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Global Super-Bugs Herald Age of Silver

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For several years I have been touting silver’s unique anti-microbial properties. Out of the nearly infinite list of technological/industrial applications for silver, it always seemed inevitable to me that this one use would ultimately become our single greatest need for the Metal of the Moon.

That suspicion/fear could, in turn, be traced back to a single threat which has loomed in an ever larger, ever more-menacing manner: Super-Bugs.  This is the colloquial name given to the bacterial monsters we have created through the reckless, excessive, and simply idiotic manner in which our species has over-used its single most-important medicine: antibiotics.

This is not a new issue, and so most readers are already familiar with the path that led us to what the World Health Organization is now openly labeling as the world’s “post-antibiotic era”. For those not already suitably terrified by the ominous meaning of those words, read this quote from WHO Director-General Margaret Chan:

Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.”

This is not hyperbole, as Chan’s warning has already gone from mere theory to actual fact. A chilling article in Bloomberg identifies two terrifying features of this newest and most-deadly Super-Bug. First of all it is completely invulnerable to any/all antibiotics in existence. That alone places it in an almost unique category of killers.

However it gets much worse. The Super-Bug is described as “highly sexed”. Translation: it can (does) merge itself with virtually any bacteria – including the most common species on our planet – and instantly transform those previously treatable bacteria into Mutant Super-Bugs, themselves. E. coli bacteria, cholera bacteria, even the (benign) microbes in our soil can all be transformed into Super-Bug killers. Bacteria which already outnumber our species by billions-to-one can (will?) become legions of nearly invulnerable killers.

Fortunately, while our collective idiocy has now permanently robbed our species of its most potent protection from this potentially deadly menace, our ingenuity has provided us with a means to mitigate this medical catastrophe: silver anti-microbial technology. While the relentless over-use of antibiotics has ruined their effectiveness, other scientists have been systematically designing silver-based applications to protect us from these killers.

It is important for readers to understand that these silver-based applications are preventative in nature, rather than being treatments for bacterial infections which have already taken root. In other words, silver protects us from bacteria through the creation of silver-based coatings or ionic compounds which can be blended into various (inorganic) substances. Thus we can create anti-bacterial clothing, anti-bacterial upholstery, anti-bacterial plastic and stainless steel surfaces, etc., etc.

Why hasn’t science focused on this approach sooner, rather than its complete over-reliance on antibiotics? Taking the treatment vs. prevention dynamic to an extreme, it’s obviously cheaper and more efficient to treat individual pockets of infection with drugs than to create an entire “anti-bacterial world” around us.

However, antibiotics are neither cheaper nor more efficient when they simply cease to function, bringing us back to silver. Given the significant increase in the price of silver over the past decade, many readers may erroneously view the creation of a (partial) “silver shield” around us as prohibitively expensive.


The mistake in such reasoning is that it doesn’t take into account the extraordinary potency of silver in this - and many other - industrial applications. Silver is only a tiny component in these products, as literally microscopic amounts are sufficient to convey this anti-bacterial protection, less than 1/1,000th part silver (by weight).

The other important distinction between antibiotics and silver-based anti-microbial products is that they fight bacteria in entirely different manners. Antibiotics essentially poison each individual bacteria cell. The substance is ingested by the bacteria, and takes time to kill each and every cell.

This basic trait of antibiotics is enormously important, since it explains how and why bacteria have (relatively quickly) been able to develop resistance/immunity to these drugs one-by-one. With each of the practically infinite number of bacteria killed by antibiotics (historically) taking time to die, this gives (gave) every one of those cells the opportunity to mutate/evolve protection from these individual antibiotics. As a simple function of the Law of Averages, it is only a matter of time until a “lottery winner” emerges which can resist a particular drug – and then reproduce, spreading that resistance.

Conversely, it would actually be more technically accurate to refer to our Silver Shield as a silver “sword”, given how silver eradicates bacteria. Unlike the less-efficient antibiotics, silver-based products kill on contact – instantaneously. This is of huge significance as it means it is impossible for the bacteria to evolve to protect themselves against silver as they have done with antibiotics, because there is no time to adapt to the silver.

Instead, the only possible means of bacteria ever developing (any) protection to these silver-based anti-microbial products would be spontaneous mutation – little different than human beings suddenly being born with three eyes, or tails. Thus creating a partial “silver shield” in the world around us is not some Fool’s Mission, where we inevitably use up this protection and are left with a lot of obsolete, wasted investment. Rather, we have every reason to view this as a permanent tool in our now vastly more difficult battle to protect ourselves from these tiny invaders.

Having established the practicality of this technology in general terms, it’s now time to look at more specific applications, and how we allocate the limited, finite amount of silver which can be dedicated to such an important function. As with many of our economic decisions in capitalist economies, much of this allocation will be determined by supply/demand and ability to pay.

How much is it worth to people to increase their child’s chances of survival by purchasing a crib with an anti-bacterial coating? How about anti-bacterial infant’s clothing? Anti-bacterial carpeting in the nursery? Anti-bacterial flooring in the kitchen and/or bathroom? Anti-bacterial toys? Anti-bacterial plates and utensils? Anti-bacterial diapers?

And what happens when people dare to venture outside their homes in our “post-antibiotic world”? The potential legal liability alone from people acquiring these Super-Bugs in public places/facilities is going to create a gigantic incentive to “go silver”. Hospitals, medical clinics, and all related facilities have already been rapidly incorporating this silver-based technology into more and more aspects of their design and equipment. With the emergence of this ultimate Super-Bug that process can only increase/accelerate.

Then there is our transportation system. From our airports to our public transit systems there will be enormous and increasing public pressure to “go silver” as more and more people die from this latest-and-greatest Super-Bug. Along with the legal liability issues and simple peer-pressure, we could see much/most/all of our transportation system “go silver” in the foreseeable future.

How about the world of entertainment? Living in a post-antibiotic world with Super-Bug killers all around us, would people be more likely to go to a movie theater which advertised anti-bacterial upholstery in its seating, or one without such a feature? How about our sports stadiums? How much silver would it take to upholster the 50,000 (or 100,000) seats in just one of these stadiums?

Note that part of the reason we got to this Super-Bug crisis in the first place was because of the countless thousands of “anti-bacterial products” – derived from antibiotics – which flooded into our marketplace, despite the fact that many of those products were never effective to begin with. “Anti-bacterial” became nothing more than a multi-billion dollar marketing gimmick. Thus with a threat which is now real, and a product which is effective, the market for silver-based anti-bacterial products is literally nearly infinite.

Those not previously familiar with the silver market will likely be unaware that silver is virtually irreplaceable in numerous important, hi-tech applications of the 21st century economy. Solar panels, hybrid cars, and computers are just a few of the products which will be competing with producers of anti-bacterial products for limited supplies.

Indeed, global stockpiles of silver are at their lowest level in at least 500 years (already), and investors are currently purchasing silver in record quantities to protect themselves from the reckless currency debasement of Western governments (and their bankers). It is only a matter of time until continued suppression of the price of silver by the banking cabal leads to the total collapse of remaining inventories.

That in turn can only lead to an explosion in price which will make silver’s previous 800% gain pale in comparison. I have warned/explained to readers on many occasions how this artificial interference in the silver market must result in those dynamics taking place. With the emergence of an ultimate Super-Bug now a reality, this inventory collapse/price explosion must occur sooner rather than later.

While millions of people all around the world will suddenly be filled with apprehension at learning they are now living in a “post-antibiotic world”, for the bankers of JP Morgan (sitting on the largest “short” position in silver in the history of the world) I suspect that they will be dreading the “cure” much more than the “disease”.


[Disclosure: I hold “physical” silver and shares in silver mining companies]

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written by Robert, May 20, 2012
Wanted to make a correction to my previous comment. The proper website address regarding B17 is . This was based on the book written by G. Edward Griffin, he of "The Creature from Jeckyll Island" and "Fearful Master: A 2nd Look at the United Nations" fame.

Also if you are interested in learning about ozonated water, please read here:

In general, most water treatment plants in the United States use Ozone to sterilize and clean water and it is commonly known that ozone is much healthier than use of chlorine because it uses no dangerous chemicals.

Educate yourself also has an excellent article on the Rockefellers, written by Gary Allen and forward by Lawrence P. McDonald, Member of Congress :

Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 18, 2012
Thanks for the info RedRob!

I'm a BIG believer in both "preventative medicine" AND "alternative medicine".

Naturally, since the Drug Oligarchs can't make a lot of money in EITHER of those areas they are totally neglected/suppressed by both our governments and the (corporate-serving) medical profession.
written by Robert, May 18, 2012
Silver is a great anti-microbial, and you can find good silver products on Amazon. Be careful, however, as not all colloidal silver is the same. Read up on which version of colloidal to take first and make sure it is the kind that harmlessly passes out of the body when done.

Also, taking food-grade H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) as a water supplement (distilled or filtered) or using an ozone machine to create H2O2 from water also helps. It is proven that most disease organisms do not survive in an oxygen rich environment, as they are anaerobic. By boosting your oxygen levels in your blood, you can fight disease and cancer as well (which also CANNOT survive in an oxygen rich environment. )

The reason adding oxygen to our bloodstream is important is that given current city conditions, many people only get half of the oxygen they need from the air due to smog and congestion.

In addition, there has been much medical research on vitamin B17 (aka amagdalin, laetrille) in fighting cancer. Details can be found at . The common factor among the world's cultures that had ZERO reported instances of cancer, being mostly aboriginal groups in remote areas, was the inclusion of B17 in their diet. In fact, one culture mesured the worth of man by how many apricot trees he had (see below).

Researchers from several different countries reported these results decades ago, but B17 was demonized by the FDA and other regulatory agencies. It is not an illegal supplement, being a member of the B vitamin family, but reglations in the US make it hard to import. You can, however, find product imported from Mexico where B17 is sold freely on You can also eat seeds of various fruits, including apricot, apple, most berries, and bitter almonds which contain B17 naturally in high concentrations.

Why aren't these natural cures more widely known? Well just as the bankers and government formed a financial cartel, so did the FDA and the Big Pharma companies which is why the FDA regulates those natural treatments. Natural remedies cannot be patented sold for huge profits, so they must not be allowed!
written by Dylan Jones, May 12, 2012

Mainstream dogma confuses evolution with mutation combined with natural selection. It`s all down to occasional replication errors if you believe them.

I don`t. I find scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake far more convincing than the blind watchmakers.

"There’s much more to evolution than just natural selection, which weeds out organisms that don’t do too well under a given set of conditions. It doesn’t explain creativity in the first place. Chance mutations don’t explain it very well. What explains it much better is the inherent creativity in living organisms."

Whether we like it or not, pathogens are creative and respond rapidly in evolutionary terms. However, they are not fast enough to shift from anaerobic respiration to aerobic. Just like no amount of inventiveness on our part could enable us to do away with oxygen.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 12, 2012
The article suggests that bacteria develop a resistance because antibiotics do not kill bacteria immediately, and this gives them time to develop a resistance; I am sure that is not the case. A cell splits in a process called mitosis. Mutation occurs due to copy errors in the DNA replication process in the anaphase stage. Due to the overuse use of antibiotics, eventually a mutation would occur that was immune to them. I think the same will also be true of silver. Eventually a mutation will occur that is immune to silver. The only thing that is necessary is for enough opportunities for the DNA replication process to go wrong, and that the resultant error leads to immunity. To suggest that bacteria become resistive due to the time between the antibiotic attacking the cell and the time the cell dies from the antibiotic, is to suggest that the bacteria is intelligently trying to find a way to resits the antibiotic. Bacteria are not intelligent, it is simply the law of averages that results in a resistive mutation. Once silver becomes popular in the same way antibiotics are popular, a mutation will occur that will cause the bacteria to be immune to silver.

Doahh, again I think this is a case of people confusing (spontaneous) "mutation" with "evolution".

Evolution has NOTHING to do with "intelligence". It is a biological REACTION (over time) to a creature's environment. Thus antibiotics ALLOW the evolution process to take place because there is time for the organism to REACT to antobiotics - while there is no opportunity to REACT to silver.

This is why I concluded (I think correctly) that only spontaneous MUTATION could produce any protection from silver - and this is a MUCH less likely event.
written by Dylan Jones, May 12, 2012
Silver works at a more fundamental level than anti-biotics. There are two identified ways it destroys pathogens.

1)It takes out the anaerobic respiration mechanism that the pathogens rely on. Chokes them at the source. the anaerobic repiration is NOT subject to the rapid mutation that enables bacteria to become immune to anti-biotics.
It would have to mutate into an entirley different creature to do that.
It also takes out viruses in this way owing to the fact that when viruses invade a cell, they change it`s respiration mechanism to anaerobic. The silver takes out the infected cell along with the viruses.

2)It binds to the DNA of the pathogen, preventing it from replicating in the first place.

One of the best sources of information on colloidal silver on the net is
written by Gavin, May 12, 2012
I am not a biologist and I don't know anything about colloidal silver, but here is my tuppence on the future ability of silver to kill/resist bacteria.

The article suggests that bacteria develop a resistance because antibiotics do not kill bacteria immediately, and this gives them time to develop a resistance; I am sure that is not the case. A cell splits in a process called mitosis. Mutation occurs due to copy errors in the DNA replication process in the anaphase stage. Due to the overuse use of antibiotics, eventually a mutation would occur that was immune to them. I think the same will also be true of silver. Eventually a mutation will occur that is immune to silver. The only thing that is necessary is for enough opportunities for the DNA replication process to go wrong, and that the resultant error leads to immunity. To suggest that bacteria become resistive due to the time between the antibiotic attacking the cell and the time the cell dies from the antibiotic, is to suggest that the bacteria is intelligently trying to find a way to resits the antibiotic. Bacteria are not intelligent, it is simply the law of averages that results in a resistive mutation. Once silver becomes popular in the same way antibiotics are popular, a mutation will occur that will cause the bacteria to be immune to silver.

There is no magic bullet, they is merely evolution and a permanent state of dynamic change and adaptation.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 10, 2012
The only thing that can kill these superbugs, is atomic size silver, interesting fact is that silver will continue to grow because modern methods of making colloidal silver actually render atomic size partices that are 250,000 times smaller than the traditional nanoparticle, which is what has been used for the last 60 years.

Interesting detail!

Obviously there is plenty to learn here in this emerging technology - whether one's perspective is as an investor, or just simple (scientific) curiosity...or simply for those wondering how SILVER might save their lives one day.
written by Al Perfectmus, May 10, 2012
The only thing that can kill these superbugs, is atomic size silver, interesting fact is that silver will continue to grow because modern methods of making colloidal silver actually render atomic size partices that are 250,000 times smaller than the traditional nanoparticle, which is what has been used for the last 60 years.

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