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I'm a mortgage broker who believes a return to sound money is necessary to any economic recovery from the debt dependent system as we know it.

I believe in strict adherence to the United States Constitution.

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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
This one has been steadily creeping-up on my "list" of all-time Rolling Stones favorites. I think that part of the reason is that when I listen to this tune it sounds like the world is coming to an end...(lol)

[Has this one been posted before?]

Gimme Shelter

Oh, a storm is threat'ning
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away

War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Ooh, see the fire is sweepin'
Our very street today
Burns like a red coal carpet
Mad bull lost its way

War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Rape, murder!
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Rape, murder!
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

Rape, murder!
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away

The floods is threat'ning
My very life today
Gimme, gimme shelter
Or I'm gonna fade away

War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
It's just a shot away
I tell you love, sister, it's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away
Kiss away, kiss away...

06:59 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money in the forums.
Here's one of the commentaries I mentioned I was "working on" the other day, as a follow-up to my commentary on the banksters' "Master Program" for manipulating markets. And there is still more to be said in this area...

The Big Banks Are NOT ‘Leaving Commodities’

The Big Banks of the corrupt West are not merely monoliths of serial crime, they are monoliths of serial deceit – making their minions a cast of compulsive liars. Yet time-after-time, we see these compulsive liars staging various charades-of-deceit, successfully.

Not only are their ruses faithfully proclaimed by the Corporate media propaganda-machine (and then repeated a million times), but they are regularly parroted by commentators in the alternative media, who (by now) should know better.

When the One Bank’s LIBOR mega-fraud was finally exposed; the lie from the banksters (and the Corporate media) was that only one bank (Barclay’s) had “colluded” to manipulate the interest rate, which is set collectively, as a collaboration between a dozen of these Big Banks. Other commentators did not point out that this was impossible, that LIBOR-fraud had to be systemic (or it couldn’t exist at all) – and thus the mega-fraud is allowed to continue...
05:34 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Thursday July 31st, and I still can't get yesterday's ridiculously, pathetically absurd GDP number out of my head -- prompting today's commentary.

The Never-Ending ‘Recovery’

As with many of these commentaries; this one is somewhat "retrospective". What is meant by that is that in these commentaries I'll often review the past several years of (supposed) "economic developments" -- as told by the Liars of the Corporate media -- and then compare that to REALITY.

This is a necessary-and-important intellectual exercise, precisely because of the endemic, saturation "revisionism" which the One Bank has blanketed over the real world. The ordinary drones of the mainstream media do nothing more than parrot-and-fabricate the "daily news" (i.e. daily lies). It is the Revisionists who take these millions and millions of individual lies, and then weave that into the fantasy-tapestry which readers now know as "the Wonderland Matrix" (and our so-called "history books").

Without regularly engaging in these retrospective journeys; it would be utterly impossible for even regular readers to retain any sort of firm grip on reality (and thus their own sanity). So I strongly encourage readers to make an effort to closely follow such retrospective pieces. Not only does it help clarify the PAST lies-and-propaganda, but it makes it much easier to spot (and reject) the endless new lies being spewed at us daily.

And (as is also frequently the case), covering a commentary on The Grind allows me to explore thoughts/concepts for which there was no space in the original article, itself. In this case; I had to settle for an implication in today's commentary -- because I didn't have room to spell-it-out explicitly.

Specifically, as anyone who seriously thought about the title to this piece would figure out; the title is (at the least) a non sequitur -- if not an outright oxymoron. No one/nothing "recovers" forever.

At some point; the person/entity in question has either fully-recovered, or he/she/it has simply "recovered" to the maximum extent. At that point, as a matter of basic logic, the "recovery" is over. This is simply one aspect of the insanity of this make-believe economic growth.

Even more to the point; according to the Liars themselves this is OFFICIALLY no longer an "economic recovery" (in the U.S.). More than a year ago; the Liars claimed that the U.S. economy had (supposedly) already regained all the lost ground, when the Banksters intentionally "crashed" the global economy in 2008 -- and created a massive, economic contraction.

Since that time, even in the Wonderland Matrix itself, this has no longer been "a U.S. economic recovery". So why do the Liars continue to call it a "recovery", (even though according to their own fantasy-paradigm it's no longer a "recovery")? Because the only other economic terminology which exists to describe a long period of (supposed) uninterrupted economic growth is "an economic boom".

Now, as we all know, today's Sheep (and North American Sheep, in particular) are the most pathetic collection of slack-jawed, knuckle-dragging morons since our species ceased to walk on "all four's" -- the result of DECADES of relentless brainwashing by the Corporate media, and dumbing-down in our pseudo-educational system. But consider this.

Even today's Sheep would eventually start THINKING if the Liars referred to this fantasy-era" of pretend-growth as an "economic boom". The Sheep don't know much, but they do understand that in some (supposed) never-ending economic boom that their lives should be getting better and better, instead of worse and worse.

So even though the Liars have told us that this is no longer an "economic recovery"; they keep calling it that, because there are no other liar-labels which they can get away with using. They keep calling the U.S. Greater Depression an "economic recovery", and along with that they never relent with their "New Normal" brainwashing.

While the lives of the Fat Cats get better and better, at an obscene rate, never before witnessed; our lives get worse and worse, and are supposed to get worse and worse - even during the Never-Ending Recovery...because this is now "Normal".

05:17 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday July 30th, and the "big news" of the day is obviously the strangely-delayed report of U.S. 2nd quarter GDP, in the Never-Ending Recovery (lol). It is THE biggest GDP-lie created by the U.S. government in this entire, make-believe "recovery". But to regular readers; I just want to say that "I get it".

You're tired. You're tired of listening to the Liars tell bigger and bigger lies, more and more often. You're tired of listening to me explain the lies (and describe the Truth) in economic analyses which are sometimes simple-and-straightforward -- but at other times can get somewhat convoluted.

So today readers get "a break" -- and a choice. For those wanting a detailed analysis of:

a) Why today's U.S. "GDP number" is absurdly impossible.
b) How the ridiculous lie was created.
c) The purpose of this new strategy-of-lies.
d) What to expect in the future.

...I just finished a detailed post in the "Economics" section of the Forum, and interested readers can go there for a point-by-point analysis.

On the other hand; for readers not interested (at least today) in reading about more lies-from-the-Liars, I've plucked-out an excerpt from an older commentary, which kind of explains what is going on today (in general terms), but in the form of an entertaining(?) allegory.

The Mythical Land of Us

The Land of Us was a rather dreary place. It was composed entirely of two groups: a small number of rich Hogs and a huge herd of poor Sheep. Inexplicably, it was the sheep themselves who always chose the Hogs to rule over them.

The Land of Us became such a dreary place entirely because of its Golden Rule (one of the first laws created by the Hogs): “All of the Sacrifices will be bestowed upon the Sheep, and all of the Privileges will be imposed on the Hogs.” The Sheep agreed that this seemed like a very equitable division. [Did I mention that the Sheep weren’t very bright?]

However, even the fat Hogs weren’t smiling these days as The Land of Us had a very serious problem: it was deeply, deeply in debt – in fact hopelessly insolvent. Worse still, there were practically no revenues coming into the Hogs’ coffers. The Sheep had nothing left to tax, while naturally the Hogs paid no taxes (as per the division between “Sacrifices” and “Privileges”).

An emergency Council of the Hogs was convened to discuss this crisis.

“Fellow Hogs,” addressed Boss Hog, “We cannot continue things this way any longer. We’re already deeply in debt to neighbouring lands, and worse still, the Great Trough is nearly empty.”

Grunts of shock and horror reverberated amongst the Swine.

“Let’s raise the taxes on the Sheep,” sneered one of the fatter Hogs, echoed with many grunts of approval.

“That won’t work,” replied Boss Hog, “We’ve already squeezed the Sheep dry.”

“We could start paying taxes ourselves…?” suggested one of the younger, thinner Hogs, naively. Raucous laughter erupted throughout the Council.

“Seriously though,” continued Boss Hog, wiping away a few tears, “Something must be done.”

“We’ll just have to borrow a lot more money,” concluded one of the Hogs, with most of the other Hogs nodding in agreement.

“We can’t,” countered Boss Hog, “The other countries can see that Us is insolvent, and no one will lend Us any more money at these interest rates.”

“Then we’ll just have to increase interest rates to attract more capital,” reasoned yet another Hog.

“We can’t do that either,” stated Boss Hog, dejectedly, “With current revenues we can’t even afford to pay the interest on all our old debts. Indeed, we need to find some way to lower our interest payments – or we’ll soon be bankrupted by our old debts alone.”

“What if we just printed-up a huge, new stack of Piglets – and used all those Piglets to ‘buy’ our bonds,” suggested another Hog hopefully. [The “Piglet” was the official, paper currency-unit of the Hogs.] “Then we could set marginal interest rates to any number we wanted because we would be ‘selling’ to ourselves.”

“That still won’t work,” declared Boss Hog. “Once the other nations saw us printing those trillions of Piglets – and diluting the currency – they would quickly start dumping the TRILLIONS in Piglet-denominated bonds they’re already holding. The Piglet would quickly become worthless.”

“I have a plan,” asserted a particularly sly-looking Hog. “We simply won’t tell the other nations that we’re printing more Piglets to buy our own Bonds – in other words we’ll counterfeit our own currency. And so they can’t see what we’re doing, first we’ll change the procedure on our bond-auctions to make them totally opaque – so that no one can see who is buying the Bonds. This way we can not only claim there are ‘foreign buyers’ for all the Bonds, but we can also set interest rates to any fantasy-number we like.”

“Not even the Sheep are stupid enough to fall for a ruse that clumsy!” scoffed Boss Hog.

“Oh, I think I have just the right Hog for the job,” grinned the Sly Hog. A cacophony of evil laughter begins building in the Council…

B.S. Banker strode up to the Bond Auction Podium. He was a particularly impressive-looking Hog, wearing a pointed Magician’s hat and carrying a glittering magic wand. He gazed into the vacuous stares of the Sheep assembled before him.

“Behold, as I perform great feats of Magic!” proclaimed B.S. Banker, gesturing dramatically with his wand. “Observe the ordinary table on my left, with a large stack of Piglet Bonds piled atop it – indeed, it is the largest stack of Piglet Bonds in history.”

Murmurs of nervousness and shock are heard among the Sheep audience.

“Now gaze in wonder as I make that entire stack of Piglet bonds disappear…and at the highest prices in history!” thunders B.S. Banker, as the Sheep audience gasps in awe.

The lights are then suddenly turned off, and the Auction Chamber is plunged into darkness for ten minutes. Muffled sounds are heard, somewhat like a printing press being operated at maximum speed. The lights go back on.

“…and presto!” declares B.S. Banker triumphantly, “The Piglet Bonds have all disappeared.” He points to a table-top which is now void of any paper.

The Sheep exploded into wild applause, and the funding problem for The Land of Us was solved. The Hogs lived happily ever after...

Of note; I wrote this piece almost exactly two years prior to formally publishing "The Wonderland Matrix" (for Sprott Money). And it was roughly one year before I began regularly using the "Matrix" metaphor to describe our insane-asylum societies.

The point here is that things have already been really, really crazy for quite some time, in this fantasy-world created by the One Bank. And as we see with today's ultra-insane U.S. GDP report; the lies, and the length of the disconnect from the real world just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

And having pulled-out this "Golden Oldie" to hopefully dazzle-and-amuse (lol)the audience of The Daily Grind; let me mention again our archives here at BBC. Given the nature of the work I do; many of my commentaries are essentially "timeless".

What I mean by this is that in publishing many of my new commentaries; it wouldn't matter if I published it today, next month, or even next year, I likely wouldn't have to change a word -- except for dates and (perhaps) names. But this same point of logic applies with respect o looking at these commentaries retrospectively.

I know in doing my own learning that it is often my "second look" (or third-look) at a particular concept or idea before comprehension really begins to set in. There's no shame here in going back, and reading things again...\

...but don't go too far back into the archives, or you'll find yourself back in the days when I was still "a work in progress" with respect to becoming a writer. Lol!!!

12:11 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic U.S. second quarter GDP +4.0% !!! (lol) in the forums.
The Wonderland Matrix just keeps getting sillier and sillier. Today we (finally) got the report for U.S. second quarter GDP -- which (for some mysterious reason) was released several weeks late (to "create suspense", perhaps?). The number released by the U.S. government simply defies description (what word describes beyond "insane"?).

We're told that the U.S. economy grew by a breath-taking rate of 4.0% in the second quarter. Understand that there are several reasons why this idiotic number is totally impossible -- beyond the fact that the U.S. economy is a bankrupt, crippled husk, which couldn't possibly generate any economic growth at all.

First and foremost, we have what the U.S. government told us was the "GDP rate" for the first quarter: -3%. Simply, no economy can possibly generate a SEVEN PERCENT swing like this (to the upside - lol) over one quarter. But if any economy ever came close to such a performance, we would see an absolute EXPLOSION in economic activity -- which would be reflected in all other economic statistics.

This brings me to the second reason why this idiot-number is totally impossible: the other U.S. economic statistics. Not only has much of the economic data for Q2 been weak (much, much too weak to support "4% growth"), but we've seen a steady stream of downward revisions -- indicating even more weakness.

In fact; the U.S. government just reported the largest ever downward revision to its "new home sales" statistic, in the forty years that it has been reporting this data. The other numbers tell us that U.S. GDP for Q2 should have been roughly the same as for Q1 -- or even worse.

But remember what I told readers as the U.S. government kept "revising" Q1 GDP lower and lower: it was deliberately falsifying that number to the downside (with bogus "adjustments") in order that it could "re-adjust" GDP in the second quarter much higher. Or, as I put it at the time; it was allowing the Liars to "borrow" GDP from Q1 in order to pad the Q2 number, and likely the Q3 number, as well.

I also suggested that this will likely be a permanent trend. In other words; from now on we'll be told by the propaganda machine that every winter was "a terrible winter" -- in order that they can torpedo one quarter of GDP, and pad the other quarters. This is because the U.S. economy is now so crippled that the Liars can no longer stretch their lies far enough to pretend that the U.S. economy is "growing" all four quarters of the year.

Note also that during the decades when Western economies were strong and healthy, the average "economic recovery" (i.e. growth cycle) was just over 3 years. The U.S.'s pretend-recovery in our Wonderland Matrix is now in its 6th year -- with absolutely no end in sight.

The most alarming part of this is that the U.S. government (and the One Bank, pulling the puppets' strings) has the audacity to utter such outrageous, ridiculous lies. There is nothing "brilliant" or "insightful" in my analysis here. Rather, the points I'm making are such obvious common sense that one would require no economics training at all in order to make such observations.

So how/why is it seemingly impossible for any of the (so-called) "economists" in the United States to see this, themselves? They're not all "corrupt".

This can thus only be caused by a herd mentality. And (as I have pointed out before) because we are such a contrarian species by nature (with great diversity in our viewpoints) such a "herd mentality" is proof-positive of the brainwashing which I have warned readers about for years.

But think about this. It's one thing to "brainwash" the Average Joe, who (very possibly) does little-to-no-thinking in the course of working at his job each day (unless he's part of the 25% of the population which is simply unemployed). Conversely, an economist is trained to process data -- i.e. (supposedly) trained to think (lol!!).

How "hardcore" does brainwashing have to get in order to get people who are supposed to process data 24/7 to stop processing data, at all???

Regular readers might recall (during the time I was warning and illustrating the dangers of Half-Truths) that I chose to attack the views of one of these charlatans -- which he had turned into an inane "infomercial".

The infomercial was supposedly "warning us" about the economic dangers ahead. Yet when this supposed economic expert turned his thoughts toward U.S. money-printing, what he told viewers was that the U.S. might have a serious problem if it didn't moderate that money-printing "soon".

Readers have seen the chart below on countless occasions:

Obviously the "economic expert" who produced the infomercial would have looked at that chart before uttering his opinion about U.S. money-printing. As I have explained to readers before; this is the mathematical/graphical representation of the concept "out of control". Thus there are only two possible ways in which anyone with training in economics could interpret that extreme, exponential curve:

1) A chart of a currency already destroyed by hyperinflation.
2) A chart of a hyperinflation-in-progress (i.e. a currency about to be destroyed by hyperinflation).

Yet it's not only the one economist I singled-out who can't see this; none of them can see this. None of the economists inside the U.S. government (who get to see the raw data for themselves). None of the idiot, economics professors in our supposed "institutes of higher learning" (lol!). None of the economists being paid six-figure salaries by large corporations, specifically to inform them as to what is really going on.

These "economists" are all just monkeys -- monkeys who have been so severely retarded through brainwashing that they possess barely enough residual brain-power to parrot what they are told by the Head Monkeys (the motley crew of "experts" which the Corporate media parades before us).

Thus we get Monkeys who faithfully report totally impossible 7% swings in U.S. economic growth. Thus we get Monkeys who believe the U.S. economy can just keep "growing" and "growing" forever. Thus we get Monkeys who look at economic data which proves that the U.S. dollar is already worthless -- yet the most that they are capable of fathoming is that the dollar "might" have a "problem"..."soon".

It's amazing that these blind sycophants don't also require canes and companion-dogs...

P.S. Note the ho-hum attitude of the Kitco drone reporting this impossible U.S. GDP data, what he calls "a big miss to upside". Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"4.0% U.S. economic growth"? Jut another day-at-the-office for the mighty, U.S. economic juggernaut.

Gold Weakens Following Upbeat U.S. GDP Report

Gold prices are moderately lower in early U.S. trading Wednesday and hit their daily low in the immediate aftermath of a much-stronger-than-expected U.S. gross domestic product report. August Comex gold was last down $4.20 at $1,294.00 an ounce. Spot gold was last quoted down $5.40 at $1,294.00. December Comex silver last traded down $0.009 at $20.635 an ounce.

The second-quarter U.S. gross domestic product report came in at up 4.0%, which was a big miss to the upside. A 3.0% rise was expected versus a reading of minus 2.9% in the first quarter. The GDP report pressured the gold market and U.S. Treasuries, while boosting modestly the U.S. stock indexes and the U.S. dollar index.

Wednesday begins in earnest the big U.S. economic data deluge this week. The ADP national employment report for July was out at 8:15 a.m. eastern time. That report is a precursor to Friday’s more important Labor Department employment report. The ADP figure was forecast to come in at up 238,000, but was a slight miss on the downside and reported at up 218,000. Friday’s U.S. jobs report is forecast to see a rise in non-farm payrolls of 230,000 in July versus up 288,000 in June...
10:46 AM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Tuesday July 29th, and a late edition of The Grind -- as I was engrossed for most of the day working on two upcoming commentaries. Why mention this? Because both of these commentaries tie-in to a significant degree with the subject matter of my last commentary, and the (apparent) amazing revelations in a class-action law suit against the CME.

[Case citation: U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Civil Docket #: 1:14-cv-02646 William Charles Braman, Mark Mendelson and John Simms v. Chicago Mercantile Exchange]

As readers will undoubtedly recall; the gist of this law suit is that the heart of global commodities-trading is nothing more than a den of market-rigging, where the One Bank's Master Algorithm generates close to 2 BILLION phony/illegal "trades" per year, working out to more than 100 per second, every second of every day that this crooked market is in operation.

I explained my "excitement" yesterday in writing that original commentary: if the evidence the plaintiffs claim to possess is verified (and given the process of "discovery", there's no point in pretending to have such information), then this proves the existence of the "Pied Piper trading algorithm" which regular readers have heard be rant-and-rave about for years.

It also proves the existence of the One Bank, since only a crime syndicate of that magnitude could fund a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR market manipulation scheme of this scale. But (as is often the case) this revelation would also help me prove several other points of relative importance -- the subject of these upcoming commentaries.

It would demonstrate why the abolition of the so-called "silver fix" is nothing more than a disinformation distraction on the part of the bankers, and has absolutely no relevance or importance whatsoever regarding the manipulation of the silver market. It would also show that the banksters' claim that they are "leaving commodities" (which the Liars have been repeating again and again for an entire year) is just another disinformation charade.

The "silver fix" is meaningless. The banksters will "leave commodities" on the same day they all unanimously decide to become non-profit, philanthropic enterprises. Don't hold your breath.

For the answers as to why these points are obviously true; just read those upcoming commentaries, as well as the future editions of The Grind, which (as usual) provide the answers behind the answers...
07:00 PM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
Earl wrote:


I'm going to try and answer you as best I can.

Musicians are world travelers. Sometimes street performers. I've heard amazing things from a "blues" player who played with a hat between his feet and a bottle of cough syrup in his pocket. He usually slept were he last played.

Then there's the world traveling musicians, that play a hole in one place and arena the next. They talk to people.

I had a musician tell me the Berlin Wall was going to come down (that was a crazy notion).

I had one tell me the Soviet Union was going to collapse (that was a crazy notion).

Even had one tell me one day China would be a leader in manufacturing (that was a crazy notion).

I don't know were they get these crazy ideas. Traveling, seeing other views, listen to the locals. Listening to the out casts.

Keeping an open view and relating it to the world they see.

It's not an easy profession. Ask a brick mason a question sometime. His answer may hit you like a hammer and hard as a Randy Bachman guitar.

Of course there was the Indian "sitar" player that told me the US economy was destine to fail in 1998 (that was a crazy notion).

Jeff, sometimes I wish Mertis and I could join ole Lucy in the sky and watch the diamonds.

Till then "Take Care"

Learning things by "traveling"..."talking to people", and..."listening". What a radical concept!

Once upon a time; this was how most of the real learning in the world took place. Today, such thoughts simply sound archaic to most people. If it's not kicked-out of some computer file, or regurgitated by some talking-head "expert", it doesn't count as "education". Lol!!

I pride myself on the fact that despite the number of years of university that I completed (and worked my way through) that I've never lost track of the value of "common sense". Indeed, I use that "analytical technique" in my work a lot more often than anything I learned in university.

P.S. So we are in agreement that none of this has anything to do with "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...???
06:21 PM
As I've done from time to time on the Forum (generally with disappointing results - lol); I'm posting the link to my most-recent commentary here in the hopes of stimulating discussion. When I do this; it's generally for a combination of two reasons:

1) Because the commentary relates to an especially important overall theme in my writing.

2) Because it covers some difficult-to-absorb concepts, where I suspect that some/many readers may not be able to (fully) follow along.

Is this an indication that I'm not sufficiently "respecting the intelligence" of this audience? I don't think so. The work on this site is NOT like some (quasi-mindless) TV series -- where if you simply "watch all the episodes" you will know pretty much everything that is taking place.

Instead, what is being presented here are the actions/operations of the largest, most-malevolent, most-devious Crime Syndicate to have ever plagued our species. Not only does it hide-in-the-shadows to the greatest extent possible; it owns-and-operates its own PROPAGANDA MACHINE -- to distract readers' attention away from this Crime Syndicate (and the crimes it commits), and to disguise or confuse the nature of its crimes when it can't prevent others from noticing.

Given this scenario; I would expect that many of the theories/concepts I discuss in my work would require several attempts at assimilation for many/most readers. Again, there is no disrespect intended here, since this simply reflects my own learning-process when it comes to particularly mind-bending concepts.

I didn't "figure out" what the derivatives market really represents (a gigantic, illegal casino), and what a "derivative" really is (simply a bet) the first day I began reading about this particular scheme/scam/crime. It was a process of enlightenment which occurred over a period of many months -- in part because there was no one available to explain derivatives and the derivatives market to me.

So I encourage questions/feedback in situations like this not because I don't respect the intelligence of the BBC audience, but rather simply to try to help speed-up your own learning-curves.

Unless you're a computer-geek; the term "algorithm" is likely not a concept with which most readers are comfortable. But learning what algorithms are (and what they can do) is definitely "useful information" in our 21st century cyber-societies.

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets
01:16 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
As Members and regular readers around here know; I "get excited" sometimes. Generally, it's when some important (and seemingly reliable) piece of information/evidence emerges which validates (in whole or part) some previous facet of my work. This is more than just ego-indulgence and personal back-slapping (lol).

Rather, when such objective validation/confirmation emerges; it shows me that I'm on the right track. Not only does this allow me to then assert those views with greater certainty (and credibility), but it allows me to build upon that base -- in seeking to cobble-together a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the Wonderland Matrix.

Such seems to be the case with the report of a (huge) new class-action law suit, directed at no less than the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) itself -- and the commentary which now points to this event. Fifty-percent of all trading at the CME alleged to be phony (and illegal) "wash trades" (trades with no legitimate business purpose). That works out to six million phony trades per day; 2 BILLION per year.

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

This works out to somewhere in excess of 100 phony/illegal trades PER SECOND. Obviously such massive trading-volumes of these illegal trades could only be the work of this computerized, market-rigging "HFT trading". And as I observed in the article; it makes absolutely no sense to be cranking-out this insane volume of illegal trades unless all of that trading is controlled by the SAME COMPUTER PROGRAM (i.e. trading algorithm).

There are two reasons why that logical premise is virtually irrefutable. First of all, even with a crime syndicate as large and arrogant as the One Bank; it would never engage in 'gratuitous', illegal wash trades, since the larger the volume of illegal trades, the more-difficult it gets for our see-no-evil/hear-no-evil/speak-no-evil "regulators" to pretend not to be able to perceive that crime.

CFTC Silver Probe: See-no-Evil, Hear-no-Evil, Speak-no-Evil

Secondly, any of these illegal wash trades being operated by an ancillary/competing trading-algorithm would (at least part of the time) cancel-out the market-rigging of the Master Algorithm. This would reduce both the profitability and the efficiency of this entire market-rigging scheme -- and thus would not be allowed.

If the evidence claimed in this law suit proves to be reliable; then the existence of the "Pied Piper" Master Algorithm which I have written about for the last 5 years is proven. Furthermore, to fund such an incredibly gigantic market-manipulation with this Master Algorithm (which is at work in all markets -- not just the commodity markets of the CME) would require $TRILLIONS per year.

None of the world's "Big Banks" are capable of funding crime on this scale, not even two or three working together. Thus if this Master Algorithm does exist (in the form/scale suggested in the CME law suit), then this also proves the existence of the One Bank, itself -- because only a crime syndicate of the scale/proportions described in the Swiss research (and my own subsequent commentaries) could 'fund the operation'.

Now (hopefully) the basis of my excitement is more apparent to readers. "Hostage Markets", "the One Bank", and the "Master Algorithm" are more than just key facets linking together all my writing over (in particular) the last year or two. They are even more important (if proven) as conceptual building-blocks.

These "building blocks" are the tools used to create as clear a conceptual picture as possible of the banking crime syndicate which is now so obvious that its existence can no longer be denied. All that remains to be clarified (with certainty) is the precise size, structure, and composition of this crime syndicate.

My own writing has asserted a very specific size/structure/composition of this crime syndicate: the One Bank -- with that original commentary now slightly more than one year old. The "One Bank" simply controls ALL of the Big Banks in the West (or virtually all of them), and many/most of them throughout the rest of the world.

This MUST be true, if you accept the validity of the mathematical modeling of the Swiss research upon which much of my own work is based:

- A core "super-entity", composed of over 140 corporate fronts, where 3/4 of those corporate fronts are "financial" entities

- This "super-entity" (by itself) controls roughly 40% of the global economy

Again, my reasoning here is mostly simple number-crunching. Even if we include all of the world's major insurance companies as "financial entities" (along with all the Big Banks), here is the math:

75% of the One Bank are financial entities, which (in proportionate terms) should account for roughly 30% of the global economy.

I don't think those numbers (quite) add up. In other words, even if "the One Bank" controlled EVERY Big Bank and major insurance company in the world that this would equate to 30% of the global economy.

But it wouldn't be too far away, either, since the size/market-capitalization of these financial entities has been ridiculously swollen by their mega-frauds and the $trillions in free money handed to these entities each year (through Western money-printing). So (again) if you are convinced of the existence of the One Bank, then you must accept with that the premise that it controls the entire Western financial sector, and most of that of the Rest of the World.

Obviously it's not possible to expand upon my reasoning within my commentaries to this degree -- along with presenting the basic story-line of the article. Hopefully such "expansions" of my reasoning within the columns of The Daily Grind will be seen as helpful in increasing clarity -- rather than being boring and redundant.

12:46 PM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money in the forums.
Here's my latest for Sprott Money News. As noted in the commentary; this piece is a more personal look at how the New Normal/Wonderland Matrix is destroying our standard of living, as it destroys our entire economies.

P.S. It would be really nice to get some comments/feedback from the Members here, especially since they don't have any "comments" function at Sprott Money (yet), and so I can't get feedback directly from their audience.

Over 60,000 hits on this thread (the second-largest total on the Forum), but hardly any feedback is a little peculiar...

Our Economic Slow-Death

Most of the time, my writing on the economy is at the “macro” level: government policies, government lies, government failures, and (of course) the endless mega-crimes of the One Bank. This is an inevitable byproduct of being a “Big Picture” analyst.

However, occasionally Big Pictures also emerge at the “micro” level: the realm of individual businesses or individual citizens/consumers. Such is the case with respect to the economic “slow death” which is relentlessly disintegrating our economies (at the macro-level), while it also relentlessly destroys both our business-base and the standard of living (for the vast majority) at the micro-level...
11:32 AM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Big Banks sued for silver-fix manipulation in the forums.
And here we have yet another facade from the Corporate media (and the bankers lurking behind them). Everywhere you look these days; the talking-heads are jabbering about the "gold fix" or the "silver fix", and even using the (forbidden) word "manipulation" along-side. But it's all a charade.

Of course the "silver fix" and "gold fix" are crooked. Everything the banksters touch is tainted by fraud. But it only "fixes" prices at one point of the day. What about the other 23:59 of every day???

I'm going to do a commentary on this subject, since there is so much (silly) focus on this meaningless issue. But for now; there's just this "footnote", informing readers that Bank of Nova Scotia, Deutchse Bank, and HSBC are accused of "manipulating the silver fix".

This is also silly. The gold fix and silver fix are set by roughly half a dozen of these Big Banks -- as a collaboration. The silver fix (or gold fix) thus cannot be "manipulated" by only some of these banks. To manipulate the silver fix/gold fix requires collusion by ALL of these Big Bank tentacles of the One Bank (or almost all of them).

The LIBOR charade was even more pathetic. LIBOR is the collaboration of a dozen of the One Bank's Big Bank tentacles; yet originally the Liars in the government/media/regulators tried to tell people that only one Bank (Barclay's) was "manipulating LIBOR". Lol!!

Thus as with almost everything else in the Wonderland Matrix; we cannot trust anything these Liars tell us, especially when they claim to be "cleaning up corruption" in the silver or gold markets.

P.S. Note the typical "disrespect" shown to Canada in this U.S. reporting. It's my understanding that the Bank of Nova Scotia is now SECOND (behind only JPMorgan itself) in terms of how deeply its involved with silver-manipulation. Yet with three banks accused of "silver manipulation" (a UK bank, a German bank, and a Canadian bank); only the UK bank and German bank are mentioned in the Bloomberg headline.

P.P.S. Of course what is thus even stranger about this article about a "silver manipulation" law suit is that JPM isn't even mentioned.

Deutsche Bank, HSBC Accused of Silver Fix Manipulation

Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Bank of Nova Scotia were accused in a lawsuit of rigging the price of billions of dollars in silver, an allegation similar to earlier suits involving the London gold fix.

The banks unlawfully manipulated the price of the metal and its derivatives, an investor claims in a complaint filed yesterday in federal court in Manhattan. The banks abused their position of controlling the daily silver fix to reap illegitimate profit from trading, hurting other investors in the silver market who use the benchmark in billions of dollars of transactions, according to the suit.

“The extreme level of secrecy creates an environment that is ripe for manipulation,” according to the complaint. “Defendants have a strong financial incentive to establish positions in both physical silver and silver derivatives prior to the public release of silver fixing results, allowing them to reap large illegitimate profits.”

The lawsuit is the latest to be brought against banks alleging manipulation of a benchmark. Suits have been filed against Deutsche Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia, HSBC and other banks in federal court in New York over allegations involving the London gold fix...
11:17 AM
6 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Turkey breaks away from "U.S. alliance" in the forums.
This is big stuff.

Geographically, Turkey occupies an extremely pivotal geopolitical position. Culturally; it is considered a "bridge nation" between East and West. And (in recent years) the Axis of Evil (U.S./UK/Israel) has successfully brought Turkey within its own sphere of influence -- despite the incident where Israeli soldiers murdered unarmed Turkish nationals attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza.

But now, suddenly, Turkey is saying the following:

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan spoke in an interview with Turkey's ATV television, and confirmed that his office had cut off direct communications with President Obama, and in fact, were no longer even answering calls received from the White House. In addition to this startling announcement regarding a long standing U.S. ally, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development followed this up with a press release that stated that Turkey was quickly moving away from their reliance on the dollar as the global reserve currency...

Kaboom! Not only is this influential nation saying that it would rather be "friends" with supposed villain Russia than the U.S. (and the rest of the corrupt West), but it's joining the MOVEMENT away from the USD as reserve currency -- yet another nail in the dollar's coffin.

Could it be that Erdogan is finally fed-up with the two-faced game that the U.S. has been playing, where publicly it pretends to be the friend/ally of the Erdogan government while behind-the-scenes it has constantly been sabotaging Turkey's economy, and stirring-up civil unrest?

Unfortunately, the track-record of the Fourth Reich (once it has been "rejected" like this) is to OVERTHROW such regimes. Just ask the former leaders of Iraq and Libya. Oh wait. You can't do that, because not only did the U.S. overthrow their regimes, it made sure they were killed/executed as well.

Bon chance Prime Minister Erdogan! You're going to need to it. But the world needs more leaders like Erdogan -- with the courage to "just say no" to the Axis of Evil...

U.S. ally cuts off communications with Obama and seeks new trade outside dollar

On July 21, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan spoke in an interview with Turkey's ATV television, and confirmed that his office had cut off direct communications with President Obama, and in fact, were no longer even answering calls received from the White House. In addition to this startling announcement regarding a long standing U.S. ally, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development followed this up with a press release that stated that Turkey was quickly moving away from their reliance on the dollar as the global reserve currency, and is seeking increased trade with Russia in a mutually beneficial exchange of self-contained sovereign currencies.

Turkey's cold shoulder against President Obama and the U.S. began shortly after the Syrian crisis failure by the United States back in September of 2013. And since that time, Turkey has begun to move away from its U.S. alliance and has started seeking increased trade agreements with America's primary adversary Russia. Already the eighth ranked trading partner for Russia, Turkey is proposing an even greater share of this pie, and is willing to accede to Russia and China's agenda for a de-dollarized trade system that cuts out the reserve currency from most or all transactions...
05:50 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic New reality-TV show: "Bankers Go Splat!" in the forums.
With all the bankers who are suddenly-and-mysteriously choosing to "commit suicide" these days (generally from high-dives off of tall buildings), and (as indicated in today's edition of The Daily Grind -- July 25th) more high-diving by these bankers expected in the near future; it suddenly occurred to me that this was a tremendous waste -- a "waste" of highly-marketable entertainment material.

Think about it. Our TV airwaves have already been polluted for many years by various "blooper" shows, generally clips showing ordinary PEOPLE getting injured -- often seriously. This is "funny"?

Why would anyone want to watch something gruesome and pointless like "ultimate fighting", when they could watch something gruesome but productive instead? With "Bankers Go Splat!", there is no risk of offending anyone. Here is how it would work.

You get the One Bank to provide times, dates, and locations for upcoming "banker suicides" -- so that there's time to get a camera out for coverage. No need to provide names, as then our "vigilant" police might start to get a little suspicious (and ruin the whole racket).

And then since the bankers likely make very little noise when they go "splat" (apart from perhaps some pre-splat screaming); we would add some wacky sound-effects at the moment-of-impact, but cut away from a camera shot of the actual "splat" itself -- that way "Bankers Go Splat!" would be good "family entertainment".

This is a particularly good time to capitalize on the reality-TV potential here, given that in the law suit discussed in today's edition of The Grind there are (supposedly) a couple of banker "informants" working on the inside, about to expose the One Bank's entire Pied Piper trading-algorithm manipulation.

What will happen if the One Bank can't figure out which two of its henchmen are in the process of 'squealing'? Well then we will likely begin to see these bankers "committing suicide" in packs -- and wouldn't that be a great spectator-sport???

"Dead men tell no tales" (in class-action law suits). But they might show up in the next reality-TV show...

01:07 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Friday July 25th, and the "big news" of the day (other than Israel's latest war-crimes against the Palestinians) comes from an item I spotted this morning at Jim Sinclair's site ( However, that item comes from a website that has been BANNED on this site (one of only two, in the entire world-wide-web), and so readers will not see an excerpt of that item here.

Instead, I'll simply report its stunning contents, since there is actually only one really significant factoid in the article: apparently 50% of all trades at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) are "illegal wash trades".

What is a "wash trade"? It is a trade with no "business purpose" of any kind. What, then, is the purpose of a wash trade? To manipulate markets. Understanding that millions and millions of "trades" take place each day at the CME (roughly 12 million "contracts" per day); what could possibly generate that sort of volume of (phony) wash trades?

The Master Algorithm of the One Bank: the Pied Piper trading-algorithm which I have written about here for several years. Just as the research paper from the trio of academics provided proof of the "banking cabal" which I have talked about here from Day 1 ("the One Bank"); here is the "smoking gun" I've been looking for in exposing its Pied Piper trading algorithm.

I'm sure that many readers have still found it hard to grasp how a "trading algorithm" (actually a collection of closely-related programs) could lead around-by-the-nose all of the world' markets. Well, now you have the 'physical' evidence in front of you which should make this manipulation-concept easier to grasp.

How does the One Bank 'influence' the 12 million (commodities-based) trades per day at the CME? Because 6 million of those trades are nothing but the phony wash-trades of its own Master Algorithm. Conveniently, I just finished a somewhat detailed discussion of the Master Algorithm of the One Bank in an earlier edition of The Grind (July 16th) -- so let me pull out an excerpt of that:

...what we see in the silver market is more like the read-out of some gauge measuring the function of a particular device or machine. In this case; the "device" in question is the One Bank's master trading-algorithm, the Pied Piper computer program which now leads (nearly) all of the world's traders (in all of the world's markets) around by the nose.

The fact that the pictures in the gold and silver market are not identical (despite the overall, net effect being the same) is simply a reflection of the fact that this Pied Piper trading algorithm 'meshes' with each market in a slightly different manner. In fact, there could very likely be several basic patterns which are currently being produced in the world's markets by this master trading algorithm.

...and then this:

...The Pied Piper trading algorithm, conversely, is a malevolent tool.

It allows total control of the world's markets (when used in combination with a media propaganda machine), thus facilitating financial crime in these markets on a scale never even previously imagined...except in the minds of comic-book writers.

As previously detailed in commentaries; the use of this master algorithm to create our own Hostage Markets for gold and silver is a relatively minor function of this master algorithm. Look at some of its more significant crimes.

Economic Rape of Europe Nearly Complete, Part I

...and this:

This is the "force" which we are up against. It is an economic crime-juggernaut which is almost omnipotent. It's one Achilles Heel? All that is needed is for some HONEST regulator, in an HONEST market to switch-off that master algorithm -- by simply banning all of the criminal, outrageous, fraudulent "HFT trading".

Until that happens, all of the world's markets, and all of the world's nations, and thus all of us are (economic) "hostages" of the One Bank...

This is the "theory" which I described to readers roughly one week ago (well, actually I already knew I was right), and now we see (over at Sinclair's site) the evidence which proves that theory.

If only evidence like this would conveniently drop into my lap regarding all my theories...

This is all I'm going to say about this today, since this is so important it will definitely be the subject for (at least) one commentary.

Court citation:

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The Civil Docket #: 1:14-cv-02646 William Charles Braman, Mark Mendelson and John Simms v. Chicago Mercantile Exchange
12:08 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Israel speeding-up Palestinian genocide in the forums.
P.S. Note that there have been ZERO Israeli civilian casualties -- meaning ZERO casualties from the so-called "rocket attacks", which it claims are being fired by Palestinans.

It is these so-called "rocket attacks" (i.e. false-flag attacks) which is Israel's only pretext for its latest invasion (and slaughter). Over 800 Palestinians have been murdered by Israel's army (and thousands wounded) as a "response" to ZERO Israeli casualties.

There was never even the slightest justification for Israel's latest military operation (since the so-called rocket attacks are obviously a false-flag operation) -- meaning that EVERY Palestinian death is a prima facie war crime.

This isn't a "war". It isn't even an "invasion". It's simply an extermination.

10:54 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Israel speeding-up Palestinian genocide in the forums.
The Palestinian death-toll in Israel's latest war crimes has no risen to over 800 -- the vast majority being civilians. Many times that number have been seriously wounded. Israel claims that 34 of its own soldiers have been killed, but that number is highly suspect.

In recent military operations against the civilian population of Gaza; the kill-ratio of Palestinians to Israelis has consistently remained around 100:1. Thus we must conclude that Israel is exaggerating its own losses. What a surprise!

Meanwhile, there is no doubting the Palestinian numbers, as we continue to see the evidence of Israel's war crimes with endless footage of flattened Palestinian buildings, and with the dead and dying all around. It makes it even easier for Israel to bump-up its murder rate of Palestinians because it has now shelled SEVERAL UN humanitarian relief centers in Gaza.

Being an international organization; it has a direct line of communication with Israel's government. It CLEARLY informs Israel's government of the coordinates of these relief centers, making the possibility of "accident" impossible. These are deliberate slaughters/war crimes by the government of Israel and the Nazi thugs it calls "soldiers".

If this was any other nation on Earth; it would already have been unanimously denounced for its serial war crimes. It would have been totally politically and economically ostracized, and would be the target of "sanctions" at least as severe as what the fascist regimes of the West are currently inflicting upon Russia.

But because Israel is protected by its lackey, the United States, and because of several generations of "anti-Semitism" brainwashing; Israel still gets a free pass from most of the world -- as it commits one obvious war-crime after another against the Palestinian people, in its slow-genocide of that population.

It is time the whole world spoke-up against Israel. It's time that we replaced the governments that continue to condone (and even encourage) Israel's slow-genocide (and there's no worse Israel-lover than Stephen Harper).

Crunch time for Gaza truce talks as death toll passes 800

(Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pressed regional leaders to nail down a Gaza ceasefire on Friday as the civilian death toll soared, and further violence flared between Israelis and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Mediators hope any truce in the Gaza Strip can coincide with a Muslim festival that starts next week, and are looking to overcome seemingly irreconcilable demands from Israel and Hamas-led Islamist fighters, locked in conflict since July 8.

As the diplomacy continued, so did the fighting.

Gaza officials said Israeli strikes killed 33 people on Friday, including the head of media operations for Hamas ally Islamic Jihad and his son. They put the number of Palestinian deaths in 18 days of conflict at 822, most of them civilians...
10:48 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Thursday July 24th, and I'm tired. I wrote the conclusion for Sunday's piece this morning, and then spent half of the afternoon at the gym. So I'm just not up to being "profound" today (lol).

Obviously today's commentary is what is primarily on my own mind, and hopefully also that of the readers visiting the site today. One of the reasons why it's helpful (for me, at least) to spend additional time discussing my commentaries in The Grind is because it allows me to get to things which had to edited-out (due to word-count constraints).

What If We Never Left The Gold Standard? Part II

It doesn't matter if a writer puts together a superb, 2000-word analysis, because he/she will begin losing large numbers of readers at (at best) around the 1500-word mark. Our attention-spans have become stunted (in our "sound-bite world"), and I consider myself as 'impaired' as anyone else in this respect.

So sometimes important thoughts get cut-out, and today is a good example of that issue. In telling readers about many of the wonderful economic realities we would gain if we were to go back (or go forward) to a word of a hard gold standard and "honest" money; I wasn't able to fit-in what we would lose: namely the One Bank, itself.

It is a monstrosity built almost entirely upon the fraudulent money-printing of our "fiat currency" system and societies which (through propaganda and deceit) have become addicted to debt -- thus fattening-up this crime syndicate more and more by the day with endless/infinite interest payments.

In a world of a hard gold standard; there would be no mountains of (worthless/fraudulent) paper for the bankers to exploit, leverage, and pervert. And (as explained in today's commentary) with debt-free governments setting a good example for their citizens; (for the first time in generations) we would inevitably be low-debt societies -- meaning minimal interest payments to fatten these parasites.

Why does the One Bank hate the mere idea of a gold standard? Why does the One Bank hate gold and silver, and (most-particularly) hate gold and silver as money? Because like kryptonite against Superman, like sunlight against a vampire, like a silver-bullet against a werewolf; these are existential threats to the One Bank itself.

There are all sorts of reasons to yearn for the "world" described in today's commentary. But likely the best one of all was the one I wasn't able to include: that world necessarily excludes the mere possibility of a "One Bank".

Jul 24
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday July 23rd; and after a couple of long editions of The Grind, I'll keep today's version somewhat shorter. In part, I'll do this by referencing another post from the Forum (earlier this morning) where I discussed today's central topic in considerably more detail.

And that "topic" is the Big Banks pretending to "leave the commodities business". This is something that would never happen because it is simply something which could never happen. Much like there is no way the banksters could never "unwind" their crooked "derivatives" casino -- because it's now more than twenty times as large as the entire global economy -- their (assorted) commodities frauds are too large for these criminal entities to simply walk away.

Not only is there the problem of countless (enormous) "skeletons in the closet" which would be inherited by any supposed "purchaser" of these businesses; but in simply making an "exit" (and taking all their fraudulent paper with them), the massive economic carnage caused by the (sudden) removal of that paper would be proof, by itself, of the size of the previous frauds which had been taking place. I pointed out another obvious example of precisely the same sort of silly charade in that earlier post.

New Bubble-Highs In U.S. Markets Prove No Tapering

Even beyond revealing their secrets, and revealing their crimes; there is a more-fundamental reason why the One Bank will not/cannot simply walk away from its commodities-manipulation racket: the manipulation of commodity prices is an integral part of the "inflation" lie, and thus an integral part of delaying the inevitable hyperinflation of Western currencies. NOTHING could induce the One Bank to jeopardize its precious (fraudulent) "fiat currencies".

It shouldn't be necessary for myself (alone) to debunk yet another silly lie by the bankers (and their parrots in the mainstream media). Yet time after time (as we saw with the myth of the Bullion Banks being "net long" in gold); the banksters (and media drones) simply say that they are going to do something (or already have done it) and other commentators believe it.

The net-result is that I end up getting "preachy", because the same people are getting sucked-in again and again. We're seen all their cons before. We're seen all their lies before. When the banksters trot-out new versions of these same shams/scams; they should fool no one.

Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me.

Get fooled a half-dozen times, and you simply need to give your head a shake. While I strongly encourage readers to read/visit the other post on this topic (as there are several points of this discussion only mentioned there); I will pluck-out one, especially important excerpt from that earlier post:

Note that Basher Central (inadvertently) reveals how we will KNOW that the banksters haven't "left commodities": the impact on prices. In any/every market in which these Criminals operate; they bring mountains of their fraudulent paper with them. If they ever (truly) "left" a market/sector; it would be the literal, economic equivalent of "the tide going out". Prices would have to fall (dramatically) because with any banker-dominated market being at least 90% fraudulent paper; if you remove that "90%" the (fraudulent) market must collapse.
Yet look at precisely what Basher Central is telling us in the piece of tripe below: the banksters are going to leave these commodities markets, and take their 100:1 leverage with them, but these paper-saturated markets will not collapse.

It's really, really simple: if we do not see a "crash" across the broad spectrum of commodities (like we saw when the PAPER was pulled out of the paper-called-gold market last year, and caused a 30% drop in the price of gold), then we have absolutely conclusive proof that this "exit from commodities" is just another silly ruse.

On the other hand; if we do now suddenly see commodities markets crashing across-the-board, then that would mean that the bankers' paper was withdrawn. That would (likely, but not certainly) also mean that they really did sell their businesses. It's also possible they could simply withdraw some of their paper (to cause a crash), but keep control of those businesses.

However; if we do see a commodities-crash in the near future; I'll be the first to admit that my analysis today was at least partially mistaken...

Bank Exodus From Commodities Could Hurt Liquidity Short Term; Otherwise Limited Impact Seen

The trend of major banks leaving the commodities business could hurt liquidity in the short term, but eventually other trading firms will fill the void, say veterans of the commodities business.

Most do not look for a major impact on the price trend of commodities in general; after all, speculators can establish either long or short positions. Nevertheless, some pointed out that past moves by banks to exit happened to coincide with a bottoming in commodities prices.

Credit Suisse said Tuesday it plans to wind down its commodities trading to focus on other areas of its business. Previously, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Barclays also said they are either scaling back or exiting the commodities arena...
Jul 23
Last year; as the banksters' paper-called-gold funds were about to totally collapse because (legitimate) investors were stampeding out of these fraud-funds, the bullion-banks were forced to soak-up so many millions of units of this fraudulent paper that (at least at one point) they were technically "net long" in the gold market.

The propaganda machine published this half-truth (to cover-up what was really happening), and all of the commentators in the precious metals sector (except myself) simply lapped-up this nonsense. Deluded investors waited for bullion prices to rise because the banksters were (supposedly) "long gold" (lol!!!!), only to be disappointed when the charade was exposed -- and my own analysis was proven correct.

"Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me"?

Apparently not when it comes to the commentators of the alternative media. This year; the new propaganda lie is that the banksters are "leaving the commodities sector" -- something about their ever-more extreme acts of fraud/manipulation getting them nervous, and so they are seeking to "limit their exposure" (i.e. potential legal liability).

Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And like good chumps; once again we hear alternative-media commentators echoing this nonsense and then "speculating on its impact" on commodity markets.

naivety - the state of being naïve, having or showing a lack of experience, understanding or sophistication

gullible - Easily deceived or duped.

When the One Bank's psychopath-minions or corporate tentacles "announce" that they are going to do something; we don't assume it's true -- and then go around parroting it. We assume it's a lie (like most of what spews from their treacherous lips).

Then we begin speculation on WHY they are lying, and what the Truth really is. Indeed, these days we generally speculate that the banksters will do the precise/perverse OPPOSITE of what they say they doing. Thus when they claim to be "leaving commodities"; more-likely-than-not it means they plan on expanding their mega-frauds in these markets.

So when the One Bank's tentacles announce that they are "leaving the commodities business"; the one thing that we know they are NOT doing is "leaving the commodities business". This brings us to Stage Two: why are they lying -- and what are they really doing?

As previously noted; the reason they are "announcing" this supposed retreat from their commodities racket is because decades of their mega-frauds in these markets has made these markets increasingly perilous -- i.e. increasing likely to expose the One Bank to some mega-$billion or mega-$trillion legal liability.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Not exactly. If you're a bankster, and you can no longer stand the 'heat' of your own, fraudulent kitchen; you simply pretend to leave the kitchen. What you really do, is to simply give your kitchen a NEW NAME -- and then pretend that someone else owns it.

It's not like this is a new charade. Even the most-comatose Sheep is familiar with the business vernacular "corporate front" -- i.e. a paper shell to hide the Puppet-Master behind the curtain.

It's not necessary to explain this to readers here; but perhaps YOU all can explain this to other commentators: when the banksters say that they are going to "do something", don't believe them.

Note that Basher Central (inadvertently) reveals how we will KNOW that the banksters haven't "left commodities": the impact on prices. In any/every market in which these Criminals operate; they bring mountains of their fraudulent paper with them.

If they ever (truly) "left" a market/sector; it would be the literal, economic equivalent of "the tide going out". Prices would have to fall (dramatically) because with any banker-dominated market being at least 90% fraudulent paper; if you remove that "90%" the (fraudulent) market must collapse.

Yet look at what Basher Central is "predicting" (lol!):

Bank Exodus From Commodities Could Hurt Liquidity Short Term; Otherwise Limited Impact Seen

We're told that the tide is about to go out in the commodities sector (dramatically), but we're also told (in advance) not to expect a "low tide" when the tide goes out.

This was identical to how the Fed has told us (year after year) that its "quantitative easing" was pumping-up markets (obviously?). Yet when it sold the pathetic lie of "tapering" to the Sheep (and commentators in the alternative media) we were also told NOT to expect all these pumped-up markets to collapse when it withdrew some of that paper.

Please see:

The Wonderland Matrix

Bank Exodus From Commodities Could Hurt Liquidity Short Term; Otherwise Limited Impact Seen

The trend of major banks leaving the commodities business could hurt liquidity in the short term, but eventually other trading firms will fill the void, say veterans of the commodities business.

Most do not look for a major impact on the price trend of commodities in general; after all, speculators can establish either long or short positions. Nevertheless, some pointed out that past moves by banks to exit happened to coincide with a bottoming in commodities prices.

Credit Suisse said Tuesday it plans to wind down its commodities trading to focus on other areas of its business. Previously, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Barclays also said they are either scaling back or exiting the commodities arena.

Commodity markets generally may be less liquid for a year or two, said Dennis Gartman, a veteran trader and publisher of The Gartman Letter.

“But even that will, over the course of time, be eased,” Gartman said. “People will move in and take their place. That’s already happening. We’re seeing hedge funds and we’re seeing the Glencores, et al, buying the commodity businesses that the banks are getting rid of.”...
Jul 23
As everyone knows; the United Nations is (absurdly) subservient to U.S. interests, and the U.S. is absurdly subservient to Israel's interests. So when the UN itself starts talking about "Israeli war-crimes", clearly a particularly obvious and/or particularly heinous atrocity is taking place.

Given the (previous) eye-witness account of the cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians by Israeli soldiers; certainly there is nothing surprising here -- except that this report is actually appearing at Basher Central. As with the rest of the mainstream media; it typically only publishes materials which stick to the (mindless) mantra that Israel can do no wrong.

And when it does do something which seems like a crime-against-humanity; we're told it always has a really good excuse. But not here. What is being exclusively described outside the mainstream media, and now beginning to be mentioned within the mainstream media is simply more of Israel's slow-genocide.

Note in particular one piece of "good advice" which would be a complete revelation to the fascist leadership of Israel:

"When in doubt, the houses of civilians are not legitimate targets."

Of course, one would also have to provide the terrorist Netanyahu with a dictionary -- so that he could first look-up the words "legitimate target", as these words have been totally alien to every Israeli regime for at least two decades.

The UN Warns Of Possible Israeli War Crimes In Gaza As Death Toll Climbs

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Wednesday warned that Israeli military attacks on Gaza could constitute a war crime, as the death toll in Israel's two-week offensive on the Palestinian enclave rose to 670, mostly civilians.

Pillay told a special session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that independent reports on the Israeli attacks indicated "a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes".

The top UN official, who also branded as "unacceptable" the indiscriminate rocket attacks by Palestinian militants against Israel, stressed that "the houses of civilians are not legitimate targets unless they are used or contribute to military purposes. When in doubt, the houses of civilians are not legitimate targets"...
Jul 23
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: News Release Geophsics Reported in the forums.
Auriferous, it's my understanding that sometimes the "imaging" work produced from these aerial surveys is little more than an educated guess, and sometimes it's (almost) an indication of a sure-thing. And it doesn't necessarily depend on the "strength" of the imaging signal -- but rather the particular type of geology involved.

Is there any way for an Average Investor (i.e. someone without any background in geology) to be able to distinguish high-probability results from these aerial surveys from low-probability results?
Jul 23
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Tuesday July 22nd, and as promised yesterday; the topic-of-the-day is the Bloomberg clip of Marc Fabar -- and how it ties into Sunday's commentary on how surreal/artificial is the world of the Wonderland Matrix.

With Marc Fabar; we have an individual of considerable intelligence, insight, and experience in observing (and trading in) markets. So why have my reviews of Mr. Fabar's public appearances had some degree of ambivalence in the past? Because with respect to Fabar's interviews in the mainstream media; either he is (intentionally) self-editing his own remarks (in order to make them PALATABLE to the Corporate media), or he is allowing the media entities whom he works with to IMPOSE constraints on how far he is allowed to go with his comments.

An obvious example of this occurs at the 2:40-mark of the clip:

The economy of the U.S. is growing at a very slow pace at the very best, it depends on how you translate the economic data that the government is publishing into reality...

[emphasis mine]

Here Fabar is doing nothing less than 'speaking in code'. The U.S. economy is "growing slowly, at best"? Clearly with the opening part of this statement Fabar is implying that perhaps one cannot trust these "growth" numbers. Then he goes a little further, with more 'code': depends on how you translate the economic data that the government is publishing into reality.

And now Fabar's implication gets closer to an outright accusation. With the U.S. government claiming that the U.S. economy has been growing at roughly a 3% rate, quarter-after-quarter, for several years; exactly what requires "translation"?

Obviously the only numbers which would require "translating...into reality" are LIES. And yet here Fabar (Bloomberg?) draws the line. Fabar can imply that the "U.S. recovery" is just a propaganda myth, but (unlike what I do all the time in my own commentaries) he either can't or won't say this directly.

We get more of the same later in the clip, when Bloomberg (briefly) allows Fabar to discuss gold, and responds to the (idiotic) question from the Bloomberg talking-head about whether gold was "in a bubble" (lol) at previous highs. Here is Fabar's response:

That is the view of some people, and the majority of investors and strategists are rather bearish about gold. But in my view, given all the uncertainties that we have, all the money-printing that we have, and all the worsening geopolitical conditions that we have; I think investors should own some gold...

This simply pains me, because Mr. Fabar simply knows better than this, and here he is currently choosing to engage in significant understatement (i.e. self-censorship). I am quite sure that Marc Fabar understands that in relative terms the money-printing now drowns-out all other variables.

There are two inferences to draw from this. First of all; the other "variables" Fabar threw into the question are just window-dressing -- to please Bloomberg -- because it is the propaganda machine (in particular) which likes to pretend that all these factors are equal/integral components in determining the "proper" price for gold.

Secondly; the suggestion that "I think investors should own some gold" is simply WEAK. Again, Fabar clearly has a sophisticated enough understanding of the pending economic nightmare to know what he should have said:

All investors must hold a significant component of gold (or silver) in their portfolios.

How does this tie into my latest commentary, about the difficulty of trying to present a sane world to readers (a world of value-for-value, versus a world of hard assets in exchange for worthless scraps of paper)? Because no one listening to the Fabar clip (whose mind is currently 'plugged into' the Wonderland Matrix) could have ever been freed/enlightened by listening to that clip.

Only those already outside the Wonderland Matrix would know what Fabar was really talking about -- and there is the problem. There are so few astute/intelligent, and (relatively) honest commentators out there (inside or outside the mainstream media) who are capable of enlightening people as Fabar could.

More to the point; Fabar is one of only a handful of such individuals with access to the mainstream media, and the (potential) size of audience that represents. What hope is there for any of the Sheep (90+% of our populations) when people such as Fabar won't even try to reach/free their minds from the Matrix???

Obviously I say this as someone who doesn't have anywhere near the size/scope of business interests as Mr. Fabar, and thus don't have nearly as much to lose/protect. But I was one of the few alternative media commentators who did have some "mainstream" exposure. Obviously my refusal to compromise my own message (and the fact that I had started getting hired for more paid pieces) was what got me censored from

"Certain people" are very adamant that my message is not seen/heard by the masses, especially since that message was refined with my introduction/explanation of the One Bank. If nobody is prepared to place "principal" ahead of financial/career expediency; than all hope for all the Sheep is lost...

'Dr. Doom' Faber: Stocks in a Bubble, Buy Gold
Jul 22
Jeff Nielson created a new topic "Silver Opium – The Eastern Revenge" in the forums.
This comes to me via "Rory" (of the SGT Report gang) and his own blog "The Daily Coin"...

Silver Opium – The Eastern Revenge

When I began to explore the opium wars, which began in the early 1700′s and came into full view in the early 1800′s, Britain, France and the United States, had taken full aim at China in the name of “free trade”. Things haven’t changed all that much since the West looked East to find a flow of wealth they could not control.

The Chinese had a lock on trade in the early 1700′s by having products that people wanted to purchase, silk, tea and porcelain in particular. The Chinese were not that interested in what the East had to offer. At the time silver was not only money, but it was the currency of the day. People used silver like we use worthless paper dollars/debit cards today. The biggest difference from then to now is that silver has value and the dollar is a promise to generate more debt. I find it interesting that Rothschild began taking over the global banking system towards the end of the opium war and just prior to the Civil War in the United States.

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it’s profits or so dependant on it’s favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863 (source)

It seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same.

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is, perhaps, the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate, mint and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency.” Major L L B Angus. (source)

So, you see these banksters have understood and implemented their evil genius for well over 150 years. They knew during the opium wars in the 1700 and 1800′s and they know today. I believe the banksters are losing control of the current narrative, the same way they did during the opium wars. Thus having to create real war to distract and steal unabated. The narrative today is that Russia is the problem, Iran is the problem, the President of Syria is the problem, etc.. This is to distract from the real problem which is the USDollar, not only losing it’s world reserve currency status, but losing all it’s value due to the transfer of wealth through money printing by the Federal Reserve.

So, what role did silver play at the very beginning of this wealth transfer? What role does it play today?

Silver was being drained out of Britain and the United States and the two countries, being tied at the hip, joined forces and created a problem, which generated a reaction and the criminal elite provided the solution. Nothing has changed, the same play-book is being used against you today. Are you paying attention?

The British introduced opium along with tobacco as an export item to China in order to reduce the trade deficit. Under the disguise of free trade, the British, the Spanish and the French, with the tacit approval of the Americans, continued sending their contraband to China through legitimate as well as illegitimate trade channels even after the Chinese dynasty put an embargo on opium imports.

All the silver (read money) was moving from West to East–the same as today–and the Anglo-American axis could only offer debt and death–the same as today. By supplying (read bootlegging) drugs into China and creating a huge population of addicts the West was able to completely change the “currency” China was using from silver to opium. They were unsuccessful at stopping the flow of silver completely but they were able to change the overall movement from West to East. By 1838 the West was, illegally, exporting 1,400 TONS of opium annually, a 100 fold increase in 100 years. Can you imagine the number of addicts 1,400 tons of opium would create? The Chinese authorities sure could and they were doing everything within their power to slow or stop the importation of opium into their country.

Silver is money and was used as coined currency, the world over, right up the 1960′s. The United States stopped using minted silver coins in 1964 and another round of debasement was underway. This was one of the last major currency debasements to happen. The banksters weren’t done, but this was a heist on a scale similar to 1933. The theft of a nations wealth was being finalized.

Todays cultivation of poppy in Afghanistan is at it’s highest level since someone, probably the UN keeping tabs on their business, began tracking production.

If you simply remove opium or change it’s name to USDollars you will see that nothing has changed. The heroin addicts now live on Wall Street and trade Treasury Bonds for manufactured goods out of China. The opium war still rages, but the suppliers and destinations have changed. The magnitude has changed, but the over-lords are still the same. The banksters operating in plain sight and nobody seems to notice and nobody seems to care.

As you can see silver was flowing out of the West and the Anglo-American Axis were losing all their money to the manufacturing base, which was China. Today the Anglo-American Axis traded the manufacturing base for debt (the USDollar/Treasury Bond) not even money or currency–pure debt. The silver, real money, is long since gone and the Chinese have, basically, been winning the opium war since the 1960′s. Why would this be? Why would the Rothschild’s allow the flow of money out of the West into China? Who controls the Peoples Bank of China and where is all the silver that China procured during the past 150 years? These are questions for the next installment. Talk with you soon.
Jul 21
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Israel escalates latest Gaza invasion in the forums.
agau121 wrote:
But why? Is it just about oil? Military power? I know you have some thoughts about this, so if you're willing to share them and motivated to write about it, I would be interested to hear it.

Lol AgAu!

I probably should have just skipped that observation; since I'm trying to avoid (unnecessarily) wading into the whole (disinformation) "anti-Semitism" mine-field. Perhaps the best way to respond to this would be to simply re-post a previous commentary.

The Fourth Reich

While the One Bank clearly appears to be a Jewish-dominated entity; obviously the state of Israel is much too small a power-base to support a global empire (with a large fascist/military component). The One Bank needed "muscle", so it hijacked "the World's Only Superpower" -- long before it ever became the "World's Only Superpower".

As noted by the commentators in your own post; the long history of political and media figures kow-towing to Israel, and Israel's "foreign policy agenda" (i.e. Palestinian genocide) is well-established -- and UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED within the United States.

Even the legions of Israel-lovers in the U.S. (primarily on the so-called "political right") openly acknowledge that Israel is "the tail that wags the dog". The difference is that those Neo-Cons are totally unapologetic about the U.S.'s role as Israel's "muscle". It's simply presumed/assumed that Israel is ALWAYS RIGHT.

It's certainly not only me who views the mighty USA as "Little Israel". Rather, it is likely THE most "open secret" of the Fourth Reich...

Jul 21


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