony here is that it was virtually inevitable that the U.S.'s terrorism against the ruble would spill-over into the economy of its new "ally": the Ukraine regime. While Russia may now be an official "enemy"; economically the Ukraine economy is much more closely tied to Russia than to the West.

Thus the Ukraine Thugs are getting their introduction to a U.S. colloquialism which they should have been aware of before: "Dixie Cup". What does "Dixie Cup" mean, when the phrase comes out of the mouth of U.S. Neo-Cons (who totally orchestrated the Ukraine coup)? A "Dixie Cup" is a particular category of "U.S. ally": it is one which can be used, crumpled-up, and then thrown away.

The Ukraine Thugs have already been "used", and now the Neo-Cons are content to crumple them up, and throw them away...

P.S. For another recent example of a U.S. Dixie Cup; see "ISIS":

"The Covert Origins of ISIS"

Ukraine Enters Hyperinflation: Currency Trading Halted, "Soon We Will Walk Around With Suitcases For Cash"

Yesterday we summarized the most recent economic, political and social situation in Ukraine as follows:

"A year or so on from the last coup in Ukraine, Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov told TASS, with growing popular discontent, "another state coup can’t be ruled out in Ukraine." As the cease-fire deal hangs torn and tattered in the Debaltseve winds, the nation is a mess: a new gas dispute looms as Gazprom demands upfront payments; capital controls have been tightened as the $17.5bn IMF loan may not be enough; and the central bank governor faces prosecution as the economy craters. All of these factors have driven massive outflows from Ukraine and the Hryvnia has crashed to over 33 to the USD - a record high (and 70% devaluation from the last coup)."
12:30 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic NEW "probe" into Western gold manipulation in the forums.
More pathetic theater. The U.S. "Justice" Department and the CFTC are "investigating" gold-manipulation, with respect to the U.S. banksters. However, as is noted by the media shill below; the blind/deaf/dumb "regulators" in Europe have already looked into the same crime (by the same criminals) -- and claimed to have found nothing.

Meanwhile; the U.S. "Justice" Department has already pledged to PROTECT the Big Banks from any/all prosecution, so even if it does "find something", it has already promised to DO NOTHING about it. Then there is the CFTC. The CFTC supposedly "investigated" silver manipulation -- i.e. the worst/most-extreme manipulation in the history of human commerce -- and claimed to have found nothing.

Picture someone claiming to be "looking for criminals" from the INSIDE of a prison, but who claims to never be able to find any criminals. That's the CFTC.

CFTC Silver Probe: See-no-Evil, Hear-no-Evil, Speak-no-Evil

More generally; we now know with absolute certainty that none of these corrupt regimes will EVER do anything about any of the One Bank's financial crimes, no matter how large; no matter how many times it perpetrates the crime; no matter how much harm is done to the Victim(s).

We know this following their supposed "investigation" into the One Bank's serial currency manipulation. We were virtually promised "criminal prosecution" of not only individual banksters but the criminal Big Banks themselves. And this so-called "investigation" came right after the One Bank had ruthlessly attacked India's currency, and right before its current economic terrorism against Russia - via attacking the ruble. We got NOTHING.

How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo
Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies

Obviously if these pretend-regulators will do nothing about the One Bank's worst financial crime (currency manipulation), even while its committing its largest crimes (attacking the rupee and ruble), then these corrupt charlatans would never do anything about a relatively "insignificant" crime like gold-manipulation.

So why even bother with these ultimate farces? Two reasons. To begin with; it's a stalling tactic. What happens whenever one of our corrupt governments gets CAUGHT doing something really bad? It "investigates" itself (lol!!). The purpose of such pseudo-investigations is not only to (hopefully) stall long enough for the apathetic Zombies to forget their "outrage", it's also designed to apply a THICK COAT OF WHITEWASH over the Truth -- as we saw with the U.S. government's 9/11 "investigations".

This brings us to the second purpose of these pretend-investigations: to provide "cover" for the future crimes of these criminals. What is any lying/thieving banker going to say to anyone who accuses him of gold manipulation after this pretend-investigation?

"We've already been 'investigated', and found NOT GUILTY."

Naturally that reply would be accompanied by an arrogant smirk.

P.S. Using the phrase "U.S. 'Justice' Department" in the same sentence as "investigate" is both a non sequitur and oxymoron.

Too-Big-To-Fail (Now) = Too Big To Jail

Why Too-big-to-fail = Too-big-to-exist

The Justice Department Goes Hunting For A Gold Price Fix

Quaint or corrupt, that’s the question the U.S. Justice Department and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have set themselves in their attempt to prize back the lid on the centuries-old world of trading metals in London.

Gold is the primary focus of the double-barreled inquiry with silver, platinum and palladium also on the agenda.

What the U.S. investigators hope to find is a smoking gun linking some of the world’s biggest banks to allegations of market rigging, a job which European investigators have already dropped.

The starting point for the metals probe, which was launched before Christmas but has only just been revealed, is the process by which benchmark metal prices have historically been set in the private world of London banking...
11:59 AM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Numbers from CHINA on "the gold market" in the forums.
Koos Jansen just put out a new article on a new "statement of intentions" of the SGE (i.e. Shanghai Gold Exchange). While Mr. Jansen focused on the SGE's intent to forge closer (commercial) ties to India's huge gold market; I was most interested in a couple of the numbers released by the SGE:

In recent years, we have witnessed the trend of “oriental gold” playing an increasingly important role in the global market attributable to the rapid development of the China’s gold market: in 2013 alone, the gold produced and imported by China exceeded 50 percent of the world’s gold production and 60 percent of the world’s gold consumption, respectively. As the world’s biggest gold producer, consumer, and importer, China is gradually integrating itself into the global gold market.

There are several points of interest in just that one line. We start with the absolute numbers: one nation is (by itself) producing/importing roughly half the world's gold, and consuming 60% of annual supply. Admittedly China has a huge population, but even so it only represents about 17% of the global population. So we see China is a disproportionally large player in this market by a factor of roughly three.

Obviously it's not sustainable for a nation with only 17% of the world's population to be consuming 60% of annual "supply" (meaning the supply of real metal), in much the same manner that it wasn't sustainable for the U.S. (with only 5% of the world's population) to be consuming 25% of crude oil supply.

But there is a second dimension of unsustainability here. When China speaks of producing-and-importing 50% of the world's gold it is talking about SUPPLY. And obviously when it speaks of consuming 60% of the world's gold it is talking about DEMAND. So rather than China's massive gold-mining industry and gold imports creating any sort of "glut" in that market; its total supply is insufficient to meet total demand.

This can only mean 1 of 2 things. Either China will manage to grab even a larger share of total, global supply (in order to meet its ravenous domestic demand); OR, China's supply/demand imbalance will lead to a bullion-default -- and one which the One Bank has no power to either hide or prevent.

Lastly, when the SGE talks about China accounting for half of the global gold "supply" and more than half of "demand"; by necessary implication it is treating the banksters' paper-called-gold markets as PURE PAPER -- i.e. pure fraud. Put another way; the only way the SGE could come up with such large numbers for China's supply and demand was to IGNORE the supposed "gold trading" occurring in the Western fraud markets.

Today the SGE (and by extension China's government) is merely implying that Western paper-called-gold markets are nothing but a massive fraud. How long until the SGE/China states EXPLICITLY that Western "gold" markets are nothing but gigantic frauds -- and thus reveals to the Zombies that "the Emperor is wearing no clothes"???

Just as we see China inexorably POSITIONING itself (like a chess player) to make the renminbi the new reserve currency, it is POSITIONING itself to replace the fraudulent, Western paper-called-gold markets with a legitimate market -- its own. While events are not progressing as rapidly as many ordinary investors would like, we can never forget that there is movement here, and more unsustainability.

The status quo cannot last, and at least one government (China) is not only preparing for what comes next, it is helping to accelerate this transition, but in a cautious, prudent manner. Sadly, this is the only way in which can operate when opposed by Psychopaths -- because China knows it is dangerous to PROVOKE Psychopaths (as Russia is currently demonstrating).

Banksters' Bullion-Crisis At New Extreme?
Pricing Gold in the Real World
China/India Gold Demand: 2013 Déjà Vu
Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted?
The End of the Paper-Gold Market?

SGE Chairman: India Will Become SGE’s Largest Partner

The latest Indian Bullion Bulletin has just been released wherein the chairman of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) Xu Luode presents the SGE’s international ambitions – read below.

The Chinese government regards the gold market as an indispensable component of China’s financial market and attaches great importance to its growth and development.
11:07 AM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
I don't know how closely this thread is watched, since I don't see many comments here; but you're going to want to read this one, just to see the chart on the debt levels...unless you saw it already at Zero Hedge (lol).

Debt-To-GDP Ratios Demand Debt Jubilee

In the 1980’s; Canada was governed by (at that time) the most incompetent, fiscally irresponsible regime in the Western world: Brian Mulroney’s “Conservative” government. In a mere eight years; Canada’s national debt tripled, and its debt-to-GDP ratio soared to what was (at the time) an astronomical level above 70%.

Canada was considered to be in an official “debt crisis”. What is meant by the term debt-crisis? It’s all a function of simple arithmetic. It is where the total debt-load approaches a point where it is no longer mathematically possible for the economy to remain viable over the long term...
11:00 PM
Cogitate over these realities. In nominal terms; food prices have been exploding higher (despite the Liars in media/government telling us "there is no inflation"). These higher prices have placed such a strain on our budgets that (for example) roughly 1/4 of all Americans now require "food stamps" simply to get by on a month-to-month basis.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Corporate media; despite these sky-high NOMINAL prices, farmers are going bankrupt. How can this be? Obviously (by definition) these prices are not "high" (in real dollars) or the farmers would be rolling in profits, not going bankrupt.

Clearly; these NOMINAL prices are (by definition) "low" in real dollars, or else the farmers would be able to (at least) meet their own living/operating expenses without difficulty. If sky-high NOMINAL prices are actually "low prices" in real dollars; that arithmetic dictates only one possible conclusion: the (paper) CURRENCIES we are using have become near-worthless -- even in terms of their actual purchasing power.

Unofficially (as we all know) all these fraudulent fiat currencies are totally worthless. So the point of this post is not to point out anything "new" to this audience. Rather, the point is simply to illustrate another logical disconnect -- i.e. another economic perversity.

Food prices are high. The Liars tell us there is "no inflation". Farmers are going bankrupt. There is no possible "explanation" for these perverse/contradictory facts. And as the examples of these perverse contradictions go from mere dozens to HUNDREDS of obvious perversities (in market after market, sector after sector), it is all these ridiculous lies which will (and gradually are) waking-up the Zombies.

While I can't speak for others; with the "average people" (i.e. Zombies) I'm encountering in my own life, there is more and more grumbling. They don't UNDERSTAND what is happening (of course), so they have no idea who to blame (yet); but the Zombies are (finally) beginning to clue-in that "things are not right" -- despite the endless assurances from the media/government Liars.

It's Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf syndrome: compulsive Liars whose inability to stop themselves from telling ever larger lies, ever more frequently ALWAYS DESTROYS THEIR OWN CREDIBILITY.

P.S. Notice how (as usual) the Liars attempt to tap-dance around the truth. It's not "the U.S. economy" as a whole which is showing "strain" (to put it mildly), but just the "farm economy". I guess the fact that we're ALL struggling with these high food prices means WE'RE all "farmers".

Rent walkouts point to strains in U.S. farm economy

Across the U.S. Midwest, the plunge in grain prices to near four-year lows is pitting landowners determined to sustain rental incomes against farmer tenants worried about making rent payments because their revenues are squeezed.

Some grain farmers already see the burden as too big. They are taking an extreme step, one not widely seen since the 1980s: breaching lease contracts, reducing how much land they will sow this spring and risking years-long legal battles with landlords.

The tensions add to other signs the agricultural boom that the U.S. grain farming sector has enjoyed for a decade is over. On Friday, tractor maker John Deere cut its profit forecast citing falling sales caused by lower farm income and grain prices.

Many rent payments – which vary from a few thousand dollars for a tiny farm to millions for a major operation – are due on March 1, just weeks after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated net farm income, which peaked at $129 billion in 2013, could slide by almost a third this year to $74 billion...
02:29 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Notable Quotes... in the forums.
Life is a journey, not a destination.

This is really just one of a "family" of related quotes:

"Live each day like it was your last."
"Live for the moment."

I'm sure that Members/readers can come up with a half-dozen other, similar quotes. They all ultimately communicate the same message. Life is fleeting, even if we are fortunate enough to live a long one. If we don't enjoy the "journey" (which is over all-too-soon), then even if we do arrive at our (intended) "destination", we will have lost out on so much that our lives have to offer.
11:50 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
Earl wrote:
Jeff ask/states-

But here, you don't need to (fully) understand the lyrics, because the VOCALS are so expressive. They communicate a feeling loud and clear: regret. And as a song about "regret"; it certainly has a home on this thread (and site). For those of us not numbed-out/dumbed-down by the brainwashing; we're practically drowning in regret.


You and poetry..... Well, it means whatever you want it to mean.

Today, to me its "regret" of a lost friend. We were naive, lost and searching to find ourselves growing up together. The world can be a very lonely place, answering the questions life presents. Yes, sometimes I wish they were here...

You certainly made your point Earl, as when I went back and read them again with your interpretation in mind, the "fit" was at least as good, especially (as you pointed out) the last verse. And yet I think there's something we're BOTH missing here, a part of the "message" which was intended to be communicated -- but was just a little too subtle/elusive for us to digest.

That's one reason why I don't try to WRITE poetry. When I'm trying to communicate something (to mostly brainwashed minds) it's hard enough to get them to grasp things, even using the plainest/simplest language possible. The last thing I would ever want to do is to get "poetic" in my delivery.

Of course because this is such a good song, it's not necessarily a bad thing to "need" to listen to it again and again, in order to glean all of the subtleties. As the saying goes; life is a journey, not a destination...Oh, got to remember to add that one to Notable Quotes.

11:43 AM
6 days ago
There was some interesting data pointed out at Zero Hedge a few days ago (which I just noticed now), indicating that the East's three largest economies: China, Japan, and Russia had all significantly reduced their holdings of U.S. paper.

One possible interpretation, implied by the Zero Hedge piece, is that these three major economic powers have simply lost their "appetite" for this worthless/indigestible paper. And Zero Hedge itself notes the different circumstances of the three nations. But when we look closely at those different circumstances; we find interpreting this data becomes more ambiguous.

Only Russia's position seems rather simple: dumping its U.S. Treasuries is RETALIATION for the West's economic terrorism against Russia -- since the U.S. is the clear/sole instigator of this economic terrorism. At the same time; it's dumping these worthless bonds not only with those prices at absurd, all-time highs in absolute terms, but in RELATIVE terms (relative to the value of the ruble) they have never been worth more.

With Japan, while there might be some overt change in policy/strategy; the decline in its own holdings may simply be nothing more than 'economic fatigue'. As its own economy continues to wither-and-die; it can (literally) no longer afford to devote a grossly disproportionate amount of its own wealth/resources to simply holding its Master's worthless paper.

Then there is China. As I've explained previously; China stopped buying U.S. Treasuries directly right around the Crash of '08. Since that time; all the accumulation shown in the chart at Zero Hedge...

...has been SECONDARY BUYING. What do I mean there? I mean that all its "new" Treasuries have been acquired from the holdings of other nations -- as a component of its "currency swaps" and "bilateral trade agreements". And (as also explained) these currency-swaps are all about "draining the Swamp" (i.e. the global economy) of its U.S. paper, as China moves toward the renminbi as new reserve currency.

China never "rolls" over any of the U.S. debt its holding, but rather simply allows the bonds to mature, and then cashes out. So what does it mean when we see China's net holdings of Treasuries declining? It literally means nothing more than that its old bonds are maturing faster than its adding new ones.

Does this mean that it's deliberately slowing-down its process of replacing the USD? And, if so, is it because the process is now so far advanced that it can afford to "slow down"; or, is it forced to slow down because the general weakening of the global economy means it has less resources it can devote to this process???

And with the East having lightened its "load" of this financial feces; will we now see Belgium add another $30 or $40 billion to its own Treasuries holdings...

Belgium: Money-Laundering Toilet For Unwanted Treasuries

Russia Dumps Most US Paper Ever As China Reduces Treasurys Holdings To January 2013 Levels

Back in December, Socgen spread a rumor that Russia has begun selling its gold. Subsequent IMF data showed that not only was this not correct, Russia in fact added to its gold holdings. But there was one thing it was selling: some $22 billion in US Treasurys, a record 20% of its total holdings, bringing its US paper inventory to just $86 billion in December - the lowest since June 2008...
11:59 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
Earl wrote:
Wish You Were Here

written by Waters,Gilmour

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue sky's from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
And how we found
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Earl, the lyrics to this tune are quite "poetic", which is another way of me saying that I don't really understand them (lol!). I can't connect-the-dots with poetic language in the manner I do with straight prose.

But here, you don't need to (fully) understand the lyrics, because the VOCALS are so expressive. They communicate a feeling loud and clear: regret. And as a song about "regret"; it certainly has a home on this thread (and site). For those of us not numbed-out/dumbed-down by the brainwashing; we're practically drowning in regret.

Look what we've done:

1) Wiped out countless species, and endangering more of them, every day.
2) Polluted/despoiled most of the surface of this planet, and even much of its vast oceans.
3) Inflicted any and every form of misery, injury, and oppression on each other, with much of this malice directed at our own children.
4) Despite all the death-and-suffering inflicted upon each other; we've managed to over-breed to the point that we've threatened the viability of our own species.

We're the species which invented the concept "with Friends like this; who needs Enemies?"

And yet in a song about regret, in the deepest and sincerest of terms; we get the (seemingly) incongruous chorus (and title): "wish you were here..." Wish who was here? Why would someone want to inflict "here" on anyone???

Of course physically, we're all "here". So what this is really about in talking about "here" is perspective. The ability to see "here" through the eyes of someone who sees/feels this regret.

Wish who was here? We wish the Rothschilds were "here". We wish they possessed the HUMANITY to see what they have done, and feel (genuine) regret for their pointless, psychopathic folly which has created "here". But we know that's not possible...

11:16 AM
DayOwl wrote:
The need for revenue toppled the first prohibition. Colorado's success is going to resonate with other lawmakers who want to see the revenue come their way. Falling revenues may overcome bankster objections.

Certainly that's half the equation DayOwl, but we can't forget the equally important aspect of "taking a bite out of crime". It was the (first) U.S. prohibition which FUNDED the rise of organized crime in the U.S. (outside of the Rothschilds' financial crime syndicate). Similarly, Prohibition II (i.e. the War on Sanity) has funded a renaissance in organized crime in the U.S.

Given the dubious nature of our "history books"; it's likely no longer possible to know if there was one specific reason for ending Prohibition I. Drug "prohibition" is such a fatally flawed approach in so many ways to deal with this medical/social issue that it's a little presumptuous to conclude that dollars-and-cents was at the root of ending Prohibition I.

However, with respect to Prohibition II; I think you're correct. While there are numerous, valid reasons for ending this Idiot's Crusade; the reason that will sink in with respect to the stunted minds of our political representatives is MONEY.

10:06 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic The "Real Cost of Mining Gold" in the forums.
Here is some further perspective (from people who focus closely on the miners) on how fraudulent current bullion prices are, because they are not even sufficient to permit the long-term SURVIVAL of this sector/industry -- let alone any semblance of health.

As we see/hear here; we also can't trust the numbers coming from the miners themselves...

The most important point in these clips is that "ACQUISITION COSTS" are never included/accounted for when these lying miners "estimate" the cost of producing gold. Understand why this is so important, especially with the big miners.

These Senior Miners can't/won't develop their operations "organically" -- i.e. by doing their own exploration/development. So acquisitions are:

a) Essential for their survival
b) Growing rapidly in their size/expense

...but are NEVER factored into the "operating costs" of these miners, even though (as just explained) they are literally an OPERATING expense. I was a little disappointed that there were no hard numbers here, but perhaps that comes further in this series of clips.

My own off-the-cuff numbers (which I've published in previous commentaries) is that ACTUAL break-even costs for these miners are somewhere well above $1500/oz, and even the propaganda machine has acknowledged that $1,300/oz is "not a break-even price" for the industry.

Pricing Gold in the Real World
Feb 21


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2011-06-14 15:45:15
Strange title, but an excellent read on banker man .....
2011-04-06 05:36:00
Who won the 1/2 way part of the contest? I don't s .....
2010-04-01 14:49:12
Nice piece. I definitely hope it ends up being acc .....

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