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Wall Street and the Rise of Vampires

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It is often said that “art imitates life” – and for good reason. An artist will often exclaim that he/she needs “inspiration”, and typically an artist finds that inspiration in the real world around them. It is in this respect then that we should not be surprised to see the rise of Wall Street accompanied by a meteoric rise in popularity of vampires in our popular culture.

Here I am indebted to a reader. Typically in my own writing I have referred to the bankers of Wall Street as “parasites”: creatures who contribute nothing, but rather spend all of their time fattening themselves up by blood-sucking all those around them. It was in this respect that a reader pointed out how my metaphor was actually an insult to parasites.

While a parasite will typically weaken its host with its relentless blood-sucking, it generally does not kill the host. Even a lowly parasite instinctively understands that without a host to feed on it will simply wither and die, and so it engages in its blood-sucking in moderation.

Vampires on the other hand are so evil and psychopathic that they never hesitate to kill those that they blood-suck, even though they destroy their own food-source in the process. Indeed, it is clear that these predator-parasites relish inflicting harm and terror on their victims. Given the obvious parallel between bankers and vampires, it is thus no surprise that as we have witnessed “the rise of Wall Street” over the last decade or two that we have concurrently observed the rise of vampires in our popular culture – to a level of popularity and cult-worship never before seen in our societies.

What is also eerily coincidental is that vampires have not only become more popular in our culture, but there has also been an “evolution” with these fantasy-figures. The vampires of previous years were shadowy, sinister villains – as depicted in the old, black-and-white “horror movies” of earlier generations. However, over the course of an entire movie they would typically only attack a small number of victims. And true to their nature as “parasites”, the vampires of previous eras often would feed gradually off of one of their (beautiful) victims – blood-sucking a particular prey over an extended period of time before the victim finally succumbed and died.

Our modern vampires are an entirely different breed. The vampires of today have no patience for blood-sucking their victims in “installments”. Rather its simply attack, blood-suck, kill – and then move on to the next one. Worse still, we now see armies of these rapacious predators descending upon a society.

No longer is the vampire merely a horrible monster which terrorizes a population, but ultimately claims few victims. Instead, the packs or armies of vampires which confront us in our popular culture today are literally a threat to the continued existence of entire societies.

We have witnessed a similar “evolution” with bankers, in general, and Wall Street in particular. Like vampires, bankers have always been blood-sucking parasites. However, like vampires, the bankers of previous generations generally practiced their blood-sucking in moderation. Their behavior was more like that of a “classical” parasite: feeding off their victims gradually, in order to delay death (and the exhaustion of a food source) as long as possible.

Wall Street bankers (like modern vampires) are not only much more numerous, but totally psychopathic – killing vast numbers of victims without the slightest hesitation, even though their own relentless malice must result in them decimating their own “food supply”, and thus ultimately destroying themselves in the process.

It is here we see the final parallel between Wall Street bankers, and the modern vampires which populate our current “entertainment”: the complete absence of a sustainable reality. Both the armies of modern vampires and the armies of Wall Street bankers have chosen a path which (one way or the other) must result in their own total annihilation.

In this clash of “good versus evil”, if the vampires “win” then this leaves them free to blood-suck (and kill) their victims with impunity. This inevitably leads to the death of all non-vampires, the eradication of their own food supply, and (finally) the end: where the vampires are forced to feed off of each other – until the last surviving vampire ultimately starves to death for lack of a new host to blood-suck. Naturally, if the vampires “lose” then this also must result in their annihilation, as these predator-parasites are much too dangerous and aggressive for even one to be allowed to go on living (and build a new “army” of vampires).

The paradigm of Wall Street bankers is identical. In our own, real-world clash between “good and evil”, even “total victory” for the Wall Street vampires can only result in their own annihilation. These remorseless psychopaths have already blood-sucked the United States totally “dry”, leaving nothing but a hollowed-out husk of an economy – where literally every niche of the economy (individual, local, state, and federal) is on the brink of outright bankruptcy.

Their “blood” (i.e. their money) is all gone, leaving nothing left for the Wall Street vampires to feed on. Undeterred, these vampires have extended their blood-sucking across an ocean, and (at a national level) they have now nearly blood-sucked the economies of Europe as bone-dry as the U.S., itself.

Hungrily, these psychopaths search for new victims to devour. They make no secret of their lust to “penetrate” China, but their entry is totally barred by the Chinese government. China’s history already includes (painful) “lessons learned” at the hands of Western vampires – and they will not allow these predators to feed on their nation again.

Desperate for new “food supplies”, we now see the influence of the vampires show up in the most unlikely of places: such as the deserts of Libya. Witness the chronology here.

1) Libyans revolt. Like many of the poor peoples of developing nations, they have been pushed to the desperation of open rebellion due to the massive spike in food prices – caused by the reckless, relentless money-printing of the Federal Reserve.

2) Urged on by the Western (corporate) media, the Libyan people take up arms and “liberate” a portion of Eastern Libya. Praised and encouraged by Western governments to rid themselves of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Western governments pledged their “full support” to these “rebels”.

3) Goaded on by Western governments (and media), this lightly-armed and poorly-trained “rabble” advances westward in a totally reckless manner – seizing large areas of Libya, but utterly lacking both the numbers, organization, and arms necessary to hold any of this territory.

4) Suddenly, Gaddafi launches a massive, all-out “counter-attack” against the rebels – almost as if someone whispered in his ear that he had the “green light” to deal with these “traitors”.

5) Gaddafi’s much larger, much better-trained, and much better-armed forces immediately begin to overrun rebel positions without even breaking a sweat. The rebels instantly call out for all of the “assistance” which Western governments had hinted at in “throwing their full support” behind the rebels.

6) The rebels are horrified to hear the response of Western governments: “Gee, we would really like to help you, but being ‘law-abiding governments’ who respect the Rule of Law, we would never ‘interfere’ in the affairs of other nations in this manner without a United Nations resolution.”

7) Day-after-day the rebels get steamrolled by Gaddafi. Day-after-day, Western governments dither – and there is no sign of even a vote at the UN to authorize any military action, let alone an actual “resolution”.

8) Suddenly, the same “rebels” who have no real organization or structure – let alone an actual government - announce they have created a “central bank” (with absolutely nothing to do). Within hours of that announcement there is a vote at the UN authorizing “all reasonable military measures” (except an actual invasion). And mere hours after that, Western war-planes are in the air, bombing Gaddafi’s forces (with Gaddafi himself being the most surprised individual on the planet).

With their “agents” (i.e. the private bankers who own and operate Libya’s new “central bank”) now able to assure access to Libya (and its vast oil wealth), the Wall Street vampires now have a fat, new food-source to blood-suck.

Obviously many (all?) of the recent wars launched by the “West” (i.e. the U.S.) had absolutely nothing to do protecting lives, enforcing international law, or upholding “principles” of any kind – and everything to do with finding new “blood” for the Wall Street vampires.

The truth is unequivocal. Like the vampires of popular culture, the Wall Street vampires have literally put us in a position of “kill or be killed”. We must completely eradicate these vampires (as quickly as possible) before they are allowed to destroy all of us – and then ultimately themselves.


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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 15, 2011
Yes Samix, bankers and arms-dealers, arms-dealers and bankers...the eternal question is WHICH of these two groups are the worst 'cancers' to ever have been inflicted on humanity?

Sadly, unlike cancer, the parasites and the 'merchants of death' can (and usually do) team-up - in order to raise the "mortality level" to its absolute maximum.
written by sameer, May 15, 2011
Not just the banker vampires jeff, this is also going to be money raking time for the "weapon selling vampires", they will keep playing gadafi against the rebels and will sell weapons both sides. The moment NATO/US feels that either side is winning they will without impunity level the playing field, irrespective of who they have to bomb, so that the war can go on endlessly and weapons are sold with great profits.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, May 15, 2011
Yes, Abperusdisvet, this was the "abridged version" of what happened in Libya. I was mostly just wanting to talk about "vampires" - but wanted a recent example for an anecdote.
written by Andy Bergeron, May 14, 2011
The Vampires and the Zombies(sheeple); great metaphor for the times, Jeff. IMO that you got only part of the Lybian story right. In addition to refusing to be part of Africom (NATO-lite for Africa), Gaddafi refused to sign on with the IMF and BIS monetary requirements and instead was making plans for a pan-African monetary union with a currency backed by gold. This was a definite no-no for the banking cartel. Both Lincoln advocating the Greenback, and Kennedy looking to restrain the FED via silver certificates,
met with untimely ends for daring to stray from the path. A strong case can also be made re the assassination attempts on Andrew Jackson.
written by robert berg, May 13, 2011
While an excellent, if not impassioned piece on the "giant vampire squids" that suck the life out of nations, I feel it necessary to point out that it is these nations who are one & the same with the vampires they host. They have even allowed more of their "friends" to join in the feast; hedge funds, algo trading bots, and ETF operators.
It is all part of the larger scheme to enrich the top 1% at the expense of the all other human beings.
In fact, I find it necessary to step even further back to try to see the broader picture when I look at the recent events in the Middle East.
Clearly, the empires are preparing for the coming natural resource wars. China has planted her flag firmly in long abandoned Africa and South America. The US has effectively surrounded the Middle East oil fields. Russia is positioning for a comeback in areas like Georgia, Khazakstan, and Uzbekistan.
Iran is the real wild card here.
I believe the mideast "revolutions" are part of this larger chess game, and that the stalemate in Libya is the result of very vocal protestations by China, which has huge vested interests there.
I believe the bankers & assorted junior vampires have already gained control of the government a long time ago, and these latest developments are just "jockeying for position".

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