Tuesday, May 05, 2015
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Professional ordinary family guy. I am an electrician by trade and currently work in maintainence in a health care facility. I like part time farming, walking the dog, puttering in the yard or garage with a few beers and hanging out with the grandson by the fire or toboganning at the local hill. I have dabbled in various hobbies over the years from music to web design and video games, but have recently come to the conclusion that I would like to make much money to secure a future for my family.

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agau121 wrote:
Perhaps it is more important to focus on the message rather than the background of the messenger. Nonetheless, I cannot help but to wonder what key events over the past 30 or so years have caused him to rethink his positions.

AgAu, I'll flip that observation around on you. I can't believe how FEW people have stood up to be counted, not just in the U.S., but across the West. Obviously we're not the only ones to see how rotten things are, and to see how far and how low these pseudo-democracies have sunk.

Our "leaders" (past and present) are not, and were not all fools. Then again, with that "epidemic" of bankers who suddenly all decided to kill themselves by jumping off tall buildings; maybe these past-and-present "leaders" think that the real fools are the ones who do stand up...???

11:07 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
The JPMorgan ‘Silver Hoard’: Is There Any METAL In It?


A recent report from GoldCore hysterically asks the question: is “JPMorgan cornering the silver market”? The use of the word “hysterical” is necessary here, as any sober consideration of this question would result in nothing but scoffs of derision.

What is interesting in that article is that the writer actually compares his hypothesis that JPMorgan is “cornering” the silver market (today) with a real, documented attempt to do so: the infamous Hunt Brothers episode of 1980. The point here is that any comparison to that episode makes it obvious that the writer’s hypothesis is not simply false, but absurd.

First let’s review what actually happened in the silver market, when the Hunt Brothers (along with some Arab investors) attempted to buy-up all available silver, starting in 1979. Before reviewing the facts, and for readers with limited market savvy, an obvious question: why would any person/entity want to “corner” the silver market (or any other market)? Answer: to make lots and lots of money.

When the Hunt Brothers began buying-up silver in 1979; the price of silver was at roughly $5/oz (USD). At the peak of their accumulation; the Hunt Brothers had roughly 200 million ounces of silver, and the price had increased ten-fold, all the way to $50/oz. And this ten-fold increase in price came even though the Hunt Brothers’ total holdings never reached 20% of global inventories...

05:55 PM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Paul Craig Roberts and "Western insanity" in the forums.
On second thought; I do have something to add: two words hard-core fascism.
06:59 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Paul Craig Roberts and "Western insanity" in the forums.
Normally I have a few thoughts to add when I read (and post a piece). Not this time; PCR has encapsulated things in brutally succinct terms...

Insanity Grips The Western World


Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.”

Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership.

It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.

Neither do the Russians believe that the US is exceptional. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim of American superiority was: “God created us equal.” Putin added: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

If all countries are exceptional, the word loses its meaning. If America is exceptional, it means others are inferior for lacking this designation. Inferiors have less rights and can be bullied into submission or bombed into oblivion.

The Exceptional Country is above all the others and, therefore, doesn’t have to be concerned about how it treats them. Obviously, Americans and their vassals think America is exceptional as the millions of people murdered, maimed, and dislocated by Washington’s wars in eight countries in the 21st century has not resulted in condemnation of Washington. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the puppets in Canada, Australia, and Japan still suck up, holding tight to Washington...
06:57 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Germans helped NSA spy on Germans in the forums.
Most readers will recall that when Germany (supposedly) discovered that its U.S. 'ally' had been engaging in regular spying of that government that it created enormous outrage in Germany, and (supposedly) "strained relations" between the two governments.

Now, we find out that Germany's intelligence agency (BND) was helping the NSA to spy on "officials and firms in Europe". Now we can fully understand the perspective of the (corrupt) Merkel government when it comes to spying. It's OK to spy on anyone, any time...except for Merkel and her own political cronies.

Once upon a time; the femininists told us that having women in politics would improve our governments. What have we seen? Women like Margaret Thatcher, Kim Campbell, and Angela Merkel. And what have they proved? That just because a politician doesn't have a penus doesn't mean that she won't be just as corrupt and/or incompetent as those who do.

German prosecutors launch investigation of spying charges


Germany's top public prosecutor will look into accusations that the country's BND foreign intelligence agency violated laws by helping the United States spy on officials and firms in Europe, including Airbus group, the federal prosecutors office said.

A spokesman for the prosecutors office confirmed weekend media reports that an investigation had been launched as opposition politicians demanded more information about the unfolding scandal from Chancellor Angela Merkel's government.

"A preliminary investigation has been started," the spokesman said. In a related development, federal prosecutor Harald Range himself will be questioned by a parliamentary committee looking into the affair in Berlin on Wednesday.

Der Spiegel magazine said the BND helped the U.S. National Security Agency over at least 10 years, embarrassing Germany and upsetting many in a country where surveillance is a sensitive topic due to abuses by the Nazis and the East German Stasi...
11:18 AM
agau121 wrote:

It seems to me that "right to work" essentially neuters unions and relegates them to symbolic organizations. Perhaps a more accurate label would be "right to exploit."

The TPP appears to go beyond violating the welfare of workers. It appears to me to actually reach into the legal systems of the member nations and allows corporate interests to seize control in a variety of ways.

Perhaps this metaphor is apt, perhaps not, but more and more recently I've been thinking of the entire planet, or at least large portions of it, as giant prison and the nations as nothing more than the various "yards" within the prison. Different yards have different privileges based on how compliant the inmates are. The One Bank is the warden I suppose. Prisons often utilize the inmates a cheap or free labor force. It's late and I'm tired, but it seems more and more that citizens of the world are becoming commodities to be exploited, perhaps like farm animals or beasts of burden.

Yes Earl, AgAu; "right to work" is one of the most-odious euphemisms of the Oligarchs. I might have put it at the top of the list, were it not for some stiff competition for that title -- i.e. the "bail-in".

Assassinating all of the Little Peoples' unions was one of the highest priorities of the Oligarchs in turning us all into serfs. But note the WEALTHY get to keep their unions. They just call them "associations", and pretend that this somehow makes them different.

The two most-corrupt unions in our societies are the doctors' union and the lawyers' union. Again, as with "0% interest rates"; this is a simple question of fairness. Either EVERYONE gets to 'borrow' (lol) at 0%, or no one does.

Either everyone is provided with the security and collective bargaining power of the union; or no one is. The TWO-TIER societies we live in, with the worst wealth-inequality we've see in 300 YEARS will not last much longer.

10:57 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Climate Change conference in 2015 in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
I am personally convinced that there is a complete correlation between chemtrails and global warming.
A single chemtrail will often spread out to form a vast artificial cirrus cloud formation that covers thousands of square kilometres and can last for over a day.
Cirrus clouds unlike the lower cumulus clouds have a net warming effect. Water vapour and these cirrus clouds have greater impact on warming than CO2.

To show that this is not implausible, here are some excerpts from a paper written by a scientist J.O. Fletcher in 1969...

Interesting stuff Dylan.

The material you presented certainly seems to show that cloud-seeding was an intentional contributing factor to global warming. But it raises an even more interesting question.

If chem-trails/cloud-seeding can be done to cause a warming effect; can it be used to produce an opposite effect? Living near one of North America's most highly-regarded ski resorts; I've wondered in the past (past winters) whether chem-trails were being used to INCREASE the amount of snow in the mountains -- so that rich skiers wouldn't be disappointed when they arrived to play.
10:00 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Climate Change conference in 2015 in the forums.
Debsyl, I'm fully convinced of the reality (and threat) of "chem-trails", and cloud-seeding with toxic heavy metals. But I don't see any either/or proposition here. In other words; whether or not "chem-trails" exist (and the evidence is conclusive that they do exist), this does not strengthen or weaken the position of those warning about global warming.

Both could exist. Neither could exist. There is now causality between these two phenomena, and likely very little correlation, other than both are becoming increasing threats/problems.

I'm personally convinced that the evidence is conclusive with respect to global warming and chem-trails, meaning we have TWO planet-threatening problems to deal with -- not one.
12:18 PM
Rory, I'm with Eric Dubin here. In fact; I'm much more strident on this issue. All of the "New World Order" dogma is MYTHOLOGY created by the Old World Order (i.e. the One Bank) to distract people from and/or cover-up its own existence.

The Old World Order

My reasoning is similar to that of Mr. Dubin. The banksters (and their political puppets) have NOT been "play-acting" as they attempted to politically isolate, and then economically (or militarily?) destroy Russia. These are real "enemies", not like the farce of the U.S. Two-Party Dicatatorship, where the two political parties pretend to be on "opposite sides".

Economic Terrorism Against Russia Intensifies

And obviously all of the gold-buying by Russia and China is (at least) a long-term threat to the West's bankster empire, and that would NOT be a part of any play-acting if all these nations were secretly controlled by the same puppet master. This doesn't necessarily mean that the banksters are incapable of exerting INFLUENCE over the governments of China and/or Russia. But I don't see any evidence of control.
12:11 PM
Rory, I'm really surprised that more analysts don't reference the work of Chris Martenson in this area -- including Chris Martenson (lol).

Nearly a decade ago; Chris Martenson produced what I still consider to be the definitive analysis on "peak oil", and oil production in general. He discussed a concept which I have not seen any other analyst deal with in explicit terms, what he calls the "energy surplus" from oil production.

To put this concept to numbers, back in the early days of the oil industry when there were plenty of large oil fields, with cheap/easy extraction; the oil industry could extract 100 barrels of oil for every barrel they used producing that oil, thus the energy surplus was 100:1.

As the cheap/easy oil fields dried up, this ratio has plummeted steadily lower, to the point where (if I remember Martenson's numbers correctly), the AVERAGE energy surplus in global oil production today is 3:1. In other words, despite improvements in technology; oil extraction is more than 30 times less efficient (or 30 times more energy-intensive) than it used to be.

But that's just the average. When it comes to the really difficult/energy-intensive oil production (like Canada's tar sands, like the U.S.'s shale oil) that ratio drops steadily further. The ratio Martenson asserted was 1.1:1. In other words, for every barrel of oil used in this oil production, that barrel only yields 1.1 barrels of output. Making the numbers a little easier to understand; they USE 10 barrels of oil to PRODUCE 11 barrels of oil.

Now as I mentioned; this analysis is nearly a decade old. It's certainly possible that shale oil and/or tar-sands oil is a little more efficient than the pathetic ratio from Martenson's analysis. But the bottom-line is the same: the VAST majority of oil produced by shale oil, and tar sands oil is USED in the production of that oil. Very little is left over to actually be utilized by the global economy.

Big Oil is drilling for oil, just to get enough oil to drill for more oil. It is a near-useless waste of resources AND it's destroying the environment in much of North America. This was NEVER an economically efficient/economically rational form of energy production, and if it wasn't for the fact that Stephen Harper is GIVING AWAY our oil (to the U.S.) at a discount of 30% from benchmark prices; the U.S. shale oil industry would have NEVER been profitable -- even with the price of oil at/near $100 per barrel.

11:59 AM
Hey Rory, are there any "big names" in the Alternative Media whom you have not managed to interview? John Embry is another personal favorite and a strong influence on me as I went from precious metals investor to "precious metals analyst".

I haven't had time to listen to the clip yet, but did read your transcript/summary. Definitely a lot of heavy/serious issues in this one...

11:05 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Site problems -- update in the forums.
I'm STILL waiting for our web-host to recover the lost data (i.e. posts and a commentary) which were lost when our domain was transferred last week. I've been advised to PUBLISH nothing new until this data is reloaded into our archives.

I suspect this might mean that the most-recent Forum posts could disappear when the old data is recovered. In other words, what I'm afraid will happen is this. When the web-host reloads the data that has been lost (Forum posts from April 22 - 28) that this will cause NEWER posts to disappear (those posted after April 28).

If this happens, I apologize for that aggravation. However, I want to assure all readers, and especially Forum users that this is not going to become a regular problem. Once this current snafu is dealt with (and however this plays out), there should be no future problems in posting on the Forum (nor with my own commentaries).

Please bear with us as we work out these kinks.

10:57 AM
4 days ago
There was an hilarious piece of gibberish published by GoldCore, claiming that JPMorgan (over a short period of time) has accumulated a silver hoard of 350 million ounces of "physical silver", as part of an effort to "corner the market" (lol!). I'm going to do a Sprott Money piece on this nonsense, so I don't want to steal my own thunder. So I'll just review what's in the article itself.

GoldCore actually compares JPMorgan's supposed hoard of "silver", and its supposed attempt to "corner the market" to a REAL hoard of silver, and a REAL attempt to corner the silver market -- the Hunt Brothers' episode of 1979 - 80. Note that the Hunt Brothers were charged and convicted of "cornering" the silver market, even though their own hoard (only 200 million ounces) was less than 20% of total global inventories at that time. Even so; the price of silver increased by a factor of ten, as a result of all that silver-buying.

Conversely, today we're supposed to believe that JPMorgan has "accumulated" 350 million ounces of silver, even though that's likely more than TOTAL (real) inventories; AND JPMorgan has supposedly 'squeezed' the silver market this tightly while prices have actually gone down.

Have a good laugh for the weekend...

JP Morgan Cornering Silver Bullion Market?


- Why is JP Morgan accumulating the biggest stockpile of physical silver in history?
- Legendary silver analyst Ted Butler believes JP Morgan are in a position to corner silver market
- JP Morgan may be holding as much as 350 million ounces of physical silver
- JP Morgan realises the value of owning physical silver bullion today
- Silver at $16 today – Set to soar to over $50 again

JPMorgan Chase, the largest U.S. bank, one the largest providers of financial services in the world and one of the most powerful banks in the world has accumulated one of the largest stockpiles of silver the world has ever seen.

The total JP Morgan silver stockpile has increased dramatically in the last four years. In 2011, JP Morgan has little or no physical silver. By 2012, they had acquired 5 million ounces of silver bullion.

Incredibly, in the last 3 years their COMEX silver stockpile has increased tenfold and is now over 55 million ounces (see chart below)...
02:53 PM
agau121 wrote:

Democracy Now recently aired a segment that I thought did a good job of outlining the TPP. Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida was featured in the segment. I found these two quotes from Congressman Grayson in connection to the TPP particularly chilling:

"Now, I’m the first member of Congress to actually see any part of the TPP, even though 600 corporate lobbyists are, quote, "advisers" to the trade representative and they get to see everything. And I insisted they take that information to my office, and in return they told me I couldn’t take it with me, I couldn’t take it home, I couldn’t make notes on it, I couldn’t have my staff present. And here’s the kicker: They didn’t want me to discuss it with the media, the public or even other members of Congress. So it’s a farce. And it’s meant specifically to keep the information away from the American people, because if the American people knew what was going on, they’d recognize that it’s a punch to the face of the middle class in America."

Later in the segment, he goes on to say:

"Well, one of the sad and disturbing elements of this whole process has been the artificial secrecy that’s been imposed by the administration and by the trade representative on these dealings. I can’t think of any other occasion, when I’ve served in Congress, when I’ve seen the element of deception loom so large here. The public is better informed of Iraqi attacks on ISIS, which you’d think would be classified, than it is informed on a trade deal that’s going to determine our economic future for the next 20 years. What’s happened is that, right at the beginning, the trade representative took the absurd position that everything that was being negotiated was classified, even though it was directly in the hands of the foreign governments with whom he was negotiating. Remember, normally, we have a classified system to keep information away from our enemies, or at least other governments. In this case, it was the other governments that had the information, and it was Congress and the American people who were being denied the information. And they took that position for five years, even though 100 members of Congress wrote a letter to the trade representative saying, "Cut this out."

Alan Grayson is one of the few, honest politicians remaining in Washington, and what he's describing is very similar to the utter perversion of democracy (and political due process) which took place during the passage of "The Patriot Act" -- which put "the U.S. Constitution" through a paper-shredder.

None of these trade deals is anything but more more anti-capitalism, and more fascism. The euphemism of "free trade" which is attached to these fascist deals is not even a remotely accurate label. The only thing "free" here are all the Western jobs -- being given away for nothing by our Traitor Governments.

02:33 PM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Police Culture in Baltimore in the forums.
Earl, it's too bad that one of the posts which has "disappeared" from the Forum (temporarily?) was the post I did on an article by Chris Martenson on the SYSTEMIC BRUTALITY of U.S. police.

Where do systemic problems always start? At the TOP. So why isn't anyone pointing the finger at the POLICE CHIEFS and POLITICIANS who are responsible for systemic brutality by U.S. police?

As Chris Martenson pointed out; U.S. police are TRAINED to be highly-confrontational, in virtually any/every context. And then they are TRAINED to over-react to all confrontations. So first the U.S. police create confrontations, in situations where it was totally unnecessary to do so, and THEN they "over-react" -- i.e. beat their "suspect" to a pulp, or simply murder him.

As Martenson points out; this is merely one reason (of many) why the United States can no longer be regarded as a civilized nation.

08:21 PM
Thanks for the post Earl.

"De-regulation" is one of the most-facile aspects of conservative dogma. De-regulation was supposed to fix everything. What actually happened?

The global airline industry was "de-regulated". The global airline industry was destroyed. The trucking industry was de-regulated. The trucking industry was destroyed. Our entire economies were "de-regulated" (i.e. "globalization) and our entire economies have been destroyed.

It's the same way these mentally-deficient neanderthals insist that "tax cuts" are always good. You can NEVER "cut taxes" enough (let alone too much), despite the fact that the tax-base has been cut across the Western world (by NOT taxing the wealth of the wealthy) to the point where NONE of these economies is financially sustainable.

What is the response of the right-wing neanderthals? We need MORE tax-cuts.

Flash back to when (in the eyes of the conservatives) our economies were "over-regulated", and taxes were "too high". That was when we had prosperous economies, a strong Middle Class, and SOLVENT nations.

If you want to destroy an economy; put a "conservative" in charge.

08:07 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: China: The Key To The New World Order in the forums.
Thomas Aquinas wrote:

T/A, I still see absolutely nothing to persuade me here. There's nothing but innuendo. And it was positively facile to cite a remark from a Chinese official that the AIIB is intended to "compliment" Western banking machinery. What did he think they were going to say?

Frankly, I'm disappointed that Sean as SGT Report chose to be a cheerleader for this interview. If I had conducted the interview; I would have had a few questions for Corbett, such as these:

1) IF China is part of "the New World Order" (which doesn't exist), and partners with Western banksters; why did it ride to Russia's rescue when the SAME Western banksters were trying to destroy its economy? Why didn't it just stand back and do nothing?

2) Why is China AGGRESSIVELY accumulating gold, if it plans on being part of the SAME anti-gold economic system? (Compare that with Western puppet governments)

3) Why is China encouraging its CITIZENS to aggressively accumulate gold? If you want your citizens to be serfs, you would NEVER encourage them to accumulate the metals of economic liberty?

I could go on and on and on; but you get the picture. Find me someone with rational answers to questions like this, and then I'll begin to seriously consider such perspectives.

All the WESTERN "teammates" behave exactly the same way. So when I see the (supposed) "teammate" in the East behaving in a totally different manner; I don't see a teammate.
07:09 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Site problems in the forums.
Bignoga wrote:
I don't know if it's just me or for everyone but the latest commentary as well as some forum post are missing since the change over.

You are quite correct, BigNoga.

One full week of content "disappeared". Apparently everything that was posted after our "server" was transferred, but BEFORE our "domain" was transferred has fallen into limbo -- but should be retrievable.

That ate up most of today for me, and I'm just trying to determine if it's safe to publish my newest commentary (already written) prior to the older content being restored. I'm really hoping to have things back to normal tomorrow.
06:35 PM
6 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Site problems in the forums.
My apologies!

We had some more "transferring" to do, this time involving our domain, and that turned into another multi-day mess. However, I think it's now safe to say that all of the "transferring" is done, and there should NOT be any more major snafu's like these last two.

There may still be occasional problems in the future (just like we had occasional problems in the past), but such "issues" should be a question of hours -- not days.

03:49 PM
2 weeks ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic **IMPORTANT** question about Forum usage??? in the forums.
This question is primarily directed at the Community Members who post regularly, but it also applies to any (registered) Member: do you USE the display on the lower, left portion of our homepage: RECENT FORUM DISCUSSIONS? If so, do you peruse that section often?

The reason why this is important is because that part of the homepage is a BIG consumer of "resources" (i.e. bandwidth). And if (when?) it becomes necessary to "turn off" parts of the site, this is the area where the most "resource conservation" is possible. Thus if Members indicate they don't follow that column regularly (or there is simply no response to this inquiry) then that will likely be one of the first changes we make.
Apr 17
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
..and here's the conclusion.

The Minimum Price for Gold, Part II


In the first part of this series; several fundamental principles of economics (and markets) were stressed. Supply/demand analysis is not merely objective, and logically/mathematically irrefutable; it is the only basis upon which the market for any hard asset can be analyzed. Conversely the price-analysis constantly parroted by the Corporate media is utterly devoid of any significance or legitimacy – in the corrupted crime-scenes of today which we call our markets.

Part I explained, through a simple and unequivocal hypothetical example, how supply/demand fundamentals would (and must) assert themselves, in spite of even the most extreme or relentless manipulation of a sector (by any means). This is based upon the elementary reality that in a world of physical goods, there are fixed production costs, and thus a minimum price for that good.

As illustrated in the hypothetical example; if that minimum price is breached (downward), this must result in the total depletion of inventories, and that total depletion of inventories must result in a dramatic, upward revision of the price, in spite of any manipulation, as only a much higher (legitimate) price could instigate a resumption in supply...
Apr 17
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Another FAKE "plunge" in U.S. economy in the forums.
OK, things get a little bit convoluted here; so follow this closely. The U.S. government is currently (once again) "faking" a mini-collapse of the U.S. economy -- just as it did at the beginning of last year.

Of course, in the real world, the U.S. economy is steadily disintegrating. So here's where it gets tricky. The U.S. government is not simply allowing "reality" to start seeping into its economic reporting -- as there is no way to use that to their advantage. What they are doing is "manipulating" their own data (i.e. their own lies) in order to FAKE "weakness" in the U.S. economy -- by negative "adjustments" of all of the statistical lying techniques they use to (normally) fake "health" in the U.S. economy.

For example; normally the "seasonal adjustments" made by these Liars always goose the numbers higher _- i.e. they are POSITIVE "seasonal adjustments" (twelve months a year - lol). What they are doing this year (and last) is to make very large NEGATIVE "adjustments" of (most of) their lying techniques, to literally "fake weakness" in the U.S. economy.

The purpose of this charade is that it allows them to make MUCH BIGGER POSITIVE "ADJUSTMENTS" for the rest of the year. Thus it was only the "large contraction" (in U.S. GDP) which these liars reported at the beginning of 2014 which allowed them to then claim that the next two quarters were "the two strongest quarters of growth in 13 years").

Note that we have PROOF that the U.S. government is faking another contraction, via the reporting at Zero Hedge. The mythology is that the current "weakness" in the U.S. economy is weather-related. As I have already noted; this is preposterous. The whole point of "seasonal adjustments" is to make the "seasons" (i.e. the weather) IRRELEVANT in the reporting of this data.

How do we know that the U.S. is faking weakness in the economy (via negative adjustments)? Because despite the cold weather; the U.S. government is reporting that "utilities" usage (primary the power plants we use to heat our cities) is supposedly plunging.

This is preposterous. While poorer people might be forced to turn down the heat due to lack of funds; the economy (as a whole) is not yet that poor. People will cut-out spending on almost ANYTHING else (except food) rather than turn down the heat -- in a cold winter.

We see ALL U.S. economic data currently depressed (including utilities usage), when in any rational/legitimate reporting of the data we would see utilities as the last/least affected sector in any downturn. Since I know that this is a fake down-turn; I can "predict" (lol) with the utmost confidence, that the U.S. economy will stage "an amazing turn-around" in the second quarter of this year (lol); just like it supposedly did in 2014.

Understand the reason for this ultra-absurd theater. The banksters' Pied Piper trading algorithm requires "better numbers" (i.e. bigger lies) in order to manipulate markets higher. It is the one Achilles Heel in this automated market-manipulation: it runs on data, and the data must get "better" for the markets to go higher.

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

So the previous economic lies (about the U.S. economy) used to pump these markets -- which were already huge -- had to get 'huger'. The only way to do that is to SABOTAGE one quarter (the "cold winter" - lol) with enormous, negative adjustments -- and then ADD-BACK those adjustments in the following quarters.

Why U.S. Economic ‘Statistics’ Get More and More Absurd

We will then have two (or maybe even three?) quarters of supposed "strong growth" in the U.S. economy, which will allow all of the bubbles to be pumped just a little bit bigger; and THEN comes the Mother of all 'Pops'. EVERYTHING comes crashing down; and then Warren Buffet (and the rest of Wall Street) deploy all their Vampire Dollars -- since they never lose a nickle in these crashes.

The Next Crash in 2016
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

What's another reason I know I'm right? Watch Buffet the Vampire-Layer. When the U.S. economy staged its "amazing rebound" in 2014; Buffet didn't deploy any of his Vampire Dollars, rather his hoard of Vampire Dollars grew even larger.

Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION

When the U.S. economy stages its fake-rebound (2015); Buffet might throw a few pennies into the market (to make things look convincing). After all; his cash hoard is now greater than the GDP of most nations. But he will save the vast majority of those Vampire Dollars for the real crash -- and that's not scheduled until next year (or possibly the end of 2015).

Once you see/know the entire Script; it gets easier to follow along through these Machiavellian twists-and-turns...

P.S. Note how Zero Hedge points to all U.S. statistics falling together, AND (instead of falling less than other sectors) Utilities are falling more than other sectors.

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most Since Aug 2012, Utility Output Drops Most In 9 Years


Mortgage Apps tumble, Empire Fed slumps, and now Industrial Production plunges... Against expectations of a 0.3% drop MoM, US Factory Output was twice as bad at -0.6% - the worst since August 2012 (and lamost worst since June 2009). This is the 4th miss in a row. What is even more stunning is that despite the coldest of cold winters that crashed the US economy, Utilities saw their output crash 5.9% - the most in 9 years (explained as follows - largely reversing a similarly-sized increase in February, which was related to unseasonably cold temperatures). Motor Vehicles saved the data from being a catastrophe with a 3.2% rise (following a 3.6% drop In Feb)...
Apr 17
For the first time; I'm using the new slang "Grexit", since it now appears (to me at least) certain that Greece will be forced out of the EU, as the Vampires "circle the wagons".

The issue (as I pointed out at the beginning of this thread, and in my commentaries) is simple. Greece wants a REAL "BAIL-OUT", meaning a deal where its debt-load goes DOWN instead of UP. The Vampires pretend to not understand why a bankrupt nation would want to have its debts reduced -- and all they have offered to do (without ever once holding out any other possibility) is to PILE MORE DEBT onto Greece, and call this "a bail-out".

Understand the predicament for these political and banker puppets. IF they show any "leniency" (i.e. sanity) in dealing with Greece, and give it a real "bail-out"; then all of these other Deadbeat Debtors would want real bail-outs too -- and suddenly the One Bank's debt-slavery no longer exists.

So, with the stalemate now intractable; Greece will be forced out of the EU (and into the waiting arms of Russia); at which point the Fascists will STOMP on Greece's economy (even more) in order to "make an example" out of it -- again.

Greece pushed a step closer to eurozone exit after IMF snub


Christine Lagarde’s refusal to allow any delay in bailout repayments heightens fears that the US and Europe are preparing for Greece to leave the euro

Greece has been pushed a step closer to default and potential exit from the euro after one of its main lenders, the International Monetary Fund, all but ruled out allowing the cash-strapped country to delay repaying the €1bn (£722m) due next month.

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, said delaying the payments would be an unprecedented action that would only make the situation worse...
Apr 17
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: NOT "The End of Bullion Bulls Canada" in the forums.
Bignoga wrote:
Jeff I think it's invaluable that you have decided to keep the site online. However if as you say you will be scaling back your contribution to the site and relying more on the members themselves I fear this doomed to fail unless registration is opened and made much less cumbersome. Even if you were handing out free money the community would slowly die as people migrate from the site if there are no new members. With the zombie population the way they are, and unwilling to work I think it must be made as easy for possible to help themselves otherwise they may give up and drift into oblivion.

This is certainly a good point, BigNoga. The problem is that it's impossible to have open registration, due to the extreme spamming by the banksters' Trolls. At one point they were spamming the site with 1,000 phony accounts PER HOUR.

Understand the value that the BANKSTERS place upon this Community, in order to hire literally an ARMY of Trolls in order to stop the Community from growing any larger. I understand that Members may not feel "privileged" or "special", but YOU (just as much as me) are being targeted by these psychopaths.
Apr 17


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Thanks a lot for this insightful and informative p .....
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Hey Jeff, nicely written article with good insight .....

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