Sunday, October 26, 2014
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2 weeks ago
Jeff Nielson wrote:
By my own, off-the-cuff reckoning; my expectations were that Western real estate markets needed to fall between 50% - 70% (somewhat less in the markets that have already had a significant correction).

As for U.S. prices; after 6 years of furious pumping they have partially re-inflated that bubble (which was never close to fully deflated). Given the massive fraud that is still buried in the U.S. market; I expect that U.S. prices need to fall at least 50% (from current prices).

Okay, you know more than me about the recent American real estate situation.

To be fair, the price swing I expect is down to the absolute bottom. But the economic conditions that would have to exist before a family could buy a house on only about 3 months income (before taxes) are unfathomable.

I'm only considering the residential real estate market. I expect there would be a similar effect on commercial & industrial real estate but have no line of reasoning to support my belief.
Oct 11
mathnerd replied to the topic Re: More, imaginary "terrorism" in the forums.
Dylan wrote:

Don't worry - the lifesaving Bureau of Labor & Statistics will save us all with sophisticated statistical techniques to remove any actual impact these fearsome arachnids bring to bear!
Oct 11


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