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The Fourth Reich

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It is historical fact that the United States “recruited” heavily from Hitler’s “Third Reich”, the Nazi regime which terrorized the world before and during World War II. Primarily, the U.S. wanted Hitler’s scientists, which it used to construct the world’s first Doom’s Day weapon – which it then immediately used on Japan, twice.

Given this disturbing pedigree; it is not entirely surprising that the United States has risen up in the image of Nazi Germany. The parallels are stark and numerous.

It has created the world’s largest war-machine (even more dominant than Hitler’s). It has turned its former democracy into a fascist, two-party dictatorship. It has no respect for international law. It has no respect for its own, domestic law.

The U.S. Constitution might as well have been burned, as this two-party dictatorship routinely ignores its mandates, passing illegal “laws” which flout those provisions, generally in the name of stripping personal liberties/human rights. A nation which used to be famous for building highways and bridges now devotes nearly all of its construction dollars to building secret prisons and hi-tech surveillance facilities (while its highways crumble, and its bridges collapse).

Like the Third Reich, the Fourth Reich is a rabidly racist and xenophobic regime. It has alternated hating/fearing/persecuting blacks, Latinos, (non-white) Muslims, and any other demographic not WASP’ish enough to meet its standards for racial purity.

Like the Third Reich; the Fourth Reich is an extremely belligerent regime. It indiscriminately engages in the use of military force, leaving a large wake of dead, innocent civilians in its litany of war crimes. It tortures, it detains people without charges, without evidence, and without habeas corpus (i.e. “indefinite detention”). It claims the “right” to assassinate anyone, anywhere, simply by pointing its finger at a target and claiming that they “deserve it”.

Perhaps more disturbing are the efforts of its massive propaganda machine to warp the minds of its own population. The resultant cultural insanity – this Binary Insanity – has made the U.S. population literally incapable of even considering “moderation”, in anything.

Deliberately divided into two opposing, hate-filled political camps; there is no longer any objective Truth in the minds of these Binary Drones. Rather, every single issue in their lives has either a “Republican truth” or a “Democrat truth” (depending on the political affiliation of individual drones).

But where objective Truth does not exist, there cannot be any “reality”. Instead there is simply the Propaganda Matrix (Republican version, and Democrat version); into which these Binary Drones willingly “plug” their own minds.

A legitimate news media is comprised of roughly 80%  reporting of facts/information, and 20% opinion/analysis. The Propaganda Matrix is the precise, perverse opposite of this. Small amounts of heavily-filtered, fictionalized “news” are accompanied with endless, repetitive rants – as Republican propagandists and Democrat propagandists preach to their respective, Drone zealots.

The Drones are not simply told (again and again and again) how to interpret this “news”; they are told how to think. There is no longer any diversity of opinion. Rather, this Corporate Media preaches to the Drones as a single, monolithic herd – the classic trademark of any propaganda machine – except bifurcated into two parts, to create the illusion of “choice” (and illusion of democracy).

Proof of this two-party dictatorship comes simply from observation. While the two-halves of this dictatorship (neatly) alternate between titular control, the policies never change. The foreign policy remains identical. The monetary policy remains identical. The economic policy remains identical – subject to the fact that all these policies become steadily more extreme/radicalized.

While one could write chapters about the structure and evolution of this hate-filled society, this would fail to capture one of the most-important realities of this social, political, and military monstrosity. The Fourth Reich is, itself, a Puppet Regime.



Here the evidence (and subservience) is even more-easily observable. These (new) Nazis serve Bankers, more specifically, the One Bank. The starting point in demonstrating this relationship is, naturally, the Federal Reserve.

What happens any time the government of the United States (“world’s only superpower”) asks the Federal Reserve to do something which the Bankers don’t want to do? The Federal Reserve tells the Puppet Politicians that it is “independent” – and ignores the request. Obviously the Federal Reserve and U.S. government exist in and operate the same economy. If one entity is independent, then (by logical necessity) the other must be dependent (i.e. subservient).

The U.S. government passed a law mandating “position limits” in commodity markets (via the CFTC), which would have reduced the capacity of the Bankers to control/rig/manipulate these markets, commencing January 1st, 2011. For obvious reasons; the Bankers don’t like this (proposed) law.

The Bankers told the CFTC not to implement this law. Today, nearing the end of 2013; there are still no position limits in our rampantly corrupt markets.

Regular readers are familiar with the crime-wave of this financial Crime Syndicate. By dollar-value; the crimes of the One Bank exceed all other crimes in human history, combined. “Crime” (even Organized Crime) was always previously measured in “thousands” or “millions”. It is the One Bank which has (exclusively) pioneered stealing by the $billions and $trillions.

What is the response of the government of the World’s Only Superpower toward the worst crime-wave in human history? It has promised to protect its Masters – and cover-up their crimes.

It is here where we see the principal distinction between the Third Reich and its successor. With the Third Reich (and World War II); the One Bank was merely its financier. Here it is important for readers to understand (and learn) their history.

The Bank for International Settlements (located geographically in Switzerland) is supposedly the “central bank” of central banks. What it is in actuality is the largest money-laundering entity the world has ever seen, the ultimate financial “black hole”, into which no light ever shines – or escapes. It was created, conveniently, shortly before World War II.

It is its own sovereign entity (similar to the Vatican). It reports to no one. It is accountable to no one. The perfect money-launderer. Through the BIS, Western industrialists literally built (and profited from) the Third Reich, and continued to arm Hitler throughout the War.

It wasn’t until after World War II that authorities were belatedly able to trace the paper-trail (through the BIS) to industrialists such as Prescott Bush, who was charged and convicted of “trading with the Enemy” – an official U.S. Traitor. Not surprisingly; the One Bank selected both the son and grandson of this Traitor to be two of its Puppet Presidents, each of whom started a war, from which the One Bank profited immensely.

Yet with a Corporate Media notorious for mud-slinging in its political elections, and destroying the careers of politicians through nothing but innuendo; somehow/someway this entire Corporate Media (a tentacle of the One Bank) ‘forgot’ to mention that George Bush was the Son of a Traitor, and George Bush Jr. was the Grandson of a Traitor.

Naturally, when asked by readers (with great apprehension) “what comes next?” for this Puppet Regime (via the hand of the Puppet Masters); my answer is simple: a(nother) big war, something much larger and “hotter” than the phony, made-for-propaganda (and endless) “War on Terror”.

Here, however, it remains unclear whether the One Bank intends to ignite some sort of horrific (and unpredictable) international Holocaust; or whether it intends to create a more easily-containable domestic war – the ghastly misnomer known as “the civil war.”

The context of any internationalized war is obvious, and requires no elaboration: some manufactured pretext involving Terrorist Boogeymen. More alarming (and less-discussed) are all the “fuses” which have been lit by the One Bank inside the Fourth Reich itself.

Would such a civil war be racially-motivated (whites vs. non-whites)? Would it be religiously motivated (Christians vs. non-Christians)? Would it be politically-motivated (Republicans vs. Democrats)? Would it be socially-motivated (Gun Nuts vs. those believing in Gun Sanity)? Or will it be some convoluted combination of these dynamics?

The One Bank has manufactured more than enough hatred in this diseased, binary culture to ignite a civil war on any one of these pretexts – after creating 300+ million Drones who will (literally) believe anything they are told.

Previous commentaries devoted to the imperative of smashing this (illegal) financial monopoly have always focused on the financial/economic crimes of this cabal, and thus the financial/economic necessity of de-fanging these Vampires. However (for those who choose to look) there are much bigger reasons for dismantling this gigantic Crime Syndicate…before it’s too late.

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written by J. David Sites, November 20, 2013
Great article Jeff, I fear that you are very prophetic with this article.
written by J. David Sites, November 20, 2013
Owatica, I agree with your comments to dgierl. Also to be considered is Russia supposedly has next generation anti ship missiles and high speed torpedo's that the WEST does not have any defenses for. Putin was matching the West ship for ship in the Small Mediterranean Sea buildup. We had a Syrian crisis with Putin and China's ally and OBAMA not only blinked, but totally backed down. For Putin to have backed down, it would be like the US not backing Canada.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, November 20, 2013
For those interested in discussing this rather convoluted subject; I've started a thread on the Forum specifically for replying to this commentary. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Billie , November 20, 2013
To dgierl... I do not believe the People stopped Obama from attacking Syria. On the contrary.. he was ready to go. However, there is a great deal of evidence China and Russia used banking intermediarys to threaten if the U.S. attacked Syria they would begin dumping Treasurys like a tidal wave. THIS would bring down the world economy almost overnight and I think da Boyz have several more piggy banks to score before they will allow that happen. This is almost certainly one of the primary reasons so much gold is moving from west to east.

Hey Jeff... That's quite a 'nutshell'you've written. Very nice. Terrifying but well said. Maybe the globalists will try to start a great war and no one will be willing to fight it. That would be interesting. I get a very deep sense of "fed up" AND figuring a lot of this out from almost everyone I run into. Maybe can hope for that...
written by Schuhmann, November 20, 2013
I do not believe that civil wars alone will bring about the NWO. I believe that the "elite" is aware of this situation. The same is in my opinion true for racial or religous wars. It's more and more difficult to play people off the people against each other - true the banksters control mainstream media, but many people do not catch the lies any more, that is because the alternative media has changed a lot. So no, there are not 300+ million US "drones" in the USA any more, it should be much less.
The next big false flag attack will show us who is set up to go against whom.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, November 19, 2013
I think you missed one war scenario Jeff. Generationally motivated. I would be supremely pissed if I were a young person that has been robbed of my future.

Very true, Jimha.

Or as I've expressed it previously; the WORST form of "child-abuse" in our societies is the way that older generations have mortgaged the futures of their own children and grand-children.

Prior to these selfish "Me" generations; it was always the goal of people to provide a BETTER future for their children. Apparently that thinking is obsolete.
written by David Gierl, November 19, 2013
Don't forget about the poor (serfs and unemployed) revolting in an attempt to feed their families. As Gerald Celente says very often, "when people have nothing left to lose, they lose it." That's why the DHS has bought a billion plus bullets (and the weapons to go with them). They are the new SS. They also bought hundreds of thousands of (multiple body) coffins and hundreds of concentration camps.

The average US citizen is starting to wake up from their coma and are beginning to realize what is happening. That's why the people were successful in stopping Obama from starting his war in Syria.

The powers that be knew this would happen and they are soon to crash the world financial system to start the major upheaval in the world. This will usher in the "New World Order" (one world government, religion, and currency).

written by Jim Haskell, November 19, 2013
I think you missed one war scenario Jeff. Generationally motivated. I would be supremely pissed if I were a young person that has been robbed of my future.

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