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Banksters Help Miners on Cash-Costs

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As much as investors in gold and silver bullion are seething after the banksters’ latest criminal operation in the silver market, investors in the gold and silver miners have even more reason to be experiencing frustration (if not rage). As is always the case, it is the holders of these equities who have ‘taken it on the chin’ much more than bullion-holders themselves.

This is, in part, a natural consequence of the fact that (as commodity producers) these companies provide “natural leverage” on the commodities they produce. As all experienced investors understand, leverage “cuts both ways”: boosting gains on the way up; exaggerating losses on the way down.

The other half of this equation is that it is easier for the banking cabal to manipulate the prices of (paper) equities than it is to manipulate the bullion-market – where their lying/cheating/stealing requires at least some “physical bullion” to conduct their ambushes. Inevitably, many (impatient) investors simply give up on the miners.

While part of the failure of these investors to stick with these winning investments relates to impatience, the other problem for these investors is that they don’t understand “the big picture”. Just as the bankster raids on bullion markets are what “set up” these markets for their strong moves higher to new price levels, so too do the bankster attacks on the mining sector ultimately pave the way for new, massive rallies for these stocks.

To illuminate the “big picture” for all of these investors we need only look back to the “Crash of ‘08”: the most massive market-manipulation by the banksters in the history of markets. While the holders of bullion were hammered throughout the summer and fall of 2008, those holding the miners were absolutely slaughtered – especially those of us holding the high-growth “junior miners”.

Let’s review the relevant parameters for that episode. First of all, as everyone knows it wasn’t only precious metals which the banksters took-down in 2008, but the entire commodities complex (much like what occurred with the current ambush). Of greatest importance to the miners, this included a greater than 75% plunge in the price of crude oil.

The reason that the oil market is of such importance to precious metals miners is that (second only to labour costs) energy costs are the largest, single element of the “cash costs” of these miners in extracting (and refining) their silver and gold. What we saw with the Crash of ’08 was that not only did the price of crude oil get pushed down even further than gold and silver (in percentage terms), but it was much slower to bounce back in price than gold or silver.

This is to be expected, for two reasons. First of all, in terms of any kind of “fundamentals” analysis, gold and (especially) silver are much more under-priced than crude oil. This means that they will always tend to outperform oil on any/all up-legs. Secondly, as much as the banksters want to manipulate gold and silver prices (to hide their destruction of our currencies), they need to manipulate the cost of oil as low as possible.

Indeed, contrary to the lies of the propaganda machine, a “cheap dollar” can never boost the U.S. economy through exports, because for every $1 dollar in extra exports which the U.S. gets from a falling dollar the cost of imported oil increases $2. And that is with the U.S. manipulating the price of oil lower with all of its might. Equally, higher energy costs cripple every segment of the U.S.’s oil-gluttonous consumer economy.

Returning to my analysis of the Crash of ’08, at the same time that the rampant (illegal) shorting of the miners made them cheaper than at any point in this ten-year bull market, the collapse in the price of oil suddenly made them much more profitable. It is thus no surprise that my own portfolio of miners (and the portfolios of many other investors in this sector) appreciated by 1000% (or more) since the “bottom” at the end of 2008.

In short, the worse that the bankers hurt the miners with their shorting, the more inevitable was the following rally. Most investors (brainwashed by the propaganda machine) are much too focused on short-term events. The result is that large numbers of these investors still harbour the irrational fear that the bankers are somehow omnipotent – at least with respect to equity markets.

While the 1000% per rise in the price of silver (from its all-time lows) has finally convinced many of these fearful investors that the banksters no longer control the bullion market, they still harbour the belief that the manipulation of the miners can continue indefinitely. Instead, as was illustrated by 2008, the harder that the banksters push down on the miners, the harder and faster they will bounce back to new highs.

This brings us to the “Ambush Du Jour”. Once again we see oil and other commodities being pushed down along with gold and silver – greatly easing the soaring energy costs of the miners. Meanwhile, whether we have already seen the “bottom” in this latest assault on commodities, or whether there is still another chapter to go in this criminal operation, we have every reason to believe that when it is over the miners (who are already much cheaper) will once again also be made much more profitable by the bankers.

As I have written generally, on many occasions, “evil” is by its very nature always short-sighted. Part of the inherent psychology of all predators is their inability to delay their own gratification. It was precisely this evil (and greed) which caused the banksters to squander their vast hoards of bullion over previous decades – all for the sake of short-term “trading profits” on their criminal operations in gold and silver markets. Had they carefully (and rationally) conserved their bullion, then they could have prolonged their choke-hold on this sector by several decades.

Similarly, the more that this pack of “Wile E. Coyotes” seeks to harm the miners, the more they do to draw investor dollars into the sector.

Are you interested in buying into companies reporting “record profits” one quarter after another? How about buying into companies making record profits, who are now suddenly “on sale”? How about buying into companies making record profits, which are currently on sale, and where the future dynamics virtually guarantee that their level of profitability can only go higher?

As I like to remind readers on a regular basis, “the bankers now work for me.” When investor exuberance threatens to take gold and silver prices above what I would like to pay for them myself, the banksters are kind enough to create a “sale” with these metals – so I can still buy cheap, on occasion.

Equally, when the attacks of the bullion-banks on gold and silver seriously dampen sentiment in the mining sector, it is the fact that the banksters always push the miners too low which inevitably brings in such a huge wave of new investor dollars that the negative sentiments (and ‘ugly’ charts) are simply steamrolled by savvy “value investors”.

Once again the miners are being set-up (by the bankers) for an explosive rally, through being ridiculously under-priced. Once again, as this rally heats-up we can expect bullion prices to increase much more rapidly than oil prices – meaning that even as the share prices of the miners rise that their improving profitability can keep those rallies going much farther and longer (as we saw from the beginning of 2009 through to the end of 2010).

It is my own understanding of the big-picture which now allows me to remain much more serene, even in the face of the blatantly criminal acts in the silver market which we have just witnessed. However what also helps me “keep my cool” is that I refuse to allow myself to become infected with the banksters’ disease: greed.

Investors in this sector must always remember that the reason why we are all in this sector in the first place is to “play defense”, not to “get rich quick”. Indeed, it is an ironic certainty that those investors who do not allow their investment decisions to be influenced by greed are those who will reap the largest gains on their investments. Meanwhile it is those who act like bankers and explicitly look to “get rich” (from all the misery created by the bankers) who are the ones most likely to ultimately destroy themselves – just like the bankers.


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written by Greg, June 15, 2011


Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 13, 2011
Navderek, you left out ONE variable in your analysis: GREED.

It was GREED which caused the banksters to SQUANDER all of their TONS of bullion over the past 20 years - so they could boost SHORT-TERM trading profits while manipulating gold and silver.

The problem for the banksters is that since ALL of their "foot soldiers" are the greediest creatures ever hatched on the face of the Earth, they will seek to ENRICH THEMSELVES even at the expense of their "master plan".

Look at JP Morgan PUBLICLY jumping into the copper market - despite the fact that pumping UP (any) commodity directly contradicts most of their other agenda.

SECRETLY, where do you think these liars/thieves are investing THEIR OWN MONEY right now...?
written by Derek Arsenault, May 12, 2011

Problem is, most of that liquidity sloshing around is controlled by....fill the blank.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 12, 2011
Navderek, your concern is nothing more than "bankster illusion". While the amount of "liquidity" sloshing around in markets is greater than at any time in history, the PERCENTAGE invested in the precious metals miners has NEVER been lower than over the past decade.

If the amount of money invested in this sector DOUBLED, it would still amount to only a little more than 1% of investor capital. It's not a "shortage of capital" which is currently depriving the miners, merely a shortage of BRAINS among investors...
written by Derek Arsenault, May 12, 2011

It's a great article and does well to explain the huge opportunity investors have these days. The only "fear" or perhaps doubts that I have is that no matter our good the deals are, we may be experiencing a shortage of investors...There are still a lot of people who completely left the markets after the .com crash, then I'm sure we had more go after with the blatant manipulation of certain markets and the uncertain times we live in I feel that it could be pushing investors out of the market.

I don't know...there are still plenty of investors out there, but are the numbers going down? How many people do you know that have the time to study the markets and jump on these opportunities? Most people I know these days just entrust their life savings with some money manager with a mutual fund, and these rarely invest in junior miners. So my point is that our kind of investor is falling, so my theory is that even with superb performance the SP might not perform in lock step.

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